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The fans pick: bloom and stella
bloom and stella
bloom and flora!
The fans pick: Tecna Enchantix
Tecna Enchantix
Flora Sirenix
The fans pick: #2 Flora
#2 Flora
#1 Bloom
The fans pick: Amusing, but a bit stupid.
Amusing, but a bit stupid.
Their shiny wings, they're amazing!
The fans pick: 1. Icy
1. Icy
2. Mirta
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Winxclubgirl202 said …
I'm not sure how I feel about the new season, would you guys give it a chance? Posted 3 days ago
1Barbiemoviefan commented…
I am going to give a change. 2 days ago
gemixclub commented…
Yah 2 days ago
RomyMermaid commented…
Yep. 10 minutes ago
big smile
TylerJwy said …
Has anybody at here watch Season 7 - Official Trailer ? I like the outfits in Season 7, but I'm not really impressed with the animation of blooms butterflix transformation. I hope the full version is a way much better. The power of time-travelling is cool. But Stella with fashion jokes...again? I prefer Season 1-3. I miss the fantastic way of storytelling and animation with Enchantix. But I'm a winx fan and I'll give season 7 a chance. ;) Posted 4 days ago
haynay24 commented…
I agree with you about the animation in the transformation, I doesn't like it neither 4 days ago
gemixclub commented…
Yah, I wasn't too impressed with the trailer. 4 days ago
1Barbiemoviefan commented…
Well people surely seem to be liking what they are doing with season 7, so far. I mean people don't love it, but at least they don't hate it. I agree with you guys about the transformations, but I love the designs for the transformation. Musa's is amazing. I really liked the trailer alot and I am looking forward to this season. 3 days ago
Eula2003 said …
Hey guys and Gals ^---^
how are you? Posted 9 days ago
haynay24 commented…
Hi! I'm good, how about you? ^^ 9 days ago
gemixclub commented…
Good how you doing 9 days ago
Eula2003 commented…
hey my freids, I'm also good, and chatting with you guys ^w^ 9 days ago
Eula2003 commented…
thanks for asking 9 days ago