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Opinion by sweetie-94 posted 1 hour ago
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My 2nd Valentine's Day themed article and this time it's about my top 10 most romantic DP Movie Moments, hope you'll like this article

10. Pocahontas & John Smith shares their first kiss

This was a risky move considering what happened afterwards and considering that they didn't get as much privacy as they wanted, but wow, this scene is so beautiful and romantic, the music is amazing here and the kiss is quite passionate

9. Eric shows Ariel his kingdom

I feel like one of few who doesn't find the boat ride scene to be romantic, it's more of a silly scene and the song isn't even romantic imo, but this scene is quite romantic, yes, it's a bit silly, but considering Ariel is new to the human world it makes sense, but the sillyness isn't too over the top and doesn't take away the romantic part. I especially find the part where they're dancing to be romantic, Ariel is a surprisingly great dancer considering she hasn't been human for so long
Opinion by deedragongirl posted 8 hours ago
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Love is everywhere!
Hi guys, since Valentine's Day is coming up after Chinese New Year. I thought that it would be nice for me to write this article since I have loads of great love songs on my iPod Touch. This article is basely on the love songs that suits the Disney Princess with their respective princes and the reasons why, if you have any suggestions or opinions, go ahead! I will not include Merida and Elsa in since they don't have a love interest.

Snow White & Prince Ferdinand

Song: Love Story by Taylor Swift

I chose this because the lyrics and the music video fits perfectly for them, since Snow White is like a Damsel in Distress.

Ella/ Cinderella & Prince Kit/ Prince Charming

Song:Can't Have Falling in Love with You by Elvis Presley

In the live-action version, they first met at the forest during the hunt and Ella falls head over heels with Prince Kit. Ella doesn't give up her hopes on finding her dreams and love.
Opinion by sweetie-94 posted 2 days ago
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Since it's Valentine's Day soon I decided to write a few articles relating to that and I decided to do a list of my favorite DP Couples, fittingly enough the last time I did this list was around this time last year, since then my list has changed a slight bit. Hope you'll like this article

11. Mulan & Shang

Imo they're more best friends than a couple, their first meeting is hilarious though and I love how Mulan isn't afraid to show off her feelings for Shang in a subtle way and how Shang chose to not kill Mulan despite the fact that women wheren't allowed in the army, it shows that they did love each other and later Shang returns the helmet to the Fa family and Mulan asks if he would like to stay for dinner to which he answers yes. It may sound romantic, but to me this is more of a best friend thing and that's why I couldn't place them any higher

10. Jasmine & Aladdin

Out of the real couples this is my least favorite DP Couple, nothing interests me about them as a couple, Aladdin lies several times and they're far too different from each other imo