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Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted 5 hours ago
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Flora tapped the flower to her nose.

This flower was a special one. A very special one. It was placed in a separate vase from the rest.

Each flower was a symbol of someone she’d lost.

Flora had five sisters at one point. After a horrible storm tore through their home, she was left with only one. Miele.

The others were now simply flowers in a vase. A loving memory.

For Julia, Flora kept a bright yellow daisy. The girl was the eldest sibling, she was also the brightest of them and the cheeriest. For Katie she kept a rose; she was the second eldest. The beauty of the six. For Ladybelle—the fourth eldest (Flora had her beat by a year)—Flora selected a bushel of bluebells. Simply because Ladybelle loved them so. And just a year younger than Ladybelle was Lily. The obvious choice there was a Lily.

And for Helia—her sweet beloved Helia—Flora picked out a tulip.

She’d lost him to Stormy. Fate was harsh. Very harsh.
Article by Princess-Flora posted 7 hours ago
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1. I was very surprised ! I did not expect to win this month because there were others who deserved it as well :).

2. My favorite character is Aisha / Layla ♥,She is talented, beautiful, intelligent, kind, caring, loyal, friendly, sweet,brave, understanding and amazing!

3.Bloom - She is a Mary-Sue, Annoying, Attention seeking, selfish fairy who always gets the spotlight in the show.

4.I Like most of the transformations but my Favorites would be Harmonix and Enchantix ♥.

5. I would say Sophix, It is a terrible Transformation.

6. I love how Everyone is so friendly, understanding and caring ♥.

7. It is perfectly fine the way it is.

8. The good plots!

9. Season 3 - Best plot, Transformation and Villain ♥

10. Season 6.

11. Pixies - They are so cute ♥

12. Faragonda, She is very intelligent and i love how she cares for her students.
Fan fiction by XxLalasaysxX posted 15 hours ago
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They looked back at Musa who was being held back by someone. And that someone turned out to be Future Riven. When they looked back he let her go. Musa punched him in the arm.
“Sorry but it’s urgent.” He said while looking at future Flora and stepping up to her.
“You can’t go back that way because of you making noise the queen has been alerted and is on her way.”
She swore under her breath.
“And what are you guys doing back here?” He asked turning to the other 3.
“Tecna left her phone here and needed to come back and get it.” Musa explained.
“Did you get it?”
They nodded.
“Okay you need to come up with another plan. Come back in here.” He said while walking back into the room they found the phone in and closed the door.
“So what are you going to do?” Riven asked.
Flora’s thoughts were interrupted by someone yelling in the hallway.
“What’s this?” Someone said.
“It’s her!” He said.
“They’re in there get in there and capture the intruders!”