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Practical Strategies For Developing Super Stories by Houston Howard

The Science Of Connecting To A Character by Paul Joseph Gulino

Writing A Story That Needs To Be Told by Matthew Berkowitz

15 Screenwriting Lessons People Learn TOO LATE

Before A Screenwriter Types 'Fade In:' On A Screenplay

A Hollywood Insider’s Look At Getting A Script Sold and Produced by Kathie Fong Yoneda

First Steps In The Screenwriting Process by Jack Perez

Most Important Lesson Every Screenwriter Should Learn by Dr. Ken Atchity

How To Make Characters Consistent Yet Surprising by Gordy Hoffman

Writing A Screenplay Begins With A Thesis by Matthew Berkowitz

Writing Anti-Heroes, Developing A TV Show, and Selling Two TV Pilots by Peter Russell

Every Artist Has A Calling by Dr. Ken Atchity

A Writer Should Never Let Their Technique Show by Houston Howard

Best Way For A Writer To Handle Feedback And Criticism by Erik Bork

How To Finish Writing A Screenplay by Jack Perez

Advice To Screenwriters - Gordy Hoffman (BlueCat Screenplay Competition Founder and Judge)

A Metaphor For Survival In The Entertainment Industry by Adam Skelter

Gordy Hoffman on Developing Secondary Characters

The Problem Isn't Access, It's A Bad Screenplay - Peter Russell

How Does A Screenwriter Write The Right Story At The Right Time? by Wendy Kram

Can Any Book Be Made Into A Movie? by Dr. Ken Atchity

Tropes Beginning Screenwriters Should Avoid by Gordy Hoffman

The Core Of What It Means To Be A Writer by Adam Skelter

Are Great Movies Made Anymore? by Jack Perez

How Far In The Future Should A Writer Know Their TV Show? by Peter Russell

Robin Riker On What Makes A Great Actor

Finishing A Screenplay and Getting It Ready For Market - Wendy Kram Full Interview

Why It’s Important For A Character To Have Big Problems by Erik Bork

The Wrong Way To End A Screenplay by Gordy Hoffman

How To Guarantee Success In Show Business by Dr. Ken Atchity

The Idea: The Seven Elements of a Viable Story for Screen by Erik Bork

Starting A Production Company by Todd Berger

A Sloppy Writer Versus A Perfectionist by Daniel Calvisi

How To Be Productive: Understanding Time, Work and Creativity by Dr. Ken Atchity

Creating A Commercial Story Versus A Meaningful One by Jack Perez

Why Is It So Hard To Write An Ending? by Gordy Hoffman

Does A Protagonist Have To Be Active? by Wendy Kram

How To Write Stories That Change The World - Pamela Jaye Smith [MYTH MASTERCLASS]

A Deeper Look At The Hero's Journey, Moral Ambiguity, and Tribalism by Adam Skelter

How Does A Writer Break Into Television? by Erik Bork

Are Writers Better During Bad Times? by Todd Berger

Characters That Serve The Plot Are Less Interesting Than Ones Who Motivate The Plot by Jack Perez

Primary Difference Between Amateur And Professional Writers - Gordy Hoffman

What Screenplay Will Sell? - Scott Kirkpatrick vs. Larry Wilson

Central Problem In A Story by Erik Bork

Fail Because You Tried, Not Because You Were Scared by Wendy Kram

Outline A Screenplay Or Write The Story? - Mark Sanderson vs. Gordy Hoffman

How Does A 22-Year Old With No Connections Break Into Hollywood? - Todd Berger [FULL INTERVIEW]

There Are No Shortcuts To Finishing A Screenplay by Wendy Kram

Story Is The Act Of Dreaming While You Are Awake by Adam Skelter

The Drama Of The Gifted Writer by Dr. Ken Atchity

Audiences Don’t Care About Screenplay Formula by Gordy Hoffman

How Does A Comedy Writer Know They Are Writing Something Funny? by Todd Berger

How Writers Can Create Stories That Change The World by Pamela Jaye Smith

What Does 'Not Enough Conflict' In A Screenplay Really Mean? by Erik Bork

How A Deeply Personal Story Can Help A Writer Heal by Justin Warren

Easiest Way To Fail Writing A TV Character by Peter Russell

A Screenwriter's First Success by Gordy Hoffman

Learn How To Become A Working Screenwriter And Keep Working - Mark Sanderson [SCREENWRITING CLASS]

Write Durnk, Edit Sober by Jeffrey Davis and Peter Desberg

Advice To 22 Year Old Screenwriters by Wendy Kram

Here’s Why Writing A Screenplay Is Harder Than Writing A Novel by Dr. Ken Atchity

Why Do Screenwriters Fail When Writing Their Personal Stories? by Erik Bork

Screenwriter Dilemma: Write A Miniseries Or Movie? - Peter Russell

Submitting To A Screenplay Competition, The Big Mistake Screenwriters Make - Gordy Hoffman

Outlining A Screenplay - Architects and Gardeners

The Art and Craft Of Writing Comedy - Jeffrey Davis and Peter Desberg [FULL INTERVIEW]

Surviving As A Working Screenwriter In Hollywood by Mark Sanderson

Is It A Good Idea To Write A Screenplay For Fun? by Todd Berger

Every Story Is About A PROBLEM by Erik Bork

Easy Way For A Screenwriter To Identify Boring Parts In Their Script by Wendy Kram

How Do I Write A Screenplay? by Gordy Hoffman

What Happens When A Screenwriter Gets Fired Off Their First Writing Assignment? by Mark Sanderson

5 Qualities Of A Professional Screenwriter - Jeffrey Davis and Peter Desberg

What A New Screenwriter Should Know About Screenwriting by Jeffrey Reddick

A Character Has 4 Pivotal Moments To Change In A Movie by Peter Russell

Top 10 Rules For Editing A Screenplay by Dr. Ken Atchity

The PREMISE of Your Story: 7 Tips to Help You

How Does A Writer Get Unstuck? by Justin Warren

Writing A Hollywood Movie Is A Math Formula by Todd Berger

Mindset Of A Professional Screenwriter by Erik Bork

Process Of Rewriting A Screenplay by Mark Sanderson

How Does A Beginning Screenwriter Get Their Scripts Read? by Justin Warren

Creating A Hero The Audience Wants To Follow by Wendy Kram

3 Questions About Character A Screenwriter Should Answer For Every Scene by Adam Skelter

How To Map Out The Beats Of A Television Show by Daniel Calvisi

What Does A Professional Screenwriter Do With A Finished Screenplay? by Jeffrey Reddick

Sometimes It Takes 16 Years For A Movie To Get Made by Todd Berger

How Erik Bork Went From Unknown To An Emmy Award Winning Screenwriter and Producer

A Costly Mistake Beginning Screenwriters Make by Christine Conradt

Writing Jokes Into A Screenplay by Jeffrey Davis and Peter Desberg

It’s Easy For A Great Script To Go Nowhere In Hollywood by Dr. Ken Atchity

9 Questions Television Writers Must Answer When Developing A Television Show by Peter Russell

What Is It Really Like To Be A Working Screenwriter? by Mark Sanderson

Chekhov’s Gun: When A Writer Doesn’t Deliver On Their Promise by Adam Skelter

How A 22-Year Old Found A Hollywood Agent And Sold His First Screenplay by Todd Berger

Read A Book On Screenwriting Or Read A Screenplay? by Shawn Christensen

Truth Is That A Screenplay Can Be Written In One Week by Dr. Ken Atchity

How Does A Beginning Screenwriter Fight Through Rejection? by Christine Conradt

How A Screenwriter Can Ruin A Scene by Adam Skelter