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myoco70 said …
ur pretty Posted over a year ago
GabriellaAdams said about Fruits Basket
Who else watched this whiz on Netflix? Posted over a year ago
Italy_lover commented…
ooh! Ooh! I do! I do! over a year ago
GabriellaAdams commented…
and 1000s of peopl discovered anime. over a year ago
GabriellaAdams commented…
*shiz over a year ago
Alchemistlover commented…
i sadly don't have netflix so i rely on anime sharing sites and dvd's XD over a year ago
GabriellaAdams said about Glee
I absolutely freaking love glee,but it pisses me off when my sister be yelling because something happened.
Like I don't care if theyre on top of a rainbow eating Nandos,you can't be screaming like that!
It's the same thing going on when my parents watch foot ball to.
Don't even gett me started on football! Posted over a year ago