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Opinion by _krystal_meth posted 1 day ago
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This is a real life image of you, yes YOU dear reader, in adoration of my return to fanpop.
This is inspired by this hilarious twitter I found, @celebsinhs.

Examples of their tweets:

This is my collab with my friend Olivia, you might know her as _CatWoman_. She helped me a lot with this and gave some hilarious ideas.

Alright, let's get on with my take of them! Try to guess which DP it is as I give hints of their qualities. Don't scroll too far too fast!

-nice enough to eat the gross sloppy joe in the cafeteria
-casually catches bugs and take them outside when they scare everyone else in class
-looks like the grudge in the winter
-dated a sophomore when she was like 10, is still dating said person
-thinks she's a slytherin because she can tolerate emo, punk, and goth kids
-a pigeon shat on her once and she responded by passive-aggressively singing to it about how the bird should say sorry
News by thesnowqueen posted 1 day ago
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i want to be elsa when i grow up. i am grown but not much so still way to go before i am big. i think very big. i want to write poem of freeze. remember elsa is snow queen so she freeze. english not best but friend check my word so it be good i think. please tell if you like. or if you mind.

freeze, freeze, go away
come again another day
icicles, icicles
they all fall down
sister, sister
where are you dearest
freeze will come
and breeze you away
i can freeze
you can freeze
we all freeze for ice cream
Review by deedragongirl posted 3 days ago
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Moana and Maui
Hi guys, I finally watched Moana with 2 of my classmates before one of them is going back to the UK to complete her houseman-ship. So, here is my review on the Polynesian movie.

The Story Plot

When I watched the film, I absolutely love how the film opens. I felt that it was trying to be a bit like Frozen where we hear Scandinavian music at the beginning of the film, so to keep that same tradition. Disney used Polynesian music at the beginning of the film, I love how the prologue is very Polynesian-oriented and I adored the artwork!
The film reminds me of a few films, Treasure Planet, Ferngully and The Firebird from Fantasia 2000. I will explain that later on how this film is connected to these 3 films.

The Characters

Moana is actually my favourite character following Anna & Elsa from Frozen, in fact she reminds of Princess Merida, Ariel and Anna because they're fiercely independent, headstrong and their great curiosity!
List by deedragongirl posted 4 days ago
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The Brothers Grimm
Since I had written Hans Christian Andersen, now it is his German counterparts. The Brothers Grimm, I know that many of their stories are dark and sinister. But, I'm sure that Disney will know how to handle it!

1) The Twelve Brothers

Okay, this story is quite similar to the Wild Swans. It also has a happy ending and I kind of feel bad for the girl during the majority of the story.

2) Rumpelstiltskin

I bet you all know the story, and it was my favourite story of all times since I was young. The ending has several different versions, so it's up to Disney to decide!

3) The Brave Little Tailor

We all know that Disney had already made this many years ago with Mickey and Minnie Mouse in it, but I bet if Disney were to make a Disney Princess version of it. I don't mind at all!

4) The Riddle

A young princess must solve a riddle with a dramatic climax throughout the story for the prince himself.
List by deedragongirl posted 5 days ago
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The Wonderful Danish Author.
Hi guys, since the popularity of Disney's Frozen and The Little Mermaid. Here are some ideas on what Disney should do next, may it be Princess or non-Princess films.

1. The Wild Swans

It's about a princess name Elisa who has 11 brothers, unfortunately their wicked stepmother turns them into swans and she banished Elisa. Her brothers help her by taking her far away! It has a happy ending and I hope that Disney will make it soon.

2. Thumbelina

We all know that Don Bluth had made this starring Jodi Benson as the voice of Thumbelina in 1994. I think Disney should give it a hand in making this story, I also hope that the music doesn't sound like the Don Bluth's version!

3. The Princess and the Pea

Another possible choice for Disney, with a dramatic twist in it! Despite that the story is very short, but with some magic Disney touch. The film will be a great movie like Frozen!

Thank you Hans Christian Andersen!
Opinion by anukriti2409 posted 6 days ago
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The countdown is over and the results are in! DP club fans have voted for their favorite landscapes in DP movies. Surprisingly fans were more divided for choosing the lower ranks and had almost a united say about the top ones. Here are the results. Hope you'll enjoy.

