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Opinion by cruella posted 12 hours ago
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A picture I made for the conest. "Your favorite hero with a DP
In the years I've been on Fanpop, I've noticed that Ariel is one of those characters that people either 'love' or 'hate'. Honestly I'm the only person I know of who doesn't feel very strongly toward her either way. I guess I lean a tiny bit more toward the 'Ariel lovers' side because like her just fine, but I don't 'adore' her. But oh well no one is complete neutral. Anyway speaking from the perspective of semi-neutral party here is my opinion about Ariel's controversial behavior.

1. Is Ariel Stupid?
No, I don't think she's stupid. I think she made some reeeeeeeeally bad dissensions like going to an evil sea for help. But keep in mind many of the other Disney Princesses also made dumb dissensions. For example: Belle going to the west wing after Beast told her not to, Tiana kissing a talking frog who promised her money, or Merida going to a witch to change her mother. Those were all bad choices. The only difference between those and Ariel's choice to go to Ursula is Ariel ended up putting a lot more people in danger, but having said that the other DPs had no idea who would be effected by their bad choices.
Opinion by avatar_tla_fan posted 13 hours ago
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Now that we know who Fanpop's Favorite Disney Princesses are at the moment, let's get into the movies, and Fanpop user's overall opinion on them.

12. Cinderella: 269 Points.
A classic, and usually considered the most iconic Disney Princess Movie. Well, it sure didn't do too well in this countdown, and a lot of the users placed it in their bottom three, or even last. Most people tend to find it boring, dull, not entertaining, uninteresting, didn't like it in general, or just placed it last because they loved the others more. The, "old-fashioned ness" of the movie doesn't help things for users really, and charms from the movie were not found or appreciated by many. However, it is not completely hated, many people gave it a high placement, (though nobody ranked it as their first) but in this case, the bad seems to have outweighed the good.

The Placements:

Top 5 Placements.
Opinion by MissCassecou posted 1 day ago
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I did an article similar to this a few months ago, however it was top ten heroines instead of the princesses. However, since my opinions have changed, I decided to write one that was about all of the princesses, so, no Meg or Esmeralda this time. :(. Anyway, feel free to disagree with my opinion but please remember it is my opinion; please don't call my reasons shallow or illegitimate because (that's not really very nice, and) I'm not trying to get anybody to like them or anything, all I'm trying to say is good things about each one, and why I like them. I'm not good at seeing flaws, because that's just me, however I do see some. Anna and Elsa are included.

13. Merida

I do not dislike any of the princesses at all, because as I've stated previously I am terrible at disliking pretty much anything. I guess I just liked/admired the others better. Plus, I preferred the others' movies. Merida is a great character; I just found it hard to understand why she would tamper with her mum's food to change her fate. This was a very selfish thing to do and it not only affected her mother but the whole country as...