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Opinion by jacksfrost posted 3 hours ago
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I'm not at all confident in this list, but either way I love talking about the princesses and thought this article was long overdue (Well I've only been here..what? Two weeks? Eh, it still feels long overdue to me). ^^ Beforehand I'd like to say that I love all the princesses, even my least favorite. As a group the princesses mean so much to me and as individuals I love them all to pieces, so don't feel bad if your favorite is low! The list is also divided into three sections because within those sections I'm really not sure how the princesses rate, but I know they're somewhere around that zone! Anyway I hope you enjoy! =)

The Bottom Tier

13. Belle

Belle is lovely, she really is. I can without a doubt see the mass appeal when it comes to Belle. I myself see a lot of myself in Belle. I feel that when people have Belle in last they usually paint her as too perfect, but that isn't the case with me. I recognize that Belle has flaws, it's just that the movie always has her in the right. Sure she's a bit snobby and a bit impatient, but the movie always makes her out to be the victim. It's the townspeople...
Opinion by kristenfan10109 posted 4 hours ago
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Since I did an article about my favorite Princesses I thought what the heck! why not do an article about the Prince's after what is a Princess without her except Merida and Elsa of course :)

11- Prince
While this prince is sweet and kind like his princess having only one heart and one both for her sadly we don't get to see much of him and therefore it's somewhat hard
to depict much of his personality.

10- Prince Charming
Like the Prince I'm afraid for me falls into the same boat unless even with the sequels I find it hard to depict his personality except that he is very determined and daring an example would be in Cinderella three when rides after Cinderella before she is gone forever sailing away on a ship bucked off his horse he flies into the air and slides down the sail and says "Remember me" so cute and romantic I also find him graceful due to is dancing.

Fan fiction by mhs1025 posted 8 hours ago
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Pocahontas couldn't get that thought out of her head. Yes, she'd LOVE to have more children in the future, but a part of her felt like her heart belonged to Mace. *I'm sure it's just my relentlessness.* she thought. However, the more she thought about it, the more her stomach turned. "Is everything OK?" Mulan asked worriedly. "I'm fine. I'm just exhausted." Pocahontas lied. Mulan knew she was lying. "You're lying." she comprehended. Pocahontas sighed in defeat.

"OK, I'll tell you. John just told me he wants to have more children." she spilled. "I think that's great!" Mulan replied excitedly. "I don't know. I feel my heart will always belong to Mace and Mace only. I'm not prepared to love another child as much as I love him." Pocahontas said. Mulan couldn't believe what she just heard. She grabbed both of Pocahontas' arms. "Pocahontas, look at me. I wasn't prepared for my current pregnancy, but YOU taught me how to get past that. You're already a tremendous mother to Mace! Nothing is going to stop you from being like that to another one." she cornered. Pocahontas felt like she got the eye-opener of her life.