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posted by whomakesmelaugh
Have you ever heard about her ? No ? Me too until today.

Anna Garcia a.k.a Anna Fantastic a name which was given to her by Prince. Anna born in London England from Spanish and Italian decent.Coming from a musical family Anna was exposed to a variety of musical genres from Motown to Madonna. Her mother was a singer and her uncles all played in bands through out the local music scene from London to Australia. Bolstered by those influences, Anna began gravitating towards pop and R&B.

Blessed with keen intelligence and stunning good looks, Anna Fantastic could have chosen any number of career...
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posted by liberiangirl_mj
Standing alone outside the Palace nightclub, Steve Fargnoli looked like the saddest man in Hollywood.

He'd devoted two years to bringing Prince's dream, "Purple Rain," to the silver screen. But following the premiere and after-party July 26, 1984, Prince's manager was pessimistic about this maverick rock movie with a first-time star (Prince), first-time director (Albert Magnoli) and first-time producers (Fargnoli and his partners), made in Minneapolis of all places.

I tried to be encouraging, mentioning a few early glowing reviews and the cavalcade of A-list celebs who reacted enthusiastically...
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posted by whomakesmelaugh
I came across this crap on the web. It's the weirdest prince story I ever heard. Check this out

Prince is Dead (PrID)

After filming "Purple Rain", on April 7, 1985, near the end of the "Purple Rain" Tour, Prince Rogers Nelson died in a tragic motorcycle accident. Considering the success of "Purple Rain" and the fact that Prince was reaching his peak at the time of his demise, those close to him made the decision to replace him with a double, heavily modified with cosmetic surgery. Government ties ensured that the secret remained buried.

This double differed from Prince in several ways:

He was shorter....
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posted by Princelover1fan
Good Husband
Good Guitarist
Good Dancer
Good Singer
Good at making Ideas
Prince is all of these things in his own special way and if people can't see that then they're really lost on who Prince really is.If you can up with more of his traits please let me know and i'll publish those traits along with your name or screen name just to let people know that it was your idea!! If you think he's NOT one of those traits please let me know and the next article I write I probably won't add it in.Please let me know if anything needs to be changed to this article at all!!Thank You!!!!:)
posted by whomakesmelaugh
We all know, Prince is a little bit strange.

Prince has spoken of a crucial "Dark night of the soul, when a lot of things happened all in a few hours" and described a vision of a vast field with the letters G-O-D hovering overhead. He would refer to that night, Tuesday December 1st as "Blue Tuesday" in the Lovesexy Programme.

"I suddenly realised that we can die at any moment", he said. "And we'd be judged by the last thing". Prince indicated in the programme liner notes that he realised that the Black Album was a work of hate and that realising it would be wrong. he believed that "Spooky Electric",...
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posted by rye2016
There is a petition which is trending and gaining momentum to make Paisley Park a National Historic Landmark. Fans worldwide can and are signing it.All Prince fans know that he loved Paisley Park. Please sign.

#PaisleyPark #HonorPrince #HonorPaisleyPark

Here is the link;
posted by myshaynel
My Tribute To Prince
My Tribute To Prince
My dearest Shaynel,

I see the Sign “O” the Times and you need to know that I Adore you and I Wanna Be Your Lover. When we met in The Same December in 1999 on Alphabet St., it was Automatic--I could tell that you were one of The Beautiful Ones—probably The Most Beautiful Girl in The World. I’ll never forget thinking that U Got the Look in your Raspberry Beret and Diamonds and Pearls. While we stood in the Soft and Wet Purple Rain, I felt Delirious but I knew that I had A Case of You, and that someday I Would Die For 4 U. It was sort of a Controversy because I was Scandalous, had a Dirty...
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Prince and Vivendi SA have settled a lawsuit filed by a perfume and cosmetics manufacturer who accused the musician and his then-label (Universal Music Group) of breaching a contract to promote two products.

According to Bloomberg, Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics, a company based in Pennsylvania, sued the musician and UMG in New York State Supreme Court in November 2008, seeking minimum $100,000 in damages.
The suit claimed Prince didn't follow through on contracts to help market perfumes using his name, likeness and the name of his 2006 album 3121. A judge subsequently ordered the musician...
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posted by liberiangirl_mj
Touré explores the music of his generation and Prince

Everyone at this table is working on a book, even if some of us just in the thinking stage, I’m just fortunate to have finished one that comes out tomorrow called I Would Die 4 U: Why Prince Became An Icon.

I wrote it because Prince is one of the most important artists of our time with a career that wrestled with spiritual imperative and the sexual impulse, with Saturday night and Sunday morning, and wondering if the two can be merged in one life or in one song.