11. Princess and The Frog
I was a little surprised to see it leave first. I know its not much liked around here but I thought having Cinderella and Snow White and Seven Dwarfs around, this might just skip being eliminated first. Well, I was wrong. Fans didn't really find the bayou magical and swamps looked garish and dull to them.

wavesurf: I don't like swamps, the bayou, or Louisiana. So this means I don't like the setting for The Princess and The Frog.

Sparklefairy375: Don't like the colors and lighting that used in those landscapes

blanche_rouge: It's mostly in the swamp which I don't find magical or romantic.
Opinion by deedragongirl posted 6 days ago
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I hope that you have a great time in Europe, Anna!
Hi guys, since the Asian batch made it through the front page of Fanpop. Here are the European batch of Anna!

Italian (Serena Rossi)

My first impression on Serena (no, not her namesake Frozen costar, Serena Autieri) is that she sounds a bit like Kristen Bell. But, one thing is that her voice is slightly deeper than Kristen and overall good job! (Ratings: 9.5/10)

French (Emmylou Homs)

When I first heard her singing Love is an Open Door, she sounds very bubbly and gentle at the same time. She does not sound heavy at all! (Ratings: 10/10)

Dutch (Nootje Herlaar)

Okay, I found out that Nootje is actually 10 years younger than Willemijn, who voiced Elsa. Which makes the film more realistic. So good job and hooray for the Netherlands! (Ratings: 10/10)

Polish (Magdalena Wasylik)

Another youngest Polish Frozen cast, I love how she actually sound relatively young like her Dutch counterpart. (Ratings: 9/10)
Opinion by deedragongirl posted 10 days ago
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Hi guys, I had recently watch a video about the enchantress. I actually notice that these 2 characters have a number of similarities with each other.


In the 2015 live-action reboot, Cinderella's kindness actually prove to the fairy godmother by rewarding. Ella is considered an outcast with her stepmother and stepsister, and she also share some similarities with Belle considering that the latter originally was going to have 2 sisters who are bullies too in the movie! Secondly, the magic spell will only work till midnight, thus setting a time limit for Cinderella.

The Beast

Since he was a problematic child who is very spoilt, the enchantress must have some magic up her sleeves and turns him into a beast. The reason why I labelled Cinderella and the Beast are in a contrast to one another, is because Cinderella has some kindness since her childhood and the beast is more of a spoilt brat. Ironically, the same fairy godmother!
Review by dclairmont posted 10 days ago
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Hello guys!! To those who recognize me, I hope you're all doing well! I've been busy with college apps and life in general, but I've been well! To those who don't, nice to meet you! I used to frequent this site a couple years ago. :) Anyway I'm just going to go straight into the review! There won't be any large plot type spoilers, but if you want to go in knowing absolutely nothing, I would recommend not reading!


I just got home from seeing this beautiful film and I need to let out all my feelings somewhere, but hopefully this will be somewhat coherent and not come across as a giant rant with paragraph breaks. I have such a huge smile on my face as I write this, because this movie just made me so damn happy!

The Soundtrack

Guys this movie sounds breathtakingly beautiful. The score, the songs, it all just creates an environment and immerses you immediately into the Polynesian culture. Getting some fresh blood with Lin-Manuel, the creator of Hamilton (which also has an 11/10 soundtrack), was such a great idea and it really brought a brightness that I loved. The entire soundtrack just put a smile on my face....
Article by fox22 posted 13 days ago
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11 users has voted in the poll: 'Will you add some songs for the Eurovision Songcontest Disney Princesses Theme?' Almost the half of the users has said 'no' the others has voted 'maybe'. want to change the part of adding songs in the contest and want to. do it with polls. The best three songs from each movie joins the contest. This is just an idea, maybe I'm just impatient. If there is enthousiasm and users add songs. I won't change it. But it's likely that, that won't happen. So I'm preparing now to the other way of selecting songs for the contest. I hope you will vote in the contest! It's my first contest on Fanpop!
List by deedragongirl posted 13 days ago
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Music soothes the savage beast, do you agree?
Since I had done the actors for the Beast, now it's the singer from Popera genre on who will be the perfect Beast.

1) Josh Groban

I have always been a fan of him and after listening to his rendition of If I Can't Love Her from the musical version on Youtube. I personally felt that Josh should have been cast as the Beast!

2) Urs Buhler & Carlos Marin (Il Divo)

Just so you know that Carlos Marin had previously played the Beast in the Madrid production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and I personally felt that his voice is more suitable.
The second choice was his Swiss bandmate, Urs Buhler because he has both the looks and voice for both Prince Adam and the Beast.

