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Fan fiction by SongGirl50701 posted 25 minutes ago
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Here I AM!
A God's Son
He truly had no life of his own..
By Mariah Mason

The moonlight shimmered across our bloody path. The red petals that we so deeply depraved fall helplessly to his feet. To the tiny and bruised feet of the Son of God's. For his father, Anger and Heart both caressed this child as if he were there own. For these God's were brother, who were in love. They were incest but incest with glee sometimes Heart was. But Anger, Wrath, as they called him is not so much like his brother. It was the child that had helped Wrath's being change. The green eyes, bright on rainy days and dull on bright days, was the reason.
Each tiny toe slipped over in the sand. Along with his heel tapping back on the soft land as he sprinted as fast as his little legs could go. His mother, Oh how he missed her, would be awaiting at the other side. Her beautiful smile awaits to be seen by him at the end. Her warmth, passionate love, and sympathy. It was the best even if she couldn't give his father what he wanted. So his tired legs leaped across from roof to roof.
Article by wolfcat343 posted 2 days ago
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Trace my face while it's a happy face
When my smile fades I wanna remember this day
Passion killed by the comfort of time
I'm sorry if this makes you cry, but I have to speak my mind

Suck the colours from my eyes
When they lose their sparkle and forget to shine
Remember all the times you turned me down
I'm sorry if this hurts your heart but where's the spark, from the start?

Don't stop, don't stop
Nothing lasts forever soon all will be over
So let's laugh, talk, tickle and turn till the stars fall down
The stars fall down

Embrace my reflection for a little while
For if I am to love I must try love myself
Cuddle with a cold corpse like frame
I'm sorry if my view of matrimony seems so obscure

Don't stop, don't stop
Nothing lasts forever soon all will be over
, illuminated by the blood red warnings
Let's rather put our minds on this starlight event
Opinion by SongGirl50701 posted 26 days ago
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By Mariah Mason

"These sheets I live on,
hold such a deadly sin,
and if you would only know,
how hard it is to let you in.
But this time I won't capture the words,
and let you believe it's just another win.
Meanwhile I'm left out in the cold
of your heart,
battling what we may never know.
And one day,
I'll understand why I was left with no upper hand,
but until then,
you will never know,
but these demons just want to show,
I thought I should just let you know.
Because I find it kind of funny,
how childish we may seem,
hopping around like a bunny,
boy now; isn't that kid a dummy.
Those kind of comments aren't allowed,
keep talking and I might just punch them out,
like the words I say to make you piss out rain,
the cats and dogs aren't falling today.
Ever notice how you find it hard making new friends?