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Review by snuggles123 posted 7 days ago
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twilight is a classical love story a boy that can love someone so fragile so human Edward Cullen is a vempire and he is to stong to love anyone but his kind but he is never happy he is in a world that he thinks has no soul but Bella Swan dosn't think of it that way so is is true love makeing true love work he can't live without her he tryed but he fell apart in his own lonley sorrow.
i love twilight myself it is the BEST
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people think that twilight is just a fantasy but in its own world it there own romeo and juliet
Article by BuffyFaithFan1 posted 3 months ago
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Hello Dear Reader,
I am writing an original novel and I wanted people to at least hear the word of it before I tried to get it out in the world. It's called "The Death Contracts, Vol. 1: GLIMPSE" and it's the story of the main character named Astrid Marker.
The reason why I'm posting this link everywhere I know possible is because I want fans. Desperate? No. More like curious to see how many people can review what I have so far and tell me what they think. I have the first 8 Chapters posted on my profile at the website figment.com, the link to it plus the synopsis is straight below, but I wanted to enlighten fellow authors to be first.

CreateSpace.Com - What? Yes. For any author in the business, or any musician, or any filmography buff, Createspace.com is THE place for you! There you can upload your product of book/music/movie, after making sure it's as professional as you'd like it to be, and you can get it out there on Amazon.com for the world to literally SEE and BUY! No joke. Check it out. I know this girl that I follow on my Instagram account who has done this and her first novel is called BORN OF LIGHT, book one in her CHANGE OF FATES series,...
Fan fiction by KatiiCullen94 posted 5 months ago
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Chapter 8
I ached for Jacob to hold me up into his arms. I needed him, I knew wither knew no matter what that is Jacob was here right now that he would make this pain go away.

I cried out in the back seat, I had no clue what Alice and Edward were bickering back and further about outside, I wanted answers, this is so ridiculous. I mean first the run in with Jacob and Embry that was absolutely confusing and infuriating to begin with.
I felt burning, stinging, stabs sensations from my stomach, my muscles were constricting, and there was nothing I could do, but rock and whimper some tears.

The only soothing feeling was from the hands of Alice who now joined me in the back seat.
“Just close your eyes Bella, our father is a doctor, he will give you something to stop the cramps, we just called him, he is on his way, he is better in these sorts of situations as well so he is going to drive you home. He won’t take long.” Alice said, her face full of sympathy, and her eyes focused on her hand currently running through my hair.