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Leonardo: It's a long way from the city to just drop in.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: How are you here?

Leo: Splinter sent me down here to become a better leader. I can't go back a failure.

Obi-Wan: I don't understand. Are we in danger?

Leo: I don't know. I just feel like there's something missing.

Johnny Test: Alright, aright! We get it, we get it! Blah Blah Blah!

(NOTE: All 3 characters are voiced by the same person. Also, this is kinda my 1st cross-over tid-bit, so please be nice about it. Remember-it's also a funny.)
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Captain Rex itched at his chest plate irritably, as they made to land. He was a little more then a uncomfortable with his new information. Sargent Finger's laught as they got closer.
"Guess she's a little eager to see us or is it just you captain." Ahsoka was easily seen in her jedi cloak near the platform.
Rex snorted,"Very funny sargent or should I say private." A very confident chuckle rebounded back. The bastard knew there was no way he'd get demoted."Time to make a quick report and see where the hell the rest of us are." As the captain slide down the ladder, Ahsoka ran up to him."I'm so...
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The TWILIGHT flew directly under the smoking 'NIGHTMARE.
"Easy, Rex, just guide the 'NIGHTMARE right over the top of the TWILIGHT," Anakin said to him, "Ahsoka is in the cargo bay ready to grab you guys when you leave the gunship. Make sure your helmuts are on. There's alot of debris in the air."
"Yes, sir..."
"Master Sinube, keep the the ship steady. I'm going to help Ahsoka," Anakin said to Sinube gesturing to the old Jedi to sit in the pilot's seat.
"I'm not that experienced at flying," Sinube said, "Child, you're the pilot, not me."
"You'll do fine, Master. The TWILIGHT practically flies herself."...
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Anakin couldn't stop thinking about Ahsoka. She was more than a Padawan to him-she was the sister he never had. He tried to purge himself of what he said earlier, but he couldn't. *I'll contact Ahsoka. Maybe she can-*. The same sentence played over and over in Anakin's restless head. He paced around briefly before stopping at his "post" again. *The order made her want to leave and they know it!* he cursed himself. He wished he had it in him to make Ahsoka stay with the order, and to make the council believe she didn't commit those heinous murders. But what was HE supposed to do at that time?...
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Nakoma was sitting on a ship one day thinking after a mission. She wanted more. Yes, she LOVED what she did for a living, but she wanted to find someone, fall in love with that person, and start a family. She wanted an actual life. She didn't want to be a single Jedi forever. Yet she knew attachments weren't allowed in the order. She sighed knowing she'd have to wait as she went in the cockpit to be with Anakin.

"What's gotten you in such a mood?" he asked as he saw the bummed look on her face. She turned away as if she were saying "I don't want to talk about it.". "Okay, I know you have moments...
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Taking a moment Ahsoka rubbed at a spot on her new leg, then continued on to her explosives class.
Anakin and Rex stepped onto the elevator, taking them to the information meeting being held in the adjoining room of the Jedi council's. Rex remembered the scene. Refugee's running from forest's safety retelling how a group of Jedi had come to help them move to a safer camp only to be captured or cut down by the Seperatist's tinnies. Anakin broke into his thoughts."Ahsoka's settling down nicely into her routine. In fact she's betting...
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Fourth Chapter.
Read and comment.
Comments are like sugar.
They make me happy. :)

It's dinner time!

"Obi-Wan?" Anakin whispered as he walked into the small, dimly lit room. He sat by his masters side, closely followed by Ahsoka and Cody; Rex just stayed in the doorway. "Is he gonna be alright, Master?" Ahsoka asked, worriedly looking over Master Kenobi's lambasted (A/N don't you love that word?) features. "I'm not the one to ask, Snips. You can ask... Master Hunalo... at dinner. Speaking of which, would you like to go eat? I would hate to wake the master." Anakin smiled, and stood up, inviting...
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