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Fan fiction by Winxclubgirl202 posted 13 hours ago
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A daughter of darkness
Just a little something


We Came To Battle Baby
Icy prepared for war, she and her sisters were going to take over Magix.

We Came To Win The War
With Bloom's power inside Icy there was no way the schools could stand against her. She would win the war

Till we get what we're looking for
Icy wouldn't stop until she won the war, then the white witch would be satisfied

We're blowing out our speakers
The sound of her monster army could be heard for miles away, warning they are near.

There goes the neighborhood
Magix would be under her control, Icy felt confident that everything would go to plan.

A Little Scissor Happy
The Trix had their weapons. Themselves with the dragon flame no one could stop them.

[i]A Little Misunderstood[i]
She had once been understood as a child but now Icy would prove that she could take over the Magix dimension.
Fan fiction by LoveFlora posted 1 day ago
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A Christmas Kiss [Flora&Helia One-shot]

It was early Morning in Alfea. Usually the students are asleep, but not today. Today is Christmas Eve! Students and teachers walked around the Alfea talking and putting the decorations. Today, however, Winx girls were separated from each other, doing their own things.

Bloom was talking to Mike and Vanessa on the phone. She would leave the ground at the next day. Today is Christmas Eve´s Ball, (and winx´s and specialist´s own party, later in the night, after the party.) So she wanted to postpone the trip abou a day.

Stella was in her room making outfits for the evening´s ball. She has just finished Aishas dress. Stella would leave to Solaria at the same time as Bloom to Earth.

Musa was in Alfea´s Hall cheching that microphones and band instruments work. Musa wouldn´t leave Alfea at all. Her father was visiting a childhood friend's house, so Musa did not bother to go to an empty house.
Fan fiction by yasmin124 posted 1 day ago
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Flora. bye winx i hate you
Icy . i heard you say you hate the winx so do we
Flora, cool can i join you
Icy . of course you can
Flora . thanks Icy your the best
Icy . no we are the best by the way meet Charlotte
Flora . ok
Charlotte . you must be Flora hi im Charlotte
Flora . yes im Flora nice to meet you im joining your gang

Charlotte . cool
Flora . very cool
Charlotte we can take over the world mu ha ha
Flora . i agrre
Icy . me 2
Darcy . me 3
Stormy . me 4
Valtor . enough with the jokes
Flora . yes sir

Flora. come on guys let hurt the winx and take over Linfia
Icy . yeah
Bloom . weres Flora
Stella . i dont know
Tecna lets go on a mission
Musa . ok lets gO
Aisha , first stop red fountain
Tecna . hi Helia
Helia . hey
Musa . we want to ask you were Flora is