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The questionnaire: Barack Obama's presidency  tynaslavick 0 489 over a year ago
A Salute To President Obama  ThisGirlJanet 0 829 over a year ago
Obama nominated for a Big Daddy Award  lconn 1 1213 over a year ago
omaba  tristan11 0 1640 over a year ago
Gorgeous Original Painting by Gregg Chadwick of President Barack Obama!  ansafrica 0 1938 over a year ago
Obama Twitter backgrounds and Facebook covers!  95ashley59 0 11403 over a year ago
Barack Obama=Miserable Failure  Reagan2012 0 1284 over a year ago
HE WON!  martemora15 23 2007 over a year ago
Obama’s college campaign tour includes iPad first  DLLA 0 819 over a year ago
The Obama Deception HQ Full length version  cc1164 0 1027 over a year ago
THIS IS WHY OBAMA GOT ELECTED  Quezon 0 934 over a year ago
He has helped me!  papay 0 719 over a year ago
Obama Toilet Paper  BaronBob 0 945 over a year ago
Hey guys join the John Murtha Club  Grand-Daddy 0 755 over a year ago
Obama MacBook Skin  xpattern 1 1147 over a year ago
Revival by OBAMA - Music Video  Philos60 0 823 over a year ago
Barack Obama Comic Book!  emmanuelmpolya 0 1118 over a year ago
Political Anatomy and Forensics  OzLoon 0 1048 over a year ago
Obama Shirt  Elektrek 0 672 over a year ago
SOOO FUNNY!!!!!  Aggie_Babee 3 1042 over a year ago
Is Barack the best Dad?  kimafox 0 588 over a year ago
An OBAMA Motivated Self Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Initiative Just Launched  dchestnut 0 1124 over a year ago
Members of Obama Fan Club  sarah7landry 0 487 over a year ago
Support Obama  ready2vote 5 464 over a year ago
Reprehensible  ws_81 0 413 over a year ago
Post For Obama  Armstrong4 1 533 over a year ago
Barack Obama Coin  maximus7 0 290 over a year ago
Obama Junior  adekite 1 275 over a year ago
Yo  getmeinhere 0 242 over a year ago
A Political Year in Review...  mandelman 0 267 over a year ago
new hope for my kids future.  teresas 3 331 over a year ago
Obama Ragga dub song !!!!  caramel31 0 594 over a year ago
Obama makes a better law!  Garu500 0 191 over a year ago
Show your support for Barack Obama  GrahamOwen 4 278 over a year ago
A hardcore conservative calls me 'God' in a debate!  MissPopnaf 0 178 over a year ago
Not the first black president  josh086 0 177 over a year ago
What were you doing when Obama won the elections  adavila 2 215 over a year ago
Obama Letter to Supporters  Cinders 1 221 over a year ago
Obama IN THE LEAD!!!  mollyx365 1 301 over a year ago
GO BARACK OBAMA  MRSJOEJONAS900 0 241 over a year ago
Obama the Giant  RareJule 1 403 over a year ago
The Debates - were they a tie?  RUFFIANSEA 0 195 over a year ago
Trolls  katiemariie 1 257 over a year ago
New Obama campaign song !!  jan123 0 186 over a year ago
Barack Obama - My Heroes Electro Bass Anthem  RoyMedina 0 239 over a year ago
what republicans say about obama  mac 1 481 over a year ago
Waited in line for hours  Dundiechampion 1 460 over a year ago
Reward. Found on  nifty50 0 358 over a year ago
"Yes We Can": Three Small Words That Will Change the World  randomproject 0 212 over a year ago