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Korra and asami
Mako and korra
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Lin (who did but got it back)
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tsmith120 said …
I'm going to be completely, 100%, brutally honest about the most recent episode.
A clip show? A clip show. I hate clip shows. As a rule, I think they should just be cut from any series - I don't care if it's been done for budget reasons, just make the series one episode shorter and don't leave the fans waiting another week for the actual story.
And I. Freaking. Loved. Episode 8. Honestly, I preferred it to the 'Ember Island Players', its Avatar equivalent. Posted 1 day ago
tsmith120 commented…
It was filler, but filler at a reasonable point. They had Korra make it through the whole 'world not needing the Avatar' issue thats been building for a while, it serves as a calm before things get really serious again and, in my opinion, the writing was very strong in the areas it aimed at - namely, the comedy. The fourth wall humour was particularly strong and Varrick, as always, killed it. Perhaps its because I think I was aware that it would be something like a clip show and so knew what I was getting into (and thus, I wasn't about to be disappointed) - and just found it extremely funny and enjoyable. If I'm the only one, I honestly don't care, because I think the writing was very strong - heck, even the reason for the flashbacks made a fair bit of sense - it wasn't just characters saying 'hey, remember when we did so-and-so? That was fun'. It was all surprisingly believable in the context of the show. 1 day ago
bakes2389 said …
Remembrances was 22 minutes of my life that I can't get back. :/ Posted 1 day ago
TDI_A_WT_ROTI commented…
Nickelodeon gets the blame for this one. Apparantely, the budget for Book 4 got it, almost an entire episode's worth. It was either this episode or fire half of the staff. But I agree, it was a boring filler. Waiting for Toph to strike >:) 1 day ago
bakes2389 commented…
I actually read Bryan's message. He solely blamed Nick for the budget cut, yet he knew a year and a half in advance. I don't blame Nick for being business savvy. I blame Bryke for poor writing quality, poor business decisions, and not bothering to pursue other options. I just don't get how that episode even got the "ok" to air. It was horrible. 1 day ago
zanhar1 commented…
^^ Pretty much. I've never liked Nick all that much. I think it was good of them not to cut half the crew. 1 day ago
zanhar1 said …
Asami's a flashback. Oh the memories. All those Mosami moments. :') But then Mako's grandma calling him naughty for kissing Korra while dating Asami and then saying that he was like his grandpa! And that phone call with Amon, Zaheer, and the other villains! Posted 2 days ago