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Opinion by fanlovver posted 6 hours ago
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Inspired by avatar_tla_fan.
My ranking of different Disney Princess things :)

Favorite Movie List:
1. Tangled
2. Mulan
3. Beauty and the Beast
4. Brave
5. Aladdin
6. Pocahontas
7. The Princess and the Frog
8. Sleeping Beauty
9. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
10. The Little Mermaid
11. Frozen
12. Cinderella

Favorite Princess List:
1. Pocahontas
2. Merida
3. Rapunzel
4. Jasmine
5. Tiana
6. Anna
7. Cinderella
8. Snow White
9. Ariel
10. Mulan
11. Belle
12. Aurora
13. Elsa

Favorite Prince List:
1. Aladdin
2. Naveen
3. Eugene
4. John Smith
5. Kristoff
6. Shang
7. Prince
8. Prince Charming
9. Eric
10. Beast
Article by Frozengirl11 posted 2 days ago
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Me :D
Hey, guys. I'm Frozengirl11 and I joined Fanpop this month when I was browsing Google for a picture for an Art project...it was Elsa I was looking for. I found a pic of Elsa when she was transforming into the Snow Queen and I saw the website fanpop.com. I went to the page and I saw so many things, that I decided to make an account. I decided to do an article so that all of my 39 to hopefully 40 fans can get to know me better, as well as the members of the Disney Princess Fan Club. Hope you all enjoy this and feel free to comment on my article!!

My name is Carolyn and I'm 16 years old. I'm a Freshmen at Muskego High. I'm from Wisconsin, the Cheesehead state, home of the Green Bay Packers.

I'm a passionate singer and love to sing when I get the chance. My future dream is to become a famous popstar. Something else about me is that I'm a animal lover. I also love taking photos and videos on my new iPhone 5C. I was in our high school fall play of The Ash Girl; I was a ribbon dancer for Greedmonkey. Now, I made the cast for the spring play The Comedy Of Romeo And Juliet Kinda Sorta; I'm in Chorus. Right now, we're in rehearsal right now. It's so...
Opinion by Renegade1765 posted 4 days ago
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So cute!
Princess Anna lives her life alone with her thoughts,her hopes and her dreams.She's gives protection from the worlds hardships in her isolation.She sees the world the world through an idealized lens of Rose colored glasses.Beautiful paintings,statues become the normative vistas that converge to create her own ego-centric reality.Smiling faces are all she sees,so the outside world,one of untold mysteries,must be a place of beauty of place and wonder!She walks out amongst the people for the first time with no solid understanding of human interaction,and more importantly,of the malign intent that a hunger for power can cause.The word she lives in becomes tiresome and boring as she grows older,as she wishes to see the wold in that fleeting that the grass is really greener on the other side.
In her adventures,she finds what she thinks is love,exactly everything that she expected.She walks into the world blindly,overjoyed by the fresh and new surroundings.Everything is exciting,so everything is perfect,and she didn't even suspect her dear prince to have any ulterior motives.But let's forget the ulterior motives for a minute,she drives into a marriage proposal with no concept of...