Michael's 19 year-old friend Alicia
After an 1/2 hour Michael was tried of chasing the beautiful girl around

"Michael where have you been ive been looking for you for an hour"Alicia said "sorry Alicia i was looking for this girl that was running away from me"Michael said "what are you talking about Michael........lets just go eat something, are you hungry?"Alicia asked "yeah lets go get something to eat" Michael said

Michael and Alicia walked to Rodeo Steak House as he thought a that beautiful girl

"ma'am may i take your order" the waitress said "um....ill take a catfish with scrambled eggs with cheese with cappuccino " Alicia said "ill have the same but with a latte" Michael said until something caught his eye . "Michael what are you are staring at?" Alicia asked "oh nothing" Michael said.Alicia turned her head around to see what Michael was looking "you was staring at the girl wont you Michael" Alicia said as she stuck her tongue out "NO!"Michael said harshly. Michael and Alicia was just staring at her when she turn around Michael noticed that was the girl running away from him early that day."hey you...come over here"Alicia said "no no no stop it Alicia " Michael said. As the girl came closer Michael heart start pounding."hey why don't you just sit down"Alicia said . the girl sat down. "hey why was you running away from me early"Michael asked
"o so you just gonna asked me a question and not my name and how do you even known that was me" the girl said "well.....sorry whats your name"Michael
asked "well my name is Jayla but people call
me j ..... and well the...only reason i was running away because i thought it would be fun"Jayla said with a flirty smile "oh..... OK"
Michael said .

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Michael's crush Jayla <3
Michael at rodeo steak house