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Opinion by hiro posted over a year ago
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Space Coyote, a talented female artist on deviantART created this very cool anime-ized version of the Simpsons. Here's a link to more of her work.

Opinion by slytherin360 posted over a year ago
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He's rude, has no respect for adults, and makes his sister's life hell. But maybe Bart's not as
bad as you think...

1) He loves his sister

Bart once took the blame for Lisa when she stole the teachers' handbooks -- just so she wouldn't ruin her school career. And when Bart got $500 in a court settlement, he used the money to buy a rare blues record for Lisa. And remember the time he said sorry to Lisa after making her cry at Thanksgiving? Aaaaah.

2) He's an animal lover

Bart went without food to help pay for Santa's Little Helper's operation, and also rescued his puppies when Mr Burns tried to make a fur coat out of them. Plus, he once looked after some eggs until they hatched, took care of his pet elephant Stampy, and helped Lisa save snakes on Snake Whacking Day.

3) He's a great songwriter

"Do the Bartman" was a chart-topping hit. But don't forget his other great tunes: "Lisa, It's Your Birthday" with Michael Jackson and "Jingle Bells" (`...Batman smells, Robin laid an egg'). And "Beans" will always be a classroom favourite: `Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the...
Article by triton posted over a year ago
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Here are some ideas that might be good for future The Simpsons episodoes...take a look and how you like it!

"Welcome to Springfield, Home of the D'ohs"

The town of Springfield is taking in the glory that they are the #1 tourist attraction in the world. However, Homer accidentally sabotages the equipment back at the plant causing a nuclear scare to the town, thus forcing the town's tourist attraction to zero. Taking in the blame for he done, Homer decides to help the town revive its attraction by making a fake tourist agency. Meanwhile, Bart uses this time to be the face of Springfield.

"Bee Gone"

The Simpsons decides to go on a road trip then to a fellow ranch, but misdirection sends them accidentally to a bee ranch; and also realizes that their way home is gone, so they are stuck within the farm the entire weekend. Meanwhile, Grandpa Simpson watches over the house, but a uncertain amount of uninvited guests comes over and get on Grandpa nerves.