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The fans pick: Yes (Zira)
The fans pick: No, just cause they don't in the 2 movies doesn't mean they never "nose kiss"
The fans pick: ROAR-Katy Perry
The fans pick: Mufasa & Simba
The fans pick: I Just Can't Wait to be King
I Just Can&# 39; t Wait to be King
Hakuna Matata
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ChiliPepperLuv said …
If you love hyenas, join this club.
link Posted 4 months ago
Lion_Sora said …
ok WHY IS THE WALL THE ONLY THING DEAD?! Posted 4 months ago
nicker11500 commented…
To let you know if you want to see TLK related stuff go to DeviantArt where most TLK fans are at, Fanpop is dead to most TLK fans because you can barely do anything to make content of the wonderful franchsie, as for me that's where (not all the time) I'm at also, I create TLK fanfictions on there, and (working on one currently). It's dead here because there's not much to do here as far as creating content and when you do create content, there's no tools or anyting not even a view count, along with little to no people commenting on your good content as for as DeviantArt there'll be people giving feedback while in Fanpop not much. 2 months ago
Lion_Sora said …
hmm, i still think this is almost dead Posted 4 months ago