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Hey, guys!
You may remember that last year we voted for Favorite Season 3 couple and character. I plan to do the same thing this year, after the finale airs. But before that I wanted to remind you of the way of voting and also the last year's results.

How we voted:
>In every round we voted for our favorite couple/character.
>The one with the least votes would go out.
>If there was more couples/characters with the same % of votes, then there would be an elimination round, in which we would vote for our least favorite out of them.

And now here are the results of last year's voting for ♥...
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This is a response to the pick "Is here anyone who also think its sad that some Forwoodfans sunddely lost hope in them and swiched to Klaroline so fast, even after everything Forwood been through?" link

This is all my opinion. It's not intended to offend anyone. Sorry in advanced if it does.

I'm a Forwood turned Klaroline shipper, and I just wanted to explain to the still Forwooders who are confused or sad why I did it. ^^ (I normally wouldn't, but one or tho people seemed genuinely disapointed in the picks. I'm not speaking for all of you--when I say one or two, I mean that literally. I understand...
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