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Fan fiction by emily_waz_here_ posted 5 days ago
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all girls ( except Stella): hurry up
Stella: fine fine just give me a second
Bloom: but we're already 20 minutes late
Stella: fine I'm finished you happy now
Bloom: yes
Tecna: come on girls before the guys think we forgot about them
(With the boys)
Riven: I just knew that they would be late, there always late
Helia: riven calm down I am sure they will be hear any minute now
Riven:if you say so
(Finally the girls arrive)
Bloom: sorry we are late we had to wait on Stella
Sky: that's ok just glad you made it
Stella: snookums!
Brandon: hey Sunshine
Helia: hey flora you look beautiful
Flora: thanks ( blushing)
Riven: I don't mean to break up the love fest but where is musa
Tecna: she was right behind us maybe she forgot something
Riven: yea I guess
( In the shadows someone watched them making sure the everything was going just as planned)

Fan fiction by Princess-Flora posted 5 days ago
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Chapters 14-20

The letter I wrote to them said this
[i]Dearest sisters,
I have news to tell you three. I have found out that I am not related to you by blood. My birth mother is our father’s sister, but she was killed right after I was born and he took me under his wing. The reason I didn’t stay with my actual father is the war that broke out about the Linphean Legends that killed my mother caused him to resort back to dark magic. That’s another thing summer might have the longest hours of daylight, but everything goes dark at some point, so what I mean by this is dark magic runs in my veins. The darkness might be over powered by light, but when the moon is full I’ll have to be careful. Not matter what you three will always be my sisters. Blood doesn’t mean a thing, whose been there when you have needed them is your family.
Ashlyn Eira, princess of Linphea and Queen of the winter sector in this realm. You are my older sister and before you were sent away I gave you the nickname Asher because I could never pronounce Ashlyn Eira. You...
Article by Princess-Flora posted 5 days ago
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1. What was your reaction about being FOTM?

I was surprised, honestly. The spot has kind of died down since school and classes have resumed for the most of us, and it's sad. I didn't post that much - though I've been trying to find time. So, thanks for voting for me guys :)

2. Favorite Character?

I think most people should know this by now, but if you're newer to the spot and have decided to read my 'exciting' interview... Then Tecna is my favorite. She's been my favorite since the very beginning and I'm sure she will always be my favorite.

3. Least Favorite Character?

Bloom. If you want more information as to why I dislike her, click here.

4. Favorite Transformation?

I think it's a tie between Winx/Charmix and Enchantix. I really love the simplicity of the original transformations and even though Charmix wasn't this whole big new outfit, I really love the way the girls earn the charms. Believing in yourself and admitting your mistakes and weaknesses is something really hard to do - and I really connected more with the characters in season two because of this...