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Fan fiction by TAIKAMODO posted 15 hours ago
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Last time on Pokémon Adventure!

Three children, Torian, Charlotte, and Quincy, all receive a Pokemon from Professor Oak. After some advice and parting words, the three all head to route one, where Charlotte asks if they can travel together. After Quincy declines, Torian and Charlotte tell him they understand. As Quincy departs, Torian challenges him to a battle.

(Chapter 1 is here-


(Also, i noticed i forgot to state Torian's appearance in Chapter 1...heh heh...well, he has messy black hair, redish brown eyes, and wears black cargo shorts and a short sleeved black and red jacket, and black red and white sneakers.


"...I challenge you to a battle!"

Charlotte looked to Torian in surprise, then looked to Quincy, who was smirking. "Heh. I knew you wouldn't resist challenging me...in fact, if you didn't, i would have challenged you." He admitted.
Fan fiction by TAIKAMODO posted 6 days ago
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The sun was rising slowly over the horizon, and the day was just starting to begin for many of the residents in the town of Pallet. In particular, for one young boy, this day was far more important than any other old day. Because on this day, this young man would be turning ten years old.

"Torian, it's time to get up!" A woman said loudly as she stood by a stove, the sound of bacon cooking sizzling in the background. She had wavy light brown hair that stopped mid back, sky blue eyes, and wore a simple sky blue track suit.

After receiving no reply, she turned to her younger daughter that almost completely resembled her, who sat quietly at the table reading a book. "Alice, would you mind waking up your brother for me? Breakfast is almost ready." She requested, before returning her focus to her cooking.

The Girl, Alice, simply put down her book and rose from her chair. "Yes ma'am." She answered quietly, before making her way upstairs and to her brother's room. Upon arriving, she knocked on the door a few times, calling her brother's name after every few knocks.
Opinion by Windwakerguy430 posted 13 days ago
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Congratulations, Pokemon, you’re right up there with My Little Pony and Sonic the Hedgehog with having the worst possible fanfics imaginable. I don’t blame you, Pokemon. I blame the writers of the fucking awful fanfics. I mean what the fuck. Who thought THIS thing would be a good idea. Well, the fanfic that made Pokemon have a bad fanfiction source is none other than Pudge! The End of Pokemon. After reading this, it feels like it.
So, it starts with our character, Pudge, telling us that he is a ten year old assassin. Okay, we are literally two sentences in, and this fanfic already sucks shit out of a sewage pipe. How, or better yet, WHY, is a ten year old kid an assassin. Not to mention, this little shit is one of the most unlikable main characters in fanfiction. Why? Well, we’ll find out soon.
So, he packs up pistols, assault rifle, two katanas and three swords… even though katanas ARE swords, but whatever, and went to get a taxi. Also, he says his parents won’t know he’s gone because they will be working for 8 months. What kind of fucking job keeps you from your kids for eight fucking months? And what kind of awful parents leaves their TEN YEAR OLD SON...