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Opinion by Windwakerguy430 posted 7 days ago
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You know, there is one feeling that I is hard to feel in modern creepypastas. That is being scared. However, there is one feeling I have never felt with a creepypasta. That is sadness. However, there is one that I have found. That would be the Pokemon creepypasta called I Won't Leave You.
It starts with a Sylveon named Tyrin who is a very friendly Pokemon. However, he then finds this Eevee named Lonely, who was abandoned by his trainer and feels like he is nothing. By the way, he was abandoned years ago. So, Tyrin decides to take care of Lonely. They then start having a strong bond between them. This shows Lonely going out of his state of depression. He actually begins to feel happy.
Sadly, this is a creepypasta, so there is a catch to this. After a few weeks of them being together, Tyrin starts hearing voices in his head, that Lonely is an evil murderer who needs to die. As this keeps going, Lonely begins to have scratches appear on his body and he is in pain. Tyrin stands in fear, but tries his best to help Lonely. Hey, creepypasta writers who put gore in your story, TAKE SOME FUCKING NOTES!!! This is how you use blood and gore. Not using too much, but just enough...
Opinion by Pokegal4life posted 7 days ago
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#121 Starmie/Stamie

#122 Mr. Mime/Barrierd

#123 Scyther/Strike

#124 Jynx/Rougela

#125 Electabuzz/Eleboo

#126 Magmar/Boober

#127 Pinsir/Kailios

#128 Tauros/Kentauros

#129 Magikarp/Koiking

#130 Gyarados/Gyarardos

#131 Lapras/Laplace

#132 Ditto/Metamon
Opinion by Pokegal4life posted 12 days ago
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#101 Electrode/Marumine

#102 Exeggcute/Tamatama

#103 Exeggutor/Nassy

#104 Cubone/Karakara

#105 Marowak/Garagara

#106 Hitmonlee/Sawamular

#107 Hitmonchan/Ebiwalar

#108 Lickitung/Beroinga

#109 Koffing/Dogars

#110 Weezing/Matadogas

#111 Rhyhorn/Sihorn

#112 Rhydon/Sidon