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Opinion by 220340 posted 7 hours ago
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i have something amazing to tell you. did you know that repunzle, ariel, and anna are all related? well you found out now! or should i say you will find out now? any way they all are related. i will tell you why they all are related. did you wach frozen when anna was sining for the first time in forever? if you did, did you see repunzle with her hair short? well, anna and repunzle are CONSINS!? they are, belive it or not. there moms were sisters, so thet have to be cosines. anna's mom and dad were going to repunzle's wedding. a storm flew up. that was created by ariel's father. why? cause he was made that the ship killed his wife, ariel's mother. amazing ! they are all related though ariel is not really related to anna.
Guide by sweetie-94 posted 2 days ago
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The most recent photo of me, I'm on top of what's going to be a railway bridge, they had it open for the public for only a day and it was quite a unique experience
I felt like it was time to write this article again for those of you who don't know me so well or are new here, but those of you who have read my previous getting to know me articles can read this one too since a few things has changed since the last time I wrote

My real name is Teresa and I'm 21 years old, my birthday is 16th September 1994 (hence why I have 94 in my username) and my family consists of my mother, father and 4 older half siblings (3 brothers and 1 sister out of which 2 comes from my mother's side and the other 2 which is my sister and the oldest of my brothers comes from my father's side), the youngest one of them is 10 years older than me so I'm currently the only one of my siblings who still lives with my parents, but hopefully in around 1½ - 2 years from now I'll be moving out. I live in a town called Lidingö which lays about 15 minutes from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden

My favorite interests are running, animals (especially birds and especially owls though my favorite animal is dolphin), listen to music, traveling, cooking food, baking and trains (especially metros and most especially the Stockholm Metro)
Opinion by anukriti2409 posted 3 days ago
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I wanted to write an article on things and concepts from DP movies that struck me with awe, left me speechless, inspired me and made me believe that magic is for real. The things that truly symbolized all the charm of magical world.

10. Cinderella's transformation and waltz with Prince:
This is what the dreams should be made of, this is what heavens feel like. Everything poor and dirty will change to new and shining, on flick of a wand. That silvery blue gown and crystal white carriage and moonlit path to a castle makes me sigh. And the waltz was so pure magic, with unbelievably gorgeous moonlit gardens, two souls lost in each others' eyes and everything in world is as beautiful this. The bridge with moon shining over Cinderella and Prince Charming was the most surreal place I have ever visualized.

9. Merida's hair:
I remember when i first saw the poster of movie Brave, everything went blank in my mind and my eyes were stuck on Merida's hair. And i thought, look at those hair! It was love at first sight. And more than the way they look, they way her hair feels to me is an epitome of the word freedom....