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News by Directioner3300 posted 14 days ago
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The guys from 1D are probably going to take a break from music for two years instead of just one!!
The guys will be doing their own solo project and not see each other for a while.
But on the bright side they'll be back once their break is over.Anyways about the two year break,the guys won't make any new songs or albums.So instead they'll just do what they have to do.
It's a shame.Before the news said that they'll only have one year for their break,but now 2!!!!

Please comment about what you think about this.
Opinion by nivi20997 posted 25 days ago
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Lindsey’s POV:

I was at the clinic treating a dog. I think she is pregnant and was thinking about the cute puppies of that dog named, Sara. Suddenly my mom came like a flash of lighting to my clinic and the dog got frightened. “Mom! You scared Sara right away from me…” I yelled.

She rolled her eyes and whispered something in the ears of my nurse. I couldn’t guess what she actually told her.

But the nurse went and informed all the masters with their pet to leave because I was going to go out.

“Mom? Where are we going now?”I asked puzzled.

“Wait and watch” she whispered. I sat on the rear of my mom’s car and she drove home.

She led me to my room and opened my closet. “Why don’t you put this on?” she told pointing towardsa red dress. I rolled my eyes and changed my dress and came out. “You really look like a princess” she exclaimed. “ He is the one for you….” She said gaping.

“Who is that he?” I asked with a confused look. She looked at her watch and found that it was 3:00 pm.
Fan fiction by nivi20997 posted 26 days ago
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This is a story when Harry's mom asks him to marry a girl, Lindsey who is a vet doctor. She doesn't know anything about One Direction or Harry's fame. They both get married and finally fall in love. Harry introduces the other band mates as his colleagues. What happens when she comes to know about Harry's profession as a part of the world's greatest band? Will she accept him or not?

So revolves Harry's life and how they end up with being a couple who lived happily ever after.

Description of Lindsey:

Lindsey is a cute innocent woman aged 24 . She has her own clinic and loves pets a lot as she is a vet doc. she is an adventurous girl too. And has had a boyfriend when she was at the age of 11 named Jake and he moved from the place due to certain circumstances. He promised her that he would meet her again at least once in his lifetime. So she never thought of loving anyone else instead to wait for Jake. but that never happened.

In this story Harry is aged 25( Just imagine.....)