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The fans pick: Yes,
maybe.. sorta?
The fans pick: Protagonist: Musa
Protagonist: Musa
Antagonist: Icy
The fans pick: Sara Beauty Fairy
Sara Beauty Fairy
Deena Sport Fairy
The fans pick: Tecna
The fans pick: Valtor(Winx Club)
Valtor(Winx Club)
Prince Demande(Sailor Moon)
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zanhar1 said …
Can I be honest for a moment; I have come to realize that I kinda hate Winx. The more I type about it the more I realize I only really like Icy, Musa, Tecna, and Mirta...which sucks because they are often left out.

I mean I like Winx up to season 3. But beyond that I don't. And even in seasons 1-3 I hate how goths are portrayed, Iginoi's constant Bloom love, and such.

Basically I have a love-hate thing going on with this show. Many conflicted feels. Posted 20 hours ago
lovebaltor commented…
I'm kind of the same way too, Zannie. I have intervals when I'm really into the show (and this is usually after I've re-watched an older season), but then just hearing all the news about upcoming seasons really makes me irritated. It's turning into Supernatural--just end already! It's been such a big part of my life though, so maybe that's why I can't just kick it to the curb. I get conflicting feels about it too, because as I constantly bring up issues with the show as it is now, I get a load of newer fans claiming that I "don't like Winx", or I should just "shut up and stop watching". But that's the problem: I can't help BUT watch! It's like they say, "it's like witnessing some horrible accident, you can't help but watch." 14 hours ago
zanhar1 commented…
That's basically how it goes for me as well; I like it more after just re-watching it. I can't seem to let it go because it was such a big part of my childhood and yet there are bits of it that annoy the ever-living shit out of me. Like you said, the show has gone on way longer than it should have...or really needed to. Honestly I can't think of one thing with 7 seasons that hasn't gone down hill to some degree. 3 hours ago
XxLalasaysxX said …
I didn't know that they went back to the 4Kids dub but my brain is having a hard time adjusting to it. Posted 17 days ago
lovebaltor commented…
wait whATTT???? you mean season seven has the 4kids voices??? 17 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
They did??? Too bad Icy isn't there... 17 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
Okay, honestly that almost sounds worse lol. I can't see Stormy's voice actress playing Roxy. And why wouldn't they have Tecna's 4kids voice actress be Tecna again??? 13 days ago
zanhar1 said …
Okay I don't know about anyone else (and this is gonna be me complaining again so read if you give af) but you know what bugs me? And I've been seeing this a lot lately on this club. When people go through all the quiz questions and comment and whine on every question they get wrong or every question that has a tiny mistake. For example bad spelling; it's like if you can understand the question still, stfu. Not everyone is a native English speaker. And you don't have to moan about every little Posted 23 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
spelling and grammar error. If the question is THAT hard to understand, just report it and move on. Likewise if the question is simply incorrect factually. Moreover if like 5 people already commented the same thing, what's the point in commenting it for a sixth time? For one the quiz maker cannot edit the question nor delete it so...idk what yelling at them to fix it is gonna accomplish. For seconds it probably just makes them want to leave as is to spite you or (more likely) leave it as it is because they don't want to read an insulting comment. Why must like 10 people whine about the same mistake? I just don't get it, who has the time to go through all the questions just to complain? Sorry, had to get that off my chest. 23 days ago
lovebaltor commented…
I know what you mean. I really don't understand this perpetual bubble that some people live in where they're perfect and anyone who removes themselves from their peripheral norms, is penalized for it. Most people on the internet are huge fuckboys when it comes to grammar and spelling, which I don't understand why. You know not everyone is going to speak English, right? And if they do, that's awesome, but you better not go and fucking complain if this isn't their native tongue. English is fucking hard and has barely any common rules to follow when it comes to sentence structure and verb formations, so (like Zannie said): shut the fuck up. Do you know how badly I spelled when I first learned to use the internet socially? It was bad, and I mean, really bad--and I was at least in seventh grade by that point. I haven't seen this as much lately, but maybe that's because I don't really check the quiz section too often. 22 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
quizzes anymore; the minute people get a question wrong they start going bonkers over the spelling. 22 days ago