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Opinion by AliKat16 posted 7 days ago
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As we all know Zayn has left 1D. He says it's because he didn't like all the attention or something like that, but I'm a bit confused. He says that, but a few days later he records something with Naughty Boy. I honestly don't know what to think. He'd obviously receive media attention for that. Although I am a bit disappointed, I don't know what really to think because I'm not a mind reader. But in the end, no matter what Zayn is up to, I will always love and support him. But I'm curious; what does everyone else think?

Opinion by juanpablo221 posted 26 days ago
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Louis, the sass-master has woken up once again with his reaction to a fan-made video that Naughty Boy retweeted on his twitter account.

The video has a robotic voice singing "Naughty Boy saved my life.. Zaughty will rise", Zaughty being (as you might have guessed) a combination Zayn and Naughty.

This is the tweet from Louis Tomlinson:

"Wow @NaughtyBoyMusic you're so inconsiderate pal , seriously how fucking old are you ? Grow up ! #masterofallwisdom"

followed by some reactions from Naughty Boy. One D fans went wild with their support for Louis and how he has stood up for them.

You can check out this hashtag on twitter #masterofwisdom which is currently trending worldwide right now.
Article by chisty2213 posted 27 days ago
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I recently came across this poll on Billboard and want to share the results. This poll started in Nov 2014 but is still open. Since this was before Mar 25th, we still have Zayn as one of the choices. Here are the numbers as of today (3/29/2015):

Zayn is at the top with a whopping 38.86 %
Second is Harry at 18.99%
Close third is Louis at 17.29%
Fourth and Fifth are Niall and Liam at 13.91% and 10.95% respectively.

The major vote went to Zayn apparently because of how incredibly well he deals with the daily racism and prejudice that he encounters on the social media. A lot of people also voted for him because he was the "hottest" and because of his talent and spirit. Anyhow all these wonderful statements only make me sad because he is no longer part of the group.

I have extracted a few flattering user comments amongst a lot of negative ones (not sure why people do that) and want to share them :

Harry is "sweet, cute and caring with a sexy raspy voice"