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Fan fiction by ClassicDisney94 posted 9 days ago
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Samey (Dipper) and Amy (Mabel) are the Total Drama equivalent to the Pines twins from "Gravity Falls"
In the opening titles, Mabel is shown dumping a bucket of berries on Dipper's head, while they are searching for food.

In episode 1, the twins are shown on the plane. Disgusted by Beardo's beatboxing, Mabel suggests that she and Dipper trade places. As the teams are falling off the plane, Dipper clings on Mabel, who has a parachute. Even though Mabel pushes Dipper off her leg, he has a parachute as well. Dipper lands safely, not long before Mabel lands on Dipper (on purpose). As Chris announces teams, Dipper suggests that he is called by Tyrone. However, Mabel's manipulative act has Chris telling everyone that Dipper is his real name, and not Tyrone. Dipper calls Mabel a b*tch for using his birthmark as his nickname, and not Tyrone.

During the challenge, Mabel uses Dipper as a human shield, while they are rummaging for items to build a treehouse.

The next day ("I Love You, Grease Pig!"), Wendy asks Mabel if she wants to find food with Robbie. Mabel agrees, and forces Dipper to get it. She also adds that he shouldn't be as lazy as he was when they were born. Mabel reveals that she was born 17 minutes before Dipper was, and that is she...
Opinion by mountaindewman posted 1 month ago
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Number 11 :Ant farm

I hate this show with a passion . One thing i like is the interesting premise but everything else is trash . Chyna is fucking 11 at the start of the series yet she gets into high school . Where the fuck can i find that school. Chyna is annoying as hell who not to mention is favored at home.Olive is a douche who calls herself a good friend . Fletcher is stupid as hell . Lexi is a just plain stereotype WHO THINKS SHE IS TALENTED ! Cameron is the { sigh } " Dumbass older brother " witch i really fucking despise . Overall it is harmless for kids but for adults { YAWN}

Number 10 : Good luck charlie

You might think this show revolves around someone called charlie . You would be incorrect . Charlie is a baby turned preschooler
who makes a small 5 second cameo at the end of each episode . Even episodes that revolve around her she gets like 6 minutes of screen time . Teddy is a teen who makes video diary for charlie when she grows up she is also a annoying know it all who throws tantrums when ever she doesn't get her way and ends up getting it . PJ is the worst he is the ...... { small breaths grunts and sighs } "...
Opinion by Renegade1765 posted 2 months ago
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This is a really cool poster,but I'm still not a fan.
I'm not gonna lie to you internet,I don' like The Lion King.I'm not saying that it's a bad movie,you might even say it's a pretty good movie.I dislike it on the grounds that nearly every compliment paid to the movie,the depth and scale of the story,the beautiful animation,the compelling character study,the great songs,etc.Is in my eyes is an exaggeration of the actual good qualities of the film.
The Good.
I said what I said and I meant what I said,The Lion King is by no means a bad movie.You have to admire the ambition of the film makers,telling an epic story for kids,utilizing new technology to create a cinematic experience.Scenes like the stampede subtly utilize 3D to create a sense of scale drama and danger.Hans Zimmer skilfully integrates an African fell into his imposing score.The skill of the animation and direction gives the feeling of scale,so that Simba's conflict feels grand and important.Emotionally the conflict is important,dealing not just with death but with guilt of patricide.This could be the foundation for a great film.My issue is that although the tone of a true epic is creating it doesn't have the intellectual background to support the tone.This...