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Fan fiction by QueenofthePika posted 1 day ago
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The Aura Den
Reiki Ling's P.O.V
Kinjin had come to tell me exactly what she had seen. I briefly remembered when I faced a Dark Aura, with a dragon-like shape and could change form. I had banished its Aura from the world.
"What direction?" I said to her. "I want to know which direction the leaves were pointing in." Kinjin pointed in the direction of the leaves. I looked up. They were pointing that way.
"Kinjin, it's time I taught you how to fight Aura," I told her.
Kinjin's P.O.V
1 Year Later...
We gathered another group of test subjects, doing this yet knowing they could be killed by accident. The first was a Beartic. I examined for a moment. Then...
I focused on the Aura. Nobility and bravery, courage, but hates the heat... I found a good place to strike.
I focused more. The Aura wept over me. I could feel the power rushing into my heart. I stretched it out toward both my hands and up toward the spikes, and they glowed. With ti-dye colors kind of glow.
Fan fiction by -SkySplitter- posted 7 days ago
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Author's note: If you haven't read the prologue this might be a bit confusing. Also the Riolu's name is inspired by the anime movie "Castle in the Sky."

A young Riolu sat under the shade of an apple tree. His arms were crossed and he appeared to be asleep. A young Poochyena started running towards him. "Potsu! Potsu! Potsu!" The Poochyena yelped at the Riolu.

"What?" He said opening and rubbing his tired eyes. He turned his head to the Poochyena and stared at him through lazy eyes.

"Your father wants you," The Poochyena said panting and trying to catch his breath.

"Okay, I'll be there soon, where is he Stark?" Potsu said looking at the Poochyena.

"He is in the mines, follow me," Stark replied signaling Potsu with his right paw. Potsu sighed and got up and walked over to Stark. Stark started walking and signaled Potsu to follow him.

In The Mines

"Where is Potsu?" A Lucario asked.
Opinion by QueenofthePika posted 7 days ago
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Kinjin, the Lucario with powers of great Aura.
Note: I've made an edit to Kinjin's design. She now has blue eyes, with a power I will reveal in this chapter (you'll come across it in less than a minute if you continue reading). Also, in evolution, the light marks on the gold disappeared and the dark marks on the blue now cover all the blue except the chest. If you have not read the Prologue, you should. It will explain things you won't understand if you haven't read it yet.
Kinjin's P.O.V.
It was a normal day in the Blue Forest. I was walking, examining the Pokemon I met along the way. I know they thought I was strange with my very dark teal eyes that match the color of the Blue Forest Leaves at night.
I was scanning them with the power of my eyes. Through my eyes, when I focus, I see the auras of the Pokemon in my eyesight. Reiki Ling kept reminding me to no interfere with bad auras, but I always wondered why. Can't auras be changed?
I head back to the Aura Den. That's the place I live with Reiki. It looks extremely small, but it's cursed inside to be as big as an empire. Or at least as big as what the humans around here would imagine as big. They don't...