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The fans pick: JFK
Jimmy Carter
The fans pick: No
The fans pick: George W. Bush
George W. Bush
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The fans pick: everyone at Fox News
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DarkSarcasm said …
Election spot! Come participate while freedom of speech is still a thing! link Posted over a year ago
RetroRock64 said …
I have no idea what's going to come out of this election. If someone told me that the events leading up to this election would be like this, I would have looked the person straight in the eye and said, "You're crazy." Posted over a year ago
sarahgilbert said …
And also guys, Republicans aren't taking over. The percentage of Democrats is more. It's also sort of sad you guys are still mentioning Bush, if Obama is such an amazing president, wouldn't he already of solved all of the "problems" Bush had made for us. Apparently Bush was the one who messed up the United States, but really Obama is. Who's going to make money for all of these lazy people living off of the government (who could work) when most everyone becomes one of them? Posted over a year ago
Persephone713 commented…
YOU ARE DUMB-What Bush Jr did to America will take decades to fix and President Obama has done his best beside to fix whatever he can without the help of TP Republicans and GRIDLOCK Republicans, most Americans HATE what Republicans are doing to this country. So you just keep being delusional about your dumb party, that is destroying America. I can be civil-but they are being very intolerant bigots, racists , hypocrites and intolerable human beings. over a year ago
Persephone713 commented…
Also you dont want us to make sterotypes -but you are making some about people who need assistance. So go think about that. And stay off our fanpop site unless you have something civil and noteworthy to say. Even John McCain has stood up for those who need disablitiy and is sick of the Republican Party-his own fellow Republicans. I heard him on televison. He made a mistake with Palin, but he has my respect eventhough I have different ideologies. Teddy R. And Abe L. are Good Republicans to look to as examples over a year ago
ChiliPepperLuv commented…
If you make Republican comments on a Democratic fan club, you're asking to get chewed out. If you're trying to argue over the Internet, you're arguing with strangers. You won't get anywhere arguing with people you don't know. You're not going to change each other's minds, so leave it alone. over a year ago