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List by HelloThere3 posted 1 day ago
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Helo there.:3
I am new Fanpop user,so I wanted to make first article on my favourite Fanpop club :D
Before I start,here are some things I would like to say:
1.I don't hate ANY of the princesses,but someone needs to be last.Don't get angry if your favourite princess is my last.
2.This is just an opinion.
3.Sorry for few mistakes,English isn't my native language :P
So,shall we begin? :)

13.Snow White
I actually feel sad for putting her this low.Well,I don't dislike her or anything,I just prefer the others...
I love Snow,she is such a positive and cute character.I like everything about her (well,almost everything...)
She's probably one of the most cutest Disney Princesses,and that positive energy of hers...!I mean,she is always so positive.She sing all the time,she dances all the time.She is too positive and that's one of the main problem that I have with her.She just seems so perfect,and that's the main reason why she is last.
Opinion by StarPearl posted 3 days ago
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Hi guys !! I am Qandeer . I am new here so please don't post mean comments . I am have a funny and awkward personality . I don't like to fight with people . I think most people here are kind , I hope its true !! I am interested in music and reading . I love FAIRY TALES !!! I have been a fan of Disney since childhood . So here is list of my favorite
disney princesses !!

13 : Aurora

12 : Cinderella

11 : Belle

10 : Anna

9 : Ariel

8 : Pocahontas

7 : Tiana

6 : Jasmine

5 : Snow White

4 : Merida

3 : Rapunzel

2 : Elsa

1 : Mulan


Opinion by princesslullaby posted 4 days ago
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first, I want to apologize for the pictures. I didn't feel like making them, didn't have inspiration, but I wait too long to write this article.
Anyway, here we go!

11.Prince Charming
It's interesting that Prince Charming spends so much time yawning during the ball, because I think most of fanpop spends their time yawning when they think about Prince Charming. He merely served as a body for Cinderella to dance with and couldn't even be bothered to find the girl he liked- probably exhausted from all that eye rolling.

"Prince Charming is my least favorite prince. That's a usual spot for him, I know, but I can't help it. I really wish I know who he was, when first watching the movie I felt Cinderella deserved better then him. Charming yawns at girls he doesn't know about, only goes after the one as hot as Cinderella, and when he claims he's in love with her Charming probably just sat in his bejeweled hot tub while everyone does the work for him. I just find him bland and douchey" -Sk8er__grl