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Fan fiction by MissUnknown13 posted 11 days ago
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Till now: Stormy is gravely sick and the only cure to her fever is the a flower called 'Pyro'. To get the flower their mother must cross the Red Bridge but it is guarded by dragon warriors.
Icy and Darcy find out that their father was killed by Queen Marion herself which effects Icy the most. What plan does she have in her mind??


After weeping in her room for half an hour, Icy finally found the strength to lift herself up. She was the eldest of her sisters so it was her duty to protect them, she had to strong.

Icy comes out of her room as if nothing happened. She sits on the dinner table and says,"Mom, I'm starving! When will dinner be ready?"
Icy's mother and Darcy both are surprised. "It will be ready soon, only if you come here and help me." said her mother with a happier tone.
"Come on. Darcy is more than enough help." replied Icy.
Soon, dinner was ready. As usual they ate chicken soup, rice and bread. Icy was enjoying it the most while she use to be the first to complain about having the same thing.
Article by Avater13 posted 15 days ago
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Narration Singing is Riven.
The scene is settled as the Specialists are traveling in the Red Fountain Ship throughout the Magical Dimension.
It's time to let this party begin
Get your hands in
One For All, All For One
Specialists Get It Done

Welcome Back To Yourself
Back to your handsome smile
Now you're shining like
A sword super wiped

Weapons Up and We Are Good To Go
We are the boys United
And the Heroes Inside Us
It's the Way-O-Way-O-Way Of Sirenix

Our fists are pumping
And the blades are jumping
It's the Way-O-Way-O-Way of Sirenix

We Got It
If You Guys were Curious About the Sirenix Specialists' Roll Call, Hope U Last the Bonus!

Article by magicenchantix posted 17 days ago
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We are the Winx
Come on get up and play
Sparkling and wonderful
We're magic all the way
Let's sing it loud we are the Winx
Turn on your smile, get up and play
We're sparkling, we're wonderful
We're magic all the way

We'll light the sky
Flying together
Shimmering bright
Rising forever
Let's sing together

We are the Winx
Come on get up and play
Sparkling and wonderful
We're magic all the way
Never give up
It's time to get up
It's always better when we are together
Your hand in mine
It's gonna be fine
Stronger, faster we will do it right

Magic and spells
Laughters as well
Life is beautiful when you're around
It's like a rainbow in the sky
It's sparkles and lights
Just look in my eyes
We're gonna jump and fly
Let's sing it loud we are the Winx