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Opinion by wavesurf posted 7 hours ago
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Hello All! Due to my life interfering with my time these days, I took a hiatus from article writing. I also took a hiatus, because KataraLover and Cruella stepped into the void, and took on the “these are horrible characters argument” in a set of ongoing video discussions that can be found on the video links page of The Disney Princess Club. (My hat goes off to them, as they were dispelling the myths and stigmas surrounding certain unbeloved characters). Great work, guys!!!
    Since this is the last article on the Vices of the Disney Princesses, I want to at least say that it was --- not necessarily a pleasure to dissect everyone down to their skeletons ( ew)--- but it was enjoyable to get the skeletons of each princess out of the closet, so to speak. There are common threads and behaviors shared by all of the Disney Princesses. Selfishness seems to be the primary flaw for each and every single one of them! At least, this shows that they’re human, right? But similarities aside, each princess is a unique character with a unique set of flaws.
Opinion by disneymagic93 posted 1 day ago
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I have been inspired by seeing articles that defend Ariel on Fanpop so I thought I would write my own.

Ariel also gets a lot of flack and it drives me insane! People say Ariel is anti-feminist because she gives up her voice to be with Eric. She always wanted to be human. At the beginning of the film she was collecting artifacts of the human world. Do you think she was collecting artifacts because of Eric? The song Part of Your World, she wasn't even singing about Eric. Her fascination with humans is what lead her to become interested in Eric. If it wasn't her fascination with humans, she wouldn't have known who Eric was.

If King Triton didn't destroy Ariel's treasures, she would not have gone to see Ursula. I think the reason Ariel saw Ursula was due to the fact King Triton destroyed her treasures, as I mentioned earlier, if Triton didn't destroy her treasures, Ariel would have most likely not have gone to see Ursula. I'm tired of people putting all the blame on the movie on Ariel when some of it was Triton's fault. While some of it was Ariel's fault, not all of it was. I don't Ariel giving up her voice makes her weak, I think it makes her...
Opinion by dimitri_ posted 1 day ago
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Since there have been users that asked me how to do the fotm interviews, here are the guidelines! Of course, you don't need to include all of the questions and remember it's good to personalize things. Don't forget to backspace [ b ][ /b ] and the (Feel free to ask why).

First things first, you congratulate the user.
Congratulations to ______, our fan of the month for Month|Year!

[ b ]1. How does it feel to be Fan of the Month?[ /b ]

[ b ]2. Your favorite Princess? (Feel free to ask why)[ /b ]

[ b ]3. Your least favorite Princess? (Feel free to ask why)[ /b ]

[ b ]4. Has your favorite princess ever changed?[ /b ]

[ b ]5. Your favorite Prince? (Feel free to ask why)[ /b ]

[ b ]6. Your least favorite Prince? (Feel free to ask why)[ /b ]

[ b ]7. Your favorite DP movie? (Feel free to ask why)[ /b ]

[ b ]8. Your least favorite DP movie? (Feel free to ask why)[ /b ]