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Opinion by zanhar1 posted 21 days ago
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It seems to me that Winx has really lost its magic touch. I honestly feel like I've been growing away from the show. I love the first 3 seasons but the latest 3 just don't even seem like the same show anymore. Honestly I hate these 3 seasons, I really I do. Again, I don't even feel like I'm watching the same show; it's like watching a new show but the characters have all the same names as the characters from the other show and are drawn similar.
All this said I'm going to explain why I feel this way.

For one all the girls seem to look the same and dress the same. They used to have originality. The transformations like Magic Winx weren't so uniformed as they are now. Now they have the same outfit with a different color palate which is a darn shame. Those school uniform things are really horrendous. They're casual attire used to actually reflect their personalities. Techna and Musa wore pants and sneakers showing that they weren't as girly as all the others. Now they are wearing the same school uniforms with the mini-skirts and the heels. Musa's outfit had reflected more of a hip-hop theme which went hand in hand with her attitude. Now she's just wearing the...
Article by Avater13 posted 1 month ago
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This Winx Club Quiz will help you identify yourself. If you lived in the Magical Dimesion, Are you a Fairy, Wizard or Witch? Let's find OUT!

1. What spell sounds magical to you?
A. Rays of Pure Light
B. Ice Bolts
C. Round of Claps

2. What's a perfect animal sidekick?
A. Pegahorse (Unicorn)
B. Bats
C. Owl

3. If you had powers, where'd you go to school?
A. Alfea
B. Cloudtower
C. Red Foundation

4. What do you like to be?
A. Fairy
B. Witch
C. Wizard

5. What club of the Winx Club Series do you like?
A. Winx Club
B. The Trix
C. The Specialists

6. What's your personality?
A. Kindness, Bravery, Generous
B. Evil Deeds, Hate, Torture
C. Brave, Strong, Fighter

7. Who'd be your friend?
Fan fiction by Avater13 posted 1 month ago
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This fanfiction is far beyond The Winx Club Series. This is made by Avater13. This fanfiction is really quick, so please minded the shortness of this story. Thank You for reading!

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!", screamed The Winx in their Dimentix Fairy Form as the The Dark Wizards attacked with full force. The Winx and The Specialists has been battling them for a while. It was the Final Battle in The Omega Dimesion. The leader, Orgon faught against Bloom and Aisha. Troller (Vice Leader) faught against Tecna and Musa. Devon faught against Stella and Flora. The Specialists help their girlfriends.
"Winx, let's the a converge.", yelled Bloom at The Winx. "Winx, Dimentix Converge", yelled the fairies as their powers combine.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", yelled The Dark Wizards as the converge destroyed them in ice of The Omega Dimension.
It was finally over. But The Winx were so exhuasted that they didn't move. The Specialists each carried their girlfriends to the surface, but none of them could wake up.