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Fan fiction by mephiles97 posted 14 hours ago
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"So why exactly have we been called out here?" The white hedgehog detective asked his fellow officer as he walked alongside her and his partner as they headed towards the large apartment building. "I thought I already heard that the cause of death seemed to be an overdose from first glance, so I would assume it was either deliberate or accidental, and I highly doubt we would be needed to investigate that."

"I thought that's what it was as well when I first heard it but the officer that got here first is absolutely insisting that it's not an overdose so we were all sent out here," The female owl officer said. "I haven't been in there myself because I was sent out to greet both of you so I personally can't say anything about the person."

"So I take it they think there's been some kind of murder?" The hedgehog asked, which caused the female officer to nod her head.

"That's what the guy who called it in said," The officer replied. "That's why they wanted you to be called out of here instead of the team that normally deals with the drug cases."
Fan fiction by TakTheFox posted 3 days ago
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He found himself lost with no memory of the location he currently stood in. His vision soon cleared and revealed an orient-styled restaurant with a design of red and black for the decorations. He was not sitting at a table and taking a full clockwise-turn to scan the area, he found himself not recognizing a single individual. There was no one here that he knew… at least it did not seem that there was.

Past the front desk was an outdoor garden. It had a stone pathway which circled a plant-covered pond with a bridge at its centers. Along the walls opposite the pond were trees, some speakers and a few information-signs. The man did not understand still why he was here but perhaps the garden held the answer. So, choosing to ignore the madam standing at the front desk as a means of explanation, he browsed the nature-land.

A Shishi-odoshi stood close to the base of the bridge, with a description of it in both English and Japanese. Had this not been here the man would have assumed this were Chinese, but it seemed not to be the case.
Fan fiction by candypop6599 posted 3 days ago
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(Okay I'm going to try and stick to this story this time because I have a good feeling about it.)

The teenage boy looked at the female scientist beside him as they both walked down the hallway of the laboratory. She was writing information about him. She was asking many questions that didn't even have to do with what they were about to do to him. They were experimenting with cloning and he was one of the test subjects. Lucky him he was the one they were testing the experiment on and he was afraid of what would go wrong if it didn't work properly. That's when the female looked at the boy and noticed that his face had went pale and he was sweating pretty badly.
"Don't worry, Micah. It will be okay. We have made sure that everything is working properly so it's completely safe."
'Yeah...That's what YOU say.' Micah thought to himself as he just clenched his fists. Why couldn't they have done this on an animal or something? They shouldn't have the right to do this to him when he was the one who wanted to do it in the first place.