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Opinion by lileanawi2022 posted 3 days ago
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Let it go:The snow glows white on the mountain tonight not a footprint to be seen a kingdom of isolation and it looks like im the queen the wind is howling like this swirling storm inside couldnt keep it in heaven knows ive tried dont let them in dont let them see be the good girl you always have to be conceal dont feel dont let them know well know they know let it go let it go cant hold it back anymore let it go let it go turn away and slam the door i dont care what theyre going to say let the storm rage on the cold never bothered me anyway its funny how some distance makes everything seem small and the fears that once controlled me cant get to me at all its time to see what i can do to test the limits and break through no right no wrong no rules for me im free let it go let it go i am the one with the wind and sky let it go let it go youll never see me cry and here i stand and here i stay let the storm rage on my power flurries through the air into the ground my soul is spiraling into frozen fractals all around and one thought crystallizes into an icy blast im never going back the past is in the past let it go let it go and ill rise with the break of dawn let it go let it go that...
Opinion by Rac801 posted 12 days ago
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Before I get started let me sate THIS IS JUST A MATTER OF OPINION!
1. Let it Go( Frozen )
2. Make a Man out of you ( Mulan )
3. Poor unfortunate souls ( The Little Mermaid )
4. Love is an open door ( Frozen )
5. I just can't wait to be King ( The Lion King )
6. Price Ali ( Aladdin )
7. Under the sea ( The Little Mermaid )
8. When will my life begin ( Tangled )
9. You've got a friend in me ( Toy Story )
10. True loves kiss ( Enchanted )

Thanks for reading! If I did not have one of your favorite songs in the top 10 comment your favorites and that song may be the topic of my next article!
Opinion by Fanpop posted 14 days ago
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This article was written by Fanpop guest contributor Kailyn T.

One of the best things about any Disney movie is the sidekick. Often, we love the sidekicks even more than the main characters, and we certainly have a better track record at remembering their names (Frozen’s Olaf, anyone?).

Here are some of our favorite Disney sidekicks.

Dory - Finding Nemo

Dory is easily in our top five when we’re picking favorite sidekicks. Her lack of a short-term memory is equally heartbreaking and hysterical, and when you get down to it, she genuinely cares about helping Marlin find his son. Plus, thanks to Dory, whenever we’re faced with a situation we’re sure we can’t handle, we’ll always remember to “just keep swimming.”

Maximus - Tangled

Maximus has that unique ability to be flat-out hilarious without ever saying a single word. If you’ve never seen 2012’s Tangled Ever After, and you’re a fan of Maximus, then you should definitely add it to your watch list. Tangled Ever After puts Maximus and Pascal center...