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favourite winx transformation  TynixPowerXOX 0 550 2 months ago
Create your own winx club character.  Isabellagirl033 145 170384 3 months ago
HOT or NOT HOT Game  lovebaltor 91 6380 5 months ago
Your top 10 of all winx club characters  xhopestarx 1 980 5 months ago
Winx Unpopular Opinons  zanhar1 29 4381 5 months ago
Winx Club: The Next Generation (need characters)  Falen4324 24 5987 over a year ago
The Winx Game (sorry can't think of a better name)  samoangirl96 75 4248 over a year ago
RPA Alfea! This is not a new roleplay. This is about a very old roleplay started by pandawinx!  AgyJude 6 2867 over a year ago
^_^ Winx Club Members Elimination Game ^_^  pearlxashxdawn 23 3282 over a year ago
Kiss, Slap, Hug Game!  lovebaltor 257 27289 over a year ago
Winx Club Role play  Isabellagirl033 18 7078 over a year ago
For next season, What do you want to see in the new villain?  Avater13 0 1281 over a year ago
Post pictures of your own fairy here  xhopestarx 5 1709 over a year ago
Winx Hangman Game!  silverfairy 44 2730 over a year ago
Negative Energy  UnaDiNoiWinx 2 1464 over a year ago
Would you rather game  nugget14 45 5052 over a year ago
Which one?  FloraorStella 308 8253 over a year ago
OCs  Winxclubgirl202 0 1037 over a year ago
create your own transformation  Eula2003 7 4870 over a year ago
Never, whatever, forever.  winxoxoclub 21 2085 over a year ago
Make your own power  Bloomluv602 2 1362 over a year ago
bloom  ateebarehman 0 1037 over a year ago
How did you discovered the Winx Club series?  MissUnknown13 10 1489 over a year ago
About the winx fan  magicenchantix 1 1220 over a year ago
Winxs  jennytran 0 1587 over a year ago
Create your own Winx Group,Team or Club  Meancardei 6 2641 over a year ago
Roleplay: Locksley Village (Lorinna's Home)  Tecnarules 88 5743 over a year ago
Elementix Club (need 3 more girls)  Falen4324 13 1981 over a year ago
Winx Yourself  Avater13 2 1828 over a year ago
Post A Winx  Avater13 2 2035 over a year ago
A witch FF?  winxlove2 78 7062 over a year ago
Winx Club Characters Elimination Game  MissAngelPaws 45 3812 over a year ago
Winx Oc contest  gemixclub 1 1587 over a year ago
Create your own Winx Club School uniform:  Eula2003 0 2210 over a year ago
(New) Elementix Crew (need some characters max 4 girl oc's)  Falen4324 23 11862 over a year ago
I'M sorry  lavenderbrown66 0 1034 over a year ago
Create your own oc and go to winx worl  annapeace 5 2936 over a year ago
Create a OC.  WinxClubFan223 10 8201 over a year ago
Fairy Couture!  LOLenard 9 2292 over a year ago
Why was Tune replaced?  MissUnknown13 0 575 over a year ago
winx club roleplay!  winxmusa4ever 5 637 over a year ago
winx club RP (role play)  florajames 8 943 over a year ago
WinX Club 30-Day Challenge  Eula2003 3 838 over a year ago
~The WRONG Answer Game~  rorowinx 347 14083 over a year ago
Scale of one 2 seven  tecna535 6 814 over a year ago
Rate the girls!(winx)  missdada15 40 5242 over a year ago
This or That game  Winxlove 89 7029 over a year ago
Elimination Game!  Eula2003 3 760 over a year ago
Who is that character?  WinxClubFan223 18 661 over a year ago
Riddle about the Winx  MusaFromMelody 1 630 over a year ago
Winx club contest  gemixclub 1 1198 over a year ago
☺ my winx fairy ☻  marichkadua001 3 1811 over a year ago
