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Article by chisty2213 posted 18 hours ago
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I recently came across this poll on Billboard and want to share the results. This poll started in Nov 2014 but is still open. Since this was before Mar 25th, we still have Zayn as one of the choices. Here are the numbers as of today (3/29/2015):

Zayn is at the top with a whopping 38.86 %
Second is Harry at 18.99%
Close third is Louis at 17.29%
Fourth and Fifth are Niall and Liam at 13.91% and 10.95% respectively.

The major vote went to Zayn apparently because of how incredibly well he deals with the daily racism and prejudice that he encounters on the social media. A lot of people also voted for him because he was the "hottest" and because of his talent and spirit. Anyhow all these wonderful statements only make me sad because he is no longer part of the group.

I have extracted a few flattering user comments amongst a lot of negative ones (not sure why people do that) and want to share them :

Harry is "sweet, cute and caring with a sexy raspy voice"
News by Frozengirl11 posted 1 day ago
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Is this good enough proof for you guys?!?
Ok, I got breaking news!! I was just watching "Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction Tour Over Perrie Cheating Scandal? Demi Lovato Cries Onstage (DHR)" on YouTube and the hosts Erin Robinson and Dana Ward have said this: "Zayn Malik is not necessarily leaving One Direction, but he is leaving the tour that the boys are on. We've reached out to his people, his representations and we got this back saying quote 'Zayn has been signed off with stress and is flying back to the UK to recuperate. The band wishes him well and will continue with their performances in Manila and Jakarta.'."

People are wondering if this is because of the thing with Zayn and Perrie cheating. I'm not sure what it's about, but if it's true, that Zayn isn't leaving the band for good, just needs to feel better, then I'll feel SO much better and might be able to finally stop crying over the first news from Wednesday, March 25th. Please, Zayn, don't let this be true that you're no longer going to be in the band. One Direction isn't the same without you. You guys are LITERALLY my life and if you leave the band, then my life isn't the same.
Opinion by Frozengirl11 posted 4 days ago
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I'll miss you, Zayn!!!
Even though I heard the news yesterday, I was only able to finish this article now.

Well, I just found out about Zayn leaving One Direction because my England friend Katie texted me at 3:40 saying "Did you hear about 1D?" I replied saying "No, what is it?" Katie's response: "We well, you probably won't like this news at all....but...erm...." Me: "What. Is. It??" Katie: "Zayn out of 1D...quit....:(" My reaction: "NOOO!!!!Y?!?" I couldn't believe it. I immediately went to the One Direction Fan Club on here and sure enough, all the updates were about Zayn leaving 1D. I was in shock. Then, I legit started crying. And this happened when I was in play rehearsal for our Drama Club spring play of The Comedy Of Romeo And Juliet Kinda Sorta.

My friends were looking at me wondering "What's wrong with her?" I just simply showed them the article about Zayn on my Chromebook and started to sob harder. My breath was making that sound when you get choked up after crying for a long time. My friends then surrounded me, trying to calm me down, and that got the attention of one of the Drama Club advisors, Grace, who's a Junior at my high school(I'm a Freshmen, a 9th...