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Opinion by shadowsis98 posted 9 hours ago
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Sonya : Full Name : Olivia 'sonya' De' Maurina
Age : 16
Personality : Happy-go-lucky,strong headed,determine,and a bit spoil
Appearance : Short light silver blue hair,emerald eyes,pink lips,sakura white skin,pierced ears.(dress? you just imagine it)

Ummul : Ummul Aimin Saifullizan
Age : 16 (two months older than sonya)
Personality : mature,serious,mysterious,a bit hot tempered,determine and have a soft spot for her friend,sonya.
Appearance : Dark raven hair with orange mix red streak on a single bang,emotionless brown reddish eyes,tanned asian face,pierced ears.(cloth?same goes like sonya..imagination).
"No."Ummul answered bluntly."And no and no."
Fan fiction by AceRider posted 1 day ago
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Metal Drakero is a robot that is ordered to destroy Drakero.

He was once a Gizoid named Daremerl created by Gerald Robotnik along with Emerl. He was built as a guard to keep unwanted visitors out of Space Colony A.R.K. Back then he was friendly and very helpful. He would always play with Maria Robotnik, and help Professor Robotnik around the laboratory. He even helped with Project Shadow. When G.U.N came, Daremerl tried to fend off the troops, but was over powered, and was knocked out of a window sent drifting out into space, eventually sent crashing down to the planet below. There on Mobius, years later, Dr. Eggman found Daremerl in the middle of no where broken, but still conscious. Eggman noticed his grandfather's logo on Daremerl's foot and said, "I see, so this is one of my be loving grandfather's creations. I should take this scarped robot to my lab and give him a bit of `remodeling`." So Eggman did as such.

After 3 years of Project R.D.T.D., Eggman finally completed the new and improved robot, Metal Drakero. He's made from the remains of Daremerl, and the A.I. Chip was reprogrammed to be as evil as Metal Sonic, but Eggman kept the...
Guide by TakTheFox posted 1 day ago
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So after the events of Origin Unmade 2 there were changes, shifts, in the universes and characters. Today we have Leah Grimstone. I’ll be going over her backstory, personality, relationships, and abilities.

Leah was a chameleon girl born in a neutral country on the Mobius “Mercia”. She lived through the Third Predju’King War as people called it as it was not currently involving her home-country. It had just begun and would soon end with her country unharmed, but unknown to her country, the enemy, Mevrik the Mighty, a mobian-hating human wizard-king, had unleashed a new threat of which he was no longer in control of.

Leah was fifteen when she and her boyfriend, Jep, drove to the Mercian Lake. They were having a date/birthday party for Jep but were interrupted when they came across an absent-minded bat-girl, who seemed completely unresponsive to them.

The bat-girl walked deep into the woods, with the two teenagers cautiously following. Leah eventually decided to go back to their car, thinking the girl was not safe, but Jep was interested in finding out what was going on.