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Fan fiction by yasmin124 posted 12 hours ago
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Ella . well done Flora For saving me your a hero

Aisha . go hero Flora

Tecna . yeah

Flora wait i really have to go

Ella . why

Flora. i need to talk to Helia bye guys see ya

Flora . Helia i missed you soooooooooooooooo much

Helia . i missed you too

Flora. Helia im sooooooooooooooo sorry please forgive me

Helia . its ok

Flora . thanks for forgiving me i love you

Helia . Helia awww i love you soooooooooooooo much i love you more then anthing esel your the best girl ever baby

Flora . awww thats sweetest thing ever

Helia . i got you a cat

Flora . aww its so cute your best boyfriend ever kisses you

Helia . kisses you back

Flora . i think ill name my cat Glitter

Helia . nice cat nme
Fan fiction by TaySFloraVEVO posted 3 days ago
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Autumn POV

I sat between Helia and Julien on the way back to Magix. We had went to our uncle Saladin's mansion over the summer and now we're tired and exhausted, but it was worth it. We basically spent all of our time either playing basketball or swimming in the pool, and I honestly don't think I've ever had that much fun in my life. A bang interrupted my thoughts as the train lurched to a stop. I frowned and looked around, confused, right as a voice came over the loudspeaker.

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid we're experiencing some technical difficulties. We will be back on the move in a few minutes."

"Julien, I think something's wrong."

"Uh, it's a bit obvious," He smirked

"No I mean I don't think it's just 'technical difficulties', I think something is messing with the train, there's a lot of negative energy around."

Julien frowned, I assume trying to sense what I was sensing. His eyes widened a bit suddenly. "Yeah, I can feel it."
Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted 3 days ago
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At long last it was in her hands.

The ring of Solaria. She curled her fingers around the precious metal. It was hot to the touch, if she hadn't worked so hard to get it, Icy would've tossed it right into the air vent. Heat wasn't Icy's favorite thing in the world to say the least. But what was she expecting from the ring of Solaria--a mini fridge?

No matter, the ring would soon pave the way to total world domination. She Darcy and Stormy would be on their way to victory as soon as the two of them got out of class and joined her in the dorm.

As she waited she began to ponder upon the whole thing. Those ridiculous faeries had been all to easy to fool. All it took was the promise of a cheap date and Darcy playing Stella to get that ring. The other four waltzed right into their trap; Icy had no doubt in her mind that those faeries would never let their friend die over something as 'silly' as a ring.
And thank God for that.