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Jesla-let her go

Jack and elsa-let it go

closer -jelsa days

Why Don´t You Love Me - Jack/Rapunzel/Elsa

Shattered - Jack/Merida/Elsa

Rapunzel in Winterwonderland - Jack/Elsa/Rapunzel

Stay With Me - Jack/Elsa/Merida

The Big Four - Rapunzel/Jack Frost/Merida/Hicuup

Illuminated - Jelsa

Big Friends - Multifandom

Heartattack - Jack/Elsa/Kristoff/Merida/Anna/Flynn/Rapunzel

Heartattack - Jack/Elsa/Kristoff/Anna/Flynn/Rapunzel

Hijo de la luna - Jack/Elsa/Flynn

Baila Mis XV - Jack Frost/Elsa/Hicuup/Flyn/Merida/Rapunzel

Jack Frost/Elsa/Hicuup/Anna/Merida/Rapunzel

Hogwarts Elsa, Anna, Jack, Rapunzel, Merida, Astrid, Hicuup

Shake It Off - Elsa/Jack/Merida/Rapunzel

Jack Frost and Elsa - Love Story

Jack/Elsa/Rapunzel - Powers

Jack and Elsa - Alejate de mi

Queen Elsa meets Jack Frost

Elsa and Jack Frost Collection 2

Drama or Tragedy - Jelsa

Elsa and Jack Frost Collection

Jack and Elsa - Classic

Daugther of guardians - Multifandom

Ataque al corazon - Jelsa

Sad Story - Jelsa

Drag me down - Jelsa

Heart attack - Jelsa

Moondust - Jelsa

Jelsa ♥♥

Will I see you agaun? - Jelsa

Elsa and Jack Tragedy - Love in dead

Sad song - Jelsa

Only you - Jelsa

The hills - Jelsa

Everytime we touch (Nigthcore Style)- Jelsa

You need a wild hear - Jelsa

Your Soul ♥ AnnaxFlynn-ElsaxJack-HansxRapunzel

Photograph - Jelsa

Is it true that pain is beauty?

Trading Yesterday - Jelsa

August - Jelsa

Shattered - Jelsa

Burn Love - Jelsa

What I believe - Jelsa

Powerful - Jelsa

Everytime we touch - Jelsa

Love Is An Open Door - Jelsa

Elsa and Jack Frost

Rise Of The Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons - Multifandom

Only Hope - Jelsa

Rotten to the core - Jack/Elsa/Flynn/Rapunzel

Shot In The Dark - Elsa

Wildest Dream - Jelsa

Frozen Trailer Mash Up

Frozen Guardian - JackxElsa

Mi estrella - Elsa and Jack

Jelsa - Find A Way ( with lyrics )

Elsa and Jack Frost | Find A Way ( Workingwithlemons)

❅ Elsa & Jack Frost | Blank Space MEP Part {Non/Disney Crossover}

Jelsa: Shatter Me

Jelsa - Human

Jelsa ~ They Dont Know About Us

Jack & Elsa MEP - Story of my Life

Jack and Elsa -shattered

Moulim Rouge Jelsa

Everytime we touchJELSA


Innocent - Jack Frost and Elsa

You say that I'm frozen... Jack , Elsa & Hans (ft. Anna)

Jelsa (Jack Frost and Elsa)

Yᴏᴜ Beʟᴏɴɢ Wɪᴛʜ Me || Jack Frost and Elsa

Forever and Always - Jelsa

❅ Jack & Elsa - Safe and Sound

[ᴍᴏᴏɴ ᴀɴᴅ sᴛᴀʀ] jelsa

Dark Horse; ᴊᴇʟsᴀ

Jelsa- Love Story ♥

Anything You Can Do I can Do better - Jelsa

Elsa <3 <3 Jack Frost - Let It Go/Let Her Go <3 <3

Miles - Jack Frost & Elsa

Better Than Revenge - Jack Frost x Elsa feat. Hans

Jack frost and Elsa All this time

I don't understand your outfit... I just DON'T

Elsa x Jack Frost x Hiccup Crossover

Jack Frost and Elsa - They don't know about us

Heart Attack Jack Frost and Elsa

jack frost and Elsa the breathe of life

Jack and Elsa: Your Guardian Angel

Jack and Elsa: It's Not Over

(Jelsa) Let It Go/Let Her Go

When Queen Elsa Meets Jack Frost

Jack Frost X Queen Elsa Tribute

Love Story - Jackelsa

You and I

I'm not like the rest

How's my heart suppose to beat?

I tried Everything

Kiss Me Slowly