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Fan fiction by XxLalasaysxX posted 22 hours ago
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Flora’s POV

I woke up and my vision was blurred I was on some cold hard ground. My vision clears up and I see someone standing in front of me with their arms folded. I had absolutely no idea who it was.
“I see you woke up.” She said.
“Umm, who’re you?” I ask while rubbing my head.
“I’m... Helia’s older sister.” She says. My eyes widen.
“Say what now?”
“You heard me. I know what’s been going on with you and them. And I finally decided to help you. And uh, sorry about you know, your eye. I didn't mean to scratch it like that. I tried to fix it with some magic but it left a yellow streak.”
I honestly didn't care about my eye at this point. Helia never talks about his sister around others for me it was weird talking to her right now. She hadn’t even come to the wedding which is why I didn’t recognize her.
“I know he doesn’t talk much about me our history was pretty crazy but that’s not the point.” She said while holding out a hand for me. I grab it and she helps me up.
Fan fiction by zanhar1 posted 3 days ago
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Taken from a prompt by frostbite883 on tumblr; An Icy/Bloom fic in which Bloom is being haunted by a ghost and doesn't know why until...

Before I start with the actual story, the A/U comes from the fact that both Icy and Bloom will be human. They live on Earth. Bloom is a college student—living off on her own in an apartment and Icy has been out ‘in the real world’ for some time, has a job, etc.

The darkness loves you.

It needs you.

You need it.

It’s cold in here.

The whisper was soft and sweet. It lingered on the fringes of her dream. Still present as Bloom returned from a deep sleep.
Still present after the girl’s eyelids fluttered open.

So cold.

Always cold.

It was a nightly mantra.

It was growing so tiresome.

Bloom picked up the small sheet of paper resting on her nightstand. She toyed with it for a moment and put the paper to her lips. She was skeptical about doing so… but she’d call in the morning.
Fan fiction by XxLalasaysxX posted 5 days ago
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This One-shot is based off of the ending of my story Futuristic so uhhh might wanna read that before you read this. Enjoy!
*WARNING* Dramatic Overload!!!

Future Flora’s POV

Just as the others went back to their time I got knocked over by one of the beetles and it bit me 3 times on my right arm before I pushed it off then shot it with an arrow. I drop the bow and I look at my mutilated arm.
“No no no no no, this can’t be happening, not now!” I yell. I don’t even care if one of the guards catch me at this point I’m dying either way. I need to meet at our rendezvous and at tell them what happened. I pulled down my sleeve and picked my bow back up and I started to make my way there.
How was I going to tell them? How would they react? were the thoughts that ran through my head as I walked to an abandoned warehouse 3 locks from where I was. I walked in making sure no one was following me first. I saw them all sitting in there, even Riven. At least he escaped alright. They all seemed fine from what I saw, I guess I was the only one that got injured.