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Opinion by Aurathelucario posted 29 days ago
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I know this isn't like a story but I was bored and didn't feel like writing my story yet considering that it's probably going to be long anyway lets just get on with my favorite pokemon of each type.

Fire- tied between flareon, braxien, fennkin, and charizard
Water- tied between vaporeon, suicune, and palkia
Electric- tied between jolteon, zapdos, riachu, and shinx
Grass- tied between leafeon, and sceptile
Physic- tied between espeon, gardevoir, mewtwo and mew, and latios and latias
Dark- tied between umbreon, zoroark, darkrai, and poochyean (I think I'm leaving a couple out)
Normal- tied between lopunny, purugly, togekiss, and eevee
Ice- tied glaceon, and articuno,
Ghost- tied between sabeye, mismagius, and giratina
Dragon- tied between flygon, garchomp, latios and latias, and palkia
Poison- tied between beedrill, and arbok
Fighting- tied between Lucario, riolu, and gallade
Ground- tied between groudon, garchomp, and flygon
News by PeterMWou posted 1 month ago
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Hey everybody, I just want to take a look at Pokemon's worldwide sales. Shall we?

It has been confirmed that, as of February 29th 2016, Pokemon's main series games have passed the 200 million unit milestone, currently sitting at 201 million units sold in the last 20 years ever since it started on February 27, 1996. This includes all main games as well as the recent Virtual Console releases of Pokemon Red, Green, Blue & Yellow. It has also been confirmed that, including spin-off titles, the Pokemon video game franchise has passed 279 million units sold.

It's true. Pokemon games has sold more than 279 million units worldwide. And you know what else? Pokemon games has transitioned from a video game series to licensed games. This means, Pokemon games are now the rarest licensed games of all time. There's a link below if you want to see it.

Fan fiction by lolsmakemelol posted 1 month ago
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Arceus: Is that a Shiny Latios? Must be.
Arceus: I'll go near it.
Shiny Latios: GET AWAY
Arceus: Sure. *sends shiny latios to the sky*
Shiny Latios: AHHH
Arceus *flies away*
Shiny Latios: You coward..
Arceus: You're the real coward.
Shiny Latios: Nope
Arceus: Noob.
*a while later..*
Shiny Latios: You're the weakest on this planet!!
Arceus: I made this universe...
Shiny Latios: Oh.
*a long while later*
Shiny Latios: You win, bye.
Arceus: I WON
Arceus: I DID IT
Arceus: LOL