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JoJo Siwa I'll Show You the Dark Side

Dance Moms Straight Out of Pittsburgh

Nia Frazier Cookie

Mackenzie Ziegler I Just Want to Sit on the Couch and Eat Chips

Kendall Vertes The Meltdown

Dance Moms Hungry Like the Wolves

Brynn Rumfallo The Coronation

Dance Moms The Girl in the Plastic Bubble

Mack Z I Gotta Dance

Nia Sioux Rehearsing in Melbourne, Australia

Nia Sioux Performing "Star in Your Own Life" in Melbourne, Australia

Kendall K Performing "Wear 'Em Out" in Ireland

Maddie & Mackenzie Ziegler's Commercial

Maddie Ziegler's Target Back to School Commercial

JoJo Siwa Dear Future Husband

Mackenzie Ziegler on "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn"

Maddie Ziegler on "Pretty Little Liars"

Maddie Ziegler on "Austin and Ally"

Maddie Ziegler on "Drop Dead Diva"

Dance Moms Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

Chloe Lukasiak They Don't Want My Kind Around Here

Nia Frazier Underdog

Chloe Lukasiak I Should Have Known

Kendall Vertes Not Just a Pretty Face

Dance Moms Broken Dolls

Dance Moms Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

Dance Moms The Rapture

Mackenzie Ziegler Watch Me Fly

Sarah Hunt One Heart

Sarah Hunt Scary Little Monster

Sarah Hunt On My Own

Tea Adamson No More Crybabies

Brynn Rumfallo Diamond in the Rough

Sarah Reasons Sun Goddess

Kalani Hilliker and Sarah Reasons Nancy and Tonya

JoJo Siwa & Mackenzie Ziegler Lucy and Ethel

The Humor of Christi Lukasiak (Chloe's mom)

JoJo Siwa Prom Queen

JoJo Siwa Fancy

Dance Moms Beautiful Bizarre

Mackenzie Ziegler Sink or Swim

JoJo Siwa Rebel Without a Cause

Maddie Ziegler You Go-Go Girl

Mackenzie Ziegler California Adventure

Mack Z Christmas All Year Long

Mack Z Shine

Mack Z It's A Girl Party

Mackenzie Ziegler The Party Starts Right Now

Nia Frazier Streetstar

Nia Frazier Goodbye Maya