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The fans pick: 2
The fans pick: I really don't care
I really don't care
The fans pick: Flora
The fans pick: Bloom
The fans pick: Mirajne Strauss (take over: satan soul, sitri, halphas)
Mirajne Strauss (take over: satan soul, sitri, halphas)
Flora (plants: Mythix)
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zanhar1 said …
Honesty hour; on a scale of 1 to 10 how annoying are all of these crossover polls? I give it a 10 simply because people are USING THEM TO BASH THE SHOW, it's a clever way to hide outt right hate. I come here daily, I check the club updates and vote on all the polls. The only time I have seen 2 certian users is when they say that 'so and so can kick the Winx's ass' and things like that. I've seen them yell at Winx fans and tell them they are wrong for choosing the pro-Winx option. Posted 12 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
And they have the audacity to call bias when they posted polls on the Winx fan club. That needs to stop. I've kept my mouth closed up until now, but it's getting really old. The sad part is the only activity this club has had lately is the hate. Like, I'm sorry but I needed to say this one. 12 days ago
lovebaltor commented…
I haven't really voted on any of those polls. They're a waste of my time: especially when I have more important things to worry about. They were even irritating before this batch came about. Don't you remember when there was that onslaught of like, Winx characters vs Fairytale characters? It was annoying then, and it still is. I don't care if Oogadaboo can summon angels or some crap or control air - don't start talking trash about the fandom if you're on its respective SPOT. 10 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
Oh God yes! I hated the Fairy Tail vs Winx ones. One or two were okay but this isn't a vs spot. I was fine with the most recent poll because the user wasn't being outright hateful. But it's still getting a bit repetitive. 10 days ago
haynay24 commented…
Agreed with you both, Winx vs Fairytale characters are really annoying. 2 hours ago
nmdis said …
How's everyone? I miss those good old days <3 Posted 14 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
I'm alright my computer has a virus. So do I lol. 14 days ago
JuneAndroxide commented…
This show used to get my eyes red 6 days ago
zanhar1 said …
Petition to start calling Dark Bloom 'Doom' lol. Posted 16 days ago