This is actually a sequel that's better than the original. It has a better plot and more character development. The songs in the original are bland and very forgettable; in fact, the only one that anyone really remembers is Bella Notte. Scamp's Adventure has many upbeat, epic, and memorable songs. Plus, the animation is much better than the original, obviously due to the improvement of animation over time.

Scamp is a better character than Tramp. Despite their similarities, Scamp has qualities which make him better. He's much more relatable. He experiences teenage angst with his want for independence. He's brave, heroic and determined like the more modern heroes like Aladdin, Simba, and John Smith. His relationship with his dad is similar to kids’ relationships with their dads in real life, and it's also very similar to popular family relationships such as Ariel and Triton, Jasmine and Sultan, Pocahontas and Powhatan. He is also much cuter than Tramp.

Tramp, on the other hand, has a lack of character development in the original. What does he have against families? We never find out what his issue with family is; he's just someone who doesn't like families for no reason that we know of. He's just bland, too much of the typical hero and is not unique. In the sequel, he's overprotective of his son. One of the very few things that bother me about sequels is that characters such as Ariel, Simba, and Tramp lose their original personalities and become overprotective. Ariel had a reason with her daughter in danger. However, like Simba, Tramp didn't have a reason to be overprotective. He basically became a dog version of Triton, only not as bad.

Angel is a better character than Lady. She is more heroic, brave, determined, witty, and is not afraid to stand up for herself like other popular Disney heroines such as Ariel, Jasmine, and Mulan. She also has a back story; five different households take her in but send her back for reasons like moving to a new home, having a baby, or having an allergy. This led to her being on the streets alone and having to join Buster and the junkyard dogs. She wants a family but is afraid that she'll be kicked out once again. So, as a result, she refuses to belong to anyone. She's also more interesting than Lady since her life stinks and Lady is just a pampered little dog. Also Angel's a much prettier dog because of her prettier eyes and rare fur color.

Lady has had everything brought to her and done for her; she doesn't do anything to help herself. She's too much like a typical damsel in distress. She's kind, sweet and naive, but she is weak and can never get herself out of trouble like other typical Disney damsels, such as Aurora and Wendy. She doesn't even do anything to try to save the baby when the rat is going into its room; she instead tells Tramp to do it for her. She could have asked him to help her break loose so they can both try to save the baby. But did she? No! Also, in the sequel, Lady doesn't do anything to help her son. After Tramp and Scamp argued, she could have tried to talk to Scamp but instead she just walks away. Also, when Angel comes and tells them that Scamp’s in trouble, she doesn't do anything; she just sits there. Plus, she doesn't even say a single word to Scamp, her only son, or any of her daughters for that matter.

The sequel has a much better villian, I'm not a fan of Buster because he's too much like Gaston from Beauty and The Beast. However at least he has actual evil goals and is an actual villian. His goal is to get revange on Tramp for leaving him and to do so he's going to hurt his son. He makes Scamp believe that he can trust him by offering him his dream of freedom. He even has Scamp turn against his father however it wasn't very hard considering Tramp wasn't helping by making choices for Scamp. Anyway back on topic, the original didn't really have a real villian just an ugly mean old lady, two naughty cats, and a big fat ugly rat. None of them really have an evil goal I mean they do act like pains in the butt for the good guys but not exactly evil. However the cats do have a very catchy song and however Busters song is more enjoyable. The newer version of the cats song sung by Hilary and Haylie Duff is much better.

Scamp and Angel make a much better couple than Lady and Tramp! I know Lady and Tramp is one of the most iconic couples in the world. However, they lack development with their relationship. When did they fall in love? How did they fall in love? Why did they fall in love? I mean, Tramp never even called Lady by her real name; he just called her “Pidge”. I'm willing to bet that he called every girl he's been with that. Just because he saved her from the crazy dogs and helped her get the muzzle off doesn't mean it's love. Maybe it makes them good friends, but not exactly love.

Scamp and Angel as a couple is more like the modern Disney couples such as Jasmine and Aladdin. They have more development and take the time to start out as friends and slowly fall in love. Angel does have a nickname for Scamp ("Tenderfoot"). However, unlike Tramp, she actually calls her love interest by his real name for most of the movie. Angel also tries to help Scamp make the right choice to be with his family that loves him. Plus, unlike Lady and Tramp, Scamp and Angel actually work as an equal team. Scamp saves Angel and Angel saves Scamp, so they're equally heroic. With Lady and Tramp, it's just the guy saving the girl. Lady says in the first film she doesn't need him to shelter her or protect her, but she most definitely does. Scamp and Angel both would give anything to have what the other has. In the end, Scamp gives Angel a family she can stay with, something she's always wanted. Lady and Tramp, well, I suppose if we didn't have them, then we wouldn't have Scamp, so it's a fair trade. Scamp and Angel's song is also more romantic because they actually sing a duet and how real people actually feel when they fall in love. With beautiful scenary, flowers, and fireflies. Tramp and Lady, sure, they have the iconic spaghetti scene, but that scene is always parodied on. They don't even sing it; they just have some guy sing it for them who doesn't have a true love at all and never will. Also, "It's a beautiful night"? I don't see a beautiful night; all I see is dirty laundry.

The last thing I'm going to talk about is the version of ”Bella Notte”. They used the accordion in the original. What's more romantic than the accordion? Everything! If they're going to say it's a beautiful night, they could make it look that way. How is dirty laundry beautiful? Plus if they wanted it to be romantic, why not make is a duet between Lady and Tramp? Duets are always romantic, especially Disney ones such as “So This Love”, “A Whole New World”, “Something There”, and “If I Never Knew You”. The version playing during the end credits is a piano instrumental, which sounds more romantic. We have a duet between a man and women who sing with such passion and fire about love. Plus, even though it's just the credits, you can close your eyes and imagine a truly beautiful night.

That's my review and I hope you enjoyed it. I just think people are too biased and can't try and be open minded to see that a sequel can be even better than the original. I hope you'll watch Scamp's Adventure and think about what I said. The grammer and puncuation was helped by ppgbelle4.