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Opinion by QueenofthePika posted 1 day ago
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Admit it: Japan gets EVERYTHING first. Sometimes it's JUST NOT FAIR. So I made this article listing the fair side and the unfair side of Japan getting things first.

The Fairness
Obviously the fact that Pokémon was made in Japan.
Even adults in Japan fuss about Pokémon. There's probably more Pokémon fans in Japan than there is in America. So more people would be impatient in Japan than there would be in America.
Japan is MUCH more fun loving and active. I'm pretty sure there things go QUICK (including waiting time).

The Unfairness (aka the part I've wanted to express since I found out Pokémon came from Japan)
We can get VERY impatient. Right now some of us just want to run so fast we'll go into the future and see the release date of M17 (either that or, like me, learn Japanese, move to Tokyo, and go to the movies and see it).
In Tokyo, there's a whole store dedicated to Pokémon. How much of that store do we have? Probably about 1/4.
Fan fiction by TAIKAMODO posted 2 days ago
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Hello!I'm taikamodo!This will be my second Pokémon story!My first one was discontinued because of medical issues,but i shouldn't have those problems very often now.My account is back to not allowing me to post of forums or my wall,so i guess this is really the only thing i can do at the moment.Crazy huh?


"Hey!Give that back!"A six year old boy shouted angrily,attempting to snatch the stolen object away.However,this proved vain,as the theif raised the empty Pokéball in the air above his head,out of the bo's reach."Give it back!"he shouted again,lunging at the offending boy.Said boy dodged,laughing as he fell to the ground."Give it up Leon!A runt like you doesn't need something like this anyway!"He grinned as Leon charged again,this time tripping the shorter boy,causing him to fall again.Leon raised his face from the ground,about to get back up,when he heard laughter.He looked around,and was surprised to see a crowd of children watching.His brown eyes widening.
Opinion by QueenofthePika posted 2 days ago
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I've simulated when this movie SHOULD come out.
So if you see Japanese episode 27 (see that episode here) it's quite obvious the movie came out practically the same day that episode aired. And yes, Japan has their movie in THEATERS. I'm so envious.
Anyway, currently we are on episode 24 (if you're reading this in the future, this article was written 8/26/14). Obviously we're three episodes away from episode 27. Which is around a month. So according to my simulations, the movie should come in around a month. I can't wait!
Don't take this article seriously. America can be really unexpected. I thought America would have a new theme the same episode Japan got the new theme. I was wrong.