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Opinion by Windrises posted 5 minutes ago
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Alice Kingsleigh is the star of the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland and the 2016 film Alice Through the Looking Glass. She is played by Mia Wasikowska. She's a young adult. Her dad died, but her mom and sister are alive. Her best friend is Tarrant Hightopp.

Alice may seem like a eccentric person to add to the Disney Princess group, but pretty much everything about Alice in Wonderland is weird.

The Disney Princess group needs Alice, because she's Disney's best female character. That's a fact, not a opinion. I'm joking. Well kind of.

Alice is a inspiring hero. She was basically forced to have a typical and unappealing life that included marrying a guy of royalty that she didn't like. She stands up for what she knows is right and makes her life and other peoples' lives better. She is determined to save Underland and be a ship captain and she ended up doing that. She's a great hero.

Also she has a great voice which is due to Mia Wasikowska's good acting. Also Alice is really beautiful and wears impressive clothes.
Fan fiction by Windrises posted 4 hours ago
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Notes: The characters and locations are owned by Disney. Claude Frollo is the villain in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Since Fanpop members voted for emotional stories story will be mostly serious. There is some mild continuity from Anna and Elsa's Justice so I recommend reading that story first.

Anna said "What's going on?"

Elsa said "A royal judge named Claude Frollo wants to meet me. He claims it's important. He recently got a job working at 1 of the nearby churches."

Anna said "Maybe you shouldn't meet him. I've seen pictures of him and he look villainous."

Elsa said "I have to go. I'll be back in a few hours."

Anna said "Fine, but be careful."

Elsa went to the church.

Claude Frollo said "Are you Queen Elsa?"

Elsa said "I am."

Claude said "A honor to meet you. I'm Judge Claude Frollo."

Elsa said "Shall we speak in your church?"
Fan fiction by Windrises posted 2 days ago
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Notes: The characters and locations are owned by Disney. I was going to have a short series named Super Anna and Elsa, but I decided to cancel the series and make this solo story.

Anna went to the living room and said "I have a announcement."

Elsa said "Oh no. What is it?"

Anna said "We should be heroes."

Elsa said "What do you mean?"

Anna said "Wear cool costumes and save our city people from villains. What do you think?"

Elsa said "There hasn't been any major crimes in our city for months."

Anna said "Well I'm going to out this plan. I'm going to check out our city and look for crimes to stop."

Elsa said "Okay, but be back soon."

Anna said "If I'm not back before dinnertime that means I got captured by a villain."

Elsa said "Um okay."

Anna got on her hero outfit. She was inspired by Captain Underpants and Batman. She wore purple underwear and cape. The cape was a Batman Halloween costume cape, but Anna painted it purple. She had a grappling hook that looked like Batman's grappling hook even though it was...
Review by ApplesauceDoctr posted 7 days ago
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While the Princess Party line of DVD's had the goal of accompanying Disney Princess-themed parties, the Princess Stories line has the much more general purpose of serving as everyday entertainment for young girls everywhere. As a result, there's a significant dip in quality from the Party line to the Stories line. We're going to take and look and see just how bad that decline is!

DVD Content
Just like in my last review, I'll go over all of the categories of the DVD one at a time. But first, it's necessary to talk about the presentation. When you first pop in the disk, you're shown a young girl's bedroom from a first person point of view. The "main menu" is represented as a bulletin board in her room, and the menus for the various features are also shown as different parts of her room as we'll soon see. But the main attraction for this DVD gets the royal treatment:

If you select "Story Selections" from the main menu, you'll get this screen, where you can manually choose which stories to watch and in which order. If you select "Play All" instead, you'll go through all of the stories in order. The...
List by deedragongirl posted 11 days ago
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Party time girls!
Hi guys, so basically this list is about the princess's favourite Korean Pop Songs if they're organising a Disco Party.

1) Sorry, Sorry (Super Junior)

This song is very catchy that I could not get it out of my head! Definitely the best Disco music ever.

2) Hallelujah (Big Bang)

Taken from the popular 2009 Korean drama, Iris. This song actually suits Tiana and Naveen, I feel.

3) Oppa Gangnam Style (Psy)

The most popular dance that took the world by storm back in 2012, this will definitely the other choice for a disco.

4) Gentlemen (Psy)

The second single from Psy, I watched a video with the Frozen cast dancing to this song. Go check it out!

