I apologize for the lengthiness of this article, but I tried to be as detailed in my reasoning for why each DP has each function as I could, while also trying to keep each description short. (Plus, you know, there's 11 DPs now. That's a lot of personality to cover!) If anyone believes any of these to be incorrect, please give me your opinions.

ESFJ: The Supporter

Snow White- ESFJ. The very poster child for it. Snow is giving, practical, motherly, naive, bossy, self-assured, inflexible (although she adjusts well), and expressive.
Extroverted- I don’t get where people see an Introvert; because she runs away from the prince? Well, yes, he took her by surprise and she was dressed in grimy rags scrubbing away like a servant. Anyone might wish to disappear in such a situation. People overlook the fact that she is (gently) outspoken and domineering in her friendship with the dwarfs, she’s talkative, calmly energetic (if that makes sense, lol), and she’s actually pretty confident- in herself, in her friends, in her prince, in her hopes. She warms up to the dwarfs quickly and is the one to initiate and take control of the conversation.
Sensing- She definitely takes in her surroundings well, and has little to no intuition. I mean, she assumes the people in the cottage MUST be children because the chairs and table and house in general are so small. Then she concludes that because it’s so dirty and dusty, they may not have a mother to care for them and the house. She doesn’t stop to think that perhaps whoever lives there is just short and messy (though that would be even sillier for her to assume). Then the famous apple scene- it isn’t in her nature to judge people’s appearances, so while she’s noticeably a bit nervous around the hag, she just believes she’s a harmless old lady and doesn’t either notice the animals warning her or believe them.
Feeling- She’s sensitive to others’ feelings as well as her own, and she feels strongly about things, especially people.
Judging- You’d think this would negate the “she has no intuition and used bad judgment with the hag” thing, but no, this isn’t that kind of judgment. Judgers are decisive, task oriented, rule followers, traditional, organized, and typically believe work comes before play. She is definite in deciding that the “children” need her help and that she and the animals will clean for them so she may earn her keep there. She efficiently organized the animals with various jobs as well as herself and got the work done all done. She was so focused on helping the old lady that she didn’t notice the animals were trying to tell her to stay away from her.

ISFJ: The Defender

Cinderella- ISFJ. She’s a very realistic character, as she is a bit deep, but we gather that she is dependable, traditional, stoic, adaptable, repressed, and obviously, dreamy.
Introverted- she doesn’t assert herself or ever talk back to her step-family (I believe this is because she knows better and doesn’t want to sink to their level, not because she lacks a backbone), but she does speak up about the ball, though is overall quiet and enjoys her time alone with the mice. She seems rather intimidated when she steps inside the grand castle though she is dressed wonderfully, and humbly accepts a dance with a handsome stranger.
Sensing- Cinderella is a practical dreamer. Though she enjoys daydreaming (who wouldn’t when you do chores all day?), she has her head in the present and remembers things still need to get done regardless of how much she wants her dreams to come true. She is careful and wise in how she deals with the steps, but at one point she gets so caught up in going to get ready for the duke to come she doesn’t realize what Tremaine is planning to do.
Feeling- Though Cinderella is stoically cheerful in the face of her step-family, she does show sadness and frustration when they aren’t around. She is purely broken when they tear her dress apart (and thus, take away her rare chance to escape and enjoy herself, and live our her dream just a bit, for once) and tearfully declares there’s nothing left to believe in anymore. She’s almost deliriously happy when she realizes the prince intends to marry her and spirit her away from her abusive home. She is in frustrated anguish when she’s locked in her room and can’t escape. She’s emotional but very calm and good at hiding her feelings. She needs to feel inspired to get her through the day.
Judging- Yes, Cinderella is fairly flexible, but she believes in following rules, staying on task, and has pretty traditional manners. She doesn't have a choice but to do work before me-time, but she doesn't seem to try to sneak herself breaks much, except to help the mice. She's organized and able to multitask (like when she lectures Bruno while preparing breakfast, or when she balances the trays on her head and hands while walking up the stairs).

