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The fans pick: Let it Go - Frozen / Idina Menzel
Let it Go - Frozen / Idina...
All of Me - John Legend
Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
Look After You cover by Louis...
The fans pick: Sing
The fans pick: Teardrops On My Guitar
Teardrops On My Guitar
The Best Damn Thing
The fans pick: yes
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big smile
Directioner1144 said …
I love to sing!!And there's actually going to be a talent show in my school soon,and I will be singing for it.
The song I will be singing for everyone is You & I by my favorite band ever One Direction!!I'm super excited!! :D Posted 2 days ago
peacebaby7 said …
I went to my State Competition today and there was the choir I listened to that sang "I Know I've Been Changed" and their soloist had the voice of an ANGEL. She filled the entire church without even using a microphone, and she gave me goosebumps with her first note. This high note she hit was . . . WOW. She could do opera in a heartbeat. I wish I had a video or recording of that performance. Posted 5 days ago
_Rae-Marie_ said …
When I was younger I thought I could really sing (I could've) But now, my singing sounds horrible. I don't know how it happened but I used to sound good before, and now my voice sounds like a screeching banshee. WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME? Posted 3 months ago
kicksomebut23 commented…
Your not practicing singing. You must sing in a week,to keep your vocals. 22 days ago
peacebaby7 commented…
Well, if you've done a lot of screaming/hollering/etc. in that time, you may have damaged your vocal cords. Or if you're trying to force the notes out from your throat, it's just going to sound bad, period. Take a deep breath and look up some short videos online on singing technique, breath support, and practice, I'm sure you can fix your problem. 5 days ago