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List by pokeball13 posted 1 day ago
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This is wonder mail codes you know when you go on a mission and you want an item or a pokemon on your team or just points this is to help you you mite wonder or not it depends go on the menu go on wonder mail then receive wonder mail then go on password here are passwords for red (And blue I think)
Red rescue team (And blue)
Joy seeds
Thunder wave cave Floor 1
1?89 C4F? 48?S
YQ?2 6466 R4?W

F??89 C40? 486X Floor 2
MQ?2 6?66 R7?W

1?89 C-+? 486X Floor 3
YQ?2 6466 R1?W

F?89 S3S? 4R7!
5H?N 6?6R R??W Floor 4

F?89 9-0? 497H Floor 5
?M?? 646R R7?W

Friend areas

Dungeon Frosty forest


0?2Y 71+? 4P?H Floor 1
9C?! 65FR P7?W

Sky Blue plains

0?2Y H%T? 4R6M Floor 2
CF?? 661R P7?W

Boulder Cave

S?2Y X1F? 4R6S Floor 3
Fan fiction by TAIKAMODO posted 4 days ago
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Koshi is a coastal region,based off off of Kyushu Island in japan (Here:http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyūshū).The region itself sits in the oceans southwest of Kanto.As far as the land itself,it is similar to that of a Tropical forest Biome,and there are many dirt paths and forests all across the region.

All cities and towns in the Koshi region are primarily named after flowers,as a sort of nod to the variety of plant life on Koshi,and the surrounding smaller islands.The islands surrounding it are known as the Shikoku islands.

The professor of the region is named Alain(Pronounced "Allen") Hawthorn,based off of the Hawthorn tree.

There are,as in every other region,three starter pokemon to choose from for beginning trainers.In the Koshi region,the starter pokemon are Slothel,Empup,and Shrimple.

Slothel is a naturally lazy pokemon,and the grass type starter of the region.It has messy gray fur,but it moves so slowly that moss grows on it's back,which is why it has a green,v-shaped marking on it's back.It has dull brown eyes,and has short but sharp claws on it's paws,three...
Fan fiction by TAIKAMODO posted 5 days ago
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(I decided to return to my Pokemon Adventure! series, everyone! I think that i should finish it, since i started it and all, y'know? It's just been in the back of my mind for a while now, and i've finally decided to do it!)

(On another note, i removed that hp thing.It was just laziness on my part really.)
"Okay then! Charmander, your turn!"Torian shouted, tossing his last pokeball onto the field. With a bright light, his faithful fire pokemon emerged, looking like it was ready and raring to go. With a grin, Torian locked eyes with christian."I'm ready now! Me and Charmander are gonna win this for sure!"He said, and Christian gave an arrogant smirk in response. "And just how is your fire type Charmander going to beat my water type Poliwhirl?" Torian remained unfazed,his expression unwavering.

"How about i show you!Charmander, use scratch!" Charmander broke into a run as it's claws began to shine a white light. Christian smirked, not even bothered by the sudden attack. "Dodge and use bubble beam!"He ordered, and Poliwhirl leaped into the air avoiding the quick swipe of Charmander's claws, before releasing a powerful...