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Opinion by avatar_tla_fan posted 30 minutes ago
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So, I made a poll counting down the smartest disney Princess and it's time to find put who will be the smartest Disney Princess! Please keep in kind that it isn't my opinion, it's the opinion of the fanpop users. Enjoy the article! :)
Also, for some comments I had to shorten or change them.

13. Anna

I figured she'd be down near the bottom, and it looks like I was right about that. Overall, a lot of people agreed that she didn't receive a great education, some people said she wasn't very bright, and one said she was stupid. In my opinion she is one of the least educated princesses, but it's not really her fault. As the comment above says, she was locked away for no reason.

12. Ariel

This wasn't a huge surprise either, but unlike Anna, Ariel actually had a lot of people supporting her. Some said that she was not educated in the human world, some found her to be the stupidest Disney Princess and/or the...
Opinion by avatar_tla_fan posted 1 hour ago
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Ok, I'm pretty sure everyone knows by now that I'm not a huge Frozen fan! And I love ranting and having debates, so how about we do a debate again? (I know that they're going on in the forum section but I'm going to do an article because I don't want to differ from what they're talking about now.) this time, instead of talking about just Anna, Elsa, the parents, and the trolls, how about we talk about the positives and negatives of this movie?

How about I start with the positive section. There's got to be at least something I like about this movie, right?

The Positives

1.The Animation!
Ok, as most of you know, I have tons of problems with this movie, but the animation is not one of them! The animation is fantastic. Specific parts, like when Elsa builds the ice castle, are absolutely stunning. I really like how the characters look, I love the expressions they make, and I feel like they have great designs, although Anna and Elsa's look similar. I really enjoy the animation as a whole. It feels ALIVE, like somebody is actually building a real castle, right in front of you. Just, stunning. Overall, the...
Opinion by avatar_tla_fan posted 5 hours ago
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(Credit to Diazdiaz95 for the idea.) Ok, so I'm going to be listing my favorite character from each Disney Princess movie. I will only be including main characters and main antagonists. (Maybe minor antagonists if they serve enough purpose.) anyways, like always, keep in mind this is my opinion, so please respect it. Thanks everyone! Now enjoy the article! :)

I will be separating this article into two parts, because I have to finish the countdown results, so I'll have part two up tomorrow after the countdown results, probably.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White is just one of those characters that you just have to love! She's so sweet! She's also the first Disney Princess so that's pretty awesome too. I don't really adore any characters from this movie, but I really like Snow White, and in my opinion, she is the best character from the movie.
Runner up goes to: The Evil Queen.