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Heroes 30 day challenge!  buffyl0v3r44 90 18524 over a year ago
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Great News: Watch Heroes Online now.  goodhdtv 1 2642 over a year ago
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Big Question or rather fault in the tv show??  _wolfman_ 1 2754 over a year ago
Hug, Slap or Kiss  symone 214 13016 over a year ago
The funnies moment in Heroes  2877075 1 1947 over a year ago
Heroes Discussion Room  CSIYiota 146 9867 over a year ago
COUNTDOWN TO 50000 FANS!!!!  buffyl0v3r44 3 1846 over a year ago
Love  iz_thiz_me 2 2857 over a year ago
Angela-centric fanfic??  loveisoverrated 0 1788 over a year ago
This or That?  buffyl0v3r44 5 2642 over a year ago
Hereos style story - need honest opinions :)  JSSummers 0 2038 over a year ago
Heroes Icon contest [Round 2] a Character using their power [Open]  buffyl0v3r44 5 2194 over a year ago
Heroes 20in20 Icon Challenge [Round 1 Characters♥] {Closed} PLEASE JOIN THE REGULAR ICON CONTEST!  buffyl0v3r44 78 8387 over a year ago
Fan Interviews Week 1 Questions [CLOSED]  chels125843 29 5087 over a year ago
Heroes All Access Club  Sward 2 1706 over a year ago
Just saw the Season Finale! SPOILERS HERE!  thecon 8 1632 over a year ago
Worst episode ever S03E21  adavila 14 1660 over a year ago
COMPETITION: Idea's for heroes in the futre. (PROPS to be won!)  Miss_Dreamer 17 1579 over a year ago
Fan Interview #3 Questions [CLOSED]  chels125843 15 1301 over a year ago
HELP!!!  unfair_love 2 1334 over a year ago
Mistakes  tammy63 1 1018 over a year ago
Who Is Hero ActullaY  iz_thiz_me 1 1007 over a year ago
Wallpaper Commissions  SylarNight 23 1467 over a year ago
Countdown to 12000!  Chandlerfan 50 2532 over a year ago
Heroes Fan Interview #4 Questions! [CLOSED]  chels125843 25 1275 over a year ago
if you had a super power  miss_mindkill 26 5124 over a year ago
Best word to describe contest! [Round 6]  Cas_Cat_2 43 3717 over a year ago
Heroes Picture Hunt Game  chels125843 22 7121 over a year ago
Why Gabriel called his son Noah  MrAlex 26 3889 over a year ago
Which Character You like Most?  nightwishLJ 4 750 over a year ago
heroes-think a word, don't repeat it game  haddy 79 3314 over a year ago
Ideas: Heroes Awards vs. Imagine if...  sevendeadlysins 1 779 over a year ago
New club for Noah and Claire  dref22 1 1005 over a year ago
Check out what this Heroes fansite is doing to bring Heroes back!  llgoumba 1 253 over a year ago
Over 440 view for Heroes time game? Very Disappointing.  llgoumba 1 1012 over a year ago
Vote to Save Heroes  llgoumba 4 624 over a year ago
I thought there would be more of fight then this!  llgoumba 2 721 over a year ago
Vote to Save Heroes  llgoumba 2 1105 over a year ago
Fanfic Contest?  Dragonclaws 2 2100 over a year ago
Where do you think the show went all wrong?  llgoumba 3 1250 over a year ago
What ideas do you have to fix Heroes  llgoumba 2 1087 over a year ago
Kate Vernon @ Sci-Fi Expo Dallas April 24-25  koose 1 1331 over a year ago
Save Heroes!!!  HeroesLvr7 2 896 over a year ago
the haitians powers  vanderhulk 3 1054 over a year ago
Grunber and Pasdar at Event in March!!  SBaker1 1 1214 over a year ago
Chat with Matt Parkman on 10/14  realityjunkie 1 866 over a year ago
