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kopa and vitani
happy famliy
Mufasa TLK concept
Timon and Simba TLK concept
Simba TLK concept
Lion King
The Lion King
The Lion King
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The fans pick: He's a great father, mate and king
He's a great father, mate and...
He's the best Disney...
The fans pick: Simba
The fans pick: Scar
The fans pick: All of him
All of him
His life story
The fans pick: I don't know
I don't know
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The Lion King Wall

adang said …'s so hard to find to find the original VHS Posted 3 days ago
lionkingartist commented…
I have the original VHS it's not in very good shape because I wore it out watching so much. I think I was 6 or 7 when the tape snapped and by that time it was locked up In the vault. I was crying my eyes out and my dad jimmy rigged it to play from when Mufasa scares the hyenas away on, you literally couldn't rewind it before that or the tape would unravel. But now that I have it on DVD I just keep the tape as a souvenir. 3 days ago
adang commented…
Well I would like to have it as my personal colection instead of watching it, I already have the DVD and I think I played 3 times per week XP 3 days ago
lionkingartist commented…
Yeah 2 days ago
big smile
Kitsune32 said …
Can't wait for my birthday tomorrow. Hard to believe I was born 5 years after the Lion King was first released Posted 1 month ago
lionkingartist commented…
Hey I was born exactly 8 months and 25 days before the original theatrical release! 24 days ago
boytoy_84 commented…
I was 10 years and 3 months old when this movie was released in theaters back in 1994 :) 18 days ago
Eula2003 said …
i will watch lion king II simba`s pride tommorow!!!

Schedule of The Lion King on Disney Channel
Watch lion king trilogy every saturdays starts 7th June
June 7 - The Lion King
June 14 - The Lion King II Simba`s Prdie
June 21 - The Lion King i/2 Posted 1 month ago
nicker11500 commented…
Damn I missed TLK 1.... But I won't miss TLK2 :D 1 month ago
nicker11500 commented…
I think you was lied too because I checked and there was no Lion king 2 to be found :/ 1 month ago
nicker11500 commented…
oh you lucky *bleep* lol 1 month ago