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Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted 6 days ago
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I can't feel my senses I just feel the cold. All colors seem to fade away I can't reach my soul.

She never quite liked it at all. The feeling of her powers. She wasn't born with them, not like the others. It was by chance.

By tragedy.

That she had come into them.

The cold was stinging, paining. She had struggled to get away from it, logged to get away from it. She was dying. It was killing her all too slowly.

Killing her until all she could feel was the cold.

Just when she thought she was lost to the frost; her blood frozen through and through, heart slowed to practically dead.

Just when she couldn't feel her own soul...

By some act of mercy or resent from nature, a sort of magic awakened within her.

Her body went cold, completely so.

No matter how much snow she brushed out of her brunette hair, the white remained. Her skin all to pale for what it once was.
Fan fiction by Princess-Flora posted 7 days ago
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With my junior year, I have had less time to write so I thought I would publish my outtakes from all the fan fictions I ever wrote so far.

Alternate choice but not getting used currently for chapter four
Flora: Phew, I made to downtown Magix alive. (Runs inside the mall and spots her friends and they see her)
Bloom: Flora, what’s wrong?
Flora: You know, almost getting my butt killed. (Panting hard)
Layla: He was behind you?
Flora: Yes but I lost him when I ran in front of the oncoming traffic.
Musa: You could have been hit by a car!!!
Flora: I would have stood a chance of living if I got hit by a car, rather than a dark death energy sphere.
Stella: A dark death energy sphere!
Flora: Yes, I thought being in the hospital would be better than six feet under.
Tecna: she has a point (the boys walk over to them when they see their girlfriends at the mall)
Bloom: Tecna, you’re not helping!
Fan fiction by XxLalasaysxX posted 19 days ago
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Flora’s POV

“I’m glad you accept.” Helia said as he swung me around then set me back down on the ground.
“How’d you think about doing that.” I asked while looking back up at him.
“I...actually came up with the idea.” Janessa said while rubbing her head.
“The time that Icy started irritating your relationship she tore you guys apart,” She said
I remember what happened after the incident at the mall and how I snapped at him.
“You two getting remarried would be perfect to start new and put all of that stuff behind you.” She said. I walked over and hugged her.
“Thank you.” I said.
“Don’t mention it.”
“We should all start planning tomorrow for now I think we should celebrate Flora being back with us, and the return of Helia and Stormy.” Brandon suggested.
“Agreed!” We all said in unision.


They all decided to tidy up the palace, while Icy was there she tossed some things around and left the place a mess. Then after that they had some free time and decided to play some board games....