The Next Day
I just woke up and saw that Michael was holding Kiara in his arms and playing with her. She was giggling and having fun, which was good. At least she would have some time with her daddy. She was already such a daddy's girl and it made me giggle. Yet it also made me smile because it was so sweet how Michael already adapted to being a father. I was expecting visitors today and Michael told me that it would be my family and his family coming to see us. Only thing is that his family would have to take turns, considering how big his family was. I didn't mind it at all. Although, I never thought I would become a part of his big family...but I liked it. They gave me a really warm welcome, even Joseph did and it was so out of character for him. Soon, a knock came at the door and it opened. I looked up and saw my parents and my brothers and smiled a little. My mom came over to me and Michael and looked at Kiara.
"Oh my goodness, she's so adorable and beautiful." My mom said.
"She's just like her mother." Michael stated.
I giggled a little and rolled my eyes. "Michael, she's like you, too." I said.
It made my dad chuckle how we did that. He looked at Kiara and saw that she looked like both me and Michael. Her hair, her eyes and even her nose looked like ours. Even for a baby, she had long eyelashes and it looked like she was wearing mascara already, considering how dark they are. She looked at my dad and my mom and smiled a little and it made them gasp like how it made the doctors gasp last night. (Me: She was born at, if I'm correct, 7:33pm, like Michael was on August 29th lol. Another thing on how she's like her daddy.) Alex took out something and I looked at him.
"What you got there, Alex?"
"Well, just a tabloid." He said.
I raised my eyebrow and he handed it to me and I read the cover. It said:
Michael Jackson Ties The Knot With Co-working Spellcaster, Rebecca
I shook my head and chuckled a little. Michael looked at it and raised his eyebrow at it.
"What the? Why would they call you a spellcaster girl, Rebecca?"
"They thought I put a spell on you to make you fall in love with me or something like that. They called me a Billie Jean, too, in one of the previous tabloids."
"All these lies...they're all absurd..."
"Like you had said before, Michael, they sell lies because good news doesn't sell as much."
"Just for money. God, I swear..."
I handed the tabloid back to Alex and he shredded it up right then and there. My whole family got a chance to hold Kiara and play with her and she occasionally either cried or went to sleep, but she mostly went to sleep. She cried when she was hungry. Only the boys had to look away when I was feeding her, well, except for Michael. It wasn't like he hasn't seen it before, right? Right. After about maybe 2 hours, they handed her to me and they soon left, having to do errands. Michael's family came in next. It was Joe and Katherine with Rebbie and Jackie first that entered and they talked with us about Kiara and what she would be doing when she got older.
"That's really up to her on what she wants to do. Either she'll follow us into show business or she'll do what she wants to do. But one thing is for certain, she is gonna have a normal life. When out in public, she'll wear a mask so she can be protected from the press and the paparazzi." I stated.
"Does she want to have a normal life?" Jackie asked.
"It's for her protection, Jackie. We don't want her to become too famous as a baby." Michael said.
"Oh yeah. Right."
Katherine held Kiara to her and smiled a little. "She looks so beautiful. It's been quite a while since I held a baby." She said.
Joe looked at Kiara and I thought I saw him smile a little. If he did, I wasn't able to see it. After 30 minutes and Rebbie and Jackie got a chance to hold her and play with her, Jackie handed Kiara back to me and they soon left, letting Jermaine, Tito and LaToya come in and get a chance to talk to us and hold and play with Kiara as well. Then same went to Marlon, Randy and Janet. Janet about squealed when she saw Kiara.
"She's so cute!" She said.
Kiara giggled a little and looked at her Aunt Janet. Janet got a chance to hold her and she cuddled in her arms. She smiled and then handed her to Randy and she did the same to him and when she got to Marlon, anyone could guess what happened. Yes, the same thing happened to Marlon. She liked my family and she liked Michael's family. Once the time was up for them, they handed Kiara to Michael and left with a smile on their faces. Michael looked at Kiara and giggled a little and kissed her head.
"You love your grandparents and your aunts and uncles, don't you, Kiara?"
She giggled and she bobbed her head a little. He giggled and rocked her slightly. It was about 4pm when they had left, so it was about close to her scheduled nap-time. While Michael was rocking her, she yawned a little and closed her eyes, sucking on her thumb. Michael smiled at her and I did, too. She was so cute when she slept. Michael put her in her bed and covered her up and she continued to sleep. Michael sat down in the chair next to the bed and grabbed my hand.
"We did something right for a change, huh?" I asked.