ISFP: The Artist

Aurora- ISFP. While she is harder to type since she’s allowed only so much screen time (not her fault, either), we can see that Aurora is socially awkward, appreciative of beauty, feels intensely, hates conflict, believes in following rules, is modest, indecisive, and is prone to confusion around strangers.
Introverted- we see that while Aurora is comfortable with people she knows (obviously, her aunts and animal friends), that she is shy and self-conscious around strangers. When she meets Philip, who takes her by complete surprise, she becomes quickly disturbed, tongue-tied and was just unsure of what to say at first. She wants to meet the man of her dreams but enjoys her independence in the silent forest. She also doesn’t like being the one in charge- she lets Philip take over, either because she liked him leading or because of her obedience, or both.
Sensing- She seemed to really take in the forest and its beauty, and while she is probably the dreamiest princess, she still knows her dreams are just that: dreams. She also lives in the here and now (which makes sense, as she is never allowed to go anywhere and doesn’t know if she’ll ever be allowed to have her own future).
Feeling- Again, obvious. (Most of the princesses are feelers, clearly.) She feels intensely about things, especially common with ISFPs, and is prone to cry. Her moods tend to change a lot, going from afraid to happy to unsure to sad.
Perceiving- As with Snow, Aurora is responsible and does as her aunts ask, but doesn’t mind stopping her chore of picking berries to admire the woods, become lost in her own thoughts, and play with the animals. At least when she’s flustered, she is very indecisive and changes her mind quickly.

ESFP: The Entertainer

Ariel- ESFP. Ariel is spontaneous, excitable, curious, headstrong, flexible, fun-loving, and bold.
Extroverted- She’s very confident in herself, is bold around Eric and later Ursula, and is outspoken, even defiant with her dad and Sebastian (doesn’t do well with authority figures typically).
Sensing- I know people always type her as an ENFP, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder why that is. Girl has NO intuition. Sure, she’s very dreamy, but so is every single Disney character in some way. Dreams, wishes and hopes are the STAPLES that make Disney. She never thinks of the future, just the moment. I don’t think Ariel knows what ‘consequence’ means. She hates being held back and she acts on impulse. She tends to think in black and white- either something is good or is not. Her dad’s rules limit her fun, so they are bad, though she forgets they’re made to protect her. The human world makes beautiful things, so it must be good, despite the fact that she knows nothing of how humans are. She learns best by trying things herself (dinglehopper, hello- and dancing!).
Feeling- She does things based on emotion and uses little logic to handle problems. If she feels like doing one thing, she will do it. She’s very emotional and feels things passionately. While she may do self-centered things, she cares a lot about her friends and likes doing fun things for them.
Perceiving- Again, she doesn’t like being restricted, not by rules or a schedule. She forgets about the concert (and I forget if the movie mentions it, but I keep thinking it isn’t the first time, either. Maybe I’m incorrect) because she is so caught up in her adventures and exploring. She’s flexible and likes to be loose with her time. We all know how impulsive she is. Her ideas, like Mulan’s, usually come out of the blue.

INTP: The Engineer

Belle- INTP. I find Belle to be hard to type because her personality isn’t that complex (I’m not holding that against her!), but we can see she’s loyal in her relationships, practical, individualistic, self-absorbed, respectful, perceptive, condescending, and curious.
Introverted- though she isn't antisocial or unable to hold a conversation, is even fairly popular, Belle prefers to read by herself or be only around people who are like her. It’s not in her nature to share a lot of her personality with others unless she’s very close to them.
Intuitive- Belle doesn’t care that she already lives in a beautiful land in a good home- she wants more. She romanticizes adventures and spends much of her time thinking about the future and doesn’t care or notice much that is going on around her unless it directly affects her. However, she senses something is wrong when Philippe returns home without her dad, and is correct.
Thinking- Belle isn’t emotionless but doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve either. She is polite and proper but believes in speaking honestly. Despite this, she doesn’t want to outright telling Gaston she doesn’t want to marry him, instead saying “I just don’t deserve you!” to hide what she really feels, knowing that would probably make him pursue her even more (as a challenge). She also knows how to manipulate people to get her way, though she's subtle about it- like when she flattered Cogsworth, “I bet you know eeeeverything there is to know about the castle!” Aside from when she fled from the castle in fear, she usually makes rational decisions with her head, not with her heart. She isn’t easily offended like when she doesn’t get angry when Gaston takes her book rudely or invites himself into her house.
Perceiving- Belle isn’t disorganized; she just takes it easy and doesn’t rush to get stuff done. Her journey into town is slow, not rushed. She dislikes boredom and routine. She is a careful thinker most of the time but does impulsive things sometimes, like bursts out that she will take her father’s place. She couldn’t put the book she’d borrowed down (and us constantly seen reading), so she may lose track of time easily when reading. She also doesn’t care for rules and tradition much.

