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Opinion by ateebarehman posted 2 days ago
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Layla: this was alfea so nice & beautiful.
Musa:hi! My name is musa & I'm from melody r u new in school??
Layla: yes my name is Layla & I'm princess of Andros.
Musa:😮 my majesty welcome.
Layala: no majesty u can call me layla .....
Musa: come on I will introduced my friends.. This was Bloom,stella,flora & tecna.
Layala: nice to Meet u.
Bloom: r u from Andros??
Layla : yes but how do you know??
Stella: Mrs faragonda said there was a girl coming from Andros..
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Opinion by ateebarehman posted 3 days ago
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Stella: hey! Bloom how was these dresses?? See how was these diamond dress fabulous right??
Bloom:stella I'm doing some work can't u see? 😈
Stella: u always talks with sky.😕
The fight Cary on......
Musa: hey! Girls don't fight.
Stella:I don't want to see bloom face again..
Bloom:what.😲. Okay then me too don't want to see her face
Bloom was crying in her room suddenly
Icy: hey bloom! Your friend fight with you...
Darcy: I think her friend don't care about you.
Stormy: right..
Bloom: the trix..
Icy:s we are trix..
Stormy: we will make u an enemy the u will fight with stella ha ha ha.....
Bloom: no need..
Darcy: u need..stormic power,now u r change
Stella inter in Bloom's room
Stella:I'm sorry bloom.for the thinks I tell u.
Stella: bloom what happened to u??
Bloom:dragon fire..
Fan fiction by floraisthebest2 posted 14 days ago
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Flora: hey guys Ms. Faragonda wants to see us.
Bloom: really, what for
Flora: I don't know.
Aisha: well, come on then.
At the office
Ms. Faragonda: come sit girls
Musa: why did you call us here
Ms. Faragonda: Diana called
Bloom: why?
Ms. Faragonda: because, dear she has a mission for you. She said to pick 2 people cause she picked one person already.
Bloom: who's the chosen person and the two other people.
Ms.Faragonda: Flora is chosen and the picked people are Musa and Aisha
Bloom: oh, ok, can't there be 1 one more person please
Inside Flora's head:
Oh I didn't want to be picked. I thought it would be Bloom.

Sorry it's so short next one will be longer
BYES guys