Powers  Dolphin-lover 0 576 over a year ago
► Create your own Winx spells ☼  SummerThunder 7 1017 over a year ago
YOU!  winxoxoclub 42 8360 over a year ago
Writer of the Month (WOTM) OCTOBER Deadline: October 27th  XxLalasaysxX 11 774 over a year ago
FFOTM October  Princess-Flora 0 444 over a year ago
FFOTM October  Princess-Flora 0 419 over a year ago
Winx Photo Editing Contest ♥♥♥Round 5♥♥♥ Deadline: September 14th  XxLalasaysxX 41 10452 over a year ago
FFOTM September NOW CLOSED  Princess-Flora 2 1038 over a year ago
FOTM September NOW CLOSED  Princess-Flora 5 796 over a year ago
Fan of the Character of the Month (FOTCOTM) - Nominations for September are open  MissAngelPaws 78 4551 over a year ago
Wɪɴx Cʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs Eʟɪᴍɪɴᴀᴛɪᴏɴ Gᴀᴍᴇ  MissAngelPaws 440 10994 over a year ago
FOTM August: NOW CLOSED  Princess-Flora 4 519 over a year ago
FFOTM August: NOW CLOSED  Princess-Flora 5 708 over a year ago
♥ Get to know Me-eka (Hehe Geddit?) ♥  XxLalasaysxX 32 2821 over a year ago
Role Playing Time  Eula2003 8 1884 over a year ago
Will We Ever Get A Happily Ever After? Character track  Princess-Flora 30 2577 over a year ago
FOTM July Nominations (CLOSED)  Princess-Flora 5 919 over a year ago
FFOTM July Nominations (CLOSED)  Princess-Flora 6 399 over a year ago
woulfd you rather  floraforeverr 2 413 over a year ago
~WinxStellaStar Icon Requests.~  WinxStellaStar 43 2383 over a year ago
Funny winx photos!  flowergirl456 5 1400 over a year ago
whos your favourite winx/charater  floraforeverr 6 397 over a year ago
Restore the lost accounts -OPEN.  rorowinx 16 6318 over a year ago
~My drawings~  WinxStellaStar 24 1346 over a year ago
Q & A With Roro :)  rorowinx 19 882 over a year ago
rorowinx icon requests  rorowinx 30 2233 over a year ago
How Did you get to know about winx club?  AgyJude 3 592 over a year ago
Nominations for FOTM June CLOSED  Princess-Flora 4 767 over a year ago
Nominations for FFOTM June CLOSED  Princess-Flora 5 638 over a year ago
My Current Winx Fanart...  LOLenard 3 802 over a year ago
yes or no Not  yasmin124 4 836 over a year ago
♔ WINXER OF FAME: The Ultimate Competition Against Fanpop's Winxers! ♔  FrozenQueen 16 1060 over a year ago
post the best pic of stella  Eula2003 0 414 over a year ago
Writer of The Month Battle [Round 1: June 7- 21, 2014]  nmdis 11 1589 over a year ago
~(I ran out of the title ideas xD) Questions and Answers with WinxStellaStar~  WinxStellaStar 16 1622 over a year ago
Secret Kingdom Fic's Character Selection  nmdis 15 951 over a year ago
My Winx Club Roleplay Site  WinxClubFan223 0 857 over a year ago
Winx Club Tournaments  SummerThunder 8 4073 over a year ago
♥♦♣♠Meeka's Take Logo contest!♥♦♣♠  XxLalasaysxX 11 1111 over a year ago
Yasmin icon request  yasmin124 8 1280 over a year ago
~Winx Club curiosities and bloopers~  WinxStellaStar 92 30240 over a year ago
Nominations for FFOTM May CLOSED  Princess-Flora 7 680 over a year ago
Nominations for FOTM May CLOSED  Princess-Flora 8 466 over a year ago
Who's name game round 1  winxoxoclub 5 700 over a year ago
Rate The Icon Above You  nmdis 66 3298 over a year ago
~I like.....~  WinxStellaStar 98 1884 over a year ago
Rate the Person Above You!  FrozenQueen 37 1322 over a year ago
round 2 closed round 3 now open  yasmin124 23 1460 over a year ago