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Fan fiction by Kage199 posted 7 days ago
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Part 1 Breakfast comes with Kisses
Retired from his job as champion ,Lance still did daily training with his Dragonite in the Dragon's Den.Some days Silver, the young ,admirable trainer would be there training before him.
One Wednesday Lance asked the dragon master if he could stay the night at the house in the center of Dragon's Den because he was training till late at night and was tired .The dragon master told him to watch over dragons den on Thursday so he could go visit his family in Violet City.
* the next morning*
*ring * ring*"Hello . Why are you calling this early Ethan? "
" Ummmm if you're free can you stop by Olivine Cafe ?"
" Ethan I told you ...I like someone else and plus ... I have training today ..."
" Okay ...sorry Silver go have fun with Lance."
Ethan kept bugging Silver about going on a date.
Silver proceeded into the Dragon's Den and heard something inside the house . He stepped inside and his heart started racing , because right there on the floor, resting his head on his Dragonite's wing , was the...
Fan fiction by alexischaos2004 posted 12 days ago
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Ash: Help. I woke up with the ears of a Pikachu and also the tail of a Pikachu. My cheeks are replaced with red circles, and I have a yellow Pikachu suit on.


James: Well I have Zoroark ears,hair, and even claws! Though I do look hot. Meheheheheh.

Misty: BOTH OF YOU.... are gijinkas.

James: Ooy I read about those things.

Ash: I can finally use Pikachu's Thunderbolt! *D*

James: I can use Shadow Ball now!

Misty: Congratulations..... *Sarcasm activated*

James suddenly transforms into Zoroark


Ash: Lemme try... *transforms into Pikachu*

Misty: o.o

Ash: I love being a gijinka!! :DDD

James: Ditto! As in same to you!

Ditto: Ditto.... :( (I thought you finally wanted to catch me! D:)

Ash: Misty, what Pokemon would you be as a gijinka?
Fan fiction by alexischaos2004 posted 14 days ago
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Ash: Misty, tell me what you think of yourself?

Misty: Amazing

Ash: The opposite of that is what most suits you.

James: Thank chu for taking the Personality Quiz! You got "Overly pointless."!

Ash: Yes, all of the traits you answered are your personality, and ya got the best one.

Suddenly, a wild Jessie appeared!

Jessie: I wanna take this quiz!

James: Okayzie. Answer Ash's questions and I'll generate all of them into one personality. USING THE CHICKEN'S MIND.

Ash: Okay first, If your friend fell, would you pick them up or laugh super hard?

Jessie: Laugh super hard, I can't help myself over that.

Ash: Next question. If you and your best friend find someone that looks too good to make fun of, would you talk so much about them in bad ways?

Jessie: Of course I would, if it was Cassidy, I'd do it 24/7.

James: Reasonable....