As we all know, the Disney version of the Little Mermaid is described as amazing and has a happy ending, but there is an extremely dark side to this story. So dark that Disney had to change a lot of details in the original story. Of course, if they showed what exactly happened in that book, I think they would be getting a lot of angry parent phone calls about how they scarred their child for life and they're going to sue them and all that stuff. Well, since a lot of people have not read the original book, I am going to share the story with you today. Maybe you'll want to find the book and read it some day, but I doubt it. Trust me. If you get upset easily, DO NOT READ THIS.

Ariel is a sweet, and a bit of a rebel, mermaid is very fond of humans. She even collects human items. Of course her father, King Triton, does not approve of this, since his wife, and Ariel's mother, was killed by humans. He is not aware of Ariel's little collection until she misses a concert that was supposed to be performed for the entire kingdom. Ariel missed the concert because she was searching a shipwreck for more human items for her collection. King Triton gets suspicious and sends his royal servant, Sebastian, to spy on her a bit. What Sebastian sees is very shocking for him. It becomes even more shocking when Ariel goes up to surface and gets really close to a real human ship. They appear to be celebrating something. And when disaster strikes, Ariel saves Prince Eric from the shipwreck. She leaves him on the beach to be found later. Ariel fell in love with the prince that night. When Ariel shows signs of being in love, King Triton calls up Sebastian. King Triton believes she is in love with a merman, but Sebastian panics and tells him that she is in love with a human. After this, King Triton is furious and destroys Ariel's collection. Ariel goes to Ursula to get legs and make Prince Eric fall in love with her. In order to get legs, Ariel must give up her voice. She agrees with Ursula and the next morning, the prince finds her, but she can't speak. Later on, Ursula turns herself into a woman and tricks Prince Eric into wanting to marry her instead. Ariel is able to stop the wedding and change Eric's mind, but Ursula turns herself into a giant monster and attempts to kill them both, but ends in failure when Eric stabs her with the pointy end of his boat. King Triton learns that the humans aren't that bad and allows Ariel and Eric to get married. And they all lived happily ever after! THE END!

Happy ending, right? Well, in the original, there is no happy ending. Again, if you get upset easily, DO NOT READ THIS.

A mermaid named, Marina celebrates her birthday and it is time to see the humans. Her father also believes that the humans are barbarians, but Marina must see what they are capable of doing, so she is warned. Marina goes to the surface with her dolphin, Fritz, and they see a ship where the prince is also celebrating something. They watch disaster strike as the ship begins to crash. Marina quickly dives into the water in an attempt to save the prince. After saving him, she leaves him on the beach and hides behind a rock to make sure someone finds him. A group of women come onto the beach and one of them wakes him up. Since she is the first one he sees, he believes she saved him. The prince automatically falls in love with her. After seeing someone find him, Marina dives back into the sea and rejoins her family. Marina wishes to see the prince again, so she finds a witch, who gives her a magic potion. The potion takes away Marina's ability to speak, but gives her legs in return. The prince finds Marina and they start to do things together. The prince finds out that he must marry someone royal and his parents force him to marry someone. The prince doesn't care. He decides he wants to marry Marina, but he even tells her he has feelings for the girl he thinks rescued him. His parents trick him into going to the wedding and the prince is forced to marry a girl he does not know. But he soon finds out that the princess he is being forced to marry is who he thinks rescued him! After the wedding, Marina became depressed. One night, she saw her sisters and Fritz appear in the water. Her sisters' hair appears to be cut off and they tell her that they went to the witch to try and get her back, but they had to cut off all their hair. And in exchange, the witch gave them a magical knife. Marina had to kill the prince with the knife and allow his blood splatter on her new legs. Her tail would regrow and she could rejoin her sisters. When she attempted to kill the prince, she failed. She just couldn't do it. When she failed, she decided to rejoin her sisters in spiritual form. Before she jumped off the ship they were on, the prince woke up. Something didn't feel right. When he saw her about to jump, he tried to stop her, but it was too late. She jumped into the water and dissolved into foam. The prince regretted everything after that.

Alright. I warned you not to read this if you are upset easily. It may not be that upsetting if you have not seen the film. But that was the real story...