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Opinion by WinterSpirit809 posted 7 days ago
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Wow. I can already see the hate brewing and I'm so sorry but she just annoys me.

Just hear me out:

The first time I watched Frozen I had no problem with her. I didn't necessarily like her but I didn't dislike her either. I was completely neutral to her.

I am going to flat out say it. Elsa is overrated.

I'm not hating on anyone for liking her, but I would like her oh so much more if the fandom didn't constantly tear down other Frozen characters and DP's and anything related to Disney, just to make Elsa look better. And what if you don't like Elsa? The fans get so frustrated and start going on a rage about how you're wrong.

And I'm sick of when I say she's overrated, fans say "you're just hating on people for liking a character! Shame on you!"

No, I could care less if you like this character, but I think she's overrated because of the way fans build up her popularity. Because truth be told, I would like her too if fans wouldn't try to shove her down our throats.
Opinion by WinterSpirit809 posted 13 days ago
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Disney has had several eras of movies, the most current era being the revival era. The revival era started with Bolt(I think) and the most current movie is Big Hero 6. But the revival era is still going, upcoming movies include, Moana and Zootopia.

I did polls, counting down Fanpop's favorite movies and you are about to read the results. I may do an updated version of this

7. Frozen

See, a year ago, I would have died of shock, but not at this point, really. Now, Disney fans have a love-hate relationship with the movie, Frozen so this could've gone either way depending on if more haters voted than lovers. More haters voted, sadly for Frozen so it was the first eliminated.

6. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Honestly, considering I hardly ever hear about this particular Pooh move, I expected it to be one of the first eliminated. This is really the only revival era movie I have not seen, so it's really hard to see the hate behind this...
Opinion by Windrises posted 22 days ago
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I did a character countdown for the 1951 animated film version of Alice in Wonderland. There was a total of 12 options, but there ended up being two ties.

By the way a slight mistake happened in my countdown. In one countdown the March Hare lost, but I accidently counted Dinah the cat as the loser of that round. Sorry about that.

Here are the results:

10. the Red Queen

This character is my least favorite so I'm glad she lost. People probably disliked the Red Queen so that's why she lost.

9. Alice's sister/the White Rabbit

I personally dislike the White Rabbit so I can understand why he did poorly. Alice's sister doesn't do much or have much of a personality which is likely why she did poorly in the countdown.

8. the Caterpillar

Another character I'm not crazy about and apparently the fans aren't crazy about him either.

7. the King of Hearts/ Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum