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Fan fiction by Misscheney1 posted 3 days ago
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?: Dude, she looks pret-ty bad.

??: Should we help her?

???: Maybe we should, I don't know... TAKE HER TO THE HOSPITAL?!

????: C'mon, can we go play now, pleaseee?

?? and ???: NO!

??: Wait; she's waking up!

I woke up, eyes fluttering, opening and closing, consciousness slowly fading in and out. I could barely pick up my surroundings. The gunshot wound was pretty bad, but luckily it did not kill me. My eyes finally opened, and I could see almost clear. My vision was slightly blurred, but I finally got up. Everything was sore, from the very tips of my toes to the crown of my head. The first... creature I saw was a small, green hedgehog looking at me with bright, baby blue eyes.

????: Uhh, hello miss.

I shrieked. It was Nitro, one of my fan-made Sonic Characters. I rubbed my eyes, and he wouldn't go away.

Nitro: Uhh, did you bump your head hard, miss?
Guide by TakTheFox posted 6 days ago
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Identities are a species I made official in 2011, but the idea behind it began with the Archie Sonic Comics in the Iron Dominion Saga. A character called “Iron Nicole” entered the scene, and I decided to make a new villain based on that. Down the line I added more to it until it became a duel-personality entity villain. From there I had the character seemingly die, but one part of it crash-landing in a city of another story of mine, Lizzy Eventide: Everlasting (which was discontinued due to plot issues).

I got the idea to take that character and see how it would fit in a roleplay. I wasn’t very experienced with roleplays back then of course, in fact I hadn’t made one myself, but I decided I would finally do it. So the roleplay simply called “V RP” was made.

This roleplay had a hooded insane and creepy character named “Identity” crash-land in a city only to be found by a group of characters owned by the player. Based on the interactions, Identity would become a different person.
Fan fiction by TakTheFox posted 10 days ago
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Rynk found herself in a hospital-like room, which according to Parl, was stationed in “Emit’s Domain”. The knife that went through her arm had pierced her metallic bone exoskeleton, causing it to ark upward in a volcano-shaped spike. Parl was currently hammering the metal back into a flat form so that the healing process would last a shorter time. It would take off a month of the process, but even then, there would be two months after that until the exoskeleton fully remolded. At the rate at which the hammer was blunting the spike, it would be a great long while till he finished, if he finished.

The lynx-girl was not particularly hostile about the idea. If she was going to escape or fight them she might as well be healthier first. She did wonder however aloud, “What are those knives made of?”

“They’re a high-tech mold that heats the shell, particularly the edges,” Parl began explaining between grunts and clangs. “They are also sharpened to an almost microscopic amount. It’s a product of Emit’s Domain.”