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Kowalski rose up off of Private to see blow whole taking off to the sky.
"Come on men! after that dolphin!" Kowalski heard behind him. Skipper was up and awake now, and the claw was no longer in him.
"Skippa!" Private cried and ran over to hug his commander.
"SKAPA" Rico also yelled and hugged him too.
"Skipper! your alright!" Kowalski said.
"Ofcorse I am, I wasn't going to let him kill me. But this is no time for a hug fest! We need to catch Blow whole!"
"Right!" Private said and they all ran off but Kowalski who just stood there.
"Whats the matter soldier!" Skipper asked. Kowalski hesitated then said," Were's Riley?" Then he turned and saw the crates all over the place.
"No.." Kowalski headed head first for the crates. One by one he lifted them off and found Riley, not breathing. Her wing that was burned was now bleeding like crazy, and smashed at the same time. Her head was bruised and a little dented and her beak was flatted.
"Oh No! Riley!" Kowalski teared up at the sight of his commrad.
Private, Rico, and Skipper stood back and were speachless.
Kowalski couldn't fight back the tears in his eyes and he hugged Riley.
"Im so sorry Kowalski!" Private cried and hugged him.
Kowalski saw Rico's and Skipper's faces sadden. Finnaly he knew he had to leave her.
"Come on" he said, "We need to catch Blow Whole."
"Right you are soldier, Lets go!" Skipper said and took off out the broken lab. Kowalski gave Riley one last little kiss on the cheak, and took off after the others.
Not moving to fast infront of them was them was the airborn lab of Dr.Blow Whole. Lucky for them, Kowalski had a good eye.
"Look Skipper! Near the front of the lab! Theres a...
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A: Always has the best quotes

B: Bad temper about simple things

C: Cocky

D: Dances like a dream

E: Eyes can grow adorably huge

F: Funny

G: Girly scream

H: Hot

I: Intelligent

J: Just sings like world-class baritone

K: Kowalski. Even his name catches the eye

L: Love escapes him

M: Masquerades as the Throbbing Cerebellum

N: Nerds, who doesn’t love them?

O: Overly risky with his experiments

P: Plans the perfect options

Q: Quite fatherly to Private

R: Really shows-off

S: Single; because Doris doesn’t love him...

T: Tall

U: Utterly awesome

V: Voice like a symphony

W: When he is stupid, he is even more funny

X: X-tremely logical

Y: You could get lost in those blue eyes...

Z: Zealous for candy
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It's afternoon, and the penguins are relaxing at HQ. Skipper is working on intensive trainings, Private is watching the Lunacorns, and Rico is looking at the "Kaboom Monthly" Magazine. Kowalski, having nothing else to do, decided to go to Doris and try to talk to her. Unfortunately for Kowalski, he is very shy, and he is afraid he might say something to upset her.
Kowalski stands behind her habitat, anticipating what he should say.

Kowalski: *Takes deep breath* Ok, here it goes.
Kowalski jumps up and stands at the rim of the large dolphin habitat, his heart beating at a fast-paced rhythm. Doris...
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The penguins were standing outside, waiting for Alice to feed them. Skipper looked at the pool water, which was a disgusting green color. You couldn't see anything that was in the water. SP and Cowtails were inside, since they couldn't be seen.

Private's stomach growled. He sat down, dizzy. "I'm so hungry.."he whined. He hadn't eaten in two days! And his last meal had been very small. Skipper patted him on the back,"Hey Private, it's gonna be fine. Alice is coming, and this time, Rico WON'T eat your fish." He sent a glare at Rico. Rico shrugged, smiling nervously. The last time Alice fed them,...
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These are just little brotherly love drabbles...because Kowalski and Private are awesome as brothers!

It had been a normal day. Private was talking to SP. Cowtails was in the lab with Kowalski. Skipper and Rico were watching Shirtless Ninja Action Theater. All was well until an explosion came from the lab. Cowtails ran out, screaming. "Kowalski's gone mad!!" Skipper looked at her, unamused. "Who had this month in the betting pool?" Cowtails scowled in frustration. "No, I mean he created some sort of virus...that makes you REALLY mean...and REALLY strong..and VERY abusive...he already...
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