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Opinion by sweetie-94 posted 19 hours ago
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View from Lidingö over to Stockholm, picture taken by me
I've written several getting to know me articles, but I felt like it was time to write an updated article, hope you'll like it

I don't really have a good reason to why I chose my username, it just was the first one that came into my mind (but I've been on Fanpop for nearly 5 years so that might explain), but 94 is the last two numbers of the year I was borned (1994) and I just thought sweetie was a lovely word

My real name is Teresa, I have no idea what it really means, but one time I got to know that it means huntress in latin. I was borned September 16th 1994 so I'm 20 years old, I'm a Virgo and my Chinese sign is Dog (I really love dogs, they're my favorite pets :D)

I'm from Sweden and that's where I live currently, I live in a town called Lidingö, it's a big island located northeast of Stockholm and it only takes about 15 minutes to get to Stockholm from where I live

My family consists of my mother, father and 4 older half siblings (2 brothers from my mother's side and 1 brother and 1 sister from my father's side), the youngest one of them is 10 years older than me. My mother is from Honduras so I can speak spanish...
Opinion by thequirkyquail posted 22 hours ago
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Hello! Here is my article containing the ranking of my favorite Disney Princesses. Disney does such a truly fantastic job crafting their princesses. I will list them in order of preference and write my thoughts about them. I love each and every Disney Princess – I like some more than others, but there certainly isn’t any princess that I dislike. They’re all very special, unique, and beautiful in her own way; they’re a great inspiration to me. But nonetheless, I love them all. Please enjoy!

13. Tiana
    I do love Tiana – don’t be alarmed about her ranking on this list. She is beautiful, hardworking, loves her family (especially her father) and wants to make her father’s wish come true. She does, however, prefer to do things on her own. Tiana is passionate about opening the restaurant her father always wanted to open, and I find that really sweet.

12. Pocahontas
    She is a very free-spirited woman and is kind to those she meets. Pocahontas is also spiritual and strong. We’re both very similar in which we adore nature,...
List by JNTA1234 posted 2 days ago
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Now that I've seen Frozen, here's my list as it currently stands. Certain princesses have grown on me, others have fallen. This list isn't really concrete though.

13. Merida
The only princess I truly dislike. To me, she's the equivalent of Princess Fiona from Shrek, just a Disney Princess parody. A cookie cutter cliche. There's next to nothing unique about her, and the few unique traits that she does have are awful ones, bad etiquette. Yeah, so for me, Merida is the redheaded stepchild of the DP line-up. Sorry.

12. Aurora
A regal and ethereal goddess with the voice of an angel. The epitome of romanticism and femininity. She carries herself with a graceful stride and womanly beauty. The short time we spend with her, she leads us into her world of hopeless romance and endless fantasy, then she leaves us begging for more. I adore Aurora, a dreamy little girl but also a gorgeous young woman.