3) Il Volo

The Jonas Brother version of Il Divo, they sound perfect and Prince Adam would definitely sound very operatic. Do you agree?

Let The World Be Done with Me!

Here are my 3 choices, do you agree?
Article by fox22 posted 15 days ago
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In Europe and since the last two years also Australia is an annual event, named Eurovision Songcontest. In the Eurovision Songcontest, countries send in a singer of group who sing their own song of a song that's made for them. If a song is agreeded door the jury, the song joins a semi-final. In the semi-final the jury and the vieuwers vote for the best act. If a song is in the top ten, it joins the final.

Okay, that was the explanation of the Eurovision Songcontest. What I want with this is a Songcontest with Disney songs on Fanpop. First, users on fanpop add songs door the 'question' u may add three!

The songs:
-has to be from a disney princess movie
-has to be the original english version
-has to be the first to fourth of a movie
-may be sing door a another character than the disney princess -may be sing door meer then one character
The maximum number that may kom bij this Songcontest is thirty-four.

List by deedragongirl posted 15 days ago
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Team Ireland!
Hi guys, this is definitely the last future appearance series that I'm going to write. So now, let's focus on an Irish princess appearance.

1) Rosanna Davison (Miss World 2003 winner)

She is my number one choice for a princess, I would not mind to have another blonde hair, thus making her the third blonde haired princess.

2) Saoirse Ronan (Irish-American actress)

Another possible choice for a princess, she has an innocent look, especially her piercing blue eyes.

3) Andrea Corr (Irish singer)

She could be the third princess to have black haired, and she has a exotic look for a princess, don't you agree?

4) Bernadette Flynn (Irish dancer)

Another blonde haired princess, and I had seen photos of her with curly hair while dancing for the Lord of the Dance back in 1996. She has the look for an Irish princess!

Irish Princess Calling!

Article by deedragongirl posted 18 days ago
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Enchantress in disguise!
Hi guys, I did a poll earlier and a sudden realisation about the Enchantress had struck me. So, I will write an interesting theory about her!

Beauty and the Beast

We first seen her in the Prologue as an old woman, when Prince Adam spurned her. Her true nature is shown and in retaliation, she turned him into a beast and tells him that only true loves can redeem him inside, as well as the outside.

Cinderella (2015)

Upon re-watching this again, I just found out that the Fairy Godmother is actually the Enchantress herself. Only this time, when she turns into her true self, she changes her appearance and that she must have been watching Ella the whole time, I suspect that she doesn't want Ella to suspect that her beloved Fairy Godmother might have cursed Prince Adam!

Do You Agree?

I was really surprise by this theory, considering that it is set in France! Or is it just another Disney doppelganger?
List by MaidofOrleans posted 19 days ago
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Many thanks to M_gann who helped me come up with this idea and organized the first few polls, as well as to everyone who voted, commented, and submitted their lists! Now it's finally time to take a look at which DPs we think are most popular and compare them to which DPs actually are most popular. Please take a look at link as well!

11. Merida
Actual rank: 10

Wow, I am legitimately shocked that Merida is more popular than we thought she was. I've always viewed her as Fanpop's most hated princess, but I guess that's not true anymore! Unfortunately she's still very unpopular.

[i]I'm going to tentatively guess Merida, although I think Tiana and Snow White are also pretty disliked around here. Merida has had a long tradition of haters though, ever since her film first came out. This mainly seems to stem from people viewing her as a brat, and also those who think she doesn't "fit" in the lineup. ~MaidofOrleans
List by MaidofOrleans posted 19 days ago
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Hello everyone! It's time for our annual survey to determine who are the most loved of our lovely ladies that we celebrate on this club. Big, big THANK YOU to everyone who submitted a list! The way I did this was I tallied up each princess's total points based on her spot in each user's list. The princess with the fewest points is Fanpop's #1 favorite!

11. Snow White
Total points: 243

The popularity of Walt's first princess has unfortunately waned, and she is sadly Fanpop's least favorite princess. Those who do like her enjoy her optimism and cheery personality, as well as her work ethic and general sweetness.

Most common range: Bottom Ranks (18 users)
Most common placement: 10 (6 users)

Top Ranks
1. andy10B, sweetie-94
2. None!
3. PrincessAyeka12
Middle Ranks
4. pretty_angel92, euny
5. truth76, PrueFever
6. hatelarxene, KataraLover
List by deedragongirl posted 19 days ago
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Princess of Milan or Florence?
Hi guys, I would love to introduce an Italian princess, especially if the story was set during the Renaissance Era.

