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Opinion by PeacefulMonet posted over a year ago
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A sorta recent pic of me (August 2015 tho lol)
Wooooow lol, it's been 3 yrs since I wrote the first chapter of this. I am currently 17 ! (\(^-^)/) Grown and sexy lls jk jk.

I just wanted to come and let everyone know that I am still here lol Alive and well and I'll trrrryy to write another chapter. Been having writer's block for the longest, even on my Wattpad account (@KissMy_SwaqBixh btw ~-*) I couldn't think of anything to write.

But I am here and open for suggestions. Just I.B. me and I'll try to get to it as soon as possible.

TTYL YALL (\(^-^)/)
News by gottalovemb2 posted over a year ago
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Um, okay I decided to delete the vampires series (I thing u know what I'm talking about) because I feel like no one is reading anymore, plus I don't have a lot of time to do so, I might think about deleting it. But if you dont want me to delete it and keep going with the series, then I won't but it will take a long time to do so. So tell me if you want me to keep going.

I'm out, bug bye xoxo

Fan fiction by gottalovemb2 posted over a year ago
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Ok my stuff got lost for the second time but I'm listening to music and I'm good.

Leah pov: I can't believe it I'm here kissing Jacob.
I had to stop it since I got to heated. Before I got up I said "I gotta go"

And I left with.out him saying a word.

I step in my car and dialed
Kyle's number.

It ringed 2times and then she picked up.

*phone convo*
Me : Hey, Kyle I wanted to know if I can come over.

Kyle : yeah just let me get my self together first.

Me.: Together? What are you doing?

Kyle : this is grown folks business. *hang ups*

*phone convo end*

I laughed as I was driving to her house.

Niyah pov : I was in my room with Bree. We been hanging out together. And I missed my girls.

Me: Bree

Bree: yeah , what

Me : let's go to my friend house.

Fan fiction by gottalovemb2 posted over a year ago
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Leah pov: It's back to school and I want to see Niyah me and Kyle been looking for her. But anyway Kyle and I was walking down the hall and we saw Niyah yayy!!!

“Niyah!!!" Me and Kyle yelled

She looked scared and I swear her eyes was purple.

Kyle pov: oh no no no no no no is my best friend a vampire. Oh dear can't be.

Niyah pov: Kyle was looking at me weird. But I struck it off.

“hey guys" I said

"Hey guess what" leah said

“What" me and Kyle said

“I'm dating the boy from our math class"

“The one with the two braids" I said

"Yeah his name was ray" just then we started walking and talking to this girl pushed us. I mean bumped us. She was pretty and she was a.....a......vampire oh dear yay im not the only one.

Bree pov: I bumped into these three girls and saw one was a vampire.......

“Hi im leah" the other pretty one said
Fan fiction by gottalovemb2 posted over a year ago
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Ill try to make it longer.

Leah pov: I'm concerned(A/N: im skipping this to Friday and spring vacation) Niyah is not talking to anyone kyle is hidding her
feelings I don't know. I just took a shower and watch a little T.V oh did I mention I got that boy number his name is Ray right now I don't know where I relationship stands but he's coming over so yeah.

Bree pov: hi I'm bree I'm 16 I'm a vampire because my family is I'm in a relationship his name is diggy he's a vampire too ok I changed so yeah.

(A/N: there is a lot of vampire and going to be vampire in this so ima use more were wolf in this)

Niyah pov: IM SOOO FUCKING PISS RIGHT NOW UGH I HATE IT IM FOREVER FUCKING 16 . A knock was on my window the and guess who it was...... the name shall not be said.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT ???" I yelled

“listen I-"

Fan fiction by gottalovemb2 posted over a year ago
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Ok I'm going to try to make it longer so yeah . Niyah pov next.