Sylar's smile...  dimsumdolly 1 1586 over a year ago
Who wants to play poker with Matt and Ando???  HollywdKnights 1 1290 over a year ago
Heroes Word Re-Arrange Game (Props For 1st Right Answer)  want2watcheroes 704 15279 over a year ago
I've been working on few town halls at this <a href="social virtual world</a> I found  skhul 0 835 over a year ago
Heroes Quote Contest  HaleyDewit 0 641 over a year ago
Kiss, Hug Slap  Movie_BUFF024 4 1302 over a year ago
awful show -------Supernatural  marry510 3 1264 over a year ago
Are you interested in writing?  dosymedia 0 566 over a year ago
Icon contest [ROUND 1-HIRO & ANDO] [OPEN]  friendsfan101 7 1258 over a year ago
jareth the goblin king(labyrinth=kid from silversight(are you afraid of the dark  paddyknapp 1 3207 over a year ago
how to watch Heroes online?  sectournament 0 649 over a year ago
sylar needs to get back to normal in season five!  hovergirl258 7 2154 over a year ago
guide you how to convert/edit avchd mts  cheermay 0 728 over a year ago
A hero will die - Spoiler alert  Victory18 6 1376 over a year ago
Fandom Survey! ;]]  sisi92 4 1873 over a year ago
worst character  vanderhulk 2 1481 over a year ago
Dear....  GabrielsGodsend 0 1266 over a year ago
For all series fans  pietari 0 1022 over a year ago
congratulations celine!  dmorin 0 837 over a year ago
Heroes Sounds mp3  tommybhoy 1 3295 over a year ago
Check it out....  alishabajaj23 1 899 over a year ago
Live Webcast With Creator Tim Kring 9/21 and Win Autographed Merchandise!  GaiaOnline 1 1623 over a year ago
NBC Hit Series Heroes Exclusive Previews ONLY on LCW!  porto5 1 955 over a year ago
Synesthesia - Color from Sound  Dragonclaws 10 2969 over a year ago
Hayden & Ray Park will be in Dallas on Oct 24  koose 1 995 over a year ago
30 Ways To Annoy Sylar  GabrielsGodsend 4 1456 over a year ago
Hangman (Props for winner)  Rock_Smurf_77 711 13990 over a year ago
The Comic-con survival guide  kobefan9966 0 916 over a year ago
Yes and No (Lots of props to win)  Rock_Smurf_77 168 5986 over a year ago
User Icons  want2watcheroes 117 5554 over a year ago
Fan Interview #2 Questions [CLOSED!]  chels125843 17 1568 over a year ago
Why heroes  jbowd 11 1803 over a year ago
Annual* Heroes Caption Contests  hm94991 57 4897 over a year ago
Fan Interviews?  chels125843 6 1135 over a year ago
Heroes Polls/Rankings  jameswilson245 0 870 over a year ago
Why So Critical?  chels125843 14 1745 over a year ago
Heroes Riddle-Blank Game (Props)  Galbraith 26 2293 over a year ago
Joanna Cassidy aka Victoria Pratt in Dallas this weekend  koose 0 1817 over a year ago
1961 song  adavila 3 2635 over a year ago
Big death announced [Spoiler]  peteypetrelli 10 1517 over a year ago
Catch-Up **Spoilers**  benji 5 3087 over a year ago
Heroes caption contest announcement/reminder  hm94991 1 863 over a year ago
Any fellow Tumblrs out there?  DVR_FTW 0 998 over a year ago
Heroes.S3E20 Cold Snap  kayyelle 6 3040 over a year ago
NO heroes on march the 16th?  adavila 1 1108 over a year ago
heroes contemplate and theorize  miss_mindkill 0 881 over a year ago
Diary of a hero  The-Stig 21 1222 over a year ago
Funny Pictures & Videos  want2watcheroes 19 34032 over a year ago
The Heroes Spot Users  want2watcheroes 91 3265 over a year ago