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Opinion by WinterSpirit809 posted 1 day ago
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While I understand Frozen isn't the most well loved movie on Fanpop, that doesn't keep me from adoring the protagonist a anymore.

It's strange because I keep on finding her sister, Elsa in the bottom two of my Disney Princess list. I admit that is kind of biased, because I have nothing wrong with her character- but her fans basically ruined her for me.

Enough about Elsa! This article is about Anna!

First of me explain how much Anna is like me- we have similar personalities, I can personally relate to her flaws and loneliness. I too can be known to fall for the first nice guy I know, and end up hurt in the end. So many people get pissed at how fast she fell in love, but I actually think that was Disney's way of making a realistic teenager (even if technically in present day America she would be a legal adult.

A lot of teenagers are quick to fall in love, judging a man by his appearance, so I think this is a common flaw. Flaws are something characters need to make them interesting. They need something to grow from, and I think people hate Anna for needing a man.
Opinion by deedragongirl posted 1 day ago
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Hi everyone, this article is fairly about all of you guys here on Fanpop and what I think about you all. It's coming to 6 years already since I have been on Fanpop and I'm very gracious and blessed at the same time that I got all of you, first and foremost no hard feelings alright. If I get your genders or personal details wrong, please feel free to correct me.


Chris has always inspire me to write interesting articles here on Fanpop, he's very straightforward and yet an interesting character, I really appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.


Alejandro is another vibrant guy from Mexico, although he's not on here most of the time, we do keep in contact with each other and he's very helpful at the same time. He talks to me about his country and at the same time, I have always want to go to Mexico City.


Although I no longer see her here, despite being busy with our lives. She's also very straightforward and tends not to be like Simon Cowell or Tyra Banks!
Opinion by audreybrooke posted 1 day ago
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Type Three, "The Achiever"
Introduction: Understanding the Enneagram

So, the Enneagram is a pretty complicated system of classifying personalities. Basically, everyone has a core type, expressed as a number of One through Nine. This is the most straightforward description of someone’s personality.

Here’s a basic rundown of each type:
1: perfectionistic, rational, idealistic
2: generous, warm-hearted, nurturing
3: ambitious, image-conscious, charming
4: sensitive, dreamy, moody
5: cerebral, perceptive, analytical
6: trustworthy, loyal, brave
7: fun-loving, enthusiastic, lively
8: assertive, strong, self-confident
9: peace-making, nonjudgmental, serene

From there, it gets a bit more complex. Most people also display traits of the numbers immediately adjacent to theirs (I'll refer to these as "wings"). Let’s say you’re an easygoing Nine, for example. If you’re assertive when push comes to shove, then you probably have a wing of Eight, written as 9w8. But if you’re more perfectionistic, you’re probably a 9w1 instead. The only possible wings for any given type are the numbers...