Niyah pov:

~After school~

School was over and I ask Roc question he got mad tho but calm down and said "could I tell leah and Kyle" I ask . Got off my bed and said “ARE YOU NUT!!! Wanna get me killed" he said . I was so piss that I yelled back“ Well Their My Friends I Tell Them Every thing" he hates to be yelled I do to but he's pretty angry so I backed up I was pretty scared. “Chris calm down" Next thing I know it went BLACK

Roc pov: OMG noo she will kill me and I would die .......again ill just wait to she wakes up.

Leah pov: I.was going to Kyle house to watch a movie and Niyah said she see later.

Kyle pov: we was walking to my house and I decided to call Prod

Phone convo:

It ring two times then he answered:

Prod: Hello

Me: hi y u left lunch

Prod: ..........ky.......ill tell you later.
Fan fiction by gottalovemb2 posted over a year ago
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Hey hey hey, I was bored so I decided to do another part to this.
Ok anyway this is a vampire and were(spell check)wolf story.
I'm soon going to have more people in this so yeah let start.~~~

Niyah Pov: while leah was talking she got cut off by this FIIIINNNEEE boy coming in the. And let me admit I never drilled(spell check) but for this dude I did I looked away and wiped some off. I hoped he didn't see. Any im already in a a relationship he.my love he actually a 'new born' vampire I need to ask him more about this ill admit but I was scared as shit!!!! But I just relax I just need to tell leah and Kyle just need to figure out how. Because I can't but I I want to . Ugh fuck ima tell em no yes no yes no yes no yes omfg ill let them find out. Anyway I been with him for 2 years and his name is ROC but I call him CHRIS.

Leah pov:
I was just still staring at this boy through the hole period I didn't even realize till the bell ring I got and walked out the class room with Niyah following
Fan fiction by gottalovemb2 posted over a year ago
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Hey hey hey. Ok this is a vampire and were(spell check) wolf
Im going to use their real names in this.And this story is for my friend Leah.

Leah POV

So, I was walking with my friend niyah and kyle
we talked about our weekend.The bell ring and we went our separate ways I went to my first period witch was..........history

Ok now history was my favorite class loud noisy students.

Since I was the only one in this class with no friends I just went on instagram
while I was doing that this boy with the puffey afro hair I swear when he past my seat I felt a chill. I guess he knew I was staring to long because he smiled OH DANM THAT SMILE.

Jacob pov: I walked in to history to see this girl staring at me I smiled at her she must of realized because she quickly looked away I got in to my seat and thought untill I got the vision(spell check) It nothing new . Anyway I saw a fight us against the vampire those are our worst enemies.
Opinion by JailynnLuv posted over a year ago
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Rayray:YN let's go
YN:OK (www.polyvore.com/party_Animal/104226296)
Rayray:wow babe
At the party they get drunk
Rayray:Hey Lexi
Lexi:let's go to the other room
Then they make out then the next day Lexi calls
Lexi: Rayray I'm preggo
Rayray:Hell naw
Rayray:yesterday I got drunk and me and Lexi had sex now she preggo
YN:Get out
YN:get out
Cut comment if you want to be in a Story
Free Boys:Prodigy,Princeton and Roc
Plz comment now bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Opinion by JailynnLuv posted over a year ago
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Rayray:Kayla I need to ask you something
Rayray:can we have a baby
Kayla:yea (then they do what humans do)
Next day on the tour bus

Hey everybody me and ray have some news
Everyone: what is it
Kayla:I'm prego
Everyone:say what
Everybody:yay yay yay
Then the baby born Sept.7 2013
His name is rayan lopez Jr
Kayla and ray:welcome home!!!!!
Prod,roc,Princeton :congrats!
Walter,Keisha &kenneth:congrats
Rayray&kayla:thanks guys you rock!!!

I think this will never happen
Fan fiction by gottalovemb2 posted over a year ago
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Ugh stuff got lost for the 5th time just bad ass luck.

Kyle's Revenge

Asha: it is cold asf out here

Jaliyah: yess and I need some pads.

While they were walking Kyle sees her abusive boy friend roc.

Kyle: um maybe we shouldn't

Asha: didn't you said you need some pads

Kyle: no Jaliyah said that.

