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Fan fiction by princesskavya12 posted 25 days ago
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Winx are fighting the three ancestral witches and the trix in Domino
Blooms P.O.V (point of view)
“I won’t let you win, for my parents and planet.” I say angrily while shooting a fire ball at the trix. Darcy dodge while icy and stormy hit the ground. Other girls, specialist, Daphne, Mrs. Faragonda, Mrs. Griffin and Mr. Saladin are fighting with the ancestral witches. Darcy shoots daggers at me “you won’t succeed this time.” I dodge them and while I and Darcy are fighting Icy and Stormy come back. “We’ll see that, Dragon fire cage” I say and shoot a mega fire cage trapping the trix in. “icicles, thunder wind, ” trix try to break out but fails. While the trix are trapped I go help others. “Enormous wave Poisonous ivy,” Flora and Layla attack a convergence at the ancestral witches. Ancestral witches block the attack. Daphne “we need to make all of our powers converge when they are weak so that the ancestral witches can be defeated for once and for all.” says while blocking a coming attack. “Ok then lets do it now and finish this.” Mrs. Faragonda says giving a hint to Mrs. Griffin and Mr. Saladin to do their convergence. They converge...
Fan fiction by floraisbest1 posted 1 month ago
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(Flora was playing a game with her big sister, Bloom. )
Flora- I win
Bloom- that's not fair you played this like a million times you already know it
Diana- stop fighting you two
(Suddenly a blast of magic hit Flora and she lost conciousness)
Bloom- FLORA!!
(Flora and Bloom's brother, Brandon runs down the stairs)
Brandon- what happened
Diana- someone blasted your little sister
Brandon- who, sounding very angry
Bloom- who cares
Bloom- Magic WINX sophix

Sorry it's so short
I'll make next one longer please keep reading
News by magicenchantix posted 1 month ago
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Hey everyone! I am here to tell you that I have created a new winx club forum. The first one I had


is still okay to sign up on but I decided to make another one
this one I thought was going to be delted cause I went on to add some things and found a message saying that it did not follow terms of use under coppywrite ifrigment so I panicked and Made another forum. I was going to wait to see if this second forum would be deleted but I wanted to get a head start and then later on I found out that I can still get on it and i find no problem yet but I still run my new forum and I like it a little better than my second forum. Here is the Link: http://winxforevermagic.crazy4us.com/
It would be great if you all could please join my forum. It don't matter which one but I would like it if you join my third one and my first one. You can role play, chat with friends, ask question and make suggestions on how to make the...