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Opinion by BelleRose829 posted 7 hours ago
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Ok, so for those of you that have been in the Unpopular Opinions (confessions) forum this is just the paragraphs about Jasmine, Ariel and Merida. These are considered the "rebel" princesses always breaking out the mold for obedient followers, but this is my "unpopular opinion" it's sort of a grey area for me.

I find Jasmine, Merida and Ariel to be very bratty, I like Merida more because in the end she learns from her mistake and (hopefully) isn't as selfish. But Jasmine and Ariel aren't quite off the hook. (Badumtss) I don't quite like how they treat their parents Jasmine is a princess and why I understand why she doesn't want her life lived out for her, but she needs some brains for example "Hey dad you're the sultan so change the law please." Or Maybe instead of running away I dunno at least prepare for going out there, remember she said herself that she was not going back at all, and just imagine how heart broken her father could be. She just never seems satisfied with the life she has and I think she should be more grateful, it's only healthy to think outside the box and aspire for happiness, but she has such an attitude I don't find her all that...
Fan fiction by mhs1025 posted 11 hours ago
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Mulan and Shang had walked in when they saw John and Merida on the ground in a circle praying for Pocahontas. Mulan listened carefully to what they were saying. "Please help Pocahontas get through this in your name." they said. "Should we join?" Shang asked. "Let them do this one by themselves." Mulan suggested. It wasn't long before John and Merida looked up and noticed her and Shang. "Come join us." Merida greeted. Mulan and Shang knelt down her and John and continued with the vigil.

"Ancestors, we need you now more than ever. Pocahontas is in great danger." Mulan prayed. "She can't afford to lose this precious child she's carrying." she continued. "Watch over that baby." she finished. "Do you think the ancestors will hear that?" John asked. "They always do." Mulan answered. "I've taken advantage of Pocahontas' pregnancy. But over time, I've realized what a joyous time it is for us all. I wish there was a way for me to express how much I regret making that mistake." Merida confessed. "We all make mistakes, big and small." John replied as he ran his hand through her thick curly hair.
Opinion by Ariels_twin posted 11 hours ago
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This is my opinion so plz don't judge :) And my first

#10) Pocahontas

#9) Snow white

#8) Kida

#7) Jane

#6) Cinderella

#5) Rapunzel

#4) Elsa

#3) Aurora

#2) Ariel

#1) Meg