Jaliyah,: yeah I did * raising her hand*

Asha sees her abusive boy friend roc royal so she approached him.

Asha well well well isn't roc royal. You know what don't say anything you and kyle gonna have a fight

Ray: holdup I'm not gonna be a dude on the street that got jumped by a girl

Roc: relax

While the girls are huddling.

*Battle began*

Roc hits Kyle but she get back up and punch kick slap and more.

Fan fiction by gottalovemb2 posted over a year ago
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Imagine . Last time I made a episode with lexi ray and raenae
Well this is a different character with a princess name Dana .RANDOM. Lets start.

Dana pov: My mother always say I'm stupid and never get a true Prince and I believe her I am 15 have 2 sisters that is so mean my room in in the basement I have friends that works in the kitchen but they want the best for me.

Mother: clean the house up and down no SPOTS Nia Lia lets go to the mall come on.

L_n: O.K

Nia: dont forget to do my homework S.A . Hahaha

I cleaned the hole house I was so tired I got out side to see this boy with 2 braids and with 3 friend's that always walk past me I thought this was the time to talk to him alone I clear throat them I'm like my hair I fix check I went and talk I cover my face so he won't see me.

Me: hi

Ray: hey

Prince Roc prod: um we out.

Me: so I always see you walk around the block.... and I wanted to say hi
News by gottalovemb2 posted over a year ago
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Hey guys I'm gonna write another story with more characters and I want it to be romantic ,drama ,sexual things and stuff lol just scandalous so tell me your name fake age gotta be a teenager umm and what mb member you want put all the information on my wall oh and tell me what you what your name to be but my last story ugh I want more I liked but it was my first guys can you give me ideas to like I said scandalous so you better enjoy the scandal stuff and revenge and im not crazy I'm just MINDLESS.............. ............ ...... ....................... umm what else was I gonna say stay mindless love mindless behavior once mindless always mindless
Fan fiction by rayraymrzright posted over a year ago
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Mb:ok we are looking for 4 # 1 girls.
Yn and bffs:us us us us
Mb:(sees you and point to all of u.
Skip to endof show.
Roc:I saw you in the crowd cutie
Yn: blushing awwww thank you ur fine too
Roc: come on tour wit us u and ur freinds so what s ur name
Yn:it's yn roc royal
Roc: no call me later
On bus btw I'm in the story too as bahja
Yn and roc hear moaning and faster faster
U and roc walk in both: ewww.
Ray:gtho: get the he!! Out.
Bahja: heyyy get out
That's part one two coming. You were wearing this
Fan fiction by mrsright_1_4_3 posted over a year ago
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you: (your in the croud of an mindless behavior concert shouting) "luv u rayray"

rayray: i see u looking all fine girl what do i have to do to get wid u. shawty u my #1 girl

you: gimme a backstage pass and you'll find out

rayray: (throws a backstage pass to you and blows an air kiss to you)

you:(you start blushing)
(its the end of the concert and when you get

backstage he takes u somewhere private and starts kissing u up and all of a sudden he pulls a condom out of his pocket.

you go into a toilet have sex and have a cute baby called rayray jr.
Fan fiction by its_kristi_rae posted over a year ago
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You and Ray are at the arcade

you: dang Ray hurry up aren't you done eating

(you turn around and Ray grabs 3 big cinnamon rolls and has 1 stuffed in his mouth)

you:Ray Rayyyyy

Ray: ughhhhh fine let's go play so I can beat you

you: what makes you think you gonna win. lets just say if I win I'm choosing what movie we watching