1. Silvia Ceccon (Miss Universe 2003 Contestant)

She's the perfect Italian candidate, since she has a ferocious facial features. If Disney were to make 2 sisters, she could be the bad princess!

2. Silvia Cannas (Miss World 2003 Contestant)

My reason for her is that she's tied with her namesake from number 1. She has a baby face and innocent quality in her.

3. Serena Autieri (Elsa's Italian Voice)

Despite her age, she has the looks for an Italian princess. While I was looking at her Instagram, I can tell she has some witty personality.

4. Monica Bellucci (Italian Actress)

I personally felt that we should have another dark-haired European princess, so Monica is the perfect choice for an Italian princess in my opinion.

Italian Princess Calling!
Opinion by bluethunder25 posted 21 days ago
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Now a lot of you are probably thinking, 'bluethunder25 Gothel can't be redeemed because first of all, she was 'too evil,' and two, she died from old aging and turned to dust.

Well as you know, I've stated in previous articles that I don't feel Gothel is entirely evil. As for the second one, if Gothel did in fact turn to dust, then I say, that means she has a good chance to come back to life which also means she has a good chance of a redemption. How? Allow me to explain.

Now first of all, before you all freak out, no, Gothel's redemption won't be overnight, in fact, for Gothel's redemption arc, she won't even start out with a redemption arc, she will still be a villain.

OK, picture this; what if Gothel had a brother? The brother discovers his sister's remains at the tower and swears revenge for her death. He attempts to find out who it was that responsible for her death. Eventually he learns from Flynn (not calling him Eugene) that HE was responsible and Gothel's brother tries to kill him. Flynn tries to reasons with him, but he doesn't listen. Eventually, the fight breaks out to the castle where Rapunzel and her parents find out and...
Opinion by deedragongirl posted 24 days ago
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Hello Anna!
Hi guys, since I had done with Elsa's international version of her signature song for the movie version. Now, it's Anna's turn on her singing voice since she has more songs apart from 'For the First Time in Forever'. I will also rate their voices as well!

Japanese (Kanda Sayaka)

Since Manga & Anime are my favourite, Japan specialises in this and I'm glad that her voice suits Anna, especially in For the First Time in Forever and Love is an Open Door. (9.5/10)

Indonesian (Nadia Rosyada)

Her singing style is a bit heavy, especially in the For the First Time in Forever Reprise, but she puts in effort as Anna. (9/10)

Mandarin Chinese (Eua Li)

Considering that Anna is young, her singing voice is very convincing for Anna. I love how she comes as innocent during the last verse in 'Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?', so good job China! (10/10)

Thai (Noona Sophon)
List by deedragongirl posted 25 days ago
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Princess of Bohemia or Russia? You decide!
Alright, since I had done a Hispanic princess, here is how a Slavic princess will look like.

1. Natalie Glebova (Miss Universe 2005, Canada)

A Canadian of Russian origins, she has the looks for a typical Slavic princess if Disney were to make a Russian princess.

2. Anna Buturlina (Elsa's and Tiana's Russian Singing Voice)

The second choice for a Russian princess, she also did the singing voice for Princess Tiana as well as Elsa!

3. Ksenia Sukhinova (Miss World 2008, Russia)

Another Russian beauty who won Miss World 2008 in South Africa, In fact, Natalie is the runner-up to her. Especially their looks! She is a queen!

4. Tatana Kucharova (Miss World 2006, Czech Republic)

A possible choice for princess if the story is set in Bohemia (in Present-day Czech Republic).

5. Monika Absolonova (Elsa's Czech Singing Voice)

For peculiar reasons, she is my number 1 choice for a Czech princess. Especially her round face and cute facial features, that's just me!
List by deedragongirl posted 1 month ago
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Princess for Spain?
Okay, my Korean Princess Appearance made it to the front page. Now, many of you are dying to see a Hispanic princess in the line-up. So, here are my personal choices on how she looks like!

1) Ly Jonaitis (Venezuela, 2nd runner-up in Miss Universe 2007)

When I first saw her in 2007, I thought that she looks pretty idealistic for a princess. Especially her appearance, unfortunately my opinion changes because she looks a bit old. Unless if Disney have 2 Hispanic princess and Ly will play the elderly sister.

