Pokémon Witch Is The Strongest Pokemon Ever Seen

christian posted on Jul 04, 2007 at 08:09PM
i think is rayquaza is the strongest
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over a year ago Pokemonprostar said…
Hmm, You guy's could all be right but base stat wise, Arceus is the strongest pokemon ever with 720 base stat. second is all tied with mewtwo hooh lugia rayquaza dialga palkia and giratina both forms with a base stat of 680. But if your on about non legendaries base stat wise would be Slaking with 670 and dragonite with 600. But slaking has that anoying ability truant which means slaking can only act every other turn, but by using the move skill swap to pull it away from him and ideally replacing it with something useful (such as levitate), you can turn him into a genuinely incredible attacker! but this will really only work on a 2 on 2 battle :/. In my opinion the generation 1 starter pokemon are great, Blastoise charizard and venusaur are great in heart gold and soul silver. With there amazing stats and if you teach venusaur earthquake you can take down them fire type's with no wings. But overall the best pokemon is defineatly arceus. But if you get the move's right and the battle going the right way even caterpie can be a lethal weapon! (not really caterpie) but yeah thanks for Listening to this longg paragraph and sorry for my spelling and caps and full stops but ya see ya ~POKEMON PROFESSOR STAR
over a year ago sunny108 said…
over a year ago Dibworm5 said…
Well.. I'm still debating between lugia and rayquaza... I mean rayquaza pwns arceus but lugia pwns rayquaza... I think the ultiment pokemon is mew because it can learn any move and turn into any pokemon (Arceus, Lugia,
rayquaza, etc.)
over a year ago polux1002 said…
Magikarp ftw
over a year ago polux1002 said…
i srsly think deoxys hers y:
the pkmn use its strongest attack then deoxys turns into deffense form bam!!
bearlly does anything.Deoxys turns into attack form and uses its strongest move bam ur dead.(btw attck from deoxys attack is higher tham mewtwos)if u happen 2 survive deoxys will turn into speed form doge all the other pkmns attcks and beat it.
the only pkmn that comes close 2 deoxys is rayquaza beacuse it goes in 2 a frenzy when it sees deoxys
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i srsly think deoxys hers y:<br />
the pkmn use its strongest attack then deoxys turns into deffense
over a year ago danea6940 said…
mewtwo but all of them are strong
over a year ago jaspercrawford said…
every one knows the strongest is edward please like to see ash catch that XD XD XD XD!!!!!
over a year ago rantora13 said…
Well I beat a lv 100 arceus with a lv 17 starly. All I need is the move endivour,a focaus sash,and quick attack.he used judgment,and my sash covered it.and the endivour knocked it to 1hp and then a quick attack finished it off.
over a year ago pokebulba said…
Arceas obviously he could beat palkia, dialga and giratina at the same time
I live in Spain so I've seen the movie and he does that
I was amazed
over a year ago GaryOak said…
Arceus is the strongest,cause he can be ANY type by holding a type plate.He created the universe in Pokemon.Without Arceus,there would be no Pokemon.My second strongest Pokemons are Giratina in Pokemon D/P,then Lugia and then Ho-Oh.
over a year ago dauntae said…
arcues and mewtwo and palkia
over a year ago xionheartless12 said…
yeah but in the movie they say that mewtwo is the strongest pokemon ever seen. it also caused alot of problems.
over a year ago MikeysLove12 said…
I actually thinks it's Rayquaza, because of its incredibly high attack stats(up to 438 at lv. 100) and its abilities.
over a year ago MikeysLove12 said…
oh yeah and I've beaten an Arceus with a Raquaza,soo...
oh yeah and I've beaten an Arceus with a Raquaza,soo...
<br />
over a year ago DragonDandel said…
If you just has the power of superefect(Wich is always possible against Arceus) and has your pokemon at lv.100, you can beat him pretty easy.
over a year ago XcharizardX said…
I think Mew and Arceus is the strongest
over a year ago xionheartless12 said…
i think mewtwo
i think mewtwo
over a year ago Bond_Of_Fury said…
Is Arceus 'ever seen'? The strongest Pokémon ever seen is probably Mewtwo.
over a year ago pokeloverlogan said…
the answer is NOT arceus because hes brand new. it would have to be ho-oh or rayquaza or mewtwo
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over a year ago wfcchamp said…
Hello everyone the strongest pokemon? it doesnt exactly have to be a uber, it just has to be a good ev trained pokemon and the stretegie the moves the items, abilities, you can never tell never ever telll whos the strongest pokemon
over a year ago OTAKU77 said…
arceus is stupid and so is ho-oh! :P rayquaza rocks!!!!!! ^_^
over a year ago kahlel29 said…
big smile
I think mewtwo is strongest pokemon :
over a year ago G6Gian said…
The best pokemon according to serebii.net fanpop.com/images/emoticons/devil.jpg/2200­0/2­566­_12­958­242­597­78_­250­_14­2.j­pg

1. arceus http://images4.fanpop.com/image/forumhtttp­://­ima­ges.

2 mewtwo http://images4.fanpop.com/image/forum/2200­0/2­566­_12­958­2..­.jp­g

3&4 lugia and ho-oh http://images4.fanpop.com/image/forum/2200­0/2­566­_12­958­2..­.jp­g

5 my personal fave, rayquaza!http://images4.fanpop.com/image/forum/2200­0/2­566­_12­958­2..­.jp­g
The best pokemon according to serebii.net fanpop.com/images/emoticons/devil.jpg/2200­<wbr>0/2­
over a year ago firetahir said…
not arecus not mew2 no legendary pokemon it must be well this will knock you out of a pokemon its name is frenzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!
over a year ago firetahir said…
sorry i ment mew i went freake
i made up frenzy i will make a pokemon sprite and then send it
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