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Opinion by GirlySpunk posted 4 days ago
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Princess Anna of Arendelle is the protagonist of Disney's 2013 animated feature film, Frozen. She is the younger sister of the powerful Snow Queen Elsa and embarks on a perilous journey to save her kingdom from an eternal winter. She is voiced by Kristen Bell.

Her voice actress : As everyone knows , Anna is voiced by Kristen Bell . Kristen is a well known personality and is known for Veronica Mars . I loved the way Kristen voiced Anna . It showed her bubbly personality very well . In songs too , her voice was fantastic .

Her looks : Although Anna's name means "gracious" , Anna looks more like a cute girl . I love the cute freckles on her fair skin . I like her rosy cheeks as well . Her hairstyle is cute which is a hint of her personality . Both her lip color and her color suit her BUT her lips are so thin . Also her eyes are way too big ( although the color is nice ) But overall she looks cute .

Outfits : I found her first outfit really cute . That pink ribbon was a plus point . Her second green winter outfit was pretty boring . Wasn't something new . Her outfit in Do you wanna build a snowman was CUTE and I liked that FINALLY...
Fan fiction by dee389 posted 6 days ago
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Meanwhile, somewhere outside of Paris. Hans has received news that Gaston has been thwarted in his plans and Dayana was arrested. He decides to save Cinderella to order to receive forgiveness from her so that he could take over Arendelle once again.
Then, the phone rang and it was Lady Tremaine, "hello?" Hans picks it up. "Hi Hans, I just receive news that Cinderella has been rescue. Please come over now!" said in her cold tone. Immediately, Hans decides to come with his gun so that he could kill Cinderella and Prince Charming this time.
Back at the hotel rooftop, the police have arrive with Prince Charming and the others. "Madame Tremaine, you must behind this, haven't you?" "Yes, I have and not only that, but I had release Hans from prison so come after you and Cinderella!Now tell me, where is she?" replied Lady Tremaine wickedly.
"I'm right here!" replied Cinderella, she approaches Lady Tremaine angrily, "How dare you held me and Prince Charming hostage? You set Dayana, Gaston and Hans free!" said Cinderella angrily."I have to, so that I could kill both you and Ella!" sneered Lady Tremaine.
Opinion by GirlySpunk posted 10 days ago
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Hi Guys !! I was bored so I decided to rank Disney Princes . Do reply but not with mean comments , PLEASE . Here is the list :

10 : Prince Charming

Well , I dislike him very much . THIS GUY DANCED WITH CINDY FOR SO LONG AND HE COULD NOT RECOGNIZE HER !! Instead of asking her name , and questions like that , he was doing useless things . And then HIS AMAZING IDEA of fitting the SHOE !!

9 : Prince Florian

I don't know much about him besides that he is WAY TOO CHARMING !!!! I think he looks like Snow White . Just place a wig on his head and he will look like SNOW WHITE'S SISTER

8 : John Smith

I dislike him naturally . Not a big reason

7: Prince Philip

I just like others better . I find him very cute and he is proactive as well . But he KISSED AN UNCONSCIOUS PERSON which is creepy .

6 : Prince Adam

I loved his transformation from a brat to kind person but I found his real form not too handsome . He was bland .