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Article by Diazdiaz95 posted 11 hours ago
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Our FOTM for the month of November was the wonderful misscindyspice and I had the pleasure of interviewing her so, without further ado, here is the full interview.

1. Congratulations on being November's Fan of the Month! How does it feel to be FOTM and were you expecting to win? It feels amazing! I wasn't excpecting to win at all, it's such a shock, but I'm so glad that my contributions have been appreciated!

2. Who is your favorite DP and why?
Anna. She's been my favorite since I joined, and will likely be my favorite for a while. I just love her kindness, optimism, and the fact that she's so relatable. Plus, she's freaking adorable, man. I know she isn't the most popular on the club, but she just has this thing about her that's so innocent and likable, that I just adore.

3. Who is your least favorite DP and why?
Mulan. *hides from army of Mulan fans* I know, I know, this probably puts me at the top of everyone's kill list, but I still do like her. I just never found her personality to be that engaging, and always thought of her as a pretty generic character. I still like her a lot though, especially when she...
Opinion by audreybrooke posted 5 days ago
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Awhile ago, I made an article about which Houses the Princesses would be in, and several of you requested that I do one about the princes as well. I’m pleased to announce that this is it!

But before I begin my analyses, it’s time for some disclaimers…

1. About the Houses. Here’s how I tend to think of the Houses of Hogwarts. (Note: I will be saying the most about Slytherin, since Slytherin is most often distorted.)

Gryffindor: values bravery, daring, bold decision-making, rule-breaking, following one’s dreams, standing up for one’s friends, and being overall “fun”/pleasant/courageous.

Slytherin: NOT the Evil House of Evil. Misrepresented, even in canon (going off of the damage control post-DH and in Pottermore and so on). Not essentially racist. Values cunning, quick thinking, elegance and sophistication, ambition, big ideas, slight rule-breaking, and wit. Also known for a great sense of duty to anyone they consider family.
Opinion by MissCinico posted 6 days ago
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I've seen these articles around and I got the urge to do one myself. They seem so fun! And of course I'll give you the links so you can enjoy the music and maybe even get down with your funky self. ANYWAY before I get too crazy let's hit the music!

Snow White - Love Story by Taylor Swift

One song, I have but one song, one song that is perfect for Snow White. Not to diss my beloved Snow White, but I usually associate her with the classic love story, singing about a prince and how he'll carry her away and though her motives aren't always because of her prince ideal I feel that she always keeps that as her most important goal in the movie. So of course she would be most inclined to sing this song.

"Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.
I'll be waiting; all that's left to do is run.
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess,
It's a love story, baby, just say, 'Yes.'"