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List by laylastepford posted 2 hours ago
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Ok so I saw a talented user here post an article about the Bechdel Test and being the Walt geek that I am, was immediately inspired to do a Walt Disney Test.

Walt Disney was unfortunately only alive to fully see over the production and release of Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty which are known as the "Classic Princesses". For this reason, I took everything in common that I could find with these 3 princesses for relevancy to rate the others. The 14 commonalities I found were: 1.) Beautiful Face 2.) In Shape Body 3.) Soft/Sweet Speaking Voice 4.) Singing Voice 5.) Dance Scene [Solo or with Others] 6.) Modest Clothing 7.) Innocent Virtues (Kind, Modest, Reserved, Humble) 8.) Animal Friend or Pet 9.) Marry the Prince [& Live Happily Ever After] 10.) There is Magic Involved in Their Story 11.) Female Villain 12.) Born/Married into Royalty 13.) Wear a Head/Hair Piece 14.) Have the Color Blue in at Least 1 Outfit

So, since the majority of the princesses have been made post-Walt's death without his supervision and approval, which ones would still meet his standards? The purpose of this is to see which princesses are the most up to what [b] Walt...
Opinion by Annabethandco posted 3 hours ago
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I feel a change of tone is in order. For this article, I am showcasing 4 of my absolute favourite Disney Princess fan art collections. Feel free to write your own <3

4. Disney/Avatar Crossovers by Racookie3

Avatar/Legend of Korra are without a doubt the best TV shows I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Because of that, I immediately fell in love with these beautiful cross over pieces. The Pocahontas airbender is spot on, and the Jasmine firebender is visually stunning! Look at the colours!

3. Royal Jewels + (Dress Edition) by MissMikopete
Review by laylastepford posted 22 hours ago
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First: Here is a link from an actual Muslim woman with her thoughts on how Muslim women are portrayed in America in general. Jasmine is not an accurate representation of Muslim women.

Second: Here is my personal break-down analysis based on knowledge of Arab/Muslim culture compared to the Disney Aladdin film.

The majority of Princess Jasmine's numerous flaws stem from the fact that she is completely inaccurate and offensive to her culture. From the clothes she wears to the way she speaks, Jasmine does not represent Arab or Muslim women at all but rather a disgraceful woman in their culture. Unfortunately, Jasmine is not a suitable role model for young girls.

1. Jasmine is dressed like a Harem girl instead of a princess. A princess is the daughter of the king who no man is allowed to touch without the king's approval. A harem girl is one of the king's many mistresses who he uses for sexual company and nothing else. No king would dress his daughter like his bed servant. No father would want to see his daughter dressed in that way.