He smiled a little and kissed my cheek. "We did two things right. Our marriage...and Kiara."
I smiled and kissed his cheek back. "That's true. And you're already an amazing father. You adapt fast."
"Well, that's what I get for learning from the stage. I tend to adapt faster than most other new fathers."
I giggled and the doctor came into the room.
"Mrs. Jackson, you'll be ready to go in about 2 weeks. We just need to be sure Kiara is healthy, so we'll borrow her for a bit." He said and took Kiara for check-up number 1.
She was gonna be getting weekly check-ups to be sure nothing is wrong with her. Although, when I was younger, I had a tendency of having little unknown asthma attacks, I feared that she may have asthma. Michael was curious about it, too, since I had told him about that a long while back. When the doctor came back in, after a few minutes, he said that nothing was wrong with her now. We felt relieved and he gave Kiara back to us and left. Kiara was still asleep, which shocked us, so I put her back in her bed and tucked her in a little and laid back. According to the nurses, I was the only exception for not eating hospital food. So when I was hungry, they brought in some Subway for me and Michael while Kiara was in the nursery, sleeping.
2 Weeks Later
Kiara just came back into the room with the doctor from her last check-up before we were heading home. She was healthy, although...the doctor saw something on her that may cause me and Michael to be concerned about and to watch what happened.
"We saw a milky white spot on her chest. Come back in if it starts to spread on her." He said.
Michael and I nodded and I took Kiara in my arms and we headed out of the hospital and got in the car and Bill drove us back to Neverland. On the way, we were discussing what it could be that she had.
"You don't think it could be you?" I asked, really concerned.
"I don't know...if it is, then vitiligo will probably run in the family." Michael said with the same amount of concern in his voice.
It really had us concerned and we checked the spot daily, on the hour, every hour to see if it was spreading. A few weeks had passed and she cried, not because she was hungry, though. She just needed to be changed, so I took her to the bathroom and took her one piece off and saw more spots on her. I was getting seriously worried and I knew something happened with that spot. Her skin wasn't tan, but it wasn't pasty white, either. I checked her back and saw some spots that formed. I was really worried at that point and called Michael into the bathroom after I gave her a bath.
"Michael! You gotta see this!" I said.
I heard Michael running up the stairs and he opened the door. "What is it?"
"Look at Kiara."
Michael came into the bathroom and knelt down and saw more spots on her. "Oh my is vitiligo." He was worried.
"But we don't know for sure, Michael. Let's get her to the hospital and have them check her."
Michael nodded and we got a new diaper on her and put her clothes on her and started heading to the hospital. When we got there, we told the pediatric what was going on with her and he did a quick examination on her. After a few minutes, he came back with her and sighed.
"She does have vitiligo. It's rare to see babies with it at this age. Keep a close eye on her." He said.
We nodded and then headed back to Neverland with her. We were seriously worried about her and feared that it may go universal, like Michael's.
3 Months Later
So far, nothing really extreme happened with Kiara. She was perfectly normal and she was starting to wear her mask. She even seemed to like it on her. Michael caught pictures of her and sent it to his family and sent it to my family as well. Their responses were so predictable. The 'she looks so cute' response was the one we got the most of. She hadn't learned to walk yet, but she was getting there. She was always crawling and we were glad she stopped sucking her thumb, although she would occasionally suck her thumb out of random baby habits. She was already 4 months old and she was just a playful little girl. I had recorded her playing hide and seek with Michael and she kept hiding behind his legs, where he wouldn't even think to look. She would crawl up to him and sit right behind him and when he would move to try and find her, she'd move right behind him, being careful not to have him step on her.
"Where did she go?" He asked, looking around, still trying to find her.
I giggled a little and kept it a secret. "I don't know, Michael." I said.
Michael knelt down and checked behind the couch and she crawled up to him and poked his butt. He gasped and turned around to see her right behind him, giggling. He giggled and turned and grabbed her and picked her up. "You little punk daughter of mine."
He kissed her head and she giggled even more. She seemed to be a lot more giggly than when she was born. Michael put her down and sat down in front of her and I sat down next to him. We were gonna teach her to talk.
"Now Kiara, can you say your name?"
She tried, but couldn't get it out, so we tried something a little more simple.
"Can you say 'daddy'? Or 'mommy'?" I asked her.
She attempted, but still couldn't get it right. We tried slowing down what we were saying, yet she still couldn't grasp it. We decided to try again later and when a week had passed, she was playing and heard one word repeatedly from me and Michael. She decided to give it a try.
