Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
I've been planning to do this for a long time and now I'm finally doing it. Even though I love the show I'm not a fan of the animation style. So I don't find too many characters attractive. In fact the only male character I think is handsome is Ash. However there are some females I think are very pretty and some beautiful. So here's my list, please comment telling me what you think but keep in mind this is just my opinion.


Even though she's one of the most brainless characters on the show she's very pretty. Everytime I see her and she does something stupid I always say "It's a good thing she's pretty". Even though we only see it once I think she looks really pretty with her hair loose. She should have it like that more often. Her brown hair and eyes are a lovely combination. Plus they look really good with her skin tone. Out of all the moms we've seen she's definitiely the prettiest of them all, though I'd love to see what Misty's looks like. However compared to the others she's not all that special. The other girls on the list aren't only younger than her but also have more of a unique quality. Something that stands out that she doesn't seem to have.


We only see her in a movie and never again after that but you've gotta admit she's really pretty. Her hair, while not that best, is pretty cool. She has really pretty eyes and such a charming quality in her facial expressions. Plus during her show you can't deny that she looked really pretty. Plus the fact that she has blue eyes and brown hair makes her even prettier, since that's a rare combination. However there was just something plain about her looks. While she's very pretty she's not beautiful. Maybe it's her hair, but there's also something off about her face.


I loath her but I've gotta admit she's really pretty. First I love that her hair is pink, I love that color. It goes good with her violet eyes. Plus both her hair and her eyes compliment her skin tone. At least her pretty looks helps to some extent with her brainless head and horrible personality. However out of all of her sisters she has the least pretty hair. It's just not that special and her eyebrows are too bushy. She's very pretty but we still haven't gotten to the beautiful girls yet.


Even though we only see her for once episode who could forget this pretty face. For one she's one of the very few women who can pull off short hair and still look very pretty. I love the color of her hair. I love that her eyes are green, you hardly ever see that with animated women unless they're villianesses. She's SUPER pretty and almost beautiful but not quite. I don't know why I can't call her beautiful but she's not. She's really pretty but the other six girls are beautiful.


Ever since I first saw her I thought she was very beautiful. I love her long blueish-green hair. Her eye color goes with it so well. For one who doesn't care much about beauty she sure is really beautiful. I love how natural she is and it's no wonder Brock felt the most love passhion for her, not just for her outter beauty but her inner beauty as well. However while she is really beautiful she wasn't able to get into the top five. The others were more unique and has this quality about them that made them more appealing to look at, so appealing even though 3/5 of them get on my nerves I just love to look at them.


I loath her with a passhion but I have to admit she's very beautiful. I love her long beautiful wavy blue hair. Plus I love her pink eyes, the only character I've seen on the show with pink eyes. It's a really pretty combination. At least her beautiful apperence helps to some extent with her brainless head and horrible personality, just like Lily, except she's actually beautiful. However one thing that I don't like is that just like Lily she has bushy eyebrows that just don't look right. Plus sometimes her hair is sometimes too thick.


First of all let's hope Jessie doesn't find this and come after me trying to kill me for not making her number one. That's the Jessie we love! Anyway I've always found her beautiful. I also love her hair, even though it's kind of weird. She has the best eyes of all the characters on the show. I wish all the girls on the show's eyes were this shape and style, though maybe not as big. Plus it's a gorgeous shade of blue. I love her red lips. I love her hair when it's down, I wish it was like this more often. Even more so I wish it was like that when her hair was red and not magenta. I think she looks much better when her hair was red. She even looks beautiful in those rare moments when her hair is short. However she's not higher because the others are more natural and her hair defies the laws of gavity.


As many of you know I loath her but I have to admit that she's very beautiful. I mean even if you hate her how can you not think she's beautiful? I love her beautiful blue eyes and hair. They go so good together and pink looks so good on her. I mostly love her hair when it's not in it's usual hat and baretts look. I love it the most when it's loose with nothing in it. I'm surprised Brock hasn't tried to flirt with her. She's certainly beautiful and that's suitable since she annoyingly obsesses over looks, especially her hair. At least that helps to some extent with her annoying personality. Though at times she looks natural she also is too much of that beauty that takes hours to look like. I prefer more natural beauties and the other two are just prettier. But she almost made it to number two. She's definitely the prettiest of Misty's replacements; May is plainly pretty at the most and Iris is UGLY.


You all get it, I LOATH all of Misty's sister but I find them pretty. She's definitielly the prettiest of all of Misty's sisters. Unlike Violet and Lily she doesn't have weird looking bushy eyebrows. Her hair is gorgeous and I love how golden it is. I love that she's a blonde with green eyes. Usually they have those dumb blondes have blue eyes. It's pretty refreashing that she actually is a blonde with green eyes. Just like with Dawn, Lily, and Violet at least her looks help to some extent of her brainlessly idiotic head and absolutely annoying and irritatingly horrible personality. However even though she's very beautiful there's one who's fairer than her. She PWN's all of the girls on this list. She's so gorgeous that she makes the other girls on this list look ugly.


You all saw this coming but I promise that I don't think she's the most beautiful just because she's my favorite character. I always thought she was one of the most beautiful animated women ever since I was a little boy. I love her red hair, it's so pretty and she's one of the few girls who can look beautiful with short hair. Though her hair looks so beautiful when she's a mermaid and I wish her hair was like that for all of the show. I love her eyes, not a big fan of the shape but I love the color. I love the fact that they're both green and blue at the same time, such a gorgeous color. Everytime her sisters said they're prettier than her I just wanted to punch them in the face and say "NO YOUR NOT!!!!! SHE'S PRETTIER THAN YOU!!!!!!". She's so gorgeous! She's the only character on the show I would describe as gorgeous. She's not only the most beautiful girl on the show, she's in my top ten most beautiful of ALL animated females. There's not one girl on the show who comes close to being able to come even close to being comparable to that of her beauty. None can compare AT ALL! Misty of the Cerulean City Gym is the fairest of them all, at least in the Pokemon world that is.