His canon asks: Can we have both reverence for God and the fulfillment of the...
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posted by sweetlady982002
I have a friend who is 42 years old, she's emotionally disturbed & lives with her 71 year old mother who has diabetes. Her mother needs to be put in a mental hospital because she falsely accuses her daughter of certain things that she really didn't do or say. Her mother lowers her daughter's self esteem by calling her terrible names like crazy, dumb, & stupid; & threatens to put her in a group home. I really don't want my friend to be put in a group home because people don't treat other people nice, & the same thing goes with the halfway houses. If anything, I believe that my...
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posted by caoyanzhi
Without a Norsk book, how can we write a book en Norsk? No suit to follow.Body language is the best.Je voudrais to show that I am not a chatterbox.Ich am fed up avec ordinateur spielen.Gegug.Was moechten Sie? SVP?
Wie lange ist lange enough?When or Wie will you feel satisfied? Warum Schreiben Sie nicht yourself? Sie weissen was ich moechte sagen.Ist es noechtig?Do we have to? Well, even en kinesiska, ich weiss nicht how to wrie an article.Not to mention auf Anglais.世界上首屈一指的、令人尊敬的高科技助听器的开发商和生产商之一。公司坚持开发领先于现代助听器发展水平的特新产品。其中最著名的产品是于1996年推出的世界上第一台全数字隐蔽式耳道助听器:senso。公司非常注重国内的听力损失人士及听力保健专家对产品质量、功能、操作、适用性及服务的要求,并愿为大家提供一整套最先进的高品质产品及周到的服务。目前推出满足高端需求人士,唯听独有可听度扩展技术的新产品——...
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It looks like the Artist Formerly Known as Prince might have to change his title to the Witness Formerly Known as Prince!

Word on the street is the Purple Rain singer could be called to court to testify in Michael Jackson’s wrongful death lawsuit against AEG.

To refresh your memories, the Jackson family is suing the insurance company for hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, who was convicted with involuntary manslaughter after giving the King of Pop a lethal dosage of medication.

A source says Katherine Jackson’s legal team could call on Prince due to the fact that he also had a negative experience with...
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Questlove is in a large dressing room backstage at Carnegie Hall, getting his Afro picked out before going onstage to lead a concert honoring the music of his all-time favorite recording artist, Prince. His mother is sitting beside him, beaming at her boy. Back when Quest, now the Roots drummer and Jimmy Fallon bandleader, was a teenager, she and his father only listened to Christian radio and behaved like “the black Ned and Maude Flanders,” he writes in his upcoming memoir, Mo’ Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove. When she found Prince records in his room, she would throw them...
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​It seems cosmically fitting and timely that the Jacaranda trees are now in full, glorious bloom, painting the LA skyline with purple flowers, which eventually rain to the ground, a purple rain, creating impressionist paintings made by nature for all to appreciate and enjoy. June also brings with it another purplesque moment, June 7, 1958, which is the day that Prince Rogers Nelson was born to the world.

When you think of the legendary musician Prince, you’ve probably never even considered the possibility of yoga having any sort of connection to him or his music. Then again, you’ve probably...
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Twitter has been served a DMCA copyright complaint for content that was published using the Vine video platform it acquired and launched earlier this year.

Twitter openly shares how many DMCA takedown notices it gets from copyright holders concerned with content shared on Twitter (or in this case, one of its third-party products), and where the complaints are coming from, on a site called Chilling Effects.

In this particular case, the takedown request came from NPG Records, the 20-year old record label owned by Prince. ‘NPG’ is short for New Power Generation, the name of the artist’s former...
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Pop superstar Prince showed his appreciation for his young collaborator Janelle Monae by sending a singing telegram and flowers to her dressing room at a recent gig.

The Purple Rain hitmaker collaborated with soul star Monae on a track for her new album The Electric Lady and he celebrated the record's release this month (Sep13) by arranging a special surprise for the singer.

In video footage filmed for a Revolt Tv documentary, Monae is seen looking shocked to find a young man in her dressing room holding a card and flowers and singing to her.

The messenger was reciting Prince's hit Kiss, which...
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To everyone in the Benelux, on Saturday the 10th of July you get the new, exclusive cd of Prince, 20ten for free when you buy the paper Het Nieuwsblad. The cd isn't even available at music stores, you can only get it by buying Het Nieuwsblad. More information: link.

To everyone in the Benelux, on Saturday the 10th of July you get the new, exclusive cd of Prince, 20ten for free when you buy the paper Het Nieuwsblad. The cd isn't even available at music stores, you can only get it by buying Het Nieuwsblad. More information: link.