5) Mr Simple (Super Junior)

Another song that I grew a liking on, it is another catchy song in fact I hope to download their album soon if I'm lucky.

Check Them Out!

Opinion by KataraLover posted 18 days ago
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Well, I managed to be able to see the Broadway show of The Little Mermaid, something I’ve dreamed of experiencing since the moment I heard about the Broadway show years ago. Most of you know that Disney’s The Little Mermaid is both my favorite Disney movie and one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME, so this was MAJOR for me! I also was lucky enough to see the original Broadway show on youtube, starring Sierra Boggess as Ariel herself, that show was amazing with many great new songs, capturing the characters I loved so much while giving them a new spin, and clever writing.

However, the show I saw live was very different from that show because for some reason Disney decided to make changes to that show. Some songs were taken out, some songs were replaced, and even the characters were changed quite a great deal. Was this show charming in a new way like the original Broadway show? HELL NO! I kept in mind that with a different cast it wouldn’t be as good, but I felt the same when I saw Wicked and it was still amazing. This show not only didn’t capture the amazingness of the movie or the original Broadway show, but it was an absolute insult to both of them. These...
List by deedragongirl posted 18 days ago
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Princesses with their voice actress!
Hi guys, I would like to write down my favourite Disney Princess Signature Songs and the reason why I love them!

1) How Far Shall I'll Go

Since watching Moana on the big screen, I could not get this song out of my head despite that I don't have the soundtrack yet.

2) Let It Go

Same reason as How Far Shall I'll Go, I also could not let it go! For the past few days, my brother have been listening it on his iPod and it is his favourite movie and song!

3) Beauty and the Beast

Another Disney Princess that I grew up with, it is one of the most popular songs in Disney history.

4) Part of Your World

While swimming, I would think of this song and I love the reprise especially.

5) A Whole New World

I love traveling and this song is the perfect Disney theme song for me while in the plane.

6) Almost There

Another inspirational song, this song is so jazzy compare to the other Disney Princess songs. It's unique and very catchy that I also could not get it out of my mind!
Fan fiction by andy10B posted 22 days ago
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Today was the happiest day of my life, not only did my handsome prince wake me up and I'm heading to my castle but for the first time in my life I am safe. Even the dwarfs house I still was scared from my own step mother could be there. I had heard that she had died from killing me and that I was to take over.

As we walked by prince Ferdinand said " you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met, I love you so much I would fight and die for you, you complete my heart. That wicked Queen stopped us from being together longer. So it would be an honour Snow White if you would marry me." The prince gave out a golden ring to me and I immediately said "Yes of course I will. You saved me and I love you. " We then kissed for a long time.

When the castle servants heard and they were ecstatic we were getting married and relieved that my step mum was dead. The servants bowed down to us. One stood up, and said " For years Princess Snow white you have had a life of sadness, bullying and a horror show from your step mum, but don't worry you are safe. You deserve to be Queen and your king looks like a perfect husband for you." There was a loud applause from...
List by deedragongirl posted 22 days ago
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Disney love songs.
Hi guys, since I love traveling, I would like to write down some nice cities on which the Disney Princess and their respective princes will fall in love with since Valentine's Day is coming soon.

1. Manchester, England, UK

Snow White and Prince Ferdinand will definitely love this city, it is very country-oriented and Snow White will consider this as her second home!

2. Milan, Italy

Since France is a neighbour to Italy, Cinderella will carry her duties with Prince Kit by making her first official state visit there. They will definitely love this city even more than Paris.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Since Princess Aurora and Prince Philip are from the Middle Ages, Prague will be an idealistic honeymoon city for them.

4. Barcelona, Spain

Prince Eric loves the beach-side and Ariel is a mermaid, they will love to see this whimsical city coming to life.

5. Salzburg, Austria
Article by deedragongirl posted 24 days ago
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Team Moana?
Hi guys, since I have seen both films, what I'm going to write are famous movies on how are they connected to each other and how they inspire millions of people today! In terms of story-line and songs.


When I first watch this movie on the big screen with my younger brother, I initially thought that Elsa would be like Darth Vader and the film will be copycat of the Star Wars movie. But, I guess not! The film itself actually promotes forgiveness and sisterhood on which British actress Lily James mentioned the latter in one of her interviews shortly after the release of Cinderella.
The songs are amazing, especially the Godly overrated 'Let It Go'! I just couldn't shrug it off that in fact, I need it for my driving sometimes.