2) Amelia Vega (Dominican Republic, Miss Universe 2003 winner)

She is actually my number 1 choice for a princess, she has the looks for it and that is why she was Miss Universe 2003! Ironically, she is the niece of the singer, Juan Luis Guerra. I don't mind her voicing a princess too anyway!

3) Priscila Perales (Mexico, Miss International 2007 winner)

Another possible choice, because she has a very bubbly personality and I think she's perfect as well. In fact, she is like a younger baby princess if a princess has a younger sister!
Opinion by deedragongirl posted 1 month ago
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Hello Pocahontas!
Hi guys, since my favourite Pop versions of Reflection made it to the front page. Now, it's Pocahontas's turn for the pop version of her signature song, Colours of the Wind.

Brazilian Portuguese (Daniela Mercury)

I love how the intro and the instrumental version is different from the original Vanessa William's version. Daniela's version has a calm and strong voice, she starts of very soft and it was not until the first chorus that she comes out of the shell with a strong personality.

Cantonese (Amanda Lee)

Another version sung in Cantonese that I really like, and I have to say Amanda is much more gentle than Vanessa and I personally felt that this is how the song should sound like.

Castilian Spanish (Veronica Romero)

Like Brazilian Portuguese, she comes off as very soft during the first verse, in fact this version is very calm and gentle compare to the first 2 singers stated here. Wonderful arrangements too and it sounds like that they added Spanish guitar to make it sound very Spanish-oriented style.
Article by FloraorStella posted 1 month ago
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So Rapunzel had a great beginning. "A single drop of sunlight" fell to the ground and created a flower (?) that "had the ability to heal the sick and injured." Then because the queen was dying, the flower was mashed up and given as soup to the queen who got well again. And the magic affected her baby. The magic golden flower caused the newborn to be born with a head full of hair, and already extremely active.

Wait, what?

Did Gothel take her right after she was born? Isn't that dangerous? Shouldn't Rapunzel be with her mother, be nurtured by her and everything. Like, come on, at least wait until she's a few months old. Rapunzel definitely didn't look like a newborn in the clip.

If Rapunzel was a newborn, and Gothel took her a few months after she was born, was Gothel keeping a track of her birth date? So she could tell Rapunzel later, buy her gifts, let her watch the lanterns from her window? No, she wouldn't do that, would she? I mean, it's creepy enough knowing the exact birth date of the princess (hey, I can hardly remember my grandmother's birthday. I know, I'm horrible), but she should have known telling Rapunzel her birthday date...
Opinion by Windrises posted 1 month ago
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Princess Anna and Queen Elsa got invited to a fancy party. Elsa made sure that she and Anna dressed fancy.

Anna said "This outfit is uncomfortable." Anna's dress was warm, long, and she had a mildly hard time breathing.

Elsa said "It's meant to be fancy."

Anna said "It's too fancy."

Elsa said "Nothing can be too fancy."

Anna said "Whatever."

Elsa said "You better be on your best behavior."

Anna said "I'll try, but I can't promise you anything."

Anna and Elsa went to the party. Alice Kingsleigh was there. She was a ship captain who saved Underland. She was wearing her ship captain outfit.

Anna said "That girl is a ship captain which is rare for girls."

Alice said "That's what they always say, but deep down even the hardest things to accomplish can be accomplished."

Elsa said "It's good to meet you Captain Alice. I'm Queen Elsa and this is my sister, Princess Anna."
Opinion by deedragongirl posted 1 month ago
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World Idol? I guess not!
Hi guys, since I had done Let it Go for Frozen, now it's Mulan's turn for her pop version of Reflection. Ready?

Mandarin Chinese (Coco Lee)

This was the first version that I heard and it's sung by Coco Lee, her version is the only authentic as it is sung in Mandarin and was Asia's answer to Christina Aguilera (no puns intended), who sang the original and in Spanish. I wish they do a duet sometimes in the near future!

English (Christina Aguilera & Jackie Evancho)

The original version that started it all, I fell in love with this version as Christina has an amazing voice and she is my favourite singer. Jackie Evancho also did a cover version of it and her rendition is another amazing performance, so check it out!

Spanish (Christina Aguilera & Lucero)

I was actually very surprise that Lucero also did her rendition and the music video is also identical to Christina's! Both version are amazing and I am very neutral with both versions, Spanish is a very romantic language to listen to.