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Guide by PeterMWou posted 12 hours ago
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Red in Red/Blue/Yellow, Gold/Silver/Crystal, Stadium 1/2, HeartGold/SoulSilver and Black 2/White 2
Some people think Fire and Red are the same. Even on something like Bulbapedia and Pokemon Wikia. Lol. But that is NOT true! In this, the comparisons will say the differences, and the similarities.

Gym Battles

It has been a long time since I read the Pokemon Manga, but I can remember Red did win most of the Badges in Kanto. If I remember correctly, Red appears in Pokemon Origins where he defeat all the Kanto gym leaders. Especially when Red's Charmander defeated Brock's Onix and Red's Charizard defeated Giovanni's Rhydon. Good one Red's Charizard.

Fire only appears in the third gen Pokemon games like Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen and Poekmon Colosseum. So you'll have to play Poekmon FireRed and LeafGreen if you want to see Fire battling gym leaders. He also appears in Super Smash Bros Brawl though.


Red is a silent Trainer (As seen in HG/SS), in fact, he doesn't talk at all! Not much else is known about him, except he wanted to be the greatest Trainer. Also, in R/B, he only answers yes or no to any questions. In HG/SS/Black 2/White 2, Red wears Fire's clothing...
Article by Pokegal4life posted 3 days ago
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Pro: It can sometimes come out as a Pokémon's Signature Move like Blue Flare, (Reshiram's Signature Move), it can come out as Moves only able to be caught to starter Pokémon, (such as Fire Pledge), it could come out as a Move that restores your Pokémon's health (such as Giga Drain), it can sometimes come out as a super effective Move on the opposing Pokémon, (such as Fire Pledge against a Gloom).

Cons: It can sometimes come out as a Move that makes your Pokémon faint, (such as Explosion), it can come out as a Move that doesn't affect the opposing Pokémon, (such as a Ghost type Move against a Normal type).

This is just a few of the pros and cons I have experienced while having my Clefairy use Metronome in my Omega Ruby version. Sometimes I'd be really excited when she'd use a Pokémon's Signature Move and sometimes I'd get really annoyed when she'd use a Move that made her faint. All those examples I listed have actually been used my Clefairy via Metronome. If you can think of anymore pros or cons for Metronome list them in the comments section. If you would like to share examples of your Pokémon using Metronome along with the Move that resulted...
Fan fiction by TastyNachos posted 11 days ago
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Hey! I had lots of fun making the first chapter! It was a combination of that and encouragement that led to the second chapter. I'm very excited for the third chapter, but until then, enjoy the backstory on how Nate an Eevee met and became friends!

Pokemon Platinum Legends Ch. 2: After All We've Been Through

4 Years Ago

It was a beautiful summer morning in my home town, Ecruteak City. The sun was making a soft glow of
orange light over the horizon. There were small houses mad primarily of wood and painted mostly
white, as usual. It was always enjoyable to stare at the sunrise in the morning, right after I woke
up. I always got up at five o'clock in the morning to watch it.

"Breakfast is ready!" I heard my mom call. I always got excited about wondering what was for break-
fast that day. I slowly got off my bed. I opened my door, which was full of drawings that I drew and