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Opinion by dclairmont posted 15 hours ago
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Team Aurora's icon made by BraBrief
Heyoo! Team Aurora is back to give you all our favorite princesses! Credits go to BraBrief for all the amazing pictures <3 Members of Team Aurora include: dclairmont, AudreyFreak, BraBrief, and rhythmicmagic. I hope you enjoy reading this! (btw, a member or two seemed to overlook the one to two sentences part of this *cough* rhythmicmagic *cough* AudreyFreak, heck, me too, so excuse us if this is rather long XD)

13. Belle

rhythmicmagic: I think Belle is a really round character and don't think she's a Mary Sue like most people. She's open-minded about the Beast. She's kind to the Beast and selfless to give her place to her father. That was incredibly brave of her. I love how much she values knowledge. However, she also is unwilling to admit when she's done wrong, overly curious, and an intellectual snob. Belle is a great character.
dclairmont: I'm at a bit of a crossroads with Belle at the moment. She's been low on my list for a while and I've basically seen her as perfect, but lately I'm starting to notice some of her flaws and realize why she's as popular as she is. Still, she's stuck at the bottom.
Opinion by Diazdiaz95 posted 16 hours ago
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Hey everyone, lately I've begun to watch Once Upon a Time, in case you're wondering yes I like it but I haven't finished season 1 yet, and that got me wondering about how the princesses would be as regular people in real life. I have based my descriptions on the way they act in their film and the way people usually see them along with my own thoughts on each of them. Hope you like it. Please comment:) Let's begin.

Snow White
I imagine Snow being one of those ultra positive, always cheerful girls who are very active in town affairs and very well known by everyone. I see her having many friends because of her outgoing, friendly personality. She seems like a natural leader/organizer so I see her being the head of town committees like the welcoming committee, organizing charity events, and volunteering anywhere where she is needed. Snow's unexpectedly sassy, bossy side would help her get people to work and she herself would be admired and respected for her work ethic. I see her not being particularly tech savvy, instead wanting to do things the old fashioned way, and even though she is young she'd be an old soul, choosing to wear more modest,...
Opinion by rosemina posted 18 hours ago
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I have been a Fanpop and Disney Princess club member for two years. Yes, it took me so long to decide on my favourite Disney Princess list. Well, to be honest, I belayed it that much, because 1) I am ridiculously lazy and 2) I hadn't seen some of the movies. Now that I 've watched all of them, here's my (most probably quite unpopular) list.

13. Ariel
In my opinion, Ariel is extremely popular, because her beauty, mermaid nature, voice, drama queen behaviour, and her expressive and extroverted character stand out and hide all her (uncountable) flaws. She's striking and very charming, no doubt, but she also makes all the wrong choices a reasonable person can do. For the sake of a dream and a guy, she chooses to erase all those who loved and cared about her from her life. She decides to trust a sea witch and lose her voice instead. Seriously, there's no excuse for her deeds, in my opinion. She's superficial, selfish, thoughtless and ungrateful. The only reason this movie had a happy ending is because it's Disney. I know I sound full of hate but honestly, I don't hate her! I admire how determined, strong willed and charismatic she is.