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Opinion by fiina posted 12 hours ago
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Hello all, this article is pretty much what the title says. I have had some boring time lately and I just started listing some of my thoughts on paper, and then I got the evil idea to write article about it. So this is all about my opinions and thoughts and you all freely may or may not agree with them. I actually have very little theories here, and most of them are completely lunatic, but let's hope you get at least some amuse from them. I have listed my opinions very bluntly without any greater explanations because I wanted this to be short and clear(and I don't like to write a lot).
I have listed more things about some movies than some others and that's simply because I couldn't think any more things to say about them. I also want to apologize in advance if things I listed about Frozen and maybe Brave sound too much hate posting, that was not how I wanted it to sound, I quite enjoy both of those movies. Also sorry for grammar errors.

[i]A word of classics in whole, it's always been hard to me to compare them with renaissance or modern movies. I love all classics but in different way than newer ones. Of course some things are comparable but to me...
List by lililc posted 14 hours ago
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before i beggin, i have to make clear that i don't have the intention to ofend anybody, and my english is a little bad,so am sorry for it

For this is i am going to ignore sequels
note: i didn't add images cause i still have to learn how

[b] 11.Cinderella and Charming [b]

i have to say it always bother me the fact than he didn't went to find her himself , it would had been easer for the duke as he knows how the girl looks.
i also sometimes doubt that he would pick her if he had seen her in her maid costume.
My biggest problem is that cinderella have a lot of positive attributes , she is kind,persistent, and also has a bit of sense of humor , all of this he just seem to love her beauty , it´s a little shallow for me and she deserves someone who really apreciate her
I always find cinderella had confussed love to her desire to leave her home

[b] 10.Snow white and the prince[b]
Opinion by MissCassecou posted 1 day ago
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So there are lots of beautiful women in Disney - however only the Princesses seem to be recognised for it. Today I've decided to acknowledge some of the other Disney Heroines who are stunning, but who rarely get the recognition. They deserve it!
(No particular order, btw).

Slew Foot Sue
Melody Time

I'm not sure if many of you have seen Melody Time - it's a little bit like Fantasia by putting music to stories. But there's a girl in the story of "Pecos Bill" (who happens to be Bill's love interest) who is actually quite pretty. Red hair; a colour that represents that of Ariel contrasts with her pretty blue eyes and red lips. She's an earlier version of Ariel, with that seductive glance that tells the world she knows she's something else. Plus, she rides fish.

Have no idea who she is? Take a look at this youtube video