Ever since J.K.Rowling revealed that Dumbledore was gay on October 19th i've had to question the fact about why this piece of information became
front page news.
Firstly to put my own opinion out, i personally think that this was a very brave thing of JKR to say and whilst i support this statement of hers, it doesn't change my perception of the books. Dumbledore is still the wise, old Headmaster who can make mistakes just like any of us, whom i learned to love over the course of the books.
However, there are many fans who now think that they can "never read the books in the same way again". I just say, why not? Homosexuality is
growing in our communties these days and i would have thought that most people would be open to it by now. Fans have to get over the fact that
DUMBLEDORE IS GAY and move on with their life.
I see no reason as to why this piece of information was all over radio stations and newspapers for a while after JKR revealed it. Just because Dumbledore is gay and in love with Grindelwald does not make him any different than before but was he in newspapers before? No, and he definitely would not have been if JKR had just made a simple statement such as that Dumbledore was in love with Minerva in response to the question about Dumbledore's love life.
Another thing that i find ridiculous is people doubting Dumbledore's fondness for Harry. It does not make any sense to say that there is an unhealty realtionship bewtween the two at all. If Dumbledore was straight and was very fond of Hermione, people would not say that there is "too much fondness" going on there because they would just see it in a non-sexual way. But because Dumbledore is gay that just HAS to mean that he had sexual feelings for Harry. It doesn't make any sense at all.
So, now that my rant on this topic is over i would just like to say that i that i think people should still continue to read the books as they did before they knew this information and after all, it doesn't affect the plot of the books at all and that's what's important.