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The fans pick: Cote De Pablo(Ziva)
The fans pick: Ziva
The fans pick: Tony Dinozzo
The fans pick: Jimmy Palmer
Jimmy Palmer
Gerald Jackson
The fans pick: Season 2) Twilight-Kate Shot and Killed by Ari
Season 2) Twilight- Kate Shot...
Season 3) Hiatus- Gibbs Quits...
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qui-gon-always said …
Was anyone else disappointed in Season 12's finale? I knew exactly where it was going even before it was half-way through the episode and I literally groaned out loud. I love Gibbs. He's one of my favourite characters but to have him getting shot and almost dying AGAIN. I was hoping for something more original. At least Ellie was better this past season but her character is still not the best for this particular team. I think she'd do better in NCIS NEW ORLEANS personally. Posted 5 months ago
Grannyd64 said …
Hi. I usually don't watch more American shows since the classic ones stopped like starsky and hutch, dukes of hazard and battlestar gallactica. Buy I have to say I absolutely adore n.c.I.s. it's clever well scriptwst and compelling. Thank you Posted 5 months ago
rarfranz said …
OK, watching NCIS now on USA. Where does any professional govt agent get off sitting cross legged on the floor, please be real, l can't say it enough, get rid of the Bishop character. Let her join her equally weird husband which l'M sure NSA is not too happy about their characters either Posted 11 months ago
Makeupdiva commented…
She isn't that bad. She's smart and intelligent, plus they needed a woman to join NCIS since Ziva went back to Israel. 10 months ago
ScarlettGirl commented…
oh i hate Bishop though, she should just bugger off! 10 months ago