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I found a funny glitch on Spyro: Year of the Dragon for PsX.
To activate it, do the following:

Go to any world with lava or any other kind of stuff that makes you hurt yourself. I prefer to do this in Molten Crater in the Sunrise Spring homeworld at the beginning of the level, but it can be done anywhere. Jump into the lava, keep burning yourself untill Sparx is gone. What you want to do now is hit the ava one more time, but as you hit the lava, quickly pause the game. You'll feel the controller shake if you did this correctly. Now, don't unpause the game, select 'Exit world'. You'll return...
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posted by AngelOfTheTriad
Oh, yes. My Cheat Engine skills have evolved to the point of being able to put together Gameshark codes.

If anyone is interested in taking mine for a test run:

3006A24C 0145 (It only works on NTSC Spyro 2, sorry to say.)

It will give Spyro complete immunity to attacks from every enemy. He will not take damage, nor will he react to the attacks. Not even from the bosses.

But, you can still get hurt, or die, from falling in lava, falling off the edge, stuff like that.

And, there's a glitch. If you fall in lava and get back out, the stars above Spyro's head will stay until you either Leave the level or activate a cutscene or cutscene-like sequence.
posted by InvaderCynder
Spyro and Cynder awoke in a large dungeon-like room."Spyro! Cynder!" a small voice called out. Spyro shook his head as he tried to wake himself properly."hello?" he called out to the familiar voice."is the dungeon keeper gone?" it asked. he looked at the gate to see nobody guarding it."yes. the area is unguarded."he told the voice with a nod."ok, step back." it ordered a little more clearly. Spyro got Cynder to step back a little and the two crouched down. they were chained to the wall.

CRASH! the vent bars came clean out with a minimum of cracks in the cold steal walls. of course! it was...
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I close my eyes
and I can see
the day we met.
Just one moment and I knew
you're my best friend
and I'd do anything
for you.

We've come so far,
and done so much.
And I feel
like we've always been together.
Right by my side
through thick and thin.
You're the part of my life
I'll always remember.

The time has come!
It's for the best...
I know it is.
Who could have guessed that you and I
somehow someway would have to say goodbye...

The time has come!
It's for the best...
I know it is.
Who could have guessed that you and I
somehow someway...
we would have to say...
posted by InvaderCynder
Serenity woke up first. she was only Five days old but she was able to at least fly. Sparks woke up to the sound of wings beating to see the young dragon lowering herself on the edge of the mountain to see her families old home. a tear came to her eye. sparks rubbed his eyes and flew over to her. he gave out a long scream.

"huh? what is it?" Spyro asked as if he had been awake the whole time. he gasped as he saw Serenity's foot slip. she tried to flap her wings, but she wasn't fast enough and began to tumble down the side of the mountain. a black figure flew down at ludicrous speed, and before...
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posted by Magica
Lol, not that anyone will care, but I'm like super disappointed and feel like an idiot at the moment so I decided to share it. xD

So... after years and years of wondering what that weird island at Midnight Mountain was, I recently found out what's up there. Of course, I could've found out ages ago, but I've never used the internet for assistance on that game. I watched a video on here and it looked a little unrealistic, with the gliding and all, but I thought if that person could do it then I should be able to as well. So I was getting all excited to try it, only to find out I need a gameshark to get up there. xD Hopes and dreams crushed.

-The End.

(If you happen to read this for whatever the reason, PLEASE don't take it seriously and think that I'm literally mad and complaining about it. Kthxbai.)