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Chloe Lukasiak at the 2015 KCAs!

Dance Moms Group Dance Glam

Dance Moms Group Dance Ups and Downs

Dance Moms Group Dance Trapped


Dance Moms Senior Company Group Dance Why Not Me

Dance Moms Group Dance Twilight

Dance Moms Group Dance Gold Digger

Dance Moms Group Dance Bad Girls

Dance Moms Arabian Nights Group Dance

Dance Moms Hear No Evil Group Dance

The Dance Moms Girls Performing The Last Text on The View

Dance Moms Group Dance Beautiful Day

Dance Moms Season 1 Group Dances (Clips)

Rosa Parks - Group Dance

"Return To Grace" Season 3 Episode 14

Chloe and Maddie Perform Dream

Chloe Performs I Wanna Be A Rockette at TDS Dance and Acrobatics

Stop Breast Cancer For Life feat. Dance Moms

Abby Congratulates The Girls

Nationals 90210 Junior Solo Awards

Nationals 90210 Petite and Teen Awards

Nationals 90210 Group Awards

Dance Moms - Top Ten Dance Routines - Season 1

Dance Moms - This is My Beauty (Group)

Kelly Breaks Down

Jill Helps Kendall Rehearse For Solo Audition

Christi Helps Chloe Rehearse For Solo Audition

Paige Asks Abby About Her Role In The Group Dance

Solo Role Revealed

Chloe, Kendall, and Nia's Solo Auditions

Paige's Photo Shoot

Pyramid For Nationals 90210

The Storm- CADC Group Dance

Never Surrender- Justice's Solo (CADC)

Killer Bee- Mackenzie's Solo

Telling Myself- Maddie's Solo

Diary Of Anne Frank- Brooke's Solo

Silence- Chloe's Solo

The Last Text- Group Dance

Awards For Solo Fever

Daisy Chains- Mackenzie's Solo (Full version)

Chloe's Ghost Solo Rehearsal

Nia's I Like The 60's Solo Rehearsal

Brooke's Fly Solo Rehearsal

Mackenzie's A Perfect Day In the Sun Solo Rehearsal

Kendall's Kiss Kiss Solo Rehearsal

Maddie's Piece Of My Heart Solo Rehearsal

Dance Moms Girls- Footprints In The Sand

Paige's 'City of Angels' Solo Rehearsal