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Opinion by Windrises posted 6 days ago
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Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns is my favorite Pokemon film. That's why I did a countdown on the film. There were 13 major characters in the film.

Here are the results of the countdown:

13. Cullen Calix

Cullen Calix is a character that only has a major role in this film. Because of this he's not a very well known or popular character.

12. Domino

Domino is Giovanni's most trusted helper in Team Rocket. Despite only appearing in this film Domino had a lot of fan fiction and has a big fan base, but she still got beat by more well known characters.

11. Luna Carson

Despite having a similar role to Cullen Calix Luna Carson managed to be more popular.

10. Giovanni

Giovanni is the main villain in the Pokemon anime series. Giovanni is a very cool character that several people like. I personally think he should be 1 on this list.

9. Meowth
Opinion by yamishadow2001 posted 12 days ago
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Hey guys its me yamishadow and I just want to say thank you for the feedback on the last article and since I got soooo much support and feedback, I present to you The top 10 most annoying/least favorite Pokemon Part 2! I hope you enjoy!!!!!

5. Watchhog- ....Ew.... imagine your in the Savannah Desert and this thing comes up to you looking like it would fail a drug test and it's teeth are just...whhhhhhhhhy? Also in Pokemon Black and White it was obnoxious to battle against because the first Gym Leader had a Watchhog as her strongest Pokemon and you pretty much had 1 chance to attack it before it would use hypnosis even though it has 60% accuracy, but HAXXXX FORRRRRR DAYYYSSSS!

4. Pikachu- Ah Pikachu probably the most overrated Pokemon there and he is an a attention whore and also the writters make Pikachu seem weak every region to make it more interesting and Ash always and I mean ALWAYS loses the Indigo League which is getting annoying,but that's not the point! Guess Pikachu isn't so electrifying....sorry I just had to.
Opinion by yamishadow2001 posted 14 days ago
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Hey guys it's me yamishadow( doubt anyone is reading this though) and today I will be making a list hope you guys enjoy The top 10 most annoying Pokémon
what can I say about it that Kelfki is wellll.... a set of keys lets see you got the key from the legend of Zelda, the key your car, the key to your bedroom, and the Keyblade!( that's a abrandontothepast refrence) I guess the developers got drunk and looked at their keys and said BRILLIANT! In battle it's okay and since it's a fairy type which is good against dragon types, but think about that dragons...being defeated/scared by keys. lol
9.If you hate bug type Pokémon or fire types or both your gonna like this one next up on this list is Volcarona, I swear every time it uses Quiver Dance and takes a lot of my team out only to use U-Turn and switch into something like Garchomp then mega evolves and has that attack boost , defense boost, and speed boost,that one just rekts everything which can get annoying I'm sure some of you might know what I'm talking about.