I love how they kept traditions with Frozen, in which we are introduce to Scandinavian culture. In this film, we're introduce to Polynesian culture, initially I thought that the film was going to be a copycat of Frozen. But, I guess I was wrong in the end!
Opinion by deedragongirl posted 25 days ago
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The other favourite poster!
Hi guys, an idea had struck me if Disney were to make their own film about the famous Romanov princess. Here we go!

They Should Make It!

Since Don Bluth had done it back in 1997, Disney should do it. In this version, they would make her mother Alexandra Fyodorovna along with Rasputin the main antagonists with the latter brainwashing the latter, prompting mother and daughter to be estranged or however the relationship should be. It wasn't until the final scene that Alexandra came to her senses!

They Should Not Make It!

I personally think that should not make it, because if they make Rasputin as the bad guy again. The story will be so familiar with the 1997 version! Unless they change the story and choose a brand new antagonists for the film.

An Imperial Moment

So, what do you think? Should Disney really make it or not?
Opinion by AudreyFreak posted 1 month ago
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Yes, my MBTI posts are back! I've studied the cognitive functions a lot more so they'll be a little different. I have many other Disney MBTI posts ready on my link so I'll be posting more soon.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Though Belle says she wants excitement and adventure, she never actually does anything about it. She stays in town, performing the same routine every day: go into town, get books, read them, do some chores around the house. It bores her, but it's what she knows and is comfortable with. Later, she eventually falls into the same routines, reading, taking walks, feeding the birds; the only difference is she's doing them in a magic palace now! Everything she concludes about her stay in the enchanted castle, she knows from her fairy tale books. In "Something There", she muses over her feelings for the Beast that differ so greatly from what she has come to learn about him (well, he's BEEN a big, terrifying brute with a bad temper- why should I care about him so much now?).
List by deedragongirl posted 1 month ago
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The Irish Lads
Hi guys, since I had done for Enya and Kenny G, here is another list of Disney princesses favourite Pop songs, only this time it is Westlife songs.

1) My Love

Snow White, Aurora and Cinderella will definitely sing to this to their respective princes. I absolutely fall in love with this song, and the lyrics is perfect for the 3 princesses.

2) Obvious

Talking from Prince Eric's point of view, he first meets Ariel and she could not talk due to a deal with Ursula earlier on. Eric finds her obvious first until her voice came back at the end!

3) Soledad/ If I Let You Go

Again, talking from the Beast/ Prince Adam's point of view, he needs to break the spell and he needs to find the girl of his life. The reason why I choose if I Let You Go is because the beast needs to make a choice on whether to let Belle go to see her dad.

4) Swear It Again/ World of our Own

Princess Jasmine will definitely sings this to Aladdin because the latter conceals his identity about being a beggar. Jasmine is very independent and wishes to make her own rules.
Opinion by deedragongirl posted 1 month ago
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Greetings Dracula!
Hi guys, okay I am not sure if Disney is daring enough to make a vampire princess. So here are my thoughts on it!

They Should Make a Vampire Princess

I personally think Disney should take the challenge to make a vampire princess, I mean we already have The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, The Twilight Saga and Anne Rice's vampire stories!
They could make the antagonist inspired from Elizabeth Bathory, in which she is a vain vampire throughout the movie!

The Shouldn't Make a Vampire Princess

It will probably intimidate young children, unless the directors watch Hotel Transylvania for inspiration to make it more family friendly.
Secondly, I hope that the movie is not going to be like the Twilight Saga.

Vampire or Not?

I have always wanted to see a vampire princess for a change, do you agree?
Opinion by snowflakerose posted 1 month ago
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The Mouse's Sorting Hat was one of my favorite blogs on tumblr that I used to read in the golden era of late 2013 to early 2015. It was then a prolific blog that sorted many characters in the respective Hogwarts houses of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Whenever I requested a character, the sorting would immediately come. Things went smooth, slow, steady, and ready, until my senior year, that was the dark days of late 2015 to early 2016. By that time, the blog had redesigned, but they weren't making any posts those days. I tried to message them, but they couldn't receive my messages. I sighed. I still tried to request, but the posts couldn't come. I sighed again, so I tried to reblog their posts on my blog. Unfortunately, the founder deleted the blog one day, and I felt saddened. Here are their sortings of the princesses:

List by deedragongirl posted 1 month ago
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Hi guys, this article is the perfect dancing music for the princesses. Ranging from the Renaissance to the Victorian Era, ready?

