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Opinion by dclairmont posted 2 days ago
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In lieu of my 3 year anniversary on this site (which actually took place sometime in February), I decided that I would write an article looking back on what this site has given to me and how grateful I am to have come across it. While I haven't frequented this site in months, it still holds a dear place in my heart, as well as those who I have met through this site. Well, here I go. For those of you who don't know me, this will probably be a pretty mundane article, so I wouldn't be offended it you stop reading now. If anything, this article is really for me to get out my pent up love for this place and look back on all it's given me. By the way, this is going to get pretty personal (and sappy, knowing me), just warning you haha. Anyway, enjoy!


Deep in my slumber, I dreamt. Dreamt of a world where I could be free of the chains that had forced me into this slumber and dreamt of a place where I could be wholeheartedly myself. This place was somewhere I never would have expected it to be. It was within me. Haha, just kidding. That would be totally cliché, I mean really? This place was the Disney Princess fan club on Fanpop. A...
Review by deedragongirl posted 5 days ago
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Hi everyone, I just watched Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera just now. While watching, I noticed some similarities with Beauty and the Beast! Here are my observations.

The Story-line

As you may know, both stories are set in France, it also has a sad theme in it as it deals with deformed person name Erik who wishes to be love. Ironically, the author of The Phantom of the Opera is by Gaston Leroux, who happens to be the namesake villain of Disney's retelling Beauty and the Beast. The rose also plays a symbolic role in both stories.
Secondly, the Stranger Than You Dream It scene reminds me of the West Wing scene. Since the Phantom and the Beast did not want both Christine and Belle to find out about their embarrassment.
Finally, the Final Lair scene reminds me of the Mob Song where they are chasing the Phantom and the Beast!

The Characters

As previously mentioned, the Phantom reminds me of the Beast, because both characters want to be love despite their exterior appearance. Christine Daae and Belle are the same, apart from being brunette! They play a dominant role in a love triangle....
Opinion by Sparklefairy375 posted 7 days ago
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Hello everyone. I'm just boring and suddenly I've got an idea to wrote my list of prettiest Disney Princesses. All of the Princesses have their own typical of beauty. But for sure I have some of favorites. Anyway, here's my prettiest DP list:

13. Snow White

Why her? She's the fairest of them all! Yes, she's the fairest of them all. But for me she is more tend to cute than pretty. I don't really like the shapes of her small-sized brown eyes and her nose. Her face overally looks like porcelain doll. In fact, she can be pretty but I'm just not a fan of her animation styles. Her looks in DP franchise slightly more better than in the original movie one.

12. Tiana

No, the reason I put her in the bottom not because her dark skin, I don't mind with her skin. Sometimes I found her looks is fine in some scenes, but in other scenes her face looks weird. Her eyes are fine. But her nose and lips looks weird comparing with her eyes. Her nose was too wide and unproportional. Also her lips, I think it's too big, reminds me to some of Bratz dolls.