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The fans pick: Neither
A future avatar series after...
The fans pick: Yes, she had no idea what would happen when she opened the portals.
Yes, she had no idea what would happen when she opened the portals.
Not sure
The fans pick: Yay!
The fans pick: Short
The fans pick: Yes, I do
Yes, I do
No, they just went into the Spirit World as friends
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gimrivi said …
Hi guys! plz sign the petition by following this link to restart Korra Posted 26 days ago
wolfmaster3000 said …
So saw the finally finally why all the hate on korrsami? It's a beautiful ending and with all the hate on gay couples and marriage I find is something the world needs. Also DA fuq sui bataar is just as guilty why does he get a free pass ? Overall the finale was good but as a whole series did alright, atla did better but hey I'm not the writer Posted 1 month ago
zanhar1 commented…
Totally agree. I loved the Korrasami and I really don't see why Baatar got off so easy. 1 month ago
bakes2389 commented…
Yeah.... ATLA did MUCH better. LoK was pretty much a letdown for me. I'm pretty sure a lot of people are hating on Korrasami because they don't like the couple (and they don't HAVE to like it), and some people feel it deserved more attention in the series. I personally am against the in-show version of Korrasami because I don't think it was developed to where it should have been, and the fandom writes it 10 times better than Bryke. But there is also a lot of hate because A TON of Korrasami shippers are being excessively rude and obnoxious to the rest of the fandom and basically rubbing everyone's face into the fact that their ship is canon. It's like the Makorrians all over again. The sad part is that the fandom reflects onto the couple. If the fanbase sucks, your couple is going to be dragged down by it. 1 month ago
wolfmaster3000 commented…
yeah I can see that not much to debate about this couple other then ETHICALLY this is something the world needed However as a Seris for the whole was a terrible throw as the idea of Korra and asami being "lesbians" was suttle Bryke confirmed he didn't know this was going to happen then just kinda shoved it at us. But would Nickledoian have aired any of korra if any the premise focused on a Gay couple proabily not to be honest. Also poor Maco he made them Gay XD XD 1 month ago
bakes2389 commented…
Aren't ethics the equivalent of moral behaviors that govern one's behavior? I'm not seeing how this is an ethical situation in the sense that one's ethics tie into one's religion, and in all technicality, people shouldn't have to question their own religious beliefs and ethics. People have the right to believe what they want and deem whatever they seem fit as their own moral agenda/what they see ethically right in their lives. I think it is more of a political and social situation if anything because it is bringing up a controversial issue in those two areas. That's just my opinion though. xD Nickelodeon is completely pro-homosexuality..... they've aired an animated show with a gay kiss before. I don't get why Korrasami didn't get their kiss...... I'm personally putting more blame on Bryke for that. 1 month ago
joyfullness101 said …
bryke confirmed on his tumblr blog that korrasami is indeed canon! *tears of joy* Posted 1 month ago
MakoFirebender commented…
OMG, no why 1 month ago
zanhar1 commented…
Because it's a cool ship and it gives representation to the LGTB. It's astounding that the Makorra fans are to distraught over their ship to appreciate what a huge step this is in Western animation. 1 month ago
Nadza commented…
For me that it is just wrong, but I respect everyone who ships korrasami 1 month ago
zanhar1 commented…
I may disagree but yeah, I can respect your opinion as well. I mean you're not being hateful or anything. 28 days ago