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Opinion by AprilGhost posted 5 hours ago
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For those of you who don't know me, I'm AprilGhost, and here is a list of people who, in my opinion, look like Disney princesses.

A few things, first:
1. I have not cast Pocahontas. This is partly because it is so hard to find Native American models/actresses, but also because she was a real person. I think it's insulting to dreamcast her.
2. Yes, some of these are, in fact, models. I'm not saying that these people should play the princesses; I'm just saying that that's how I imagine them.
3. I haven't dreamcasted Elsa or Merida since I can't find anyone who looks like them.

On with the list!

Snow White : Astrid Berges-Frisbey

Astrid, to me, has that stereotypically innocent look to her. To tell the truth, I've not really seen her in anything besides Pirates of the Caribbean since, well, I don't speak French, but looks-wise, she'd be a great Snow. Her hair is a bit lighter and longer than Snow's but otherwise she's perfect.
Opinion by rhythmicmagic posted 8 hours ago
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I’m a huge gymnastics nerd as well as a Disney nerd (obviously), and this was just something that’s been on my mind lately: who would each princess’s favorite gymnast be? I know a ton (or all) of you don’t follow gymnastics, so I added a couple of history notes and videos of each gymnast, though I know no one’s going to watch them all! If any of you does follow gymnastics or just check out the videos, do you agree with me, or would you pick someone else? Though I will accept no argument on Merida.

Snow White’s Favorite: Olga Korbut
Known for: basically inventing gymnastics
Why she’d be Snow White’s favorite: Just as Snow White is the original darling of Disney, Olga was the original darling of gymnastics. In a time when women’s gymnastics was a sport truly of women, Olga was the first pixie with a bright smile and daring tricks and playful dance on floor. Olga also tore down the stone-faced façade of the Soviet athletes and collapsed into tears after a disastrous bar routine in the all-around final, only endearing her even more strongly to the audience. Snow White is similarly bright and endearing. She would love...
Opinion by JNTA1234 posted 1 day ago
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Ah, feminism and Disney Princess. Such a complicated relationship. Now I'm not an expert, especially being a guy but the topic of feminism in relation to the DPs has always intrigued me. I'm gonna try my hand at ranking the princesses in terms of agency, independence, heroism and other aspects to figure out which one of them is the most feminist. I'm trying to expand my writing skills so this is gonna be split into three parts, starting with the bottom four.

WARNING: No Anna and Elsa in this countdown, so let's begin.

11. Aurora
Sorry guys, but I'm one of those people who believes that feminism is about choice. Aurora makes very little choices in her life, she is manipulated by others at very single turn. She is treated as an object to be acted upon, which is not good. Everyone is basically running her life. I'll give her points for being obedient, wanting some amount from independence from her aunts and choosing responsibility over romance. But we're not given enough evidence to say that's the choice she truly makes rather than just doing what she's told. When she finds out whole her life is a lie, all she can think about is Philip, not her...