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Opinion by avatar_tla_fan posted 5 hours ago
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My opinions on Rapunzel have changed a lot. When I joined Fanpop, she was second on my list. Eventually she moved up to first. After that, she made a bunch of drops, until she eventually reached the eleventh spot on my list. So I've gone from loving her to death to disliking her. Oh, well. I might as well explain why I dislike her then.

I dislike Rapunzel mostly because she's an overdone character and I feel like she's shoved onto me a lot as a character. You're supposed to see her as this amazing character who is easily relatable because of how she has many hobbies, and well rounded, and (apparently) funny and such. Well, that's why I feel there's this irritating, "pressure" to like her. She's an overdone character. She has.. Everything. There's at least one thing she does that you can probably relate to.

She's not interesting. She bores me a lot, honestly. There's not anything special about her or anything that stands out in her personality, it's just really bland. Whereas I can see at least one or two things in most of the other princesses that I either admire or it is...
Opinion by _CatWoman_ posted 9 hours ago
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12. Tangled

I bet most people saw this comming. My problem with Tangled is it's way to cartoony. It also has my least favorite trope: Big eyes and tiny waists. I don't mind the CGI, but I really hate the way it's done, the skin looks rubbery for some reason as well. The backgrounds are nice, but it's way too bubbly like ridiculously fairytale-like. I don't mind how bright it is some times, but the whole movie is blinding. In fact the only thing I like about it is the clothing texture, which is well done. The rest of the movie's design isn't the best and one of my least favorite as far as Disney's animation.

11. Princess and the Frog

I don't hate it, it's just very dull. I think they didn't make it very realistic at all. I think they were afraid of making it too scary-- and by no means am I saying it wasn't scary, it did scare little kids with the darker scenes. But besides that, New Orleans is very bright and sunny. I think they were afraid to make it too real. The backgrounds are good, but the characters...
Fan fiction by Annabethandco posted 11 hours ago
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Anna - Chapter 9

Anna stood by the side of the throne of Arendelle, wearing a long white dress with lace sleeves that resembled a wedding gown and a necklace of pearls, horribly aware that it was missing its usual occupant. Kristoff was to her left and she could tell he was itching to drape his muscular arms around her in support. Unfortunately, the rules of royal protocol restrained him. Before them was the head of the search party Anna had sent out. Previous attempts had all been futile.