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Opinion by Frozenswift posted 5 hours ago
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Hey guys! I've seen drama in the club, especially in the polls and just have enough of it. You see, drama is mean and it just makes everything seem crazy. Everyone has their opinion and you should respect that.

When people pick another opinion than yours, you get angry and tells him/her to pick your opinion! In the LEAST favorite polls, you shouldn't be like "LEAVE NOW" to the other picks because some people like that pick

Like I just said, Opinions are only someone's thought, and some people agree

Article by Alantlm posted 5 hours ago
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So, I haven't been around for the past few weeks mainly because of school... but also because I've had been concentrating my Disney and creative efforts on making this video.

I linked the video in well, er the video section but I decided to put the lyrics here just so people could see it all at once... This might not be the place for it but I'm not much of a fanfic prose writer but I do like crossover lyrics.

Youtube video

My fire shines bright in the black of night
Only embers to be seen
A pyre of desolation
And I fear that I’m its Queen
The blaze is burning like this raging pain inside
I ignited the spark when it should have died

What have I done?
What did they see?
Am I the bad girl I always seem to be?
Deny yourself, don’t let it show
Well, now it shows!

Let it glow, let it glow
Opinion by sweetie-94 posted 17 hours ago
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Since I'm from Sweden and I think many songs from here are great I decided to share some of them and explain why they suit each princess the best, don't worry though, all of them are in English, also I tried to pick lesser known songs from here

Snow White - Social Butterfly: Rasmus Viberg

There aren't many songs from Sweden I've been listening to that suits Snow White, but this one really do, first of all she really is a social butterfly (not entirely sure what that is though) and the refrain also suits her perfectly

Cinderella - Stay The Night: Alcazar

There are a couple of songs from Sweden that suits Cinderella quite well, but this one really makes me think of her, Charming wanted her to stay after midnight, but Cinderella wanted to go, the song doesn't really have the perfect speed, in order to match Cinderella better the song should've been a little slower, but besides that it's a perfect fit for Cinderella