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Opinion by JNTA1234 posted 2 days ago
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Yesterday, wrote an article about my grievances with Merida and Brave, it's been deleted. I realized kind of being unreasonable and unfair to both Merida and her movies. Paying only attention to the negative, ignoring the positive and blowing the negative out of proportion. I don't wanna be a negative Nancy and biased hater. Because then I'd be the type of fan I despise. Especially Ariel haters. So let me start over, with what I like about Merida and Brave.

What I like
-Her relationship with her mother is very well down, and very realistic. And to me, the only bright spot about the movie and Merida herself.

-The animation and music are good which is kind of a given.

-Merida is only princess along with Mulan and Rapunzel, to experience character growth and learn from her mistakes(Note I still haven't seen Frozen)

-I love her little brothers.

-She's absolutely gorgeous and shows that Ginger girls are pretty.
Fan fiction by mhs1025 posted 3 days ago
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Pocahontas excitedly continued to climb the tree as Mulan and Merida reluctantly followed. Mulan had to be careful because of the baby. "We're almost there!" Pocahontas called. "Thank goodness!" Mulan said breathlessly. "Are you alright, Lass?" Merida asked. "Oh, I'm fine." Mulan answered. "We're here!" Pocahontas called again. She helped Mulan and Merida up into the "sacred place" up in the tall oak tree.

"Look closely." she instructed. "Nothing's happening." Mulan replied. "Look with your heart." Pocahontas stated. Mulan and Merida looked a the tree again. Suddenly, a face appeared! Mulan and Merida screamed and acted like they wanted to get away from there. "Don't be afraid, children." the tree said calmly. "IT TALKS!" Mulan yelled.

"And I thought Mulan's lizard was scary!" Merida replied. Mulan gave her a dirty look. Pocahontas just giggled slightly. "I must admit-John was also a bit frightened when HE was introduced." she said. "To who?" Merida asked dumbfoundedly. Pocahontas hid a stray laugh. "You're looking at her now. This is Grandmother Willow." she answered.
List by BraBrief posted 5 days ago
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Hello guys! Here's the first part of the countdown dedicated to Disney Princesses Couples Month! All DP kisses were included. The most part of the kisses eliminated are from sequels, but there are also some kisses from original movies that I've never expected to see out. The second part will be upload once the countdown will end!

31.Pocahontas and John Rolfe: First Kiss.

It was to be expected, this couple isn't appreciated a lot. Their faces weren't even seen when they kissed; definitively it's the worst DP kiss.

I hate Pocahontas with John Rolfe... ~LauraLane

30.Cinderella and Prince Charming: Charming Departure Kiss.

In my opinion it's weird this kiss was eliminated too soon; it isn't bad and it isn't their worst one, I think it's very sweet.

Nothing's special. ~3xZ

29.Jasmine and Aladdin: Making Peace Kiss.