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Opinion by PrincessAyeka12 posted 20 hours ago
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I'll be talking mostly about myself and my general likes and dislikes. If you want to know who my favourite DPs are, you'll have to wait for another article. I started it last night so it is in the works. Look out for it. Hope you enjoy this.

Name: Classified

Behind the Screen name: This is the first fanpop club I joined after registering. I wanted something Princess related. But I didn't like the idea of having a similar name to someone else or millions of people. I wanted something unique. PrincessAyeka12 was my screen name on Yahoo Groups. So I just reused it. Princess Ayeka is my favourite anime princess. She's a character on the three TV series, Tenchi Muyo (original animated version), Tenchi Universe (TV version) and Tenchi in Tokyo (but I didn't like this version). As well as three spin-off movies named Tenchi in Love.

Age: Classified

Country: UK

About me: I'm an only child with two loving parents. I'm very loyal to my friends. I'm the diplomat of the family. I don't take sides, I'm neutral. Online I have my own opinions but they're not set in stone. I think I come...
Opinion by laylastepford posted 1 day ago
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Credit to rzenteno for this wonderful image!
So I didn't use any 1 prince twice and I tried to match everyone to their best match outside of the original. This is inspired by the wonderful job of anukriti2409's If I were to do DP Couple Crossovers article. She did an amazing job pairing them up! Such an amazing job that it made me want to try myself. Hope you guys don't mind, this was just for fun! The absolutely ❤️amazing❤️ crossovers were done by a multiple of talented users on this site. The article image (top right) was made by rzenteno who was willing to help out a stranger. He did a wonderful job, in my opinion! :D Most of my crossovers were done by DIAMELA who is a crossover artist. No, really. Would you believe she did like 6 crossover photos in 24 hours? I couldn't! That was incredibly impressive and she had such a good eye. Getting them all done in a short amount of time didn't hurt the quality of the photos at all! I am very thankful to how much she helped me out and how quickly and how...
Opinion by anukriti2409 posted 2 days ago
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I think having friends in life gives it a great lift, makes it living worthwhile as much as love does. Without friendship, life would have been such a drag. They are the best form of relationship adding so much in our lives - fun, comfort, support and even the bitter truth for our better future. I love the kind of confidence friends brings in me and make me strong to do and be what and who I want to be.

So, as much as Disney princess movies are about love stories and happily ever afters, I love the strong underflow of friendship that is always there in each of the movies. I love seeing the characters with their friends, their true selves being revealed in best of light, wishing, dreaming, sharing heir hearts out in unapologetic honest ways. Here's my top 10 list of friendships that I find funny, endearing and rock-solid.

10. Lumiere & Cogsworth: Friends with benefits
I love their constant debates and trying to win the argument. Cogsworth, the cautious one, and Lumiere, the flamboyant gives me so many moments to laugh. Though they are always trying to make the other look stupid, I love how they get together against a common goal so...