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Opinion by wolfcat343 posted over a year ago
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T-T wow what an attention seeking article name it basically screams out: "READ ME cuz it has the word secret in the name"... also its written in my diary T-T

Well yeah, the reason I had chose that name is because honestly I didn't know what to name the article *shrugs* I decided to write out my feelings... but why post it? Well, because I want other's opinions and just the fact that once somethings on the web it doesn't feel so lonely anymore, the main problem is once someone see's it, you can't really take it back anymore :/
I might regret posting this, ssh shut up wolfcat, you're gunna talk yourself into not posting it. *my inner me starts beating up my outer me, and my brain fights along, not sure if its stupid or smart X3*
I mean like, if I don't want people to see it why do I post it O-O good question, time to have a heart to heart talk with myself about figuring out whats wrong with me.

here goes *holds thumb that no one reads this*:
Opinion by Withering-Moon posted over a year ago
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a girl’s feet will tangle yours under sheets you just bought for a night like this. the price tag is still glued to the plastic wrapping stuffed underneath the bed. her feet are frigid and feel like frostbite against your legs when you fall asleep, but they’re like mittens roasted over a fire when the sun blinks through the curtains.
a girl’s legs are taut and thick. they’re flexible and enclose you in a straightjacket at 2 am when they knot around your waist and pull you just a little closer. if she’s still sleeping, it’s even better.

her thighs will make you forget about your calculus homework and your french exam. they will make you forget about your father’s affair or your best friend’s disorders. they will make you forget your name and they will make you forget who you are without them. hold them as tight as you can. i promise, she loves it.

when you were in fourth grade, they taught you stop, drop, and roll at the sign of a fire. when you’re in her bedroom on the second floor, her quivering hips will trick-start a similar fire in your teeth, and you’re going to want to...
Opinion by Withering-Moon posted over a year ago
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15: I met you and everything seems perfect now. i feel save and loved when I'm in your arms, and your the first man that i've been able to trust in a long time. 15: Loss my V card on the day my favorite band broke, while eating candy and watching my favorite movie to someone i love. 15: Im healthy and happy and I'm proud of myself.
14: I weigh 109, yet i think I'm huge and gross? I think somethings wrong with me? 14: My Self-esteem is so long its in the negatives 14: I took to many pills one night because life became an endless down hill. 14: My parents found out i was insane, they sent me away to get help. 14: My Counselor once asked me why i tried to kill myself and i said "Because people told me to be happy." Kind of sick isn't it? 14: I got out of the place and my family is scared of me, and my older brother is the only one who cares 14: I start high school scared but excited
13: I keep telling myself I was…different 13: I kept telling myself i was fat 13: I thought no one like me but i guess you did.