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At Vance Album
Aural Vampire
Aural Vampire
Luna Haruna
Charlotte Wessels (Delain)
Sandra Nasic
Sandra Nasic
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The fans pick: Linkin Park
Linkin Park
The fans pick: I like to listen to a bunch of different music genres
I like to listen to a bunch of different music genres
I tend to stick to one or two genres
The fans pick: California king Bed
California king Bed
The fans pick: Flo Rida
Flo Rida
The fans pick: Rappers who refer to girls as bitches
Rappers who refer to girls as bitches
Rapper who brag about there money
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5 fans have answered this question
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ATV said …
People that say they listen to anything, emphasizing ANYTHING. They don't really mean what they say. It really shows how that person is when they say that. Posted 2 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
I can't speak for others, but when I say I listen to anything it's my short to the point way of saying "I like at least one song from every genre I've listened to thus far." Of course I don't listen to every single song and I certainly don't like all songs, I do however, like to try new genres. If that makes sense. 1 day ago
ATV commented…
I see your ideal of music is very accepting to any new sound that you listen, in which I highly respect. and yeah finding the next sound really shows that your'e finding your whole inner self. Well in my book it does (; 23 hours ago
ATV commented…
but the vast casualties that do say that, you can already tell that they have a small finite idea about music. not to bash or confront them but when you try to expose their knowledge of music, they get a bit pissy. Its just a bothersome at times. I usually just nod and say that's cool. So me hearing that you listen to anything, doesn't really tell me much of out of the ordinary. 23 hours ago
zanhar1 commented…
I try to keep an open mind. ^_^ Thank you. Oh yeah, I can totally agree that there are a few people who say it and it's just not true. Like I knew this girl who heard PSY (and only Gentleman at that) and pretended like she knew everything about kpop. And oh yeah, she did get pissy when I asked her what other kpop bands she liked at she couldn't come up with one. And it was indeed bothersome. 16 hours ago
QueenofthePika said …
I found a song on the radio this morning.
Singer: Pretty brown as- (I don't like writing that word)
Me: O.o Posted 13 days ago
megann1992 said …
I had a dream that David Bowie was my new co-worker and I had to train him. How strange. Posted 20 days ago
XxxFUMMxxX commented…
LOL 17 days ago