ENTJ: The Chief

Jasmine- ENTJ. She’s very hard to type, as she’s a more complex character, but we know she is impatient, adventurous, quick-minded, assertive, curious, and fearless. She may well be another type, but this is just my guess (originally I thought maybe ENFP).
Extroverted- Her E/I may be more debatable, but I’ve never known an Introvert (being one myself) who is so comfortable telling people off and getting into conflicts. She is totally unafraid to speak her mind and is outgoing (she just chooses to be antisocial with suitors she can’t stand).[/u]
Intuitive- Jasmine is analytical and solves problems or questions by reading between the lines (like how she figured out Aladdin was the boy in the market and tricked him into admitting it). She tends to get caught up in how unhappy she is as a princess that she doesn’t realize how much power she has to help people, and even when she sees there are people worse off than she in the city, she doesn’t really absorb or that.[/u]
Thinking- Though she reacts very passionately in many situations, she is usually a logical thinker and doesn't hesitate to speak honestly or at least, how she thinks it is.
Judging- She seems to be attracted to spontaneity (running away with no money or food; going to Aladdin's place by herself; going off on the magic carpet on a whim) but she is usually cautious and likes to have things done a certain way. She may wish the law were different but doesn't try to break it or convince her father, the sultan, to.

INFP: The Dreamer

Pocahontas- INFP. She was hard for me to type at first, but once I studied this type a bit (after seeing others pick this out for her many times), it now seems obvious to me. (But keep in mind this is the one Disney movie I haven’t watched in quite while so I may be off on a few points.) She’s idealistic, indecisive, independent, impractical, altruistic, passionate, and impractical (so many I’s!).
Introverted- Pocahontas is by no means shy, but she enjoys time alone in the forest (except for the company of Meeko, Flit and Grandmother Willow, of course). She loves her tribe but doesn’t care about getting that involved with her own community. She’d rather be exploring by herself.
Intuitive- She’s intuitive to the point of being impractical. She wants so badly to know what the spinning arrow means that she doesn’t realize it means she’s supposed to prevent the war until the war has already broken out. She doesn’t always notice what’s going on around her, rather what new thing is happening with the “clouds”.
Feeling- Pocahontas feels intensely about things, though she is reserved in expressing emotion, and is warm with people she’s close to. She’s very much in tune with her feelings and morals. She hates conflict and doesn’t care which side (settlers or her tribe) is the most evil or who started it- she just wants no fighting or bloodshed. Pocahontas is pretty laidback until her culture is insulted by John, which she takes very personally, and becomes a passionate defender of it. She also doesn’t seem to care about logic and facts, more about what she feels is the right thing to do.
Perceiving- Her song “Just Around the Riverbend” pretty much proves this (“He wants me to be steady, like the river… but it’s not steady at all!”). She likes to keep a casual lifestyle and mix play with work- she does help pick corn, but always makes time to explore and talk with Grandmother Willow. She stays open to new information for long periods of time, such as waiting to figure out what the spinning arrow dream means.

INFJ: The Confidant

Mulan- INFJ. Mulan is also complex, but we know she’s resourceful, timid (at first), insecure, loyal, cunning, works well independently, and fears doing the wrong thing.
Introverted- Mulan is an independent kind of worker. She comes up with her best ideas when left alone. She isn’t talkative or energetic, and is timid around strict, daunting people like the matchmaker and Shang at first.
Intuitive- Her excellent improvisational skills come directly from this. Her ideas often sound crazy, but her hunches are usually correct. She could easily memorize the paragraph for the matchmaker but wants to be careful anyway, in case she should forget it, so she cheats and writes it on her arm. She strongly trusts her instincts.
Feeling- Mulan isn’t passionate, but feels strongly about those she cares about. She’s afraid of joining the army. She shows a burst of anger and fear when she tells her dad he shouldn’t have to fight in a war that would likely kill him, and feels very hurt when he yells at he, making her cry by herself. She feels terrible about herself when she gets caught, like she can’t do anything right. She is very embarrassed when the guys are naked around her in the pool and she almost gets caught. She takes her relationships with everyone seriously, especially her dad’s.
Judging- Though she comes up with her best plans when they come to her on impulse, she is a careful planner, from how she’d pass the matchmaker’s test, to how she’d defeat Shan Yu at the last minute. She has a single-mindedness that helps her achieve her goals (climbing the pole) and always tries to do the right thing.

