#20. Gumball and Darwin playing dolls as seen in the episode, "The Robot". The boys are playing with little girl dolls and having what seems like a pleasant tea party chat and ends up being an epic action fight!
"May I interest you in a... DYNAMITE CUPCAKE?"

#19. Gumball listening to the wind in the episode, "The Picnic".
Wind: "You're going the wrong way."
Darwin: "What did it tell you?"
Gumball: "It said we're going the right way."
Wind:"*throws can at Gumball* I said wrong way!"
Gumball: "Yep, definitely! This is the way."
*Gumball and Darwin go that way*
Wind: "Losers."

#18. The Silence Snake, Mr Small's intimidating puppet friend as seen in "The Sock".

#17. That one part in "The Mystery" where Darwin says "I can't remember" and then wears a goofy smile on his face.

#16. That one part in "The Prank" when Gumball and Darwin are about to go outside through the front door and then the cement falls down, leaving the astonished Gumball with this hilarious exclamation: "What the WHAT?!?!"

#15. Gumball's "roar" when he realizes that he has claws and says he's a predator while he and Darwin are lost in the Forest of Doom in "The Picnic".
"I am a predator. Hear me roar! *lets out a cute little meow*"

#14. Gumball threatening Tobias so dramatically when Tobias tries to drop Anais's Daizy the Donkey doll out the bus window in "The Quest".
"Then you'd unleash the full fury of my terrifying anger. Mountains will shake, cities will crumble, the sky will be ripped apart, and the meteor of my wrath will grind you to dust!"

#13. The TV sprouting legs and jumping out the window as seen in the episode, "The Party".
Jamie: "I'm gonna throw the TV out the window."
TV: "Please, allow me. *crashes out the window*"

#12. That part in "The Picnic" when Gumball suggests that he and Darwin watch the sun to help them find their way which seems so pleasant and happy at first but then they both end up having their eyes on fire as they use the following dialogue:
Darwin: "There are no words to express the pain that I feel right now."
Gumball: "Sure, there are."

#11. Near the end of "The Painting" when Darwin splashes paint on Mr Brown and how surprisingly calm Mr Brown reacts to it. Earlier in the episode, Gumball and Darwin experience the same thing while in Mr Small's class but they scream it. Mr Brown just says it and leaves the Watterson's house.
"It burns."

#10. Banana Joe's random line in "The Robot".
Tobias:"Oh, good job there, robo-dork."
Alan:"Hey,take it easy."
Tobias:"Why? It's not like you can hurt his feelings. He's not a real boy."
*everyone walks away from Bobert except Banana Joe*
Banana Joe: "I'm a banana. *walks away*"

#9. What Larry calls Gumball's dad Richard when he bursts into the store to demand a refund in the episode, "The Refund".
"What do you want from me, you nut burger?"

#8. Mr Small's ear-raping scream, in "The Painting", when he demonstrates to Darwin and Gumball how to unleash anger just by taking a breath and letting out a scream.
"Like this. AAAGGGHH!!"

#7. Gumball and Anais's pleading face stare-off in "The Quest". Anais is trying to convince Gumball to get her Daizy the Donkey toy back from Tina while Gumball is trying to get out of it in fear he will have his face smashed to a pulp. They keep on staring each other down with those adorable big eyes until Gumball finally gives in.

#6. Anais's scary monster voice in "The Quest" when Tobias drops Daizy out the bus window leaving her on the road and Anais in panic.
Gumball: "Relax,sis. It's just a toy."
Anais: "*scary voice* NO,IT'S NOT!"

#5. Richard going insane in the episode, "The Prank". It's just so freaking hilarious how bonkers he acts while chasing Gumball and Darwin around the house and doing that tongue thing. I know it's supposed to be scary for our little heroes but it's just so funny how their dad is acting so maniacal.
"*Richard breaks through the wall* PRANK TIME!!"

#4.Darwin's way of releasing anger in "The Painting". While Mr Small screams so loud it could break someone's eardrums and Gumball just lets out pathetic but cute little squeaks, Darwin blows a big bubble from his mouth and when it pops,it causes a massive explosion and results in a very high, shrill little beeping sound.

#3. Gumball and Darwin playing "butt puppet" with their dad Richard in "The Goons". It's so silly.
Richard: "BUTT, why, Mr Robinson?"
Darwin: "Don't be so CHEEKY."
Gumball: "I'm gonna get to the BOTTOM of this."

#2. Darwin showing his brain to Anais in "The Goons". Why? Because the brain has a body and is dancing an Irish jig. How random is that?

And my #1 funniest "Gumball" moment is...
Dr Butt, the doctor with a face that looks exactly like Richard's butt, who offers treatment to the injured Gumball near the end of "The Goons". But Gumball actually thinks it's his father.
Dr Butt: "Hello. I'm Dr Butt and I'm going to take your temperature."
Gumball: "Dad, I can't play 'butt puppet' right now!"
Dr Butt: "*walking away* Well,I was only trying to help."