"" She slowly said.
Michael and I turned around and looked at her. "What did you say, sweetie?" Michael asked.
"!" She repeated.
"Oh my God! Her first word." I said. I went over to her and picked her up and kissed her head, smiling. "Good job, Kiara!"
Michael gasped a little, smiled and went over to her and kissed her head as well. "Way to go, Kiara!"
Then she looked at me. "M...Mommy." And she looked at Michael. "D...Daddy."
Michael and I gasped and smiled. "You're learning so fast, Kiara. We're really proud of you."
Suddenly, Michael's phone rang. He looked at it and saw that it was Frank calling. "I gotta take this. Hold on."
I nodded and he kissed my cheek and kissed Kiara's head and left the room and answered the phone. "Hello?" He asked.
"Michael? It's Frank." Frank said.
"Oh hey Frank, what's up?"
"I'm calling to tell you about Moonwalker. It's almost finished."
Michael gasped. "Are you serious?"
"Yeah. Did you and Rebecca see the trailer for it?"
"Yeah we did. It looks amazing. What are you guys doing to it right now?"
"We're adding the movie credits to it and the introduction. It should be in the theater in about a few weeks."
"Oh wow, I can't believe how much time flew already. It seemed like yesterday that we just started on Smooth Criminal."
"Yeah, I know, right? Well, what's been happening? We haven't heard from you much since your wedding."
"Well, Rebecca and I had gotten home a few months ago with Kiara, our daughter."
"You never mentioned you two were having a girl. What's happened so far?"
"She just said 'love', 'mommy' and 'daddy' today."
"Oh wow! She's a fast learner, just like her parents."
Michael giggled. "Yeah, she's just like us. Anything gonna happen with the premiere of Moonwalker?"
"We were thinking of having a Red Carpet premiere before we start Moonwalker on the premiere day. Would you and Rebecca like to grace the fans with your guys' presence with your daughter?"
"Uh...well, Frank...I'm not so sure if that's a good idea."
"Didn't you tell me that when you would have kids that they would wear masks for protection?"
"Does she have a mask to wear?"
"Yes she does. She's been wearing it when we would go out in public."
"And this is a public event. Please?"
Michael sighed a little and giggled. "Okay, Frank. You got me. We'll grace them with our presence with our daughter."
"Alright. Well, see you then, Michael. I'll have a copy of Moonwalker ready for you after the film ends."
"Thanks, Frank. See you then."
Then they hung up. Michael was excited to know that he would get a copy of Moonwalker after the film ended and he would get to walk down a red carpet with me and Kiara while she wore her mask. He went back into the room and I looked at him with Kiara sleeping on my shoulder.
"What did Frank want, Michael?"
"He told me that they were finishing up Moonwalker by putting the credits and the introduction. He said that it should be done in about 4 weeks."
I gasped a little. "Are you serious?"
He giggled and nodded. "Yes and that was my exact reaction on the phone with him. Anyway, he said that there was gonna be a Red Carpet premiere before the movie. He wants us to walk down it with Kiara in her mask so we can grace the fans with our presence."
"I'm not so sure about that...since it is rather public and the paparazzi is gonna be snapping pictures of us."
"She'll be in her mask. They won't know her true identity. Only we will, along with any of her friends she'll make in school when she starts going."
"Well...heck, why not? It sounds like fun."
He smiled and kissed me and I kissed him back. We were glad that Moonwalker was almost done, Kiara had said her first 3 words today and we were gonna be having loads of fun. Thing is...we didn't know what to wear for that Red Carpet premiere. Good thing that Kiara woke up, too. We put her mask on and we headed out to the store to find something for the premiere.
In Los Angeles
One of the places we went to was a newly built Salvation Army store in Los Angeles. Michael said he wanted to see if there were any new military jackets he could try on and see if he wanted them. When Bill got us there, we got out and headed inside. Kiara seemed to like it in there because of the whole Military theme. She had good taste, just like Michael. What shocked me was that they had military dresses there, too. Michael checked out the jackets and I went over to the dresses with Kiara to see which one would be best. Salvation Army may have been expensive, but it was actually cheaper than the other military stores around the US. We looked around and Kiara pointed to one that was small enough for her. It was a navy blue and it had a purple satin sash that faded to silver on the waist. She liked it, so I picked it up for her and went to check out the other dresses. There were a few that were navy blue with silver, gold or red, but there was one that caught my eye. It was black with a red sequin stripe down the sides and a red satin waistband and it had silver and gold striped straps. I looked at it and I couldn't believe they put all of Michael's favorite colors into one fabulous looking dress. I held it to me and it went down to my ankles, which was how I always usually wanted a dress to be. Only my wedding dress was to my feet because I had requested it to be so. I held mine and Kiara's dresses and went over to Michael and saw him putting on a black military style jacket. He looked in the mirror at himself and when he saw me and Kiara behind him, he jumped a little and turned.