1. Bergamasca (Marco Ucellini)

This music will be best, especially for the 3 classical princesses. It is very gentle and smooth when they dance with their princes.

2. Johann Strauss II's Waltzes

In fact, many of his waltz are quite popular and it would definitely be popular among the princesses themselves.

3. Joseph Lanner's Die Schonbrunner Waltz

Initially, I thought that it was compose by Strauss, but it is actually his rival Joseph Lanner.

4. Frederick Chopin's Waltz Music

I also love his music, his waltz is also another favourite for the Disney Princesses themselves.

A Toast!

Do you agree with my choice, if you do go ahead and listen to them.
Opinion by AnimaIuco posted 1 month ago
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Hi!! I am an old member of this club, I'm not sure if anyone here is been around long enough to remember me, but Disney is kind of my religion. It adds sweetness in my life, and my favorite characters are the Disney Princesses. So I am updating my favorite DP list (I think it's been 5 or 6 years since I last wrote one), so here we go! (Sorry if there's some bad english, I'm brazilian..)

14) Jasmine

Jasmine may be the one DP I dislike. She screams feminism and independece during the whole movie, but she does very little to establish herself as a strong, level-headed or feminist character. She needs saving by Aladdin all the time, and the one time she tries to help, in the final battle, she is reduced to seduce Jafar in order to distract him, but fails anyway. And it doesn't help that she has a rude attitude towards most of the movie's characters. I feel that she spends so much time being rude towards people and screaming girl power, that she ends up being a very shallow character, and we end up knowing very little about her.
List by deedragongirl posted 1 month ago
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Hello girls.
Hi guys, since everyone has done it, so here are lists of favourite outfits and I will be including Anna and Elsa in this lists as well.

1) Belle's Yellow Ball Gown

I adored this dress since young when I first watch this film. It's bright yellow makes her stand out from the beast who was wearing blue! I was also very surprise that in stage version, their costumes are different, in terms of outfit and colour for the Beast when he is in his human form.

2) Cinderella's Ball Gown

I know that her colour has been controversial in the animated version, there a couple of things that I wasn't happy with, it was both the hairstyle and that choker. Then, in the 2015 version, I was very happy that the dress was way better than her animated counterpart because it's more majestic and elegant.

3) Snow White's Dresses

I personally love both her peasant dress and the other one, I prefer the latter on her the best because it's colourful.
Opinion by anukriti2409 posted 1 month ago
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Results are in! Who's the favorite team of fans? Fans had voted and the winner is indisputable. So, i'll get straight to it.

Just a side note, sorry I got caught up at work and I know the polls were done sometime back already, but posting the results article for everyone to enjoy.

Here are the results:

18. Tiana, Naveen, Louis and Ray
17. Aurora and Forest friends
16. Merdia team - Angus and Triplets
15. Snow White and forest animals
14. Rapunzel team - Pascal, Flynn and Maximus
13. Mulan and army friends
12. Belle and Philippe
11. Eric team - Grimsby and Max

10. Pocahontas team - Nakoma, Meeku, Flit and Grandma Willow:
She made it to top 10, though I feel differently but fans believed otherwise. But mostly she was voted out coz her team lacks coordination, like Nakoma and Grandma Willow has no connection and Meeku is mostly just goofing around, with no actual help or support.
Article by deedragongirl posted 1 month ago
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Hi guys, here is my theory on why Gaston insists on marrying Belle.

Childhood Sweethearts

Okay, this was my first reason on why Gaston insists on marrying Belle. The fact that he comes from an arrogant and snobbish family, he has this arrogance stuck in his head and Belle initially thought him as handsome from young until they grew up that Belle saw the light in him that he has a supersized ego and grew out of it!


As mentioned, Gaston has a supersized ego due to his body build thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger! He reminds me of a High School bully or Brom Bones from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
Speaking of him, maybe Brom Bones and Gaston are cousins or close friends!

Do you Agree?

