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Opinion by wavesurf posted 1 hour ago
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The real eyesore wardrobe that has Austin Powers's colors
I’ve never written this sort of article before. It’s a bit all over the place, so bear with me. Also my views fall into the bottom minority on Fanpop…so most people will flat out disagree with me. Fine. But of the outfits each DP wears, this is what appeals to me, and what does not—in my mind.

13. Tiana

    Honestly, this girl has the most outfits, and undergoes the most dress changes in the whole Disney Princess lineup. That should make her my favorite, right? I really love dress changes, usually. However, Tiana has my least favorite wardrobe of all. Really, Tiana's “flapper girl” style is a hodgepodge of mismatched colors, the like of which I have never even seen before on a DP or on a non-DP. ( Wendy, Alice, Jane Porter, Tarzan’s mother, Esmeralda, Megara, etc., all have a better “color palette” than Tiana does). There are certain colors that work well against Tiana’s dark skin: blues, reds/magenta, even purple, olive, black, pale pink, or a peach color. What does Tiana wear instead? Colors that clash against her dark skin: yellowish greens, oranges, tans and browns on top of her already...
Opinion by reflection11 posted 3 hours ago
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It is quite obvious that Merida is not particularly beloved on this spot. Placing last place in just about every countdown done recently, and probably in many to come, Merida needs more love. I used to hate Merida, so I totally understand why people dislike her, but I can't help but wonder why she is hated on, yet people fall in love with Ariel and Jasmine. Oh, I am not going to hate on Ariel or Jasmine in this article, they are both in my top 5. Merida is currently fourth on my list, inches ahead of Jasmine, and inches behind Cinderella.
Why I used to hate her:
I used to hate Merida for her very noticable flaws. She is selfish, inconsiderate, and has this habit of blaming others for her mistakes. I used to hate her for this, now I find it endearing. I didn't really see all her good qualities, or how well she develops, or what an all around unique, layered character she is.

Why Merida is typically low on other's lists:
Merida's falling point is her poisoning her mom. Many people find that to extreme. She is also called unoriginal, which I completely disagree with, and the archetype Merida represents is hated among users.
Opinion by GirlySpunk posted 5 days ago
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Princess Anna of Arendelle is the protagonist of Disney's 2013 animated feature film, Frozen. She is the younger sister of the powerful Snow Queen Elsa and embarks on a perilous journey to save her kingdom from an eternal winter. She is voiced by Kristen Bell.

Her voice actress : As everyone knows , Anna is voiced by Kristen Bell . Kristen is a well known personality and is known for Veronica Mars . I loved the way Kristen voiced Anna . It showed her bubbly personality very well . In songs too , her voice was fantastic .

Her looks : Although Anna's name means "gracious" , Anna looks more like a cute girl . I love the cute freckles on her fair skin . I like her rosy cheeks as well . Her hairstyle is cute which is a hint of her personality . Both her lip color and her color suit her BUT her lips are so thin . Also her eyes are way too big ( although the color is nice ) But overall she looks cute .

Outfits : I found her first outfit really cute . That pink ribbon was a plus point . Her second green winter outfit was pretty boring . Wasn't something new . Her outfit in Do you wanna build a snowman was CUTE and I liked that FINALLY...