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ENGLISH TRANSLATION : Moderator (Vaclav Moravec)
0:00 Peter Novak spoke of Dukla in 2005, according to our information now comes the Winter Olympics can offer you sooner or later left and went to Dukla example, under the Ministry of the Interior as one of the institutions of state, where the athletes. Are you thinking about it, Peter?Host (Peter Novak):
0:06 Now it is talking about anything and just at this time I would not even want to talk about this issue because the bids from various parties are as long as Martin runs results. When we realize that Martin's, won the World Cup 17 times, five times the world champion and has thus already two Olympic gold medal to the bronze icing, so of course they are, it is of interest, but perhaps this, let's talk about something other than this.Moderator (Vaclav Moravec)
0:50 Wait a while I stay at it, but Martina repair, because the success of Martina is so much longer that the one you had eased, Coach, you know that?Host (Peter Novak): 0:56 Well I eased? In the World Cup overall and won 4 times only, it would not 17x, no.Guest (Martina Sáblíková):
1:06 No, no, 6 times world champion.Host (Peter Novak):
1:09 And, so sorry, I forgot one, and you think that the junior?Guest (M Sáblíková): 1:13 No, no, no.Host (Peter Novak):You really won six titles?Guest (M Sáblíková):Yes.Host (Peter Novak):
1:15 Well you see, I can go wrong. Well, because they had already reached the other results, that yeah, there has come into my other competitors, so, so sorry no.Moderator (Vaclav Moravec)
1:29 But it is, Martina, it happens often that it is so much of the success that coach has a problem that count?Guest (Martina Sáblíková):
1:36 So it is true that today we have done, that it was said, either 5x or 6x, so I can recalculate it then, I realized that it was 6 times, so I am alone in the grasp of power, but again, on the other hand, I must say that if someone asked me how many times I won the World Cup, says Peter here as 17x, so that I would not know again.Moderator (Vaclav Moravec)
1:59 You really are a great tandem.
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