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Kiss, Hug, Slap  SherlockStark 16 3459 1 month ago
The 30-Day Avengers Challenge  pieluvr3000 47 9469 10 months ago
Female Avengers  KasarySkywalker 2 2044 over a year ago
Time Game  rosedawson1 11 3849 over a year ago
******* Avengers Awards Ceremony ****** ( Fun ~ Please Participate )  lena_espo 2 1929 over a year ago
The Avengers Elimination Game.  lena_espo 12 2107 over a year ago
Who thinks Nick fury is going to be a traitor in Age of Ultron?  lena_espo 0 2137 over a year ago
Nick Fury as the Avengers Director  cactusdr 1 1696 over a year ago
Character Elimination Game (The Avengers 2012)  DopelgangerRuby 60 11759 over a year ago
A new Avengers  HeadlessRider32 0 1543 over a year ago
Elimination Game!  awesome23 0 1884 over a year ago
Pittsburgh Film Office Silent Auction-includes signed Avengers collectibles!  PghFilm 0 2130 over a year ago
Avengers Icon Contest!! {Round 4}  SherlockStark 11 2646 over a year ago
Icon Contest Round Ideas  SherlockStark 0 1993 over a year ago
The Avengers Picture Contest  Evera 7 3191 over a year ago
Make Avengers movie special  paragsinha394 0 1946 over a year ago
Least faves!  Obscurity98 4 2124 over a year ago
New Spot Icon  fanfly 14 2172 over a year ago
OC fanfic RP  Obscurity98 1 1797 over a year ago
THE FANTASTIC FOUR REBOOT  Flameking97 2 3917 over a year ago
Captain America and The Avengers  MisterH 4 1724 over a year ago
The Avengers Autographed Poster  bjupon 0 1805 over a year ago
Two Gents wax excitedly on the Avengers Movie  WeTwoGents 0 1827 over a year ago
The Avengers & The Marvel Universe  spidercents 0 1694 over a year ago
No ant-man and wasp in The Avengers  Flameking97 0 3287 over a year ago
unknown marvel hero's  may4th2012 0 1511 over a year ago