Ray: and if I win you have to buy me as many cinnamon rolls and donuts and waffles as I want

you: fine we're playing ski ball you ready

(Ray stuffed a cinnamon roll in his mouth that he hid in hid pocket)

you: what Ray I told you to get rid of that

ray: opps oh hey look I'm winning ha

you: yeah not for long

(Ray starts tickling you)

you: ha ha heyyyy that's not fair

(It came down to the last ball and you and Ray were tied. before you could even throw your ball in Ray unplugged your game.)
Opinion by babaygirl posted over a year ago
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Randy:how did this how did this happen?Me:it dont take rocket science to fine this out.listen we had sex n i guess u know the rest.Randy:that cant be my baby we never had sex.Me:yes we did in dance camp so when our baby comes ur goin to give me my child saport check k. Randy: thats not my baby u are goin to have to get a test.Me: dude u the only guy in the world i would have sex wit so STOP wining!Walter:ray ray u got her ug. now she has to come on tour with us.Me: NO THE HELL IM NOT i dont even want to be seen by him. i wather date princeton if i have too!so dont even try.Randy:well that might work.Walter:i hope u know u will have to sleep with her u did it once u can do it again. Randy: Walter she will kill me if i even sit next to her so yes.(wait for pt.4)
Fan fiction by its_kristi_rae posted over a year ago
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you were walking home on your way to school happy because your best friend just told you that Mindless Behavior was coming to your city and they were staying for a whole week. and on top of that you got a brand new phone for getting decent grades on your report card. you were texting your best friend when a guy ran into you.

guy: yo my bad shawty

you: I an't yo shawty. ughhh OMG look what you did. I just got this phone.

you picked up your phone to examine it and make sure there was no cracks and that it still worked. you also picked up your purse but a piece of paper fell but you didn't bother to pick it up.

guy: look I'm really sorry

you: whateva jerk

you were in such a hurry to get home to talk to your best friend that you didn't bother to look at the guy. who was Roc Royal. you just brushed yourself off and avoided eye contact with him and walked off. the rest of the boys then walked up.

