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Opinion by avatar_tla_fan posted 9 hours ago
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Merida was worried.

I could get fired for this. I want to keep this job more than anything.

She wasn't sure if dragging Jasmine into the bushes was the best idea.

I wasn't supposed to do this, and now I'll get caught. she thought.

Afterwards she called her friend Ariel.

"Who are you?" Ariel asked.

"I'm your friend, Merida." Merida responded to her.

"I don't have a friend named Merida." Ariel replied back.

Merida hung up the phone. She then went to call Ariel's father to see what was going on.

"My poor daughter has amnesia." He explained. "I'm sorry Merida, but she won't remember you."

Merida was very upset about this. She was worried aboit her job, and now her friend has amnesia and doesn't even remember her! This was an awful day for Merida.

Hopefully things will get better.

They didn't.
Opinion by avatar_tla_fan posted 3 days ago
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Wow, I'm pretty lazy, remaking all of my lists. But I really wanted to show you all my updated list. Similar to my Disney Princess list, this list has changed a lot, so I thought I would remake it. Anyways, please keep in mind that this is my opinion, and we may disagree, so respect my opinion and I will respect yours. I hope you enjoy the article!

12. Mulan.
Oh, another Mulan rant, this should be a joy. Anyways, first I want to say, that all the people I told Beauty and the Beast would be my last forever, it looks like I lied about that. Mulan is now my least favorite. Anyways, what I dislike about this movie is I find it quite average and pretty mediocre. As I've talked about Mulan before, I think she has a pretty basic personality, and I don't think she's that great of a role model, or a character overall. The characters are pretty irritating. Mushu had the potential to be funny, but I don't think it was pulled off pretty well. I dislike the mixed character themes in the movie. Characters like Mulan go on and off in personalities, she's like a different character throughout the movie, it's pretty...
Fan fiction by mhs1025 posted 4 days ago
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"I hope those letters get there on time." Pocahontas said as she was gathering food. "You're getting too anxious. Those things take their time getting delivered." Nakoma replied. Pocahontas had a look of doubt on her face. "Nakoma, I have to ask you something. Do you feel I should make you Mace's godmother?" Pocahontas confessed. Nakoma's jaw dropped slightly. "Pocahontas, that's all up to you. If you want to make Merida Mace's godmother, I understand." Nakoma answered. "Are you sure? I mean, we've known each other all of lives and, I've only known Merida for afew years." Pocahontas wondered. Nakoma put a hand on her shoulder as she smiled.

"I have no problem with whom you choose." she said. Pocahontas felt like there was a weight lifted off her. Knowing she got Nakoma's blessing of Merida being Mace's godmother made her feel better. "I figured I tell her when she got here." she stated. "When she got here?" Nakoma contemplated. "Don't worry. I plan on telling her privately." Pocahontas reassured. She suddenly looked down at the ground.