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big smile
Tasfee said …
Okay peeps...

Remember me? Its been real long.

I really missed all of this and now that I'm back I'm thinking about restarting the TAMDIZC roleplay again. Idk if its a good idea or not, but this has a connection to my past, my soul. So if anyone of my fellow Tavettes are still here and if you wanna recreate that magic, please reply. Or if you wanna start anything new, comment and tell me. I'd love to be apart of the Tavs again.

TIA <3 Posted 11 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
Dude I'd come back to this spot for that lol. 10 days ago
lovebaltor commented…
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssss tasfee!! of course i remember you gurl! and like zannie said, i would definitely frequent fanpop a lot more if we restarted that rp up again. i've sincerely missed it as well. 10 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
If everyone else would just come back now lol. We can restore this club to its former glory. 9 days ago
tecna535 commented…
All the previous members coming back makes me feel very nostalgic 8 days ago
Princess-Flora said …
Hey y'all,

wow it's been a while since I've been on here. I don't know who is still active from the days when I was.

I've noticed a lot has changed about the show when I just randomly looked it up and I began to miss it and the people I was friends with.

I'm not saying I'm back for good, but I think I might the effort again because I miss this.

I think I miss Winx because now that i'm in college, it's a connection to my past.

-Sam Posted 27 days ago
lovebaltor commented…
aaaaaa sam. it's been forever since i have been on here consistently too, but it's so nice to a familiar face ;o; 26 days ago
Princess-Flora commented…
same to you @lovebaltor 26 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
I miss seeing you on this site. :P 10 days ago
zikkiforever said …
I'm not back permanently and never will be, I was so young when I joined. I was a terrible person on this site and broke so many rules in competitions. I am eternally sorry for acting like a complete jerk but it was a fun time on here. Posted 2 months ago
zikkiforever commented…
Like, it is insane because I wasn't even in high school when I first joined here and now I'm studying for my GSCES (Drama because we all figured I'm a dramatic asshole) but it is crazy to look back. I even see some familiar users still posting on here or at least cropping up, how are you all? If any of you remember me. 2 months ago
zikkiforever commented…
In more fitting news, I'm not longer a pre-teen obsessed fairy girl. No judgement if that is still you, but what one Earth happened to the Wind Club I knew? It seems so different. 2 months ago
zanhar1 commented…
I remember you :P I enjoyed talking to you. 2 months ago
SubaruShine15 commented…
I remember you as well, I don't think people remember me though... 1 month ago