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Fan fiction by mhs1025 posted 3 hours ago
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Merida spent the next few hours crying hysterically in her room. Her cries pained the others, especially Pocahontas, since she got her in that shape. "It's all my fault." she said with a load of guilt in her voice. "Pocahontas, you did nothing wrong. Merida just has a high level of sensitivity." John soothed. "Then again, you never should've gotten all up in the gal's face." Mushu pardoned. "MUSHU!" Mulan exclaimed. Shang put a hand on Pocahontas' shoulder.

"Remember what I told you earlier, OK?" he comforted. "I'll go check on her." Mulan said as she went into the hallway. Pocahontas found comfort in holding Ping. "Who do you think he looks like?" she asked. "His mother of all people!" Shang answered. "I think he looks like both of you." John replied. Ping giggled as he saw Shang. "Hi buddy!" Shang said as he picked him up. Pocahontas blushed at the sight.

Meanwhile, Mulan was outside Merida's room. *Don't say anything upsetting!* she scolded herself before entering. "Merida?" she said softly. "Oh Mulan! I just don't know what to do!" Merida cried. "I'll leave y'all two alone." Mushu stated whole-heartedly as he slithered out of Mulan's skirt pocket....
Fan fiction by mhs1025 posted 7 hours ago
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The next morning, Shang and Merida awoke still side by side. They were both appalled. "Let's pretend this never happened." Shang said in a shaky voice. Merida, on the other hand, didn't know what to think. Had she turned into a back-stabber? "Did you hear me?" Shang asked. Merida shook her head to get out of her thoughts. "I did." she answered as firmly as possible. She and Shang headed back inside.

Mulan and Pocahontas were in the kitchen preparing breakfast. "How excited are you about becoming a mother?" Mulan asked. "It's nerve-wracking, but because I've wanted a child for so long, it'll be worth it!" Pocahontas answered. "Having your first child CAN be nerve-wracking." Mulan replied in agreement. "My mother would come over at least twice a day when I first had Ping." she continued. Mulan had a rough time with Ping when he was teeny tiny. Now, she handled motherhood like a pro.

She and Pocahontas suddenly heard whispering. "If Mulan finds out, we're dead!" Merida said. Mulan smiled as she got on-hand pretty quick of what she was talking about. "Merida, don't worry about you and Shang. I saw you guys huddled up, but you guys were only keeping each...
Opinion by MissBlue1 posted 14 hours ago
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Hello everybody :3
So,I'm kinda new to Fanpop and I really love writing and Disney princesses,so what's the better start then do list of favourite Disney princesses?
Also,English isn't my native language,so forgive me for few mistakes :)
I want to state that this is just MY opinion,I don't mean to hate or hurt anybody.
So,let's begin (:

I really love Aurora and,unlike some people,I actually think that she has big personality.She is a beautiful and kind dreamer,she is playful and curious,she is mature and caring...
When I was little,she was actually my second.The main reason why she is last is that you can't really love somebody that was awake just 20 minutes.
I also like her singing voice,it's very special.
And she is just gorgeous,I love everything about her look.Hair is the thing that I love the most about her look.

I just love Cinderella.She is so kind and hard-working.