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Fan fiction by mhs1025 posted 4 hours ago
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Merida hurried to her room and grabbed her bow. She was competing in a family friendly archery match. Why this occasion? Because it was her birthday! Princess Merida of the Dunbroch clan was finally turning 18! "Archers to your marks!" King Fergus called out. Merida excitedly ran to her marking point. (A/N: If you read the first chapter, you'll know a year had passed. Also, I forgot how to spell Dunbroch, so tell me if I spelled it wrong. :P)

Merida got out her arrow as fast as she could and placed it inside her bow. Since she was the birthday girl, she was first up, no surprise. Because of her talent, she got a bullseye on the first target! "Beat that!" she playfully mocked. The castle guards each took turns trying to get the same score. They were nowhere near close! All-in-All, Merida ended up winning the archery match fair and square.

That evening, she opened up her gifts. "Thank you!" she thanked as each person gave their gifts. Queen Elanor had something special for her, and she was going to give that to her last. "Thank you girlies!" Merida blushed as her 6 month old twin sisters came trotting up to her and hugged on her. King Fergus laughed....
Opinion by audreybrooke posted 18 hours ago
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For true love conquers all!
Hello, everyone! Hope you're all enjoying September.

Seeing as Aurora is my favorite Disney princess, you can imagine how happy I was when I found out that she’s our September '14 Princess of the Month.

So, unable to fight a triumphant smile, I went over to the Polls section, where I saw one called “*~Princess of the Month September 2014 is……... Aurora!~*” It was then that I noticed the results…

‘What?’ I thought. ‘But… that means six people voted for boo!’

As hard as that was for me to accept, I resolved to brush it off and write an article about my beloved princess before the month’s end, an article that would hopefully change some opinions and clear things up a bit about our mysterious PotM. This is that article, at long last. Without further ado…

~All About Aurora~

Article by BraBrief posted 20 hours ago
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Bra Brief from Dragon Ball GT.
I've been on Fanpop and Disney Princess Club since April 2011, but I've never introduced myself properly. My name is Vera, in my mother tongue my name means "faith", while in italian it means "real/true". I was born on December 15th 1988, so I'm 25, my zodiac sign is Sagittarius and my Chinese sign is Dragon (love it! so majestic). I studied languages and economy in high school (Disney movies helped me a lot to improve my english). I speak serbian, italian, english and a little bit of french. Currently I'm working as employee.

As I touched on, I'm Serbian from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, but I live in Trieste, in Italy. I love metropolis like my hometown, while Trieste... isn't exactly a big city. It isn't a poor provincial town, rather, it is in a good position (it has both sea and mountain area) but it seems every day is like the one before. People are a bit close-minded, so I've always been seen like a weird person because I have some particular hobby, I'm 25 but I still watch cartoons, I don't celebrate Christmas (I'm neo-pagan), etc. Belle's situation describes perfectly how I live with the world I'm...