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Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted 4 months ago
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Issue #1

*Japanese Countryside School*

Teacher: Everyone, we have a new student here all the way from America.

Yuki: *Looks at her friend* I wonder who it is?

Yuki’s Friend: *Shrugs*

Teacher: Welcome our new student, his name is Nick.

Nick: *Walks in nervously, has black hair, a red baseball cap pale-ish skin, dazzling brown eyes, and a slim but muscular figure* Hello...

Yuki’s Friend: *Whispers to Young Yuki* Wow...this guy is cute...

Yuki: *Blushes* I kind of agree...

Teacher: Would any of you like to ask questions about Nick?

Yuki’s Friend: What is America like?

Nick: Well...it’s big...very big...I’m from a state called California, specifically a city named Davis.

Yuki: What is Davis like?

Nick: Davis is a very green town, with lots of family owned shops and bikes everywhere.

Souhei: *Watching, jealously*
Article by sawfan13 posted 6 months ago
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The way I see high school is like one big shark tank, and I'm just that one little fish that tries to get by. I'm so fucking glad that I'm a senior. I don't have to deal with these dickheads and bitches anymore.

I escape my days of high school, dreaming about some hot newkid dropping by and staying, who's gay like me, and likes me. Or I go home, write erotic slash Undiscovered fan fiction and watch t.v, snuggling up with my husky, Sadie.

Being a boy in high school is hard enough, but being gay in high school in a small southern town is even worse. You don't know how many people come up to me asking me why I don't get saved or change my ways for God. I know God loves me. He's the biggest reason why I haven't killed myself or haven't gotten killed in this town already.

I stay in my room a lot. I usually draw really sexy pictures of Criss Angel or Taylor Kitsch just to pass the time, but I get really lonely. Mom is worried about me becoming a complete hermit, but I know that soon it will be time for college and I'll leave soon.
Fan fiction by LorMel posted 7 months ago
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My name is Emerald Dawn. I'm a 14 year old pre-teen girl...in case you couldn't tell by my name. I'm going to tell you a true story. The story on how I was the lone serviver in the attack of The Slender Man.
Everything I'm about to tell you, is real...be warned...

It was a cool evening in December, so cool that it was snowing.
I had my two best friends with me, a 12 year old named Anna, about to be 13 in a week, and her sister, Melody, turning 10 in 2 months.
Anna & Melody were playing tag in the backyard, I was making snow angles, when Anna got the idea to play hide-and-seek untill the sun sets. Melody thought it was great.
"Emerald," Anna said, "Wanna join us?"
I crossed my arms.
"You both know I'm horrible at hide-and-seek!" I whined like a 5 year old.
Melody chuckled.
"Alright suit yourself!"
They both ran off into the forest. Seconds after they'd gone running into the woods, something caught my eye.