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Opinion by coolsinger198 posted 2 hours ago
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Besides making great movies with humor and adventure, Disney movies are also known to bring tears to our eyes. So this article will explain my top 5 most emotional Disney moments.

5.Simba climbing up Pride Rock to become king continues to be on of the most emotional Disney scenes. Simba has been through a lot. I mean my Scar ( best Disney villian ever) killed his father and he had no one except Timon and Pumba. Even when Nala came to talk some sense into him, he still doubted himself and his royalty. He even got a visit from his father to never forget who he is. And after a heated battle with Scar, he finally walked up that mountain. Not to mention, such emotional music was playing while he was climbing the mountain.

4. The scene from The Lion King when Scar kills Mufasa is just so sad and devastating. All you see is Mufasa stuggling and stuggling and trying to climb up that mountain.

Review by mhs1025 posted 3 days ago
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The original VS the live-action remake. Perfect competition, huh? It sure sounds like a good competition. Well, what I'm about to state might surprise you. It might not, but we shall see. I'm about to tell you what I thought of both versions of this movie. Let's start with the original.

The original: Let me just say that the animation is absolutely stunning! They did a marvelous job. The characters are really great. Although they have awesome personalities, the only thing I didn't like about Perdy is that she was always she was always scared of Cruella, but that's understandable. Especially when she was having the puppies. Though these reasons were understandable, she was never really brave until she and Pongo went to rescue the puppies from Horace and Jasper. Enough about that, and back to the review. Let's talk about the villains. Cruella is probably the 3rd most bad-ass Disney villain behind Shan Yu of Mulan and Sid Phillips of Toy Story. She can pack a a hell of a punch! Jasper and Horace aren't really the best villains, but I have to give 'em credit for bring good henchmen. They're OK, but I would've liked to see them do more stuff related to their trait of...
Opinion by coolsinger198 posted 3 days ago
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Hello Disney fans! This is my top 10 Disney villians countdown. Just reminding you, if you dont agree with some of the placements, its fine but just keep in mind its my opinion. :)

Honarble Mentions- Ursula, Lady Tremaine, Shere Kahn

10.Radicliffe- Radicliffe is a total... gotta watch my language, tommorow is is Easter. He is such a greedy, selfish, not to mention racist COWARD! His evil words in "Savages" made me cringe. And I have seen Pocahontas many times!

"Their skins a hellish red! Their only good when dead!"


In the second movie, the tricks and lies he tells makes him just as villainous as he was in the first movie. He is one of those guys who akways has his henchmen do the dirty work for him ( like killing ) but when it comes to doing the talking, hes got this part down pact.

9. The Evil Queen- The first Disney villian. She is actually the Disney villian I am most scared of. I mean LOOK at her! Her cape, her face, her magic potions. And when she turns into the Hag its even worse. The Hag makes me gag. Ooh cool...