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News by HollyWoodBigFan posted over a year ago
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Ransford Doherty
RANSFORD DOHERTY is one of the few actors pulling double duty these days in Hollywood, popping up regularly on two hit television crime-dramas: as Kendall, the Coroner’s Investigator on TNT’s “The Closer” and as Detective Tim Bell on ABC’s “Body of Proof.”

With “The Closer” coming to an end, I got a chance to find out a little more about this hard working actor, his experience on the show, and what’s next on his horizon (hopefully).

A Washington, D.C. native, Ransford first started his career in high school and was encouraged by his teacher to keep pursuing his passion. He went on to graduate from Longwood College with his B.F.A. in Theatre Performance and six months later, he packed his bags, headed for Hollywood and hasn’t looked back.

Ransford has appeared in several recurring roles on network television shows, including “Jonas,” “Las Vegas,” and “Joan of Arcadia.” He’s also made numerous appearances on top-rated network shows and starred in two action web series, “Caribe Road” and “Safety Geeks: SVI.” On the big screen, catch him in the films “Hostage,” opposite Hollywood heavy-weight Bruce...
Opinion by childofaeolus posted over a year ago
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Well TNT has been thinking about continuing the series without Brenda, which is an absolutely horrid idea. But I probably would still watch the show. So here are some possible names.

If Sanchez stars....

The Guy Who Likes to Use Excessive Force, The Pounder, The Shooter, The Translator, The Gang Expert, The Shouter, The Guy Who's Really Tough But Cries Sometimes and Has a Big Heart.

If Gabriel stars (totally bad idea cuz I do not like him at all).....

The Sissy, The Sissy Extraordinare, The Whiner, The Has No Purpose and Totally Should have gotten transferred instead of Daniels Guy, The Overly Cocky Guy.

If Flynn stars (awesome idea)....

The Smarta**, The Kicker, The Tooth Pick Guy, Da Flynn, The Awesome, The Stater of The Obvious.

If Pope stars....

The Pope, The Pope who Screws Up Massively Every Day, The By The Booker, The Lame Excuser, The Lame Fixer, Da Lame, The Man Unable to Date Anyone Single.