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List by laylastepford posted 2 days ago
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If the Disney Princesses were Housewives on Wisteria Lane, which house would be theirs? [If you are a Desperate Housewives fan, I included who lived there from the show if anyone did.]

1. Snow White: 4350

This house is a nice beige color, between white (her skin) and yellow (her skirt). It has a gazebo style balcony that fits perfectly for her and her prince to dance around and sing to each other in. [Martha Huber/Felicia Tillman/Andrew VandeKamp]

2. Cinderella: 4354

This house is a beautiful big blue house, just like her beautiful big blue(ish) dress. It's like a palace but still with a cozy humble touch. Perfect to match her new life. [Bree VandeKamp]

3. Aurora: 4362

This is a very nice polished pink house that fits perfectly with her graceful, feminine and poised personality. [Edie Britt/Renee Perry]

List by laylastepford posted 3 days ago
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What if all of the Disney Princes were from American cities? Which ones would they be from? (*Note, I comprised this list of where they would be born and raised from not where they would be most suited as a free choosing adult. That is another list.)

Floridian: Cape May, New Jersey
Because it is traditional and very romantic and serene.

Henry: Chicago, Illinois
Because it is the center of the mid-west.

Phillip: Miami, Florida
Because it is a laid-back and playful place.

Eric: Los Angeles, California
Because it is the biggest port town.

Adam: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Because it is an aggressive and violent place.

Aladdin: New York, New York
Because it has a lot of crime and the people can be very cold to strangers and homeless.
List by laylastepford posted 3 days ago
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What if all of the Disney Princesses were American and lived in American cities? Which ones would they choose to live in? (*Note, I comprised this list of where they would want to live as a free choosing adult, not where they would have been born and raised. That is another list.)

Snow White: Phoenix, Arizona
Because there is a large elderly population there so Snow could help them like she did the dwarves. She is also a conservative princess that I think would enjoy living out under the stars in a more traditional place.

Cinderella: Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota
Because it is a city rich in culture and education. Nice museums and tourist attractions but also very nice, humble, productive and friendly like Cinderella's personality.

Aurora: Denver, Colorado
Because it is a more corporate high end type place but also conservative and Aurora is very modest and traditional.