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Opinion by Nerdbuster2 posted over a year ago
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Number 1

The line, "To boldly go where no man has gone before" was hijacked verbatim from a 1957 White House booklet on space exploration. It is one of the more famous examples of a split infinitive and is grammatically incorrect.

Number 2

The founding members of the Federation were Vulcan, Andorian, Tellarite, and Human.

Number 3

Roddenberry originally named the star ship 'Enterprise' the 'Yorktown'.

Number 4

Martin Landau was supposed to play the part of Spock. He was contractually bound to the Mission Impossible cast. Later, when Star Trek was cancelled, Nimoy joined the cast of Mission Impossible by literally just walking across the street to the IM set.

Number 5

Some of Doctor McCoy’s medical instruments were salt shakers.

Number 6

The transporter effect was glitter stirred in water and filmed upside down.
Article by Nerdbuster2 posted over a year ago
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Gene Roddenberry had intended his new female communications officer to be called "Lieutenant Sulu". Herb Solow pointed out how similar this was to "Zulu" and thought it might act against the plan for racial diversity in the show, so the name Sulu remained with George Takei's character.

"Uhura" comes from the Swahili word uhuru, meaning "freedom". Nichols states in her book 'Beyond Uhura' that the name was inspired by her having had with her a copy of Robert Ruark's book Uhuru on the day she read for the part.

When producer Robert Justman explained to Roddenberry what the word uhuru meant, he changed it to Uhura and adopted that as the character's name.

Coincidentally, the end credits of the film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country incorrectly refer to Uhura as "Uhuru".
Opinion by Nerdbuster2 posted over a year ago
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Starfleet Career Summary of James T. Kirk

2250 — As a first-year Academy student with ensign rank, assigned to U.S.S. Republic NCC-1371

2254 — Upon graduation, promoted to lieutenant and posted to U.S.S. Farragut under Capt. Garrovick

2264 — Promoted to captain, in command of U.S.S. Enterprise for five-year mission

2266 — Exonerated in wrongful death charge of Ben Finney, first captain ever to stand trial

2269 — Returned from five-year mission; promoted to admiral in charge of fleet operations at Earth

2271 — Demanded to relieve Capt. Will Decker, his choice as successor for the refit Enterprise, and dealt with V'Ger crisis before beginning second five-year mission

2277 — Accepts appointment to Academy faculty, moves into San Francisco apartment

2286 — Charged, convicted and reduced permanently to captain's rank by the Federation Council for theft of Enterprise a year earlier, after saving Earth from alien onslaught by securing two extinct whales via time-traveling; given command of U.S.S....