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posted by MaddieChan
Rena Ryuugu

"It's so cute, I want to take it home!" - Signature quote
"Omochiikaeri~!" (I want to take it home!) - Signature quote
"Friends. Those companions you speak of are only friends during those fun, yet unimportant times. When painful times come, they won't be your ally." - to Keiichi Maebara
"Kana? Kana?" (I wonder? I wonder?) - Signature quote
"USO DA!" (Translated as "LIAR!") - Signature quote (mainly directed to Keiichi Maebara)
"Found you, Keiichi-kun..." - to Keiichi Maebara
"Don't worry, I used the blunt end of the knife." - to Keiichi Maebara
"I’m the only one that can help you, Keiichi-kun....
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posted by MaddieChan
Rena is in the same grade level as Maebara Keiichi, though she is slightly younger than him, with her birthday falling in July. As Higurashi takes place in June, Rena would not yet have turned 16.
Rena is known to have an obsession with all things cute and will often try to take those things home with her, whether they are hers to take or not. Such things include the "Kenta-kun" doll, Furude Rika, Hanyū, Satoko, and any of the club members in punishment game outfits. She spends much of her time "treasure-hunting" at the town's trash heap in search of cute things, which often appear appealing...
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posted by MaddieChan
Higurashi When They Cry (ひぐらしのなく頃に. When the Cicadas Cry), known simply as When They Cry for the North American release of the anime adaptation, is a Japanese murder mystery dōjin soft sound novel series produced by 07th Expansion. The games are built on the NScripter game engine and are playable on Microsoft Windows PCs. The first game in the series, Onikakushi-hen, was released on August 10, 2002, and the eighth and final game in the original PC series, Matsuribayashi-hen, was released on August 13, 2006. While the first four games carried the overall title Higurashi no...
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posted by MaddieChan
Mion is the heir of the head of the Sonozaki family, and is the leader of the Hinamizawa School club. As the oldest in the class, she is the Class Representative, often shortened to Class Rep. She is the granddaughter of the current Sonozaki head Sonozaki Oryō. Because her mother, Sonozaki Akane, married a man from outside Hinamizawa, the heritage was passed immediately down to Mion rather than Akane, as she was the next oldest female. As the Sonozaki family is quite rich, it is obvious that Mion has a large allowance. The 50,000 yen that was announced as the winning prize at a game tournament...
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posted by MaddieChan
ika seems like little more than a secondary character for much of the first half of Higurashi. As the story progresses, however, viewers learn that she is actually at the heart of most of the strange events, as her death is the trigger for the Great Hinamizawa Disaster and following incidents. Despite only being killed five times on-screen, dialogue eventually confirms that she has been killed once for every arc (excluding Matsuribayashi-hen and Miotsukushi-hen) and all other unseen worlds.
The villagers of Hinamizawa hold Rika in high esteem, as not only is she the only daughter of the Furude...
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Look at me Satoshi-kun. Look-

Do you see what I've done for you?-

What I sacrificed?-

Do you understand what I've done?-

-Why has it come to this?


When I smash my head onto the ground.-

Will I reach hell?-

Where did I go wrong?-


Satoshi-kun I am sorry...

But will it ever be okay?-

Will you ever be able to forgive me for my sins?


Minna, will you be able to love me again?-

I am sorry for I caused.-

-Trully and deeply sorry.


-Why was I born?

If I wasn't none of this whould have happend, right?

Everyone would have lived a happily ever after.-

Satoshi-kun I am sorry-

-Satoshi-kun I love you......
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Vocals: Kanai Mika as Hojo Satoko
Lyrics: Ebata Ikuko
Composition: Sakakibara Hideki
Arrangement: Isoe Toshimichi

If you’re opening the door, then if you’re not careful, ba-bam-bam-baam
Pay attention to overhead, there’s a basin and kettle, just-as-promised-♪
Thumbtacks and jump rope transform magnificently into a wonderful trap! Transform!

I’m targeting you all the time; if you’re off your guard, then traps activate!
Romping, frolicking, the fun days return! So…
I won’t show…my pains… I mustn’t show them… Laugh!

Nii-nii, I love you!
Nii-nii, I love you!
Nii-nii, I love you!
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posted by MaddieChan
Shion is the older (believed to be younger by everyone but the twins themselves) twin sister of the Sonozaki twins. She was sent to St. Lucia's Boarding School, but escaped with the help of Kasai Tatsuyoshi, a man who acts like a bodyguard to the Sonozaki family.
Shion is the main villain in Meakashi-hen, which appears to be Watanagashi-hen from her perspective (though certain differing events mean the two are truly separate arcs) and shows that she was the main villain in Watanagashi-hen as well. She despised Hōjō Satoko in Meakashi-hen, blaming her for Satoshi's suffering, but in the arcs...
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posted by MaddieChan
Hanyū was once known as the demon god of Onigafuchi (Hinamizawa) under her true name, Hainiryūn Ieasomūru Jieda. She travelled with her clan to the Onigafuchi Swamp and tried to coexist with the human villagers there, but the Furude priest refused to cooperate. However, Furude Riku, the heir to the Furude shrine and inventor of the nickname "Hanyū", fell in love with Hainiryūn and married her. They had a daughter named Furude Ōka, the first in a long lines of humans to carry demon blood. When the villagers of Onigafuchi became violent towards Hainiryūn's clan and could no longer tell...
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Album / Collection: Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Character CD Vol. 1
Track # 1

Description: Ryuugu Rena's Image Song

Rena Voice Actor - Nakahara Mai

kyou wa runrun PIKUNIKKU
obentou tsukurimasho
TAKO-san no UINNA daishuugou
kiiroi tamagoyaki a~mai no de ii ka na (ka na?)
magokoro HANBAAGU aijou koneko ne

It's picnic day today
Let's all make bento together
Octopus-shaped sausages all gather here
I wonder if a yellow fried egg will be good?
Let's make hamburgers with affection

doo ka na? yorokonde kureru to ii na
ikkenai! machiawase wa hayame ni ikanakucha!

I wonder? I hope you like it
Oh dear! If I don't...
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posted by DivaChipette1
Kanji    Romaji    Translated
Anata wa ima doko de nani wo shite imasu ka?
Kono sora no tsuzuku basho ni imasu ka?
Where are you now, what are you doing?
Are you in this endless sky?
Ima made watashi no kokoro wo umete ita mono
Ushinatte hajimete kizuita
Konna ni mo watashi wo sasaete kurete ita koto...
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Infinite Corridor
Vocals: Tamura Yukari as Furude Rika
Lyrics: Ebata Ikuko
Composition: Ebata Ikuko
Arrangement: Oyama Yo

Even though spring is sublime and dreamy, it’s painful
I hide my determination in the depths of my chest and smile

I can see, I can see
The humiliation that I fully knew
The endless corridor
Continues, continues

Ah, the cry of the birds that ate the red fruit
Your mouth and your body
Are dyed by the color of sins…

The truth is always cruel
And I want to cover my ears and eyes
I believe that my song will reach you someday, hey
And let’s make the flowers of miracles bloom
On the dry ground...
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