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*NOTE: These rankings were voted on by the Disney Princess fans, and don't necessarily reflect my own views/opinions*

"i mean, she only wears one outfit. and her outfit in the second movies SUCK!"- princesslullaby

9) Pocahontas: Our Native American beauty takes last place on the best dressed list. Because she only had one outfit in her movie, I asked fans to also pick based off her outfits in the horrible, blasphemous second movie. Some said that her outfits just weren't very impressive, while others claimed that her outfits outranked Snow White's and Mulan's. Whatever the case, poor Poca didn't have what it took to get higher this time around.

"Poor Ariel and the wrath of the 80s. Dressed in two pink monstrosities AND she's a redhead?! It just gets worse and worse."- Straggy

8) Ariel: The little mermaid takes number eight on this countdown. Poor girl was for some reason cursed with two pink dresses, which was a MAJOR turnoff for fans on this countdown. That and her puffy-sleeved wedding dress were really people's only complaints, but it was enough to get her voted out of this countdown quickly.

"Very old fashioned"- Anaji

7) Snow White: I'm happy to say that Snow White didn't get out first! Nobody had anything really horrible to say about her outfits. They're a little old fashioned, but cute. The thing that really brought her down was the fact that she had only two outfits, and one of them was essentially rags.

"Probably for her country her wardrobe is gorgeous, but it is strange for me, however I admit it suits her. But I love others wardrobes better than hers." -ppv

6) Mulan: China's hero, Mulan, comes at number six on this countdown. Most said Mulan's outfits were pretty, but that they just weren't their style. Others said that they didn't like her outfits at all. The fact that she spends most of the movie dressed as a guy didn't help her ranking. In the end, Mulan just didn't have what it took to get into the top five.

"I don't think she dresses wrong for the area of the world she lives in, I just think that her outfits aren't very elegant. She pretty much wears pants the whole movie with the exception of 3 minutes." -queenbee13

5) Jasmine: Jasmine's outfits were loved and hated on this countdown, earning her the last spot in the top five. Some said that she dressed like some sort of cheap, $20 hooker. But, as pointed out by percyandpotter, "Jasmine's outfits were high fashion at the time". However, the mentality that Jasmines clothes were overly slutty held her back this time around.

"meh. other than her final ballgown at her transformation, and her wedding dress, i'm not a huge fan of Tiana's outfits." -percyandpotter

4) Tiana: Our newest princess did surprisingly well on this countdown. Having the largest wardrobe out of all of the princesses (including her outfits as a child, she has a total of 12 outfits!) Some people weren't a big fan of any of her clothes, but the most complaints came about her final green dress and her masquerade outfit. Not to mention that four of her outfits weren't dresses. Overall though, Tiana did pretty well.

"Besides the dress for the ball, she didn't exactly have a great wardrobe." -TearsofPearls32

3) Cinderella: For the sake of being unbiased, I am not going to mention how much I disagree with this, and I'm not going to say how much I think someone else deserves this spot. Anyways, Cinderella takes the number three spot, with a grand total of seven outfits (including the outfit she wore as a little girl). Most people had nothing good or bad to say about her dresses, but many didn't think she should've made it this high, claiming that her only good outfit was her ballgown. I really think that's all that got her here, but she has some other nice clothes too, like her pink dress. Either way, she just made it into the top three.

"WHY IS BELLE STILL HERE? All her outfits were crud except for the green one." -Straggy

2) Belle: Slipping in to our number two spot is Belle. Say all you want about Belle, but you can't deny that there's at least one thing you like in her wardrobe. While some claimed that they disliked Belle's yellow dress, the most hate went to her green dress worn in the library, followed by her blue peasant dress. Most people didn't have much bad to say about her clothes besides that. The only thing that kept her down was the ultimate epicness of the wardrobe of our winner . . .

"I honestly really dislike Aurora's clothes! I didnt realize so many people liked them. The only dress of hers I actually like is her peasant dress!- Mongoose09

1) AURORA: Often hailed as the most beautiful princess, Aurora's clothes lived up to her beauty. She only had three outfits, and two of them were the same in different colors, but they were tasteful and elegant. There were only one or two haters- anyone else that voted against her said that her outfits were pretty. Overall, the girl with the gift of beauty blew past all the others, topping our best dressed list.