Prince: yo what was that all about
Fan fiction by badgirljojo143 posted over a year ago
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well I was gonna visit my unkle walter he was the manger of MB
Walter: helo u must be mu-jo boy have u grown
Me; *laughs and smiles*
Walter; well jojo come in
Me; thanks
walter: well meet da boyz
Prince: hello im princeton
Prod; im prodigy
Roc; im roc royal
Ray; and im Ray Ray wait why do i always introduce myself last?
Me; *laughs* u must be da stupid one i mean the funny one
Prince; ohhhhhhhh Ray u gonna take dat
Ray; take what her body 4 sure
Me; *look at him wierd*
Prince; u see why his da dumb one
Walter; aye yo boyz what did i say bout u calling eachother dumb?
Prince; imma show u ur room
Me; ok thanks princeton
Prince; no prop shawt- um no problem
he shows me where im suposed to sleep but he show me his room
Me; ummm is dis da geust room
Prince; geust what now
Me; the gest room
Prince; oh um i thought ya gonna sleep wit me tonite
Me; walter will never let
Fan fiction by Missprinceton1 posted over a year ago
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Nikki POV
so mindless behavior and me and my friend's went to the mall for a bit just relaxing
End of POV
Ray; finally we got out of that house how long haven't i been outside
Prince; Ray Ray you go outside evry 10 mins
Ray; misfit
Prince; What?
Nikita; Ray lets go over there to look at those cool shoes I have to have
Ray; anything 4 u
*princeton looking jealous*
so we wnet to the store and grabbed the shoes
Nikita; oh damn I left my wallet at home
Ray; don't worry I will pay 4 u
Nikita; awww u dont have 2 u no
Ray; no no It's ok
Nikita; r u sure
Ray: yes I am sure
Nikita; ok I will pay u back
Ray; no Nikki u dont have to
Nikta; you are the best *kisses his cheek*
Ray *blushing*
then we went back. and a hole lot of fans were souronding Roc Royal.Princeton and Prodigy taking photo and getting autograph
Fan; I love U Roc
Roc*blushing*: ummmm thanks I love u 2
Opinion by terian posted over a year ago
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>me:ray ray im bored babe >ray ray:well let go take the kids to the park >me:but still bored >rayray :no it not belileve me babe me: ok me in ray ray in the car drive in to the park ray ray: we here now me: this look like the park ray rayray: babe u dont see it this is ok me: ok yall get out of the car i will be sitting the car rayray:babe why u sitting in the car me: because u wacthing the kids im not
rayray: that not fair u watching too me:why me rayray because they your child me;ok find im going keke;hey...
Fan fiction by mindlesskeke16 posted over a year ago
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Ray:yo lil cuz you ready to gradute today
Me:yea Ray
Prod:lil sis mom cant wait to see you
Terian:im so happy
Me:yea and it is a day until christmas and two days before me and prod birthday
Prod:yea we gone be 17
Terian:y`all come onso we can get to the graduation
Us:ok girl damn
Oh and if you don`t think we have potty mouths well we do and we bad but have good grades ok
At our graduation
Theacher:Criag crippen jr
Theacher:now Keyana Crippen
MeandProdFamily:wooooo Keyana
Teacher:now Raquan Maran Smith
Teacher:now last but not least Terian Morgan
oh our Graduation outfit`s
Terian`s outfit,link
News by terian posted over a year ago
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Rayray: babe are u going take them trick or treat? Me: no!! You take them trick or treat. Ray ray; why me then? Me: you. Ask your self why is you Ray ray; ah I know why u don't want to take them with you. Me: why then ray ray. Ray ray: because u going to that stupid land party. Me: what party ray ray I don't know what you talking about. Ray ray; oh really let me call ke ke then set u don't know what u talking about. Me: oh find I know the party ok. And it not land. Ray ray; who party it is then? Me: it my brother party ok. Rayray: why have to go to your brother party? Me: I want to he my brother any way....
Opinion by babaygirl posted over a year ago
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So Randy leaves my house.i called my dad and told him.dad:what u kiddin rite.Me:no its true.my dad hang the phone up.so at school the next day Randy see me and say"Randy:we got to make it work!Me:who is we there is no we ok!!Randy:what do u want me it say huh??Me:just ask me it I want it have the baby Randy.Randy:Riah u want the baby?Me:do I look like I want it this thing inside me do it.Randy:we goin it have it work together it have the baby JaDauna!Me:I know.Randy so I will see u after school today.Me:ok Randy walks away Me:this is the best lie ever how can he belive me idiot.Riah science class Randy is touching me.I'm shaking but the won't stop.Me:can u stop please.Randy:y.Me:cause it tickles.Randy and I walk it my house randy gets Riah the house and start kissin me on my neck.Me:u want it have sex.Randy:yes!!!we just got done having sex and prodigy call him.Randy:what!!prodigy:we got a concert come on out.Randy:all rite.Randy I got ta go.Me:no!!! Stay wit me please baby.Randy I can't bye I luv u. Me:luv u it bye.so after Randy leave I call Riah and tell her Randy and I had sex and they didn't.Riah:don't start stuff wit me jadauna u got it.me:u might be older but u not sexy...
Opinion by RayRaybabii2467 posted over a year ago
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Brianna POV
Sooo we pass through all of our classes and its finally time to go home. So i run to my locker to get my stuff and when i opened it randy shut it. Me:heyy. He just smiles. So i open it back up. Me:where are we going?? Randy:you'll see. So i get my stuff and we start walking. Me:you are sooo cute. Randy:thanks......and that just came out of no where. Me:i wanted to break the silence. Randy:ohhh... Me:soo how far is this place??Randy:umm it 4:23 we'll be there around 5.Me:WHAT?! Randy:its a long walk. Me:i didnt sign up for walking cant we take a cab or somethin?? Randy:lazy. Me:its not my fault i dont like walking alot.So we walk the rest of the way in slience until we get to this big field in the middle of no where. Randy:do you remember this place?? Me:.......yess...i used to come here when i was little with this boy.....i forgot his name but we used to be friends very close friends unti he moved. Then he walks me over to a tree and points at this heart and it says randy+brianna=best friendz forever<3 Me:...........................Then i start crying silently. He doesnt realize it until he looks at me. Randy:are you ok?? Me:you knew? Randy:of course... how...