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Article by sawfan13 posted 1 month ago
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The way I see high school is like one big shark tank, and I'm just that one little fish that tries to get by. I'm so fucking glad that I'm a senior. I don't have to deal with these dickheads and bitches anymore.

I escape my days of high school, dreaming about some hot newkid dropping by and staying, who's gay like me, and likes me. Or I go home, write erotic slash Undiscovered fan fiction and watch t.v, snuggling up with my husky, Sadie.

Being a boy in high school is hard enough, but being gay in high school in a small southern town is even worse. You don't know how many people come up to me asking me why I don't get saved or change my ways for God. I know God loves me. He's the biggest reason why I haven't killed myself or haven't gotten killed in this town already.

I stay in my room a lot. I usually draw really sexy pictures of Criss Angel or Taylor Kitsch just to pass the time, but I get really lonely. Mom is worried about me becoming a complete hermit, but I know that soon it will be time for college and I'll leave soon.
Fan fiction by LorMel posted 3 months ago
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My name is Emerald Dawn. I'm a 14 year old pre-teen girl...in case you couldn't tell by my name. I'm going to tell you a true story. The story on how I was the lone serviver in the attack of The Slender Man.
Everything I'm about to tell you, is real...be warned...

It was a cool evening in December, so cool that it was snowing.
I had my two best friends with me, a 12 year old named Anna, about to be 13 in a week, and her sister, Melody, turning 10 in 2 months.
Anna & Melody were playing tag in the backyard, I was making snow angles, when Anna got the idea to play hide-and-seek untill the sun sets. Melody thought it was great.
"Emerald," Anna said, "Wanna join us?"
I crossed my arms.
"You both know I'm horrible at hide-and-seek!" I whined like a 5 year old.
Melody chuckled.
"Alright suit yourself!"
They both ran off into the forest. Seconds after they'd gone running into the woods, something caught my eye.
Article by kyranww posted 3 months ago
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I cant believe that he gave me a detention. All i was doing was sketching my teacher on my textbook. I personally thought that it was pretty life like, but i guess he disagreed. My art teacher said I should work at my talent but then again i suppose she didn't mean during math.
Well i guess i should probably start to head to his room then, it is on the other side of the school and i have only twelve minutes to get there. As i walk along these old fashioned corridors i realize that the classrooms on either side of me are empty. But wait, that's not right its only fourth period there should be at least a few classes in this department, I'm pretty sure that Mr Ads's classroom is at the end of the math department and if i can get there with a few minutes to spare i'm sure that i might be able to finish earlier. The floor is shining in the sun light and although the linoleum floor has a nice clean quality to it the floor around the some of the doors seems to dimmer and it is almost like the shadows them selves are trying to crawl out of those rooms as the other rooms seem to glow with some unearthly light.