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Opinion by LSP_98_Pigs posted 1 month ago
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Me: Tonight we have two very special guests, everyone please make a round of applause for Finn and Jake!
*Multitude Claps*
Me: Finn, I've heard you have a hard love life... is it just with FP or now is PB involved?
Finn: Dude, I don't wanna be talking about soppy love. I never wanted to come here Jake forced...
*Jake cuts him off*
Jake: Look man, Finn doesn't want to talk about that he came to get his mind off it. Didn't you Finn?
*Finn nods*
Me: Okay well Jake how are you and Lady and the Pups?
Jake: Great I guess, they've all moved out except for T.V he prefers to live with me and Lady. Me and Lady? Smooth as ever!
Me: Finn, what's your favorite adventure?
Finn: Anywhere I'm in element! Although that happened once and it didn't turn out so well... I learnt that Me and Jake are better together!
*They smile*
Jake: That's right buddy!'
Me: Before you go we have one question from the crowd!
* Picks a young girl that is 14yrs of age*
Opinion by LSP_98_Pigs posted 1 month ago
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Step 1: Be a hero and save her. I was going to win her heart all princesses loved being saved, well I hope she does. I'm not telling Jake about this he'll get all jacked up.
I got their fifteen minutes earlier to be super ready. I occupied myself by tapping on the window steadily so it wouldn't break. She had five minutes to go before it was late.
That's when she walked in; unsure of herself she kept looking in the windows reflection. Frowning at her reflection. She looked amazing, I just wanted to hug her and feel the warm sensation. I walked over to her; I had set up this whole thing I would pretend the letter was from Trent a candy citizen. She would get bored and leave, it would probably be raining and that's where I would step in. As I walked over to her I told her where she was seated and that I would be her waiter.
She smiled and shyly muttered a thankyou.
"Hey Smoking'' said Trent. She blushed and smiled. Trent shortly put on his headphones and ignored her. She waited a solid hour and that's when she slapped him erupting into anger. “Never talk to me again!" She hissed.
Article by LSP_98_Pigs posted 1 month ago
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Hey Adventure Time Fans,
This is a *SPOILER ALERT* so don't read if you want suspense, the girl character is Ice Queen and the boy character is The Lich.
''I'll let you live forever..." He sighed. She had got her way again. This time she seemed cautious then let out a cackle. "Forever, really there must be a twist." He smiled and looked into her eyes sharply. "Let's say... Forever with a slight twist."
"May I know what the slight twist is?"
"Do you want to live forever or not?" He sighed.
"Of course..." She didn't get to finish because of a loud crackle and her mind became black.
She woke up 9 hours later feeling very eneregetic and young. She woke up in the snow, where was her castle?