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Fan fiction by ellie40150 posted 4 months ago
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(5,10,1989) dear diary, it had been 5 years since I had been born I could hear mommy and daddy fighting in the other room again probably about me being born again and I understood all of it. I knew about a lot of stuff most kids these many (holds up five fingers) should not know like babies being born and yucky stuff like that so mommy was mad that because daddy had the spell thing on that made is so he could touch me and mommy 5 years ago then daddy got mommy pregnant so she was mad. even though I don't see daddy a lot I have another daddy named cinnamon bun he is really nice and all but he Is not my real daddy. I hope me, mommy, daddy, and my other daddy can live in a big house together happily but with mommy and daddy fighting that might not happen. (12,16,1994) dear diary it has been 4 years since I have wrote in these diary I plan to write in this like that. dad always came to visit and always gave me gifts. (that I couldn't set on fire by mistake) once when I was 7 he gave me a pretty little doll I call Lilly because Lilly is a pretty name and sounds like my name which is Milly oh I just remembered last time dad came he gave my a picture he found of him and mom when they...
Fan fiction by emerald_32 posted 5 months ago
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There was no grave. No remembrance. Absolutely nothing in honor of the hero of Ooo. Every little thing simply hurt too much.

Phoebe, otherwise known as the Flame Princess, ruler of the Fire Kingdom, had been more vulnerable since he had perished. Their last encounter with each other, Phoebe had been quite cold. It was in her nature; rulers of the Fire Kingdom were said to be cold, guarded, regal.

As she Phoebe upon her throne, thoughts of him crept into her mind, haunting her. At night, she was derived of sleep due to recurring nightmares, or pieces of the past that hurt too much. Even the regular hunting in the forest was unable to ease her mind.

Phoebe had learned simple arts of magic. At almost twenty years of age, she had mastered the art of chronokinesis. Save for traveling through time, she had foresight, and could delve into the past. Other than that, sometimes, Phoebe had the ability to predict the future.

Alone in her sullen chambers that night, Phoebe decided to utilize her ability, maybe look into much happier and lighter times.
Article by astigpinoy posted 5 months ago
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I manually tallied the votes, and here it is.

best ep:
what was missing - 1
burning low - 1
card wars - 2 (winrar)
the cooler - 1

worst ep:
red throne - 4 (winrar)
web weirdos - 1

best ship : finname - 4 (winrar)
finnonna - 1
bubbline - 1
fiolee - 1

worst ship:
bubbline - 3 (idk what honorific to put this into)
fiolee - 1
fp/cb - 1

fav char:
finn - 3 (winrar)
fp - 2
jake - 1

most active:
redpanda - 5 (gratz)
derpthatherp - 4

least active:
purplevampire - 2
most of the people who fanned the club - 3 (gratz..?)

most illogical:
dth - 3
ifb - 4 (winrar)
em - 1

least illogical:
tff - 3 ======== | Double
dadadas - 3 === | Way Tie

biggest event:
the last stand - 2