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Faye Chamberlain - "I'm a wicked witch"

The Secret Circle - Uprising

The Secret Circle/The Vampire Diaries - Things That Go Bump In The Night (Halloween)

» TSC: Adam Conant & Diana Meade | Lost Without Your Love

Jake + Cassie | Iris

► The Secret Circle | Better Together Than Apart

jake + cassie | leave me hypnotised, love

jake + cassie | you found me

diana + grant; good to you

►Cassie & Stiles | You & Me {AU}

The Secret Circle Bloopers || Dropped

The Secret Circle [Season 1] Collab Opening Credits - "Invincible"




The Secret Circle ~•~ Party Rock Anthem [[BLOOPERS]]

►Jake + Cassie| Kiss Me Slowly

Cassie Blake║This love

jake + cassie | slow life

Fires | Cassie + Jake

● The Secret Circle | Heather

Jake&Faye|I Knew You Were Trouble

jake&cassie | for blue skies

the secret circle | no light, no light

Secret Circle | It´s always a goodtime (HUMOR!)

adam & cassie; I always think about you

Jake & Faye | Gives You Hell

Klaus + Cassie (/Ronnie) │ You Found Me

● The Secret Circle I "The demons in my dreams"

Faye Chamberlain - Envy [VIE]

The Secret Diaries Music Video - Happy New Year´s Eve and Happy New Year!!!

● The Secret Circle | Bitch, hurry! {MVC}

●Faye & Diana║Kiss Me


► Jake + Cassie | Blocked Memories

The Secret Circle: Family - Opening Credits

► Nick + Cassie | You deserve better

Cassie & Adam - A Drop In The Ocean (SCC)

Cassie + Diana | You're my sister

TSecretC ► Faɣe & Jaƙe : Can't let you go!

Jake + Faye | Here Without You

Faye Chamberlain | Be true to who you are

phoebe tonkin | she's so high

► ѕнє ℓσσкѕ ℓιкє ѕєχ

Nick & Cassie | i miss you (MVC)

The Secret Circle // I've become so Numb...

multifandom | losing your memory

multifandom | losing your memory

Multi-Love Triangles || This Love[300+ subscribers]

sink or swim | multicouple collab [HBD Pavla!]

Jake&Cassie - "And teach me wrong from right And I'll show you what I can be" [+200 subs!]

►Faye Chamberlain[TSC]║I'm A Bitch.

► Jake Armstrong || Do you feel cold and lost ?

► Save The Circle; Save Us All [Official Music Video]

Jake & Dianna || You'll never replace me [MVC]

Faye & Diana - Ships In The Night - The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle || Where We Belong

Adam+Melissa | Baby, I Can See Your Halo {MVC}

a drop in the ocean... | melissa & adam (mvc round 2)

● The Secret Circle | War In Heaven

Save the Secret Circle || Seven Devils

● Faye Chamberlain // Gives you hell [HUMOR/BEST QUOTES] ●

Monster [Cassie-Diana]

Princess of China - Multi-Couples (Collab with Captnunderpantz)

cassie & jake || "we fly into, a little light.."

Adam + Faye | shouldn't be a good in goodbye [MVC]

► TSC: Drant: Lighting

grant + diana; tsc / up all night

Diana & Grant - You've got that One Thing

diana+grant; what makes you beautiful

[TSC] diana+grant || glad you came

●Diana&Grant |Night like this

tsc;diana+grant | "i desperately need you"

chris zylka | "be my sweetie"

The Secret Circle║Opening Credits [Fanmade]

fayana | seven devils

● The Secret Circle | We're Joined In A Friendship (for Claire)

Jake & Cassie •Losing Your Memory• The Secret Circle

►Cassie + Jake║Take My Hand Tonight.

Jake & Cassie ~ crossroads


♦Jake&Faye || Hearts under fire

The Secret Circle Cast | Moves Like Jagger

►The Secret Circle | Tears Of An Angel

the secret circle || dance on our graves [mvc]

Faye & Jake | like this

Cassie & Diana|You are the only family I have left.

Faye & Diana (fayana)- Will Do

-Blackwell Sisters- [Cassie&Diana|TheSecretCircle]

Diadam||| Dancing away with My Heart

" it's like screaming and no one could hear " | Diana Meade

Adam + Diana + Cassie | Theme Song

"days go on forever, but i have not left your side.." (200+ SUBSCRIBERS)

Jake / Diana ; Monalisa.

jake +cassie || you found me

Jake&Cassie ||Shouldn't be a good in goodbye||

cassie,jake and faye just a dream

Jake / Cassie; We could be. (Re-upload)

The Secret Circle || Jake/Cassie/Adam || Never Stop

Jake and Faye || Too Close