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Opinion by Harmonyismagic posted 16 days ago
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Me-I am SO sorry!
Aisha-I'm okay, and you don't have to freak out I've felt worse.

Me-Well, are you okay?
Me-What's your name?
Aisha-I'm Aisha. What's your name?
Me-Skyla. Nice to meet you.
Me-I didn't think that a popular girl like you would talk to a loser like me.

Aisha-Loser!? Who said you were a loser? You're not.
Me-Well Amryl told me something way different.
Aisha-Never listen to or trust Amryl. She is a jerk.
Me-Don't I know it.
Aisha-You know, I could take you to meet the rest of the Winx Club.

Me-Really!? Wow!
Aisha-Yep! So is that a yes or a no?
Me-A total yes!
Aisha-Well then, let's go!
Me-Hahaha! Hey wait for me!!
Fan fiction by Harmonyismagic posted 1 month ago
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They think of me as just Tecna, the technology savy fairy. But I'm not. I am the princess of Zenith, but I never told them. I was and still am afriad to tell them. Now, my parents have sent the guards to retrive me for the corination, so I HAVE to tell them now. But how will I tell them? We've known each other for years, and now, if I tell them, they will probably lose their trust in me. But I have to take risks. But on the bright side if they know that I'm the princess, when the guards take me to Zenith, they will know where I am and that I am safe, and they won't end up embarrassing themselves by bursting through the doors of the castle during the corination. "All right, here goes...well everything" "Hey girls" -Musa- "Hey Tec, what's wrong?" -Tecna- "Listen, I have something to tell you, so could you all sit down for this? It's a bit of a shocker." They sit down on the sofa and chairs. "I'm the princess of Zenith" Musa's eyes go big. -Musa- "I thought the king didn't have a daughter" -Tecna- "He didn't. I was chosen. I don't know why, but they chose me." -Bloom- "Why are you telling us this just now?" -Tecna- "Well, today is my corination. But the great thing is you guys can...
Fan fiction by FloraorStella posted 1 month ago
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Icy wanted a story about herself so I gave her one. Only she's not a witch here. She's more. One-shot. Dark.

In my perception, I would appear as a random girl wandering through the streets and casually window-shopping. But that was not what I was really doing. I wore dull, black and gray clothes. They spoke of lack and it described me. I took things from people and left them with nothing.

My hair, a freakishly light blonde that might have passed for white, would have caused people to think that I was an old lady. Except for when they saw my face, of course. It might have been my eyes that had scared them away. Not the eye color, but the look I gave them.

No one bothered to talk to me, my smiling sinister face sending them retreating. To me, it felt satisfactory and I delighted in how their faces would fill with fear. Yes, my eyes were evil. Yes, they spoke of things I probably couldn't say out loud. Mostly, it told them to stay away. No one here wanted me close to them. They knew who I was. They shivered as I walked closer to them and tried desperately to get away. Some knew I was among them, most didn't.