Huddy "5 to 9" - how do you feel?

Delia_Beatrice posted on Feb 09, 2010 at 03:25AM
Well... I did NOT expect much, much more out of it, but i did expect it to be a little better on the Huddy side and a little worse on the Luddy side... I like the fact that House and Cuddy are actually talking to eachother, but this was far less personal and far less dramatic than i imagined.
I also find it UNBELIEVABLE that House would help Lucas on his night sneaks and that he would make Cuddy the object of such a bet. Could this mean that they are trying a less dramatic approach to the Huddy/Luddy issue? Perhaps this is their way to really move away from Huddy - bringing peace and turning it into a joke?
Also, one step forward and thirteen steps back in making her relationship with Lucas start going down. There were the lie in the last ep and the bad sex, but the rest of it was excellent on the Luddy front, and i can't help but wonder for how long. Should we just give in to the fact that Lucas is here to stay? Brrrrr.

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over a year ago HuddyFanGirl said…
I loved that episode! But i agree that it was a bit to heavy on the Luddy front for me and too weak in the Huddy area. But you can tell that her relationship with House is much deeper and longer in comparison to Lucas, and that she trusts his opinions. I think that unfortunatly there is some life left in Luddy and we're going to have to stick it out.
over a year ago Huddy77 said…
*I totaly loved the episode!! Lisa was great!

*I realized that lack of Huddy, I really expected more.

*About the bet, I think they're trying to cool things down on House/Cuddy/Lucas arc.

*About Lucas, for me, its even more clear that she doesnt love him. Honestely, I dont even undertand why she's still dating him! I know she wants a family and everything, but this guy is a dumb!! In that episode, more than never. And even on the end, she doenst look so happy how she pretend to be. For me she's just with Lucas for complete her family model. I dont think he will last too long on the show.