ISTJ: The Examiner

Tiana- ISTJ. It’s almost impossible to tell if she is E or I because she doesn’t actually socialize much in the movie. Talk yes, but it’s usually to her friends or related to buying her restaurant (like a business deal). I think she’s an outgoing, confident introvert, which isn’t unheard of. Tiana is responsible, practical, determined, inflexible, overachiever, and loyal.
Introverted- This is more up for debate, really, but I don’t think she really gets anything from socializing like Naveen clearly does. She seems to be OK to be by herself; she isn’t shy though, as she shows she isn’t afraid to speak up to anyone, but seems reserved.
Sensing- Though she’s always got her head in the future thinking about her restaurant, her feet are firmly planted on the ground.She’s practical and very much lives in the real world; isn’t perceptive at all. When Lottie worries about her prince not coming and resorts to wishing on a star like they did as kids, Tiana reminds her she can’t just wish on one and really expect it to come true.
Thinking- she’s very caring beyond even her own family and not tactless at all, but she isn’t a Feeler. She looks for logical solutions to things instead of relying on others for help or making up wild schemes, and generally makes sensible choices, like pushing away Naveen’s advances and reminding him he’s supposed to marry Charlotte.
Judging- Tiana SCREAMS task-oriented. She has her life planned out- work, work, work till she finally has enough money to buy the sugar mill. She doesn’t let anyone or anything interfere with those plans. She always works and never plays. She’s organized and orderly to a T.

ENFJ: The Mentor

Rapunzel- ENFJ. She is typed as ENFP even more than Ariel is, but there are a lot of differences in their personalities, with Rapunzel mostly being the more cautious one. Rapunzel is charming, affectionate, risk-taking, indecisive, sensitive, and unassertive (for the most part).
Extroverted- Rapunzel isn’t very assertive at first, but she loves meeting people (who wouldn’t after being locked away for 18 years?) and isn’t afraid to be the first one dancing. She is highly charismatic, her enthusiasm brings out the best in people, and she isn’t afraid to speak to a crowd, giving her good leadership skills. She takes control of the situation when Flynn hides in her tower.
Intuitive- Rapunzel firmly believes that those lights mean something about her without having cold proof of this. She spends all day trying to immerse herself in her surroundings but ultimately it’s daydreaming out her window that she’s really all about, wishing to see the world.
Feeling- Rapunzel is very emotional and almost everything she does is based on her emotions. She is altruistic and good at getting people to have fun with her caring enthusiasm. She is also good with others’ emotions, trying to butter up her mom to give her permission to leave the tower, then lying about the shells and how she thought Gothel would prefer that gift to seeing the lights.
Judging- she is free-spirited, but Rapunzel had a carefully thought out plan to see the lights with a guide, and return home safely before her mom would ever find out. Not to mention, though she is pretty similar to Ariel, who would have been way too curious and maybe scared about a stranger breaking into her home, Rapunzel wasted no time whacking him with a frying pan to protect herself. She is more careful about what she does.

ESTP: The Persuader

Merida- ESTP. Merida is outspoken, practical, a problem solver, action-oriented, fun-loving, fearless, blunt, and crude.
Extroverted- Yes, she spends time by herself, but it seems because she has no one else to share it with. Most likely it is because she finds her time at home stifling. She is extremely self-confident, always speaks her mind, and doesn’t mind crowds.
Sensing- Merida completely failed to think of what may happen if she makes a deal with a witch, OR when she gives the pie to her mom- she doesn’t even know what will happen to her, other than the vague notion that it will “change” her life.
Thinking- She’s passionate, but she is just less of a Feeler. She at first has no concept at all of hurting other people’s feelings, and comes off as uncaring and indifferent to how her words and actions may offend or hurt others, like when she says cruel but frank things to her mother (although of course this was mostly an emotional moment). She isn’t always logical but is practical, as seen with her skills on surviving the wildness.
Perceiving- Merida hates rules, schedules, and being held back from what she wants to do. She doesn’t care about what needs to be done, if it interferes with her play. She’s more spontaneous in her actions (like when she improvised her plan to win her own hand and made the deal with the witch) than she is predictable and cautious.