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The fans pick: Nope.
Absolutely Yes! (no offense)
The fans pick: She's A Lady - Tom Jones
She's A Lady - Tom Jones
Other? (Please State)
The fans pick: Yes, she is gorgeous I like idea, but they should left her old personality
Yes, she is gorgeous I like...
The fans pick: The Winx Club (in believix)
The Winx Club (in believix)
The Sailor Scouts (in season 1 eng. version)
The fans pick: Bloom in Belivix
Bloom in Belivix
Sailor Mars in season 1
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MissUnknown13 said …
Roxy is joining the Winx in season 7!! Don't trust me check on youtube! The official winx channel has uploaded video which confirms the presence of Roxy in season 7. The link to the video is : Posted 3 days ago
RomyMermaid commented…
Well, guys, our prayers have been answered! (Well, at least mine have.) 😂 I think I'm going to pass out with excitement! 2 days ago
MissUnknown13 commented…
Well, I just wish to see Daphne in season 7 somehow, 'cause Icy will be gone. I'm gonna miss them. 2 days ago
MissUnknown13 said …
Season 7 trailer has really pissed me off. I have loved winx club and is there anything to revive the magic of winx in my heart?
I'm gonna miss ICY! Posted 6 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
Icy's the reason I watched the show. Legit she was the only thing that tied me to other words I won't even be wasting my time on season 7. 5 days ago
MissUnknown13 commented…
Icy is literally my favorite character, though I hated her look in season 6 and there's a season 7 without her. 5 days ago
WinxClub_Stella said …
I just watched the end of season six and I'm disappointed? I don't know what I expected but the ending seemed rushed and Acheron is clearly the lamest villain ever. I don't even know what to feel. And Bloom had to defeat the villain... Again... Posted 8 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
Yeah, I don't know whose worse, he or Trintannus. 8 days ago
RomyMermaid commented…
Normally I think Bloom is okay, but the whole "Bloom defeats the villain" thing is getting a little old. 1 day ago
RomyMermaid commented…
Why can't Flora or maybe Roxy defeat them? It's unfair. 1 day ago