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Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted 10 days ago
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I woke up. I couldn't see well, but I was able to see myself. I have grey fur, grey patches on my legs, paws, and tail, with a blue tip on the tail.

"Hello?" I called out. Gosh, I didn't think I knew how to talk.

"Yo! Are you alright?" A voiced called out to me. Someone was trying to find me!

"I...don't know" I responded.

"You don't know?" The voice responded. It was a white female wolf with purple eyes.

"Who are you?" I asked her.

"I'm Lilly. It's nice to meet you. Are you new?" Lilly asked me.

"Again, I don't know" I responded. I didn't know if this wolf was friendly or not.

"Okay...what's your name?" Lilly questioned me again.

"I think it was...something...I don't remember" I responded nervously.

"Something unknown?" Lilly asked.

"No...that's not my name. I think it was Unsung..." I responded.
Article by alicia386 posted 12 days ago
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Chapter 2 – Southern Belle Rule #14: Never Drink Alcohol
Jazmyn Langston stood in front of her mirror feeling defeated. Her auburn hair was braided to the side, but there were still loose strands. She wore ripped, faded skinny jeans and a tight fitting Paramore t-shirt that barely fit over her belly button with black combat boots. Nothing in her closet made her look as if she belonged. The images of the beautiful girl across the street made her grit her teeth and change her outfit for the third time.
The girl across the street wasn’t the only reason why she thought she didn’t belong in Brantley County. Everyone in the town dressed as if they were from a magazine. All the girls had perfect hair that wasn’t close to the frizzy disaster Jazmyn has to deal with every day. Their clothes were always neat and elegant. No one wore ragged skinny jeans and oversized graphic tees. When she walks down the street, she could feel scrutinizing eyes on her, judging her unkempt hair and sloppy outfits. It was awful being the odd ball from New York City.
Article by alicia386 posted 1 month ago
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Book cover
Chapter 1– Southern Belle Rule #5: Dress Well and Presentable at All Times
    The plush pink carpet was starting to aggravate Cara in unimaginable ways. She remembered begging her mother for pink carpet years ago because all the girls in the neighborhood wanted pink carpet. When she got it, she had been the only with that color carpet. She remembered how proud she felt boasting to the other girls about how she was the first with pink carpet. Over the years, she realized how ridiculous the color pink was. Pink is for little girls and a week from now, she would no longer be a little girl. She will be an official southern belle. The carpet was jeopardizing everything.
    Making a mental note to herself to fix the carpet, she retreated downstairs to where she smelled blueberry waffles that told her that her mama was home. She moved a little faster until she reached the kitchen. Standing over the counter with a Southern Living Magazine in her hands, her mama munched on her waffles with her eyes intent on the magazine. Cara felt a little jolt of happiness in her bones at the sight of her mother. She was almost never home in the...