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Opinion by Renegade1765 posted 3 days ago
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"Who's that handsome guy?"
Alright,as you may all know back in December I made my "Getting to know Renegade1765" article,but as time went by,I became pretty unsatisfied with the article,so I'm making this article as a updated version of it because most of my articles are great,but that one is the one that I'm not very satisfied with.
First of all,I will be very honest this time and I will go into more detail about myself.
Second,I will explain "My Origins","My Personality","My Fears","My Likes",My Lists","My Dislikes" and "My Dreams".
Third,everything in this new article is 100% true,I didn't make this up,I'm telling the truth.
Alright,I won't stall you anymore,let's start:

My Origins.
My name is Gergely Kristof Bela (but I prefer Chris)and I'm a teenage Hungarian boy who lives in the country of Romania.I was born in a town called Lipova but I live in the town of Ghioroc with my parents,grandparents and great-grandma.My father lives in a neighboring town called Cuvin,he's just 8 minutes away and sometimes when my parents say I have to deliver something to my father or when I go to him on Sundays to have some quality time together.My father lives...
List by WinterSpirit809 posted 13 days ago
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10. Wreck it Ralph

I absolutely love this movie, especially Vanaellope. I felt so bad for Ralph, who was mistreated because of his role in the game,and Vanellope because she was bullied for being a "glitch".

9. Mulan

Well Mulan is my favorite Disney princess, even though there is a few DP movies above this. I found this movie inspiring, and I loved how Mulan left home, despite consequences to help her father!

8. The Lion King

I also like this movie, even though it is a little overrated(not as much as Frozen, though) . I loved the story, how Simba felt it was his fault for killing his father,and he did, eventually standing up to Scar.

7. The Little Mermaid

This one is a childhood favorite of mine, and still is. I agree, while Ariel was a bit selfish, her father was being a little overprotective. I found Ariel's rebellious behavior is somewhat relatable. I mean everyone has moments like that right?
Article by BlondLionEzel posted 14 days ago
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Hello, welcome to a Disney Theory! (This might be the only one I do, but if you like this, then request me to do more)

Today, we're discussing the portals / realm in Big Hero 6. They were originally used to teleport things (like Callaghan's daughter!), but they lead to another realm. That reminds me of the Negative Zone...

The Negative Zone first appeared in Fantastic Four Vol 1 Issue #51 (June 1966). The Negative Zone is an antimatter universe which parallel to Earth. It's ruled by competing warlords, most notably Annihilus and Blastaar. You might recall it as the alternate world in the new Fantastic Four reboot.

So, now some points for why it could be the Negative Zone

#1: Stuff can be teleported through the Negative Zone and the Realm

In the Ultimate Fantastic Four and the new reboot coming this year, the government began to teleport things through the Negative Zone, where they would come back to us (which is the same as the Realm).