Jeremy was walking outside. After his meeting with Veronica he didn’t want to go straight home. He told Alaric he’d go see Bonnie and since Ric would definitely check his alibi he was now on his way to Caroline’s.
When he was almost there he saw there was light burning upstairs. A window swung open and a guy, who Jeremy didn’t recognize, climbed over the edge and climbed downstairs using the pipes. He landed on his feet, but then lost his balance.
For a moment Jeremy considered helping the guy, but then decided to stay put. The guy scribbled up and walked away.
Jeremy pulled out his phone and dialed Bonnie’s number.
“Jeremy, what are you doing? Do you know what time it is?” Bonnie mumbled sleepy.
“Do you know there was a guy in the house?” Jeremy asked quickly.
“Of course, that’s Keith. He came by for a nightly visit” Bonnie answered. “It’s a habit”
“Oh” Jeremy said sheepish. “Well…could you open the door?”
“No” Bonnie said. “Caroline’s mom expects me to be a good girl. If she thinks I’m inviting boys in her daughter’s room, I’m screwed. If you want to talk, we can talk tomorrow, at school”
And before Jeremy could answer, Bonnie had hung up.