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Fan fiction by DyliaAugust posted 4 months ago
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This battle field I walk on
Strikes me so hard
That the pain of bullets I spare
For his love I can't compare

"Before I start this story, you should get a recap of my life."

3 Years Ago....

My name is Destiny and I used to be the most nerdiest girl in highschool.I got straight 'A's with 4.0 gpa's.In each of my 4,9 weeeks. I loved this boy band called, Mindless Behavior. Of course in the start of their career I was only 9 years old. They made the best hits, and I loved this one particular boy in the band named, Roc Royal A.K.A Chresanto. Personally he was the cutiest of all. Unfortunately in 2012 they hit the fan and so did I. As being 12 with no band making any hit singles broke my heart. I became a dark person. A very dark person. Lets skip to 2014. Then I found out the lead singer Prodigy left the group. Raging chick gone insane! I left the ship of being a groupie. I just wait. Finally they came out with their new album,"MB Renewed". Being a 16 year old nerd+ groupie was hard. No matter how much I knew about MB nobody thought I had the potential.
Fan fiction by gottalovemb2 posted 11 months ago
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* Phone convo*

Yn: hello

Roc: hey babe you busy tonight

Yn: no why???

Roc: I wanted to know if you wanna walk on the beach.

Yn: awe romantic I will love that what time.??

Roc: 7

Yn: no prob bye hun

Roc: bye

Yn pov

Me: pink dress no

Croped top with skinny jeans no

Shorts with sweater and tank top with converse

Gold earings nope

Silver hopes yes


Beep beep

Me: he's here


Roc: hey sexy

Yn: *blushing*

Roc: you ready

Yn: yh
Fan fiction by its_kristi_rae posted 12 months ago
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Today was such a dull day. It was storming really bad today. Every time you look outside lightening strikes scaring you to death. And then a loud boom of thunder would shake you. It seemed like every hour that passed it got darker outside. And of course you're highly afraid of the dark. What makes it even worse is that Roc wanted you to watch Dracula, the scariest movie of all. Luckily you had Roc there to keep you safe. you were curled deep into Roc's arm. Roc got up to fix him something to drink. Weird this is though he went outside. And you could have sworn you heard a cat scream. but you figured a dog was just chasing a cat When he came back you asked him for some of what he was drinking and he said you don't drink this type. You asked what it was and he said don't worry about it. You sneaked a look at what Roc was drinking. It was a dark thick red looking juice that looked a lot like.....................blood. Okay wait, maybe you're just seeing things wrong. You looked over at Roc and his face seemed to look a little pale a little white definitely not what Roc usually looks like. But on a second thought yall were sitting right in front of the tv so maybe the reflection of...