"Don't scare me like that." He said giggling.
I giggled a little. "Sorry, Michael." I said. "How does the jacket feel, Michael?"
He moved his arms and shoulders and danced a little in it, making me giggle more. "I like it. I can move in it. It's really comfortable."
"Glad you like it. And we can put a red armband on it, too."
He looked at it and giggled a little. "Yeah, we can." He turned back to me and Kiara. "Did my lovely girls find their dresses?"
"We did. Take a look."
Michael looked at the dresses and was in awe. "Wow, did Kiara pick this blue one out herself?"
"Yeah she did. She just pointed to it and she liked it."
"Well it's got my approval."
"And mine as well." I giggled.
Michael giggled and looked at the dress I had and was shocked. "How did they put all of my favorite colors into one dress?"
"That's what I was trying to figure out. But I liked it. It looked really beautiful and awesome."
"Well, it'll look amazing on you."
I smiled a little and kissed his cheek. "Thank you. You look amazing with that jacket on."
"Why thank you. I should probably take this off before I forget."
I giggled and he took it off and held it. We went to check out, paid for the dresses and the jacket (and it actually came with pants, unlike most of them. It was like 'buy the jacket and get a pair of pants your size free' lol) and headed back to the car and Bill started driving us home. We were excited and so was Kiara. She actually now had her first dress going with her clothes. I remembered that all she got was the one piece outfits and none of them were dresses. She got loads of baby socks and she had, I think, 4 or 5 pairs of dress shoes and a couple pairs of little baby converses and a pair of baby boots. She was smart because she knew that she couldn't wear her boots yet. They were still a bit big on her when I helped her try them on.
Returning Home
Bill stopped the car and Michael and I got out with Kiara, the dresses and his new jacket and pants. We went inside, put the clothes up and I noticed that Kiara was getting a bit sleepy. I looked at the clock and saw that it was her nap-time and looked back at her.
"Are you sleepy, Kiara?" I asked her.
She closed her eyes and put her head on my shoulder. I smiled and rubbed her back, swaying her a little bit. Michael came up to me and saw her asleep and smiled a little.
"Maybe we should put her in her stroller so she can sleep." He asked, whispering.
"I was just thinking that." I whispered back.
We went to the living room and sat down on the couch and got her carefully into her stroller and covered her with a blanket. She moved a little, but she stayed asleep. I smiled a little and kissed her head.
"Sleep tight, sweetie."
I leaned back and Michael kissed her head and leaned back as well. Michael scooted closer to me and put his arm around my shoulders. I put my head on his shoulder and he put his head on mine. It was almost like when I had taken him to my house when Sean accidentally hit him with the soccer ball on the back of the head, leaving a bump. Surprisingly, it was the same spot that was burned from the Pepsi commercial set when I found out about it. That would've explained why it hurt so much. He still felt the burns occasionally, but they weren't that bad like that day.
"I can't wait until the premiere now."
I looked at Michael and smiled. "Neither can I. This will be exciting. Did Frank say that you'll get a copy of it?"
"Yeah, he said he'll give me a copy of Moonwalker after it's over."
"Good. I don't want you spending your money again." I giggled.
Michael rolled his eyes and giggled as well. "I figured you'd say that."
"You know me so well, Michael."
Michael smiled and kissed me. "Yes I do, but I love you just the same."
I smiled and kissed him back. We soon closed our eyes and fell asleep, taking a little nap.
A Week Later
I was in the bedroom, playing with Kiara and she kept giggling and trying to stand up. I did help her, though, which was good. Michael walked into the room while I was helping her stand up by holding her sides. He came over and sat on the edge of the bed, near me and Kiara and smiled.
"Is she walking yet?" He asked.
I gasped and looked behind me to see Michael right there, smiling and giggling. I giggled and rolled my eyes, still holding Kiara up. "Not yet, Michael. She's just trying to stand up right now." I said, turning back to her. "Hold onto mommy's hands and try to stay standing, sweetheart."
