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Article by ShadowFan100 posted 1 month ago
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Book 1: Evil
Chapter 1: The Journey Begins
Whenever you read a hero's story, it usually begins with the hero gaining powers and preventing a great Evil, along with saving those he loves and possibly ends in a huge sacrifice. Some of this may or may NOT happen, but the beginning of our hero's journey isn't quite as you would have expected. Believe it or not, our hero begins his story as a villain. Shocking right? Well, let's get started. In 2011, a certain city on Mobius was loosing power--blackouts were happening all over the place and no one seemed to be able to do anything about it. The sun was setting on Freedom City, a city within the country of Doggeria. But as the sky darkened, so did the town. Shock, an 11 year old, black furred chihuahua with white markings, was running through the cool, night air as he was determined to find the next generator, trying to cause another blackout. But he wasn't alone--the police was on his tail, driving after him in their police cars, sirens blaring. Shock looked back and saw them, and growled.
Fan fiction by florajames posted 2 months ago
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hey guys so i did start to write a story called lost hope but when writing the story i never noticed it would hurt my friends so i decided to write this story about my friends still but a more nicer story
hope you like it and enjoy

it was goolmy evening in mobius as it began to thunder and lightning, the weather forcast told everyone to stay inside as there were a red alert for tornado warnings everywhere but that didn't bother many people since in this part of mobius it was always bad weather so most people had no choice but to stay inisde, in a petite house there were some teens sat inside watching tv, they were in there mate nicole house as she offered to let them come to keep her company, inside there were about 8 people, there was nicole a lilac cat with short light brown hair and purple top and jeans, nicole friend jake a brown hedgehog with dark blue eyes and a dark blue shorts and scarf, natalie a purple cat with brown,long hair emerald eyes and a light pink dress, andrea a yellow headgehog with glasses,black top with a purple cardigan and black leggings, andrea boyfriend zach a...
Opinion by AceRider posted 3 months ago
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First Name: Maxodante (Max-o-don-ta) (Maxo)

Name Origin: Max - o - Dante

Middle Name: Lance (Lan-s)

Last Name: Castor (Cast-or)

~Family Relations~

Connax (Father) (deceased)

Unknown Mother (presumably deceased)

Yvette (Daughter)

~Friend/Foe Relations~

Zip (Enemy)

Drakero (Arch Enemy)

Hex ( Love Interest)

Vile (True Rival)

Sombre (Former Alliance)

Devil Red Wyvern (Former Alliance)


Type: Balance

Fighting Styles: Kumite

Powers: Astrokinesis of the Dark Nebula, Super Physical Strength, Umbrakinesis

Moves and techniques: Absorb

Dark Star Attack

Violent Pulse

Almighty Quake

Maximum Punch

Astro Breech