Another Disney Doppelganger moment, do you agree that Brom Bones and Gaston are relatives or close friends or is it???
Opinion by deedragongirl posted 1 month ago
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Cool one, isn't it?
Hi guys, I just happened to watch Dragonheart and I thought why not all of the princesses should have a personalised magical Dragon Stones so that they could turn into dragons, so here are my thoughts!

Let Them Have It!

Of course, if Disney were to make a movie about them together. The fairy godmother will give them a dragon stone that will turn them into dragons with each special powers! It will make the story interesting.

Don't Take It!

The story will be to dark for a Disney film, unless if Disney could tone down the appearance of the dragons themselves.

Dragon or Not?

Here are my thoughts of this theory, so what do you think?
Opinion by deedragongirl posted 1 month ago
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Derek and Odette, together in love.
Okay, since Disney had adapted Sleeping Beauty in 1959 and used Tchaikovsky's music for the film. In 1994, Richard Rich a former Disney animator, adapted it under the name as The Swan Princess. Here are my thoughts on whether or not Disney should do The Swan Lake.

Disney Should Adapt It

I personally think that Disney should adapt this story, although the majority of ballet companies have tragic endings. Some of them have a happy ending, including the 1994 animated version. The only problem is the music, whether or not to keep traditions with Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

Disney Should Not Adapt It

As mentioned, I had listened to the famous piece from this ballet. Sadly to say, the music are dark, dramatic and sinister for a Disney film. Considering that it is a family-friendly environment!

To Be or Not To Be?

So there you have it, do you think Disney should adapt it or not?
Review by andy10B posted 1 month ago
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I promised I would write a biography about myself so here goes:

I am andy10B my first name is Andrew. I am 23 years old(24 on March 12th) I come from England in a town called Northampton. This is based in the centre roughly 60 miles north of London. It's not the prettiest place but it will do.

I'm mildly Autistic which means I'm not the best speaker but that does not mean I can't do it at all and I do have friends in Northampton. At the minute i am a mail sorter for a British company called Royal mail. I would like to be a journalist or news reporter or an actor. I don't have any of those degrees but I would like it.

My hobbies include music I play the Trombone on a Sunday morning, swimming, going down the gym and socialising with Friends and family.

I am bisexual.Sometimes I like men more than women or vice versa.
I am a bit femmanist( i sometimes prefer women work or clothing to men) i also like the Disney Princesses in particular Snow white. I like her because she is just the perfect woman. She is hard working, pretty, lovely dress, has a very handsome prince and will live happily ever at the end. I also...
Review by ApplesauceDoctr posted 1 month ago
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A fair number of Disney Princess DVDs were released in the early 2000's, and the series I'm most familiar with is the Princess Party line. To my knowledge, there were just two installments, both of which I apparently still own! These DVDs feature Disney Princess-related games, activities, and stories with the goal of helping to create a memorable DP-themed party for young girls. I first rented this disk from Blockbuster about a decade ago just to check out the games, so I have a bit of nostalgia for it. But how well does the content on the DVD hold up? Let's take a look!

DVD Features
There are four main categories of content on the disk along with enhanced content, so I'll go through them all one by one. The first couple are very straightforward so they won't be much of a hassle. So let's start with...

Most of the items here give more information about the content on the DVD. "Game Instructions," as you can figure out very quickly, goes over the rules for the eight games/activities. It's meant to let parents know about what the games entail, advised supervision, and any additional items needed at...
Opinion by avatar_tla_fan posted 1 month ago
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Woooow guys it's been like a year since I posted an article on here or was even active at all. But we really wanted to do this again because we had so much fun link

I'm doing this with four different users (one of which isn't even here anymore but she’s amazing so {< she added that}): _CatWoman_, Hajirah4, Sk8er__grl, and misscindyspice. This is the average of our movies rankings (including Moana, I know it hasn't been officially added yet, but still).

Enjoy! Keep in mind that we're a little bit crazy. It was the middle of the night and I had a ton of ice cream, come on.

Also this can be a bit hard to read at times (WE SPENT FOREVER BOLDING THIS STUFF FOR YOU GUYS THOUGH SO CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE.) and it’s pretty damn long, but I tried to make it as clear as possible. Moana is at #6 if you haven't seen it yet, but there's not many spoilers so.