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Opinion by jacksfrost posted 5 hours ago
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It's time to stop making excuses for Disney. It's time to stop congratulating Disney for including a line of Oaken saying hi to his family, briefly showing them with the small possibility that that's his husband in the sauna, and then calling Frozen revolutionary. Time to stop congratulating Disney over having Elsa, a character that shows no signs whatsoever of being LGBTQA+, just because she doesn't show any signs of being straight either. The fact of the matter is that Disney is the largest, most influential animation company in the entire world, heck, it's one of the largest companies in general in the whole world, animation aside, and we need to expect more from them.

I often hear people say, "But the world isn't ready!" Guess what, the world's never going to be 100% ready! If we keep making that excuse then we're never going to see a LGBTQA+ princess. It's going to be 2050 and there's still gonna be homophobes out there and people are still gonna be saying "But the world isn't ready!" The fact of the matter is that we live in a very open world, much more open than how it's ever been in the past. We still have so much work to do,...
Opinion by jacksfrost posted 9 hours ago
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I'd really love to make an article on my favorite Disney Princesses, but my list still isn't final and I've still got some things here and there to sort out, so I opted out for a prettiest princess list instead. I find all of the princesses to be gorgeous beforehand, though some I just find a little prettier than others! ^^ Anyway, I hope you enjoy this article!

13. Belle

Possibly a bit of an unpopular opinion, but Belle is without a doubt my least prettiest princess. Even not considering her inconsistent animation she still doesn't seem to be much of anything special to me. She's got a unique hairline, I do like the heart shape, but I don't find anything striking about her that would encourage me to move her any higher. He hair is underwhelming, I don't find her eyes as special as some people make them out to be, and as stated her inconsistent animation can get annoying at times as well. I think she looks really gorgeous in the banner on this spot actually, but sadly she doesn't look much like that for the majority of the movie. I always thought if they based her design off Human Babette I'd find her much prettier, but she's stuck at...
Opinion by jacksfrost posted 3 days ago
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credit to petitetiaras
"It's CHRISTMASSSSS! Oh Tia, Tia, I can't believe it's finally here! I'm oh so excited to be spending the day with all your friends, all the pretty, pretty princesses! I can't wait to show them up with my pretty pink dre-TIA WHERE'S MY PINK DRESS??" Lottie shouted at the top of her lungs.

"Right here Lottie," Tiana pointed to the dress, right in Charlotte's point of view. "Anyway merry Christmas Lottie! Our seventeenth Christmas together, my how time passes.

Ding Dong

"They're already here? Oh Tia, oh Tia, I'm not ready for this! I am not ready for this! I don't even have my hair done!" Lottie frantically started running around the apartment shared by the two girls and eventually decided that hiding behind the couch was the best option.

"Lottie you don't need to have your hair done! This is a low-key Christmas get together, not a ball!" Tia went to open the door and opened it to find...a pizza delivery man?