She nodded a little and I let her go and she held onto my hands with hers. When she got perfect balance, she let go and I moved my hands and smiled. Soon, she started swaying a little. I was about to catch her, but she swayed forward and moved her foot and caught herself. Michael gasped a little and so did I when she started moving her other foot and started walking.
"Oh my God...she's walking!" Michael exclaimed, being excited.
He took out his phone and recorded her walking and said in the recording that she was starting to walk on her own. I remembered when we first helped her to walk, she struggled so much, so we were on our knees, holding her hands and she would walk with us. Now she can walk on her own and we were so happy. It would only be a matter of time when she'll start running outside, chasing us with water balloons. She was the best thing to ever happen to us and it made me and Michael happy to have tried that third time for her. Michael looked at the clock and saw that it was about 10, past Kiara's bedtime.
"I think it's time for Kiara to get some sleep."
I looked at the clock and nodded. "Yeah, she needs her rest and so do we."
Michael got up and picked her up and she cuddled up to him. He smiled and went over to her crib and laid her down in it and covered her with her little pink and red blanket. He leaned down and kissed her head. "Goodnight, Kiara."
I walked over to her crib and leaned down and kissed her head as well. "Goodnight, sweetie. Pleasant dreams."
Michael and I walked away from her crib, after moving her little bunny to her and seeing her grab it for comfort, and went to change into our pajamas. Once we changed, we got into bed and looked at each other.
"We did a good job with making her."
I giggled a little and nodded. "Yes we did and I think you mentioned that before."
He thought back and giggled. "I guess I did." He looked at her then back at me. "I love you."
"I love you, too, Michael. And I'm sure you love Kiara, too."
"I do. I love her dearly, just as much as I love you. You two are the only ladies in my life."
I giggled a little and I cuddled up to him and he wrapped his arms around me. Then he started singing softly.
"There'll be no darkness tonight
Lady, our love will shine, lighting the light
Just put your trust in my heart
And meet me in paradise, now is the time
Girl, you're every wonder in this world to me
A treasure time won't steal away
So listen to my heart
Lay your body close to mine
Let me fill you with my dreams
I can make you feel all right
And, baby, through the years
Gonna love you more each day
So I promise you tonight
That you will always be the lady in my life
Lay back in my tenderness
Let's make this a night we won't forget
Girl, I need your sweet caress, oh
Reach out to a fantasy
Two hearts in the beat of ecstasy
Come to me, girl
And I will keep you warm
Through the shadows of the night
Let me touch you with my love
I can make you feel so right
And, baby, through the years
Even when we're old and gray
I will love you more each day
'Cause you will always be the lady in my life
Stay with me
I want you to stay with me
I need you by my side
Don't you go nowhere
(Ooh, girl, let me keep you warm)
Let me keep you warm
(You are the lady in my life)
My lady
(Fill you with the sweetest love)
The sweetest love
(Always the lady in my life)
I wanna touch you, babe
(Lay back in my tenderness)
(You are the lady in my life)
Doo doo doo doo doo
(Rock me with your sweet caress)
(Always the lady in my life)
You're my lady and I love you, girl
(Ooh, girl, let me keep you warm)
(You are the lady in my life)
Don't you go nowhere
(Fill you with the sweetest love)
I love you, I love you
(Always the lady in my life)
I need you, I want you, babe
(Lay back in my tenderness)
Stay with me
(You are the lady in my life)
Don't you go nowhere
(Rock me with your sweet caress)
And I love you, babe
(Always the lady in my life)
Ooh, babe
Don't you go nowhere
You're my lady
All through the night
(Ooh, girl, let me keep you warm)
I wanna keep you warm
(You are the lady in my life)
In my life, now
(Fill you with the sweetest love)
Let me fill you, babe
(Always the lady in my life)
All over, all over, all over
(Lay back in my tenderness)
Lay back with me
(You are the lady in my life)
Let me touch you, girl
(Rock me with your sweet caress)
Lay back with me
(Always the lady in my life)
All over, all over, all over
(Ooh, girl, let me keep you warm)
All over, all over, all over, all over, babe
(You are the lady in my life)
(Fill you with the sweetest love)
(Always the lady in my life)
You're my lady
(Lay back in my tenderness)
You're my lady, babe."
I smiled a little and felt a tear fall down the side of my face. Michael wiped it away and kissed me and I kissed him back.
"If we're the ladies in your life, then you're our man in the mirror." I said.
Michael smiled a little and kissed my head. "Forever and always."
Soon, we closed our eyes and fell asleep.