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The fans pick: Scorpio - The ultimate executive, power hungry
Scorpio - The ultimate executive, power hungry
Aries - Strong willed and driven by money
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lionkingartist said …
I have yet to see it when I get off work. I hope I am not too disappointed. Posted 6 days ago
nicker11500 commented…
*three days later* so are you disappointed or...? 3 days ago
lionkingartist commented…
Highly! I am highly disappointed! I will write a review soon. 2 hours ago
nicker11500 said …
I've seen the Lion Guard TV movie and uh... I have mix emotions.... I'm happy, sad, furious, disappointed, and other emotions. Like the biggest smile that I had from the little movie is that, they kept the classic soundtrack in the beginning (before it got to the edited part...) , the fact that Timon, Pumbaa, and Rafiki didn't lose their charm and the voices for both Pumbaa and Mufasa. And I'll tell you the rest of my thought in an article... Posted 6 days ago
nicker11500 said …
I've seen that Mufasa family tree video and oh sweet lord Jesus they have it wrong, like 80% wrong and 10% right. I'm literally ranting because of how much they got the story wrong... I- I oh my god I'm disappointed about to be turned in to mad at how much they got the story wrong, I mean they got it right as far as getting from the start of the movie to the end but the way it got there they got it wrong again in a way... Posted 12 days ago
nicker11500 commented…
20% right* 12 days ago
nicker11500 commented…
but the way how it got there* 12 days ago
lionkingartist commented…
Yeah,I've seen that crappy video! It's an outrage! I feel like that will probably be the opening scene to the lion guard. This movie is just digging itself a much bigger hole than I thought it